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Leechy and Michelle's Overseas Adventure

Welcome to Leechy and Michelle's Overseas Adventure Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of all our travels for all of you to read. Feel free to leave us a message if you like.

Photos - Click Below


Peru - Cusco & Sacred Valley

Before beginning our trek of the famous Inca Trail though the Andes, we spent a few days in the navel of the Inca Empire, Cusco. We also ventured to the beautiful Sacred Valley area. The Peruvian people are so warm and friendly, and the kids....well we just wanted to adopt! (hence the numerous photos of them!)


Peru - Inca Trail (1)

Things we battled on the Inca Trail in order to arrive at our goal, Machu Picchu were....
78,000 steps, 45km of trekking, highest altuitude of 4215metres, four seasons in one day, body odour (will happen without a shower for 4 days!) and tonnes of donkey and alpaca faeces. All with nausea and headaches. One of the most rewarding and amazing things we`ve done in our lives!


Peru - Inca Trail (2)

After 4 days of trekking, we finally arrived at Machu Picchu - the first ancient wonder of the world. The site is both awe inspiring and breath taking from the sun gate, and as you get closer, only gets better. We were extremely lucky with the weather and were amazed how the Inca`s built such a place so long ago.


Peru - Amazon Jungle

After trekking the Inca Trail, it was time to relax and what better place on earth to do this than in the Amazon - with 100% humidity! We spent 2 days in a beautiful Eco lodge surrounded by lush greenery and teeming wildlife. It was pretty chilled out with plenty of excursions exploring the wildlife, flora and the local community.



Our time in Mexico was spent touring a variety of coastal towns and Mayan ruins within the Yuactan Peninsula. We also spent a couple of days in the bustling capital, Mexico City. The beaches in Mexico are sensational!! The best we've seen.......


Cuba # 1 - Havana

Hola! Cuba...Our first stop home after packing up our lives in London. It is the most minimalistic place that Liam and i have ever seen! Every building is completely run down although there is a lot of charm about the place. We feel nothing but admiration for the Cuban people. They live to the best of their means and appear happy doing so (although we also believe there is a lot of hidden frustration). If you like the creature comforts in life, i.e hot water and food other than ham and cheese sandwiches, then Cuba is not the place for you!... But we loved it!


Cuba # 2 - Trinidad & varadero

After leaving Havana, we travelled to the southern coastal town of Trinidad. This is a world heritage listed town due to it's architecturally colourful buildings. We then lapped up the sun and glorious beaches in Varadero. We highly recommend both these places.


'Turkish Delight' - Istanbul

Last week we headed to Istanbul for 4 days for our last European trip before our journey home. We loved the city but were constantly hassled to buy rugs, carpet, lamps, plates and of course the doner kebabs! The hassling was too much at times! It's a very colourful, interesting and bustling city, although a far cry from life as we know it!



Last weekend we headed over the English Channel to Paris. We had a great time stuffing ourselves with pastries and crepes at every pattisserie we walked past. We (us and Liam's parents) all took the plunge and went to the very top of the Eiffel Tower (closing our eyes and holding on for dear life whilst going up in the glass lift!). Seeing it all lit up at night was also absolutely incredible. This was definitely the highlight of the trip. If this was to be our last European destination of our overseas adventure....we've ended on a high!



We recently spent 5 relaxing days in Greece with Liam's parents. It was our first relaxing holiday in a long time and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We spent a day in Athens and 4 days on the island of Lesvos (which is really close to Turkey). The sun, chicken souvlaki, beer, beach and sleep made for a great time. Whilst in Lesvos, we were invited to have mezze with some locals Liam's parents had met. It was amazing and certainly an authentic Greek experience.



Recently we ventured to the Dalmatia Coast in Croatia. Our holiday included touring the spectacular coastline and the cities of Split and Dubrovnik. The breathtaking scenery of inland Plitvice Lakes was another highlight. We also jumped across to the stunning island of Hvar. Croatia is incredible and we would recommend it to anyone!


Ciao Italia # 1

Following our week in Croatia we whipped across to Itlay and spent a another week travelling through Rome, Tuscany, Florence, La Cinque Terre and Venice. We have so many cracking photos that we need two pages to show off all of them. We are definitely pizza and pasta'd out!!


Ciao Italia # 2

These photos show our time in Venice and La Cinque Terre - a stretch of coastline linked by five stunning fishing villages in the north west of Italy. We loved every bit of our time in Italy despite sweating profusely for the entire trip.


Wimbledon 2008

This weekend we awoke at the crack of dawn to join the 7000+ strong queue for Wimbledon. After four hours of waiting, we finally got into the grounds and thoroughly enjoyed the tennis and atmosphere of The Championships. No centre court tickets however still plenty of good third round tennis on offer on the outside courts. Good times, Happy days!!


Un-fjord-gettable Norway!

Cascading waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, roaring rivers, breath taking fjords...a summary of Norway. 5 days touring such a beautiful country left us in awe of some of the most amazing scenery we've seen so far! Every bend in the road brought with it something different, something spectacular. As usual, the photos don't do justice to what we saw but hopefully it gives you an idea as to why we both loved Norway! ... despite it being una-fjord-able!!

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From Simone (TfL)
Liam the pictures are incredible... but I must say the Inca Trail (2) breath-taking! What an incredible journey... very inspirational... I need to explore more of this planet!

Re: New York
*laughs uncontrollably*
It's Diddy not Puff Daddy (you have to keep up with the name changes or you'll lose major cool points)
From Robby
dera Michelle and Liam, don't know if you'll check your site but sending love and best wishes anyway. Only 6 more days of school left...might as well be 60 days! You sure look as if you are enjoying yourselves. How's the Spanish going, Michelle? Safe travelling, love, Robby xxx
From Backseat
on the road.....just can't wait to get on the road again

guys, love the colourful shots of Turkey. Looking forward to more blog worthy photos from the next exotic location. Staller, Brighton holds many jewellery shops which are ideal for loving purchases.

Boi Boi
From Chloe
Ah Michelle the photos are all amazing, what a lucky pair you are! God you know how to make me jealous- Hope you have spent your Robinsfield dollars!
x X x
From Robby
Hi Michelle and Liam, I am back at school after 14 weeks of relaxation! (well, sort of!) I have finally managed to view your photos which brought back a lot of wonderful memories. I guess you are almost finished school, Michelle and ready for your next adventure to S America. Hope it all goes well. Se you around Christmas. Love, Robby and Gary xxxx
From Joe (& Mel)
Hi guys,
Just did a quick look over all your travels since you've been lucky bastards!!
It sucks that you can't make it to our wedding but we'd love to catch up in the new year.
Love from us. xx
From Backseat
Aweshome aweshome mayte
great photos - brings back so many memories. Is there anything better than europe? i don't think so..... providing the weathers good. Busting to hear what you thought of greece. Territory I have not trampled.
adios, avoir, ciao
From Susan Robertson
Beautiful pictures, I want to be there. I have been to some of the places and I am dreaming, and want to be there NOW. Love Susan xxxxx
From Graeme G
Oh my Gordfaathaah, That is the most shick holiday for sure.
From Lou
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEECHY! Hope you have a wicked day!
From shoey
Hi leechy and michelle, absolutely gorgeous photos, leechy you should do a course!

keep up the great work.
From backseat
Nice one guys - gorgeous photos and oops - what do you know, I'm in one...ha
Why did you have to go back???
Life isnt the same without hanging out with you guys.
Be back soon
From Grandad
I have just fixed up a bike for ICE FACE. Love him already. Think it was a him - couldn't tell really - thought you may have been a bit more creative!
Word up dog. Ya'll livin large NY style. Photos look wack! See you soon oz-style.