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Hi guys, I know I'm not exactly "travelling" as such, (he he) I just thought this would cut down sending you all the same photos and stories. Since I have family and friends all over the world, it's nice to keep in touch with you all!

Diary Entries

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Hey Everyone!!!

I know it's been a while - maybe life is too hectic in this gay old town!!! But as hectic as it is I wouldn't have it any other way.

I haven't been taking many photos lately, but I will fill you in with the ones I have taken.

Mum's 50th was spent down in Syndey at the Westin hotel - this place knocked all our socks off and some of our toes too!! The opulence of the hotel just blew us away. It's about time Mum spoiled herself!

The other photos are of Carolin, Louise and I atDiamond Bar on Pitt Street, where Jagged edge were playing. AAAH! we were teenage girls within 15 mins of their arrival! Tell him to meet ME at the alter - I'm there buddy!

Apart from that - work has been hectic, but still very enjoyable;My fish Audrey died at three weeks old; I bought a new car; I've just booked a holiday to America in September; Coby came to stay for a week while she had work experience at Cosmo Magasine and my congratulations go out to her, as they asked her back for a 3 month internship!; Claudia will be down here in a week for work experience too, effective next Monday!; been catching up Nikki and her lovley man, Jim, who've found a gorgeous place right on Manly corso - so convenient; so slowly but surely, the world is being lured into the arms of this beautiful city!!!!

I'm so excited about tonight - Carolin and I are going to Max Brenna to indulge in his ridiculous chocolate recipes. I dragged a few of the girls there on my birthday, but i think after the Yum Cha, it didn't sit quite so well..... But I'm a'savin' room tonight!!!! wooh!

Love and kisses to all!!!!!

Thursday, 01 February 2007

Location: Australia

Hi Everyone!

Happy Birthday to Aaron today! He would be 30. I can't beleive it. It's such a big birthday.

Today my family is going to Burleigh beach to let go of some balloons for him. Blue ones for the surf and orange ones for the sun. I wish so much I could have been there to let mine go for him, but Mum will do it instead.

So if anyone hears a gunners or metallica tune anywhere around the world today, think of Aaron. He usually sends a message this way. And have a beer for him too. Enjoy the celebrations!! I know he would.

Missing my family like crazy on a day like today.... xoxoxo

Monday, 29 January 2007

Location: Australia

Ps the new photos won't hurt your eyes. I got a new camera.

Monday, 29 January 2007

Location: Australia

Hey all!!!

Happy Australia Day!! (not if you are in England - you aren't included)

SO! I had an awesome weekend, for those of you who knew about my "mystery" weekend, it was lovely- we went to the country. It's about 1 and a half hours north of the city and it's amazing how peaceful it is when you're not far at all from such chaos.

The weekend was full of beautiful scents like eucalyptus and steak, of beautiful views of rainforests and gums, sensational flavours of steak and vino, sounds of cicadas screaming and steak sizzling, and the fresh dewy mornings that turned into clear skies perfect for sunbaking and afternoons made for horseriding. We ate like kings and trekked it, rode it and ran it all off so you weren't to feel too bad from all the good food.

ANywho, it was a really nice surprise.... totally unexpected and for those of you who are thinking it's not my thing, well it turns out I can be quite country, (some of you may remember a tragic encounter of mine with SHania Twain in grade 11) and as much as i was crapping myself about horseriding, I could trot like a pro first go!! Our instructor was impressed! (see the photo I made Brian take a photo while he was riding behind me.)

Hope Carolin had fun at her Columbine night. what did you wear?

Miss you all!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, 21 January 2007

Location: Australia


Today was 42 degrees celcius in Syndey.

In this heat, I went shopping at Newtown with Marchelle.

I bought a fish and called it Audrey.

I will post a photo of her when I get a new stinken camera that actually shows her face clearly.

Rummie has been staring at her all afternoon.

I'm concerned about what's gonna happen when I go to work tomorrow with no adult supervision around here.... chaos, no doubt.


Tuesday, 02 January 2007

Location: Australia

Hi All,
Happy New Year.
WEll, was it a happy new year for you all? That's great. I won't go into the events of my night, but let's just say I'm never drinking again, and Claudia, you really hadn't seen the worst of me... cos that was Sunday night for sure....

Anywho, I came back from the Goldie last week after having spent a week over Christmas at my parents house. OH, it was sooo nice to just relax and do nothing, Brian and I actually got along!! hehe a holiday does rekindle the romance! Brian is taking an extra two weeks off and here i am- back at ye old desk. woo hoo. Work is kinda spooky...there's noone here and yet doors keep screaching ...

So, thanks to Mum and Dad for showing both Brian and I the best Christmas ever, I"m so lucky to have such a supportive and loving family, the world isn't full of fairies and angels, as I've discovered since moving to Sydney. Who'd have thunk it?

So i hope you all had a fabulous Christmas (i did) and a sensational new year's eve (-----). Big hugs to all of you......

PS i know i've been really lazy with myspace and all, but don't be offended ifI'm not writing back, I just don't like using the dam thing at home and it's been taken off me at work. Same with hotmail, i frequent much less on these sights now that they aren't so available!!! x

Thursday, 07 December 2006

Location: Australia

For those of you who believe i need a new camera, the hallucinogenic images you see here are merely a reflection of talent and aptitude on my part when capturing a special moment in time. The blurry backgrounds, the indistinct faces, the shadowy visions - It's all art. Pls take time to appreciate my artistic efforts, or better still, buy me a new camera.

Monday, 27 November 2006

Location: Australia

Happy Birthday to me!!!

I had the weekend of my life, the girls gave me the best present ever by coming down and staying with me. I hope they enjoyed experiencing a taste of my new life.

FYI carolin already lives here. This isn't a dating service but for the singles, ain't she a looker? The others are GC dwellers, who should live here anyway. I think the city might have lured them in all on its own - Cloudy has already put a down payment on her city apartment overlooking the harbour... well, just about.

My birthday makes me miss all who i love who aren't with me, but I am so happy at this point in my life, so I don't want anyone feeling sad about it (mum) and i will see all those on the GC at Christmas. Can't wait.

Love and miss you guys, thinking of my London buddies, who couldn't be here for the celebrations.

PS New years 2012 will be held in Sydney harbour, no matter where you are in the world. Plenty of notice and plenty of time to increase our, (well my) shit wages and be able to afford our own yacht for the evening. Until then....

Lots of hugs and kisses

Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Location: Australia

Hi All!!

All is well, just spent a couple of days last week on the GC. Went too quickly. Sorry I didn't get to see everyone.

For those "organising" their trip to visit me, this is just friendly reminder to get organised. Thanks. ;-)

Trick or Treat?!xoxox

Saturday, 14 October 2006

Location: Australia

Hey all!

WELCOME BACK HOME claudeeee!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day with your family! Claudia has just travelled the world pretty much on her own so i'm very proud and excited to hear stories! WIsh i could have met up with her but as i said, my time will come, as will hers to move to sydney. (it's a slow process carolin, but it's happening, i can feel it in my bones!)

So all of you with a page, they get you don't they. Now that i have too many photos... there's a fee! Nice one planet ranger!

Anyway, all is well for me. Can't wait to come up to the coast and meet my new cousin and see all the little Mackie munchkins. ( I have more clothes for Peyton, Regan.) I get so many free kids clothes at work, and they're so cute. once every couple weeks there's a big box and a free for all! It's great. I love my job! I'm getting fat tho, there is a console in the middle of the room and the boss thinks it's a party every day a t work and buys one pringles, one celebrations, one doritos and one giant box of maltesers, EVERY DAY, and it's all a roll away for me in my chair! At least everyone else has to get up- notme! I roll! THis is not good for the butt- which is why i have to get up every morning at six and jog with dog. I think our boss is going to eat us- why else is he trying to fatten us up?

ANyway love you all, I'll post some pics when my freaken payment goes through to planet ranger.


Tuesday, 03 October 2006

Location: Australia

Happy Birthday to Brian!!!!!!

And Happy Anniversary to Mum and Dad for 31 years tomorrow! Holy cow, how'd you do it? That's a loooong time.

Hi to everyone else.

Friday, 29 September 2006

Location: Australia

Ok, I think i've upset some london siders. I retract my comments.

Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Location: at work, Australia

Hi all!
My boss just bought me the BEST sandwich i've ever had. oh my god It's soooo yummy. Beats instant noodles, which seems to be the norm lately.

Not much happening in ye ol syd. But the sunshine is bliss. and apparently cat crane lives near me? someone fill me in. oh yes and nikki is moving here in 2 months oh and fi in three months. That's just about everyone. yep. Anyone else not living in sydney better get a freaken move on, cos i tell ya, there's no place else to be.
comeon guys, you'll love it. i promise. Pleeaaase.........

ps london sucks. xoxo

Thursday, 14 September 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

Hi Everyone!

This is a big shout out to Coby. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for yesterday!!!!
She is having a pirate party and i sent her the costume like three days before the party. Thank the lord it fits. (having had no fittings)

I guess that gives you all the green light to put your orders in. Anyone want anything made, I now am not working on my label and have free machine time for all my friends and family. Just send measurements and wa la. Place your orders ladies!

Miss you all loads.

Hi to Nana in France. Hope you're enjoying your stay!

Ta ta. xoxoxo

Saturday, 09 September 2006

Location: Australia

Hi All!

I would just like to say congratulations to my Uncle and Aunty in Noosa, on their first addition to their family!!! I now have a little boy cousin! They have named him Ry, which I love. All the best wishes to them from me and I can't wait to meet him!

Had a bit of a crazy night last night on Oxford St. Don't like to use profanities in this site but I went to a club called Bitch...Need I say more?

Today it is pouring down rain in Sydney. Just like Wednesday night when I got locked out of the house with my keys and mobile inside and Brian was out for the night. So I kill three and a half hours eating sushi and watching a movie ALONE (Silent HIll - scary as hell) and then use a pay phone to ask when Brian might be home. He's totally wasted so I pick him up from STRATHFIELD - middle of nowhere- in cyclonic weather, I swore I was going to get sucked into a twister. and die. ANyway, his friend vomited and then ran out into the night. It was horrifying.

After showering and dressing the disabled patient, Brian, at 12:30 at night, i am standing in the pouring rain, and probably a bit of hail just for drama, cleaning vomit off the back seat of my car. Woo hoo! Having the car professionally cleaned, as nothing i do can rid the awful stench of used italian food, dog food and acid. oh and kinda smells like chinese food too, and vomit obviously. i can hear you say, "Ew" yeah what about me, i nearly died.

With love, xoxoxo.

Monday, 04 September 2006

Location: Sidenay, Australia

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to Daddy, Paw Paw, my uncles and Richard!!!! (for yesterday) Sorry I couldn't be with you Daddy...

(and for today) HAPPY BIRTHDAY to twins Nikki and Par.. ah sorry Julia!!! Hope you both have an amazing day, and are coping ok without each other for the first birthday ever. You will get through this Julia... ;-)hehe

Had an ok weekend. Went to the races on Saturday for Dragan's Dad's birthday. See photos...

Sunday... Brian and I just pottered around trying to make something of our day with our new family. His first doggy father's day!

At the moment am very involved in making Coby a pirate outfit including dress and corset! It is awesome, I love it! Haven't sewed in a while so this is quite exciting.

WOrk is good, learning more every day....

Bed now, getting old huh?

MWAH!!!!! kisses to all who i love and adore.

Sunday, 27 August 2006

Location: Australia

Hey guys!

Had a great weekend. Went to a Vietnamese wedding last night in Cabramatta. "A VIETNAMESE WEDDING IN CABRAMATTA?!" I hear you scream. Yes, I know. Risky stuff, but these people obviously weren't a part of the Mafia, cos we're all still alive.

Yesterday was Brian's Mum's birthday which was nice. She's really down to earth, we get along well. I stayed at the party while Brian played his last game of Soccor, in which he scored! I was sooo proud! I truly actually wished I'd been there.

So did the drinking begin at 12 arvo and went through the night past all the delicious seafood at the beautifully decorated wedding reception and until we all got home and passed out among Madori Splices. The Bride was absolutley beautiful, I don't have any pictures of them, cos you know how the Bride and Groom run around all night, but we will get the professional copies and then I'll post them for you to see. She was like a porcelaine doll, absolutely flawless! Brian is friends with the groom, they work together. He is such a lovely man, overall, a beautiful evening!

I hope you enjoy the photos of my puppy and I. She is my pride and joy!

Miss you all, specifically Jordan this week! ( My fairy god daughter) Hugs and Kisses to all. xoxoxo

Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

Hello Everybody!!

Thankyou for all of your good wishes toward my first 'real' job. Today was my second day, and i have to say.... I LOVE IT! I can't even describe how amazing it is. I was saying to Regan (Mum of three) that there is sooo much work and organising and correspondense overseas that goes into just one little tiny baby outfit. (I'm in the babies and toddler girls dept size 00000 (did you even know that existed?!) to size three.)
They are the cutest little designs. Obviously at the moment I have very little to do with the designs, but there are girls that have been there only a few months who are very involved with the whole process. It's amazing to see it all come together and to think that someone like my baby goddaughter will end up wearing it! My office and desk are beautiful and all the gilrs there are beautiful!

Apart from that, for all you Lang fans, I stuck my head in the door yesterday and saw an extremely large wall of clear buckets of beads and trinkets. Like a seriously expensive candy store....drool worthy.

Brian is good. He has his final in soccer this weekend. I've been told not to bring a magazine to this game, "It's imperitive that i pay the utmost attention, and offer extreme encouragement and support for his final goal." - goal?

Missing all my loved ones. XOXOXO love Leah.

Sunday, 20 August 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

Hello everyone!

How are all my wonderful friends and family? I'm good, just enjoying the two days i have left before landing myself a "real" job. Yesterday was officially my last day in retail and was so boring and mindless that I'm so sure I made the right decision now! (I hope!)

Took some photos last night on my new phone, so that's why they are a bit dark, but hopefully you can still appreciate the happy times! (I need my girly time away from all the ping pong playing grunting men at my house.)

That's right, did I tell you about the double order of ping pong tables, courtesy of Brian. Yes, he thinks he can use ebay, but apparently not. See, he didn't tell me he bid on one table the previous week. So when he was bidding on one the following week, I had no idea that he'd already won one! Yay, so now we have TWO! (Imagine my reaction, when i was sooooooo excited about having just one.)

Anyway, enough of our domestic disputes. I hope all are well and happy, I'm thinking of every one of you.

LOVE LEAH.xoxoxox

Thursday, 17 August 2006

Hello Everyone!
Thanks for your messages my lovely girls. I thought noone was writing cos I didn't know where to look! But as Carolin put it, "you are computer illiterate! If you can post photos though, I'm sure you can read your messages!" Don't tell my new employers that; most of the work is on the computer! Yes, that's what I said, on the computer. This means I took the Children's Wear design position. I start Tuesday. BIGGEST decision of my life, but hopefully I'm investing in my future. Coby knows how much I agonised over this, every five minutes, "What to do, what to do?" Sorry babe... :-I

I saw the photos of Sally in London on Julia's page. These are particularly funny looking. Are you sure she hasn't been cut and pasted? I still can't believe you are there, Sally! Hopefully travelling and studying lovely florists.

So last day in retail this Saturday, FOR SURE this time! Then hit the city for some cocktails.

Mum and Brooke back from Hawaii. My dad seems to have been partying the whole time?! That belongs in the 'What The' box.

Footy Show now. (No choice.) Bye all! Wish me luck in my new job!

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ahem? Even if i'm your biggest fan.. update pls!! xx
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Can't believe you saw JE! : ) You've always loved them too, and Carolin! They look really hot. You are looking lovely as always, keep up with the updates! xxx
Response: wooh! so funny... school girls once more...
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just read the bit on aaron
bought a tear, tears to my face. Did not realise he would be 30
Response: I know, it's incredible.... where has time gone?

When are you and Suzan in sydney?!
your not keeping us very updated leah
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Hi babe, very long since we've seen an update!? xxx
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What about you - where are your updates, huh?
From Jules
Wow your country trip looks wicked!! So refreshing, I felt I breahted in fresh air just reading it!! Uh I do remember Shania Twain and I still stand by the fact that I think you sang beautifully!! Also in your Leanne Rimes number... miss your voice in its many forms! xxx
Response: Oh yeah leanne!! i do have a thing for country!!!

Miss you darlin.. drink to Aaron for me!
From Julia
Your family looks so healthy and happy for Christmas! You look absolutely beautiful in your photos... you are such a little stunner!! I miss u so much xx
Response: miss you more!!!
From Jules
Happy New Year! How was it?? Sneaky sounds rock? So nice talking to u the other night... thanks again SOOOO much for your stunning dress. I updated your myspace.. you likey?? Was listening to 'Just The Thing' on NYs Days thinkin of the old days xxxx
Response: I lOVE MY myspace page! thanks... couldn't have done it witout ya!!! aw.

Did you see I'm replying to everyone now, woo, yeah, i am on top of things!

ps don't ask about new years... i wrote you an email on that one..
From lee, susan, ry and m
merry christmas
and wishing all the very best
for 2007
Response: Hey, thanks!! I was really hoping to see you guys and the baby at Christmas but hopefully next time... Take care and Happy New Year!!!
From not telling
getting back to Carolin...who's talking for her?
Response: He goes by the name of Oshean. , david
From Jules
aww sorry for the camera diss, but we're all right. Get a new one! Love u xxx
From Jules
I worte back a similarily psychotic email about my dress situation! Its Fri night. Bought a simple, black silk number.

p.s you should invest in a digital camera that doesn't make everything look like a hallucination!! xxxx
Response: Oh my god, someone else said that to me, that my camera sucks, i think it was brian and i said, screw you -it's fine. But now that my friends are saying it....

Oooo i want to see this spandangle dress.
PS i cannot access hotmail at work anymore godammit. i over used. email my work mail if it's urgent...
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nikki is soooo much cooler than me!!
Response: Nikki! i know that's you. It's fraudulent to write someone else's name in "sender's name." You'll get sent back to Somalia. (sorry julia, below the belt?)
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when can i meet carolin?
Response: DAVE!!! she's spoken for.
From Jules
hehe boys at work saw your photos and are in shock that I know such stunners!! They think your all a random bunch of models....!! Awww they likeeee... one said 'uh how far from Sydney are we again?' xxxx
Response: HAHAHAHA!!! nice

How was your work party, did you get my psychotic email about dresses????
From Claudia
Thanks for the Best weekend!!! Love you and Rummy! xxxxxxxx
Response: You're so welcome. Thanks for sharing it with me!
ps rum misses you. and your g-string
From Jules
You are so beautiful! You out-do yourself on your birthday every year....! I don't know how you top it.... You look truley stunning and actually took my breath away.... You all look like you had a ball, wish I was there.... just remembering last year! hahaha.... love you so much xxxxxx
Response: AWW thanks you are tooo kind. This planet ranger is so good for the ego! you guys just leave these ego pumping messages!
We had an awesome time- your presence was dearly missed. Next year. xoxo
From Niikki
Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a fantastic day and so glad you had a ball on the wkend! I wish I could have been there. Happy Birthday again chicken!!
love you always
Response: Thanks Nikki!!!
Hope you and your man are well and your surfing your icy cold butt off out there. it's 40 in sydney today, let's trade...
From Julia
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you have a fantastic one beautiful! xxxx
Response: Thanks buddy. so wish you could have been here!!! hope your enjoying your freezing silly season!!! rug up baby!
From nikki
wheres my birthday invite? hey hey??

Response: Well, can you get here slacker?
Where's was mine three months ago then?????
jokes aside WISH you could come!!!!! :-(
From Jules
Was meant to say crap friend!! hehehe obviously too long.
From Julia - aka crap fri
err.... what date is your bday again?? Sorry... I suck I know! xxx
Response: 27th Nov, yeah you do suck.

WHy is your alias "crap Fi"
Please explain?
From Sally
No I think that was Claudia!! But I definately share her sentiments!!!! I can't wait to see your beautiful self!!!
Response: WOw it really sounded like your fairy like conversation! Claudy been hanging out with you too much!?
From Leah
See-you Soon in A la SYDNEY!!!! The count-down begins for YOUR B'DAY yay.. how exciting...!!!!! Promise me we will go to the markets xxxxxxx
Response: Is this El Salvadore? Can't wait little lady! Yes I'll take you to the rocks and you can buy a pretty lip gloss in a shell!
Good chatting yesterday! Remember what i told you!!!!