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Lebbo's EPIC adventure

I've set this page up so all of you guys at home dont get annoying bulk emails from me. I know I cant stand them sumtimes, this way u can check in where I am without having ur inbox clogged with annoying trash. I will try and keep it updated as much as possible but if i start having too much fun entries could be a bit few and far between. All the best piccys will also end up here (well all the publicy viewable ones haha)
My mobile in USA is 510 333 8257 (need +1 for USA)
And Address is:
Rm 437 (changed rooms) International House
2299 Piedmont Avenue
Berekely 94720
(just in case ppl are over this way can pop in ahha)

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 01 August 2007

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Well Im home now so wont be adding to this thing until i have another epic (and my last 6 months were epic) overseas adventure.


Saturday, 14 July 2007

Location: Southern Europe, Europe

Contiki Blog:

I have just finished some of the most hectic 14 days of my life!!!

Been on contiki thru southern Europe, did way to many things to explain it all so will just add a couple of highlights. It started in Rome (where my flight got diverted from Ciampino airport to fiamuncio airport – if I had landed at the right airport would have been a 15-20 euro cab ride instead it was a 80euro ride and coz I landed at 12:30am due to delay in the sky only could catch a cab. Not the best start haha)

Rome was kewl saw the coliseum, the Vatican, St peteres cathedral etc. Then moved to Florence which was really kewl. Didn’t actually see the statue of david due to the massive lines and we didn’t have much time in Florence (actually didn’t have much time anywhere haha). Had an authentic tuscan dinner in florence which was really really good! Then moved to (cant remember name of the city haha for a night wasn’t anything special)

After that went to nice. I really like nice, mainly coz we were really close to the beach (although it was a pebble beach). The definite highlight of the trip was either roller blading along the foreshore at nice or my day trip to Monaco where I walked the grand prix track. We also went to the Monaco casino (where u have to pay 10 euros just to get in!!!) Blackjack minimum bet was 50 euros!!! I won 60 on roulette after a lady tried claiming my chip was hers haha (thank god they have soo many cameras). So I had to play one hand of blackjack to say I had played blackjack in monaco. Actually won 5 hands in a row at 50 euros each so walked away being up 210euros haha not a bad day at the office. We then spent a night in aviningon (not sure how to spell it). Our hotel was in the middle of no where so wasn’t anything special.

Next stop was spain. We spent 2 nights in Barcelona which is a pretty kewl city. I walked around the Olympic site from 1992 (nothing on homebush though). Also went to the Picasso musem. The trip was about 75% girls so they were always bloody shopping!!! – having so many girls on the trip was very strange, not used to traveling with majority of girls and not have the ‘lads’ as much as im used to haha – oh well I coped. After Barcelona went to Madrid – 2 girls went to Pamplona to see running of the bulls I was soo close to goin with them but it got all to hard in the end (apparently the day they were there 7 ppl were killed by bulls (most deadly day for a long time). Madrid was HOT!!! Haha it was kewl as well although by this time everyone was soo tired not too much sight seeing was done. Clubs don’t really get going till about 2am in Madrid (we never finished dinner b4 11pm in Spain. So I got home about 5-5:30 each morning. Some ppl got home around 7:30am haha.

Contiki was fun but I don’t think Ill do it again. I don’t like really being in a big tour group and being such a tourist. You also don’t really get to spend that much time anywhere. Its good coz u meet a lot of ppl and is a lot of fun. The problem was everyone on the tour this was their big trip!! For me I was there coz I had 14days to waste (wrong word) in Europe and I had had such an awesome experience in the states I was in a completely different state of mind. I was always subconsciously counting down the days coz I am soo exhausted at the moment. I am really looking forward to getting home. I have tonight in Frankfurt then fly to Bangkok for 2 nights (cheap suit shopping haha) then home on Thursday morning.


P.s This will probs be my last entry, ill try and get some photos up soon but don’t think there will really be much to write about Frankfurt and my shopping in Thailand.

P.p.s Non low cost airlines are soo much better. Currently on Spanair and has soo much leg room (I am in an exit seat but still, also flight only about half full if that!!! Much nicer haha)

Wednesday, 04 July 2007

Location: Europe

Milan – Stockholm – Heidelberg blog:

Its been a week, and what a jam packed week it has been!!! Three citites 4 flights and one very tired little boy haha.

Arrived late coz stupid easy jet were delayed, luckily was able to get a hold of matteo to tell him so he didn’t wait round at the airport.

Milan was really cool, only spent 2 days there but was good fun. Matteo showed me round the sights (we only took 2 hours) haha, then we went to the equivalent of next Gen Gym and sat by the pool and soaked up the sunshine that I had been missing in England and the northern part of the states!

We went out Tuesday in Milan. Started with dinner at 9pm (kinda a euro thing to have late dinner) then kicked on the a pub then a club. For a Tuesday night it was really good. Italians can have a good time and we raged till about 4:30am in the morning when matteo insisted on going home as we had to be up at 8am the next morning for a flight. We didn’t need to be up till 10:30 he just got his time muddled up in the night haha – oh well was good fun.

Caught our flight out of Milan, at 1pm to Stockholm. I have never had such a hideous flight. Was feeling a little worse for wear haha, was some of the most 3 uncomfortable hours of my life.

Eventually got to Milan after what seemed like 6! Haha. That night just caught up with Gustav L and Long John for dinner and a few beers. Unfortunately Long John, Gustav L and Gustav F all were working so we could only go out with them at night and they had to be a little bit tame during the week. (probs a good thing in hindsight – not too tired now haha)

During the days Matteo and I entertained ourselves by going round Stockholm just seeing the sights. STOCKHOLM is an AWESOME city, really cool, although anyone that is ever there – don’t go to the aquarium, waste of money.

Stockholm is very expensive though. 35 swedish Kronor for a sandwhich (6 Kronor to the aussie dollar – so around 6 bucks for a sandwhich from a 7 – 11. The other thing is it doesn’t get dark till 11:30pm and light around 2/ 2:30am and when it is dark it isn’t pitch black. Very trippy when its light at 2am and you r in a club haha.

Friday and Saturday saw us tear it up with the 3 swedes. Very much how we did in Berkeley haha – it was GREAT to put it in long john’s words (I have put pictures up of Sweden and Milan – pictures tell a thousand words). Sunday morning saw me needing to catch a flight at 7am, the airport was 80mins away so had to catch a bus at 3:45am, just kicked on from the club and picked my bags up at the station where I had locked them. Touched down at Frankfurt Hahn at 9am then caught a bus at 10:50pm to Heidelberg got to Heidelberg at 1pm!!! Very very extremely tired haha.

In Heidelberg stayed with eva. Was good to catch up with a familiar face from home. Only spent the night in Heidelberg coz now on a plane to rome to start a 14 days contiki tour thru southern eurpoe to Madrid.

Heidelberg was nice, just chilled – 4th time ive been there so no need to do any real sight seeing and was kinda too tired to go out hard the night I got there so just had dinner out with eva.

Will try and update this about my contiki tour but not sure whether I will have that much internet connection so may not be able to.

If not hope to see all of u when I get back, get back on the 19th of July. It’s a Thursday – I have 2 nights in Bangkok b4 I get home so hopefully I will be over my jet lag by the time I get home… Just saying will probs be up for a bit of a night catchin up with ppl on the Thursday (get in at like 10:30am or something so can sleep in the arvo if I am tired lol – it never stop haha)


Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Location: London, England

London Blog:

This blog will have two distinct parts, a) my 6 days in England and what I did (the good part) – b) my experience with easy jet and discovery that low cost airlines means even lower cost service and the worst airline I have ever flown! More about that later…

Well I arrived in London after as I mentioned b4 4 seats to myself from Vancouver, however not much sleep was obtained as I was not really tired due to time differences. I landed about 2:30am Vancouver time so only really got 2 hours sleep. I landed and got a bus then a train to taunton where Granny B picked me up. I actually went for a run to keep me up haha. Very different to running around Berkeley. Rural England is just how I imagined it right down to the hedged lanes that are barley big enough for 2 cars to pass each other down. – I somehow managed to stay awake till about 10:30 that night – then bam out like a light slept until 1:30pm the next day (a good 15 hrs sleep haha). Whilst I was in Storguersy (where my grandma lives), my grandma took me to the coast, around the countryside and to a real English pub (on a Wednesday night was packed – although anymore than 60ppl and it would have been overflowing – but was great to see real rural England) – unfortunately the weather wasn’t as good. In fact my whole time in England it was grey, cloudy and wet! Haha middle of June (their summer and like winter lol)

One Friday I caught a bus into London and met up with Johnnie from I-house. We along with Matt and Rodridguez (another two guys I met at Berkeley) hit London with a bang. Definitely hit the lash with the lads. Was great fun – a little strange going out with guys u know from Berkeley on neutral grounds to their home turf – but was awesome, slightly expensive – spent 100 pounds in a night (around $235 aussie – lucky the exchange rate is soo good – I was warned London was expensive haha – oh well I had a good time)

The next day was not soo good haha – well was okay come 3pm lol. Johnnie had to go up to wales for a 21st so I was left in his parent apartment by myself (perfectly fine by me as London was calling). Johnnie lives 5min from the central London bus station and a 10-15min walk from Buckingham palace. Couldn’t have asked for better accommodation. Over the three days I hit up the usual London attractions: Buckingham palace, St James Park, Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Harrods, Westiminster Abbey (on Friday night we had drinks where u could see the tower bridge. I saw the eye but didn’t get round to going on it.

On Sunday it was really miserable so I did about a 2hour running tour around some of London’s attractions (shortest 2 hour run I have ever been on haha). All in all saw a lot of London in a very short time. Currently on a plane (easyjet) to Milan where I am meeting matteo (sneaky italain from berkely ahha) – where he has told me to leave room for good pasta!

Right onto the second part of this BLOG:

Arrived at Gatwick airport to pure and utter Chaos. No one seemed to have any idea what was going where and why or how it was going to get there!!! Haha When I finally did check in the and thru security (where my hand luggage was thoroughly taken apart and strewn all over the counter then told that’s fine and left to my own devices to pack it all up again.

After all of that the flight was delayed by an hour – looked at the monitors and at least half the easy jet flights seemed to be delayed (this airline doesn’t seem to be able to get much right at all!!) We did eventually get called to board the plane but we actually took off close to 2hrs late – not only that they got us to line up at gate 16 then when everyone had lined up an announcement came to go to gate 11, so being a first come first serve flight there was an almighty rush to 11 haha. Luckily for me I realized where gate 11 was on my way to gate 16 it wasn’t where u would of thought so I split from the pack and casually walked to 11 got there about 6th person in line haha (one advantage of just laughing at the whole catashrophe that is easyjet while everyone is in a mad panic u can stroll up to the gate lol).

Of course on the plane in their magazine there is the usual propaganda how good they are and how young their fleet of planes are and how environmentally friendly conscious they are. They are even leading the fight for the EU to ban old planes that give out too many CO2 emissions – how thoughtful. Apart from the fact that this will severely raise the costs of most other airlines except easyjet (as they have such a young fleet) – god that was cruel wasn’t it (harsh but fair I think).

Soo all in all not impressed with the low cost airline. Oh well in the next week I have 4 flights (including this one to take) I Guess I compare SAS and Ryanair to Easyjet and tell u which low cost airline comes out infront (or should I say not so far behind where it should be – virgin to me is much better than easyjet) – hopefully the other 2 low costs don’t also believe in the motto low cost = bad service.


One last thing don’t buy the soup on easyjet (2.10 pounds and is worse than the service haha)

Oh yea Tymons mum says the cat is fine, although has a slight heart murmur, a valve isn’t quite shutting properly as it should – but this is just old age apparently.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Location: UK

Well I have said good bye to the USA and North America. It treated me really well (couldn’t of asked for much more) – It has been an absolute blast and would wholly recommend anyone thinking about going on exchange to stop thinking about it and DO IT!!!

I am currently somewhere over the Atlantic ocean on my way to London from Vancouver.

The last road trip has been amazing as well, much more relaxing than the other one though. I only traveled with Doug and Killer Whale (tim) – both Aussies, got rid of the swiss haha – they were nice guys but it was great to travel with 2 other aussies were all 3 of us were always on the same wave length.

We went from Berkeley to Portland (just a lazy 550 miles haha 10 plus hours). Portland is nice but nothing special, kinda like Adelaide no tourist attractions but a nice place, bit of a backwater haha.

We spent a night there then 2 nights in seattle, on the way to Seattle we saw Mt St Helens. This thing is amazing. For anyone unaware Mt St Helens blew its top in the 80s and is still steaming at the moment. The amount of destruction and devastation that it caused to the surrounding forest is still very visible and a definite sign of how powerful the earth really can be!!!

Seattle was also cool. Once again nothing mind blowing or though the space needle was kinda cool and the Pike’s place fish market is pretty neat (this coming from a guy who hates fish haha)

From there left the states and went into Canada eh…. :D. We went thru Vancouver and spent two nights in Whistler. It was awesome to see whistler in the summer (well was 10 degrees and overcast but cool none the less) – It seems like Whistler never stops. There are some serious mountain bikes there in the summer, (although seems a little more ‘local scene’ in the summer than in the winter).

We couldn’t go up the mountatin unless we wanted to pay 25 bucks for a sight seeing ticket and seeing it was so overcast we just walked round the lakes in whistler then had a hit of golf on the driving range where killer whale slices a ball something chronic and it went over the net and slammed into the hotel next to the course, luckily the wall and not a window haha!!

We left whistler and I got door to door service to Vancouver airport (one advantage of having a car and splitting up from the guys u r traveling with, (they are ur chauffeurs haha). Spent some time in the british airways executive club (advantage of life time QANATAS club membership – good 21st, thanks mum and dad :D) – sipping on a gin and tonic and trying to catch up on all my stuff I need to organize, obviously didn’t get thru it all as this is being written on the plane to England rather than being done in the airport – does pass some time though on the plane. Got lucky on the plane have all 4 seats in the middle to myself so when im done writing this im actually going to lie down and try to sleep (novel experience on a plane haha)

I have my Europe trip pretty much planned. Go to England for 6 days see my grandma then go to London for 3 nights with some of the lads I met in Berkeley. Then catch a plane to Milan to catch up with the sneaky Italian (mattezy!!) spend a couple of days in Milan then we both will catch a plane to Stockholm to hit it up with the Swedes and get some Euro Trash dancing going again!!. That takes me to the 1st of July. I have booked a 14 day contiki tour that starts on the 2nd of July in Rome and goes from Rome to Madrid via Southern Europe ( I wanted to go on a greek Island tour but that was full – I think I got the last spot on this one ahah, left it a little late oops). That finishes on the 14th of July (I know that’s only 13 days but they count the 1st of july as the first day coz u will be flying to Europe, but im already there – just so u don’t quiz me on that one dad haha – still up with it).

I Fly out of Frankfurt to London the connect to Bangkok on the 15th in the evening. Get into Bangkok arvo of the 16th spend two nights in there – try and get some cheap nice suits haha.

Fly out of Bangkok on arvo/evening of the 18th July and go to Sydney then connect and will be in Adelaide around 10:30am on 19th July. (4 days b4 uni start haha).

That’s pretty much it – kinda extended this entry coz im tryin to waste time on the plane haha. Ill try and keep my Europe entries up to date but internet may not be easy to get all the time so entries may be few small and far between but I will try and keep it updated as well as with photos of my trip.

All I can say is I think I will be a sleepy sleepy joesph by the time I get back to Adelaide haha.


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From Chris Lebbon
Ah, the tribulations of the world-weary traveller! However I do agree that being in a big tour group is no fun - must run in the family!

Cat sends its love - haha had to put that in for Tymons!!
Response: Yea pretty much...
oh well almost home, waiting in the qantas club at bangkok airpot. Its ladies and pets day for footy this saturday maybe puss could come along haha
From Charlee
You bastard, can't believe you had all 4 seats to yourself. I had to sit bolt upright for the whole trip in the middle seat of four, and some tool by the emergency exit wouldn't let me have the spare seat!
Response: haha,
well didnt really do much for me only got 2 hrs sleep coz landed about 2:30am canadian time.
Did sleep for a good 15hrs that night in a comfy bed though.

How much of my 21st presents have u mark and the boys gone thru down at goolwa???
From Tymons
I'd like to hear where the cat's general persona is at the moment. Is it happy, with lots of chasing birds in the back yard, or is is mopey and staring out the window with disappointment? Please this is an issue that concerns a lot of us.
Response: haha,
Ud have to get my brother to reply to that one tymons. The folks r away atm so he is looking after the cat for 6 weeks by himself. By all accounts it is healthy but im gonna have to leave it up to him to tell everyone how dear old "puss" is going
From Mark
"just got loud" - that doesn't sound like you at all!

It's been a while since we have had a cat update on this site so here goes: I have sole custody of the cat for 6 weeks (lucky cat); with a bit of luck, and regular meals, hoepfully it will survive.
Response: haha,
yea totally doesnt sound a bit like me - so out of character. Think the cat might be missing a fair few breakfast meals somehow and be eating a lot of dry food me thinks...
From Tymons
Yeah, then next time I have the chance I'll name you when someone drops out of the team. We won by 7 goals in the wet on sat, with a much stronger team on the ground.
Response: good to see we r back on track, gettin a bit worried there for a moment
From Tymons
Bastards lost their first game to Eastern Park, lead all day and went down to fitter older men. Second game bastards went down to Flinders Park by 4 point, lead all day then got over run by fitter older men. Coach Tymons had a huge spray at the team after the Flinders loss, with the Flinders winning song in the background. All makes for an unhappy coach.
Response: haha,
yea ive been keepin in touch with the results.
Somehow fitness doesnt seem to be our strong suit.
I may be back for the game on the 21st of July (no promises) but will be back for the 28th and what i see is also blacks ball. Excited that im back in time for that!
note...i never wear shoes b/c they make me fall down.
Response: Alryt guessin that was mitch or someone of the like
From Mum
Is that a drop bear in SB?!!
Response: haha, nah ive gone off telling ppl about those. Its all too easy and not a challenge. I need to think of a more extreme one
From kero
ahhhh lebbon!! no wonder your running is getting worse with all the alcohol youre surprised that youre still able to float in the water. Keep up the good work and i look forward to seeing a few more photos.
Response: haha yea just added some pics of Aussie night and Santa Barbra triathlon and where we stayed (good spot)
From eva
cant eblive ur palying dodgeball! and going to frat parties, it all sounds like in teh movies! im jsut trying to sent u a massive email but the stupid college internet is soo slow!! aghghg!!!!!! <-- this is me having a elctronic rage blackout :)
Response: haha,
Yea it is pretty much like the movies with some respect. And just in phoenix airport on way back from spring break. (very much like the movies)
From Half italian half au
Cabo Cabo Cabo
Response: haha,
good to see ur spamming my page as im spamming ur wall on facebook with the count down. 4 More days U KNOW IT!!!
From Half italian half au
Cabo Cabo Cabo
Response: haha
From Half italian half au
Cabo Cabo Cabo
Response: haha
From Mitchos
What a clown! What kind of a barman cannot make a JD. No wonder ppl don't like Yanks if they cant even make a JD. I made sure I had one for you Sat night with the Wad!
Response: haha,
good to see they r still going strong back home. Sorry again couldnt make ur 21st couldnt find the shrapnel to pay for fuel haha.
Hope u liked the card instead!
From Sick Bike!
Never Leave it out of your site... Not in berkeley!! PS- i have some good pics for you...
Response: Yea, it Awesome taken it for a couple of spins and man it goes!!! once get aero bars on it - should fly.
Yea the pics u sent on the email were pretty good
From Cass
Good luck with your tri tomoza. Ow yeah...Phoeb's house is nuts.. sez and i have entire bottom level to ourselves. 3 stories. what the! MCG and Rod Laver arena just outside our doorstep. Tough being a guest all the time...haha! I like you :)
Response: haha,
Yea really enjoyed my tri (makes a huge difference with a bike that fits u!!!) will write about it properly soon.
haha u wont want to move out into ur apartment when its ready if u have a whole floor between the 2 of u and so close to MCG and rod laver.
From Granny B
Even I am following your progress. Good luck in the triathlon. Love, B
Response: Just had an English Coffee hour actually where I am staying. Had a really nice scone with jam and cream.
Hope everything is well in England and hopefully when Im done here on my way through Europe i can make a stop in England and stay with you for a couple of nights (that is if you will have me :D)
From Nachos
Just checked emails lebs good to see flails lives on!
Response: haha,
yea still going although no one to slap here needed the mitchos nachos to take out aggression and get into rumbles. I aint takin on big American football meatheads on in rumbles (i have my limits)
From turner
hey mate, good to have a read of what you're up to and a squiz at your pics. looks like you're havin a great time. kills port augusta, but port augusta isn't bad all the same. take care & go nuts. turner :)
Response: yea
am havin a sick time, just got bak from 2nd ski weekend (WAS EPIC) will write up story and put pics up soon but late at night and got an assignment due tomoz
have fun in port A GUTTA
From Mitch's Mum
Happy Valentine's Day
Response: HAHA
why do i have a sneaking suspicsion that came from kero or gregor???

Im flattered regardless though
From Angela (Christo's mo
Great web site, Michael. We have also enjoyed the February issue of SA Life! Does this magazine travel as far as Canada? Fantastic photos!!
Response: Not normally, but the folks are sending a special copy over i think.
Yea i saw the scanned image didnt seem to bad - although i saw a couple of better ones she took, oh well
From Kero
Pics look very cool lebs.i dont think u could have been any more aussie with your vb singlet and boardies..respect. very nice!!how much?has that line come out at all while you've been out?ha Enjoy mate and thanks again for that early morning call at 2am.
Response: HAHA
no worries - yeas borat has come out a bit - international celebrity so everyone gets it.
I enjoyed the convo, haha i went to my 8oclock tute that day but never got to the 9 oclock one, went straight home and slept from 9-12:30 haha i was sooo sooo sleepy.
Will put some interesting pics up tomoz when i have a bit more time, had a bus party last night and was HUGE
From Mitch
I enjoy eating taco's makes me feel mexican. I also enjoy sleeping
Response: Haha,
I enjoy sleeping too... Possibly lined up Cabo for spring break - not sure too much sleeping will be done down there though...
From christo
hey hey dude,
look forward to hearin about oz day over there. Pretty dissapointing here with the cricket over really early. Almost sold the pug the other day too but the buyer backed out. not happy. was conning him for $2300. ah well, keep up the good work. site looks good.
Response: haha, if u got $2300 for that beast u were ripping the poor guy off no wonder he backed out. Yea just about to write bout Oz day.
From Julz
Hey Lebs!! Thanks for the bday message, Christo was a good messenger and i literally read it! danke shon...turned out to be a reasonable night and i didn't remember the end of it so that's fantastic! show you some pics later. Sorry it's taken me so long to check this out but now i've read up and am completely up to speed. don't be a stranger :)
Response: Haha, good to hear u had a good time I heard from a couple of sources it wasnt a small night. If u have facebook just look me up and put the piccies up easier than emailing them.