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Welcome to our traveling website!

We both caught the travel bug after our semester abroad in Australia during college. It was an amazing experience and we both have been longing for another abroad adventure! After many ups and downs we finally reached the decision to embark on our very own version of A Trip Around The World! We have been building this trip for several months now and couldn't be more excited to go and see parts of the world we have only dreamed about! From Tokyo to Southeast Asia, to Western Europe, and the Greek Islands; we want you all to be a part of our journey! You all mean something to us and we hope you will check our website regularly for updates and stories, and make sure to keep us up to date with your lives as well! We promise to come back with lots of stories, and of course, pictures to last a lifetime. CHEERS!!


Diary Entries

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Location: Austrial Alps, Austria

Greetings from Austria!

So I just quickly read where I last left off, and there is so much to update you all on! I don't even know where to begin. We move at warp speed on this tour!

After Florence we have done Rome, Venice, Munich, Vienna, and now currently in the Austrian Alps. I would love to give you a full and detailed description of each place but my internet time is about to expire. :( But in short, Rome was absolutely incredible, I felt like we had stepped back in ancient Roman times. In Munich we went to an authentic Bavarian beer hall and had an absolute blast. Today we did a mountain bike tour through the Austrian Alps, which was absolutely gorgeous and the scenary just blew me away.

Europe is incredible...Les and I have loved every place we have been and only wish we could spend longer in each place. We only have one week left and can't believe it's almost over!

I hope all is well back at home! xoxo

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Location: Italy, Europe

Greetings from Italy!

Since Les last wrote we have have been VERY busy...this tour is absolutely non stop, and every day is flat out. But we are seeing SO MUCH, and loving it all!

Since Les last wrote we have done Barcelona, the French Riviera, and we crossed the border yesterday into Italy and are currently in Florence. Barcelona was a blast, and our night out was pretty crazy...we didnt get home until 6am! The bars and clubs dont get started until like 2am there, definitely not what we are used to! But we had a blast, lots of dancing and we even learned how to do some salsa and the ramba, so that was fun! Then on only 2 hours of sleep for the next day we toured the entire city. We even went to Easter Mass (forgot to mention that is where we were for Easter) in the massive and historic Barcelona Cathedral. It was so cool to experience. Our favorite part was the gothic quarter, full of really old buildings and awesome architecture. Then that evening we saw an authentic Flamingo show, which was really fun!

The French Riviera was more than amazing...we visited the incredible town of Nice and spent the afternoon walking along beautiful turquoise waters of the Mediterranean and taking in the sunshine in the historic part of town...filled with tiny little side streets that had so much charm. We did a small hike up a mountain and were able to see the entire city and beachfront...amazing! That night we went to Monaco...we got to see the exact raceway that they drive for the Grand Prix! We also saw the famous casino of Monte about seeing some sweet ass cars! For all you car fans, you would have been in heaven.

So far Italy has been great...Florence is beautiful and again, the history that you see every which way you look is just mind blowing. It is like stepping back into time. Today we did a bunch of sight seeing, taking in all the Renassaince charm. This evening we are going to indulge in a full out Italian dinner, where we paid one set price and get as much wine, limoncello, and food that we want...YUM!!!

I hope all is well back home...we miss you and think of you lots!


Saturday, 11 April 2009

Location: London, Paris, Lyon, Europe

hello from europe!! sorry we haven't updated this in a week but it's been INSANELY busy for us and internet availability for some reason is limited here. Anyways after 36 hours of travelling from our paradise island in Thailand we arrived in London late Friday morning! Whit's dad and uncle met us and it was so much fun to tour around the city with them, go to a few different pubs everyday (whit's dad loves his beer!!) and see familiar faces :) We had beautiful weather in london which was a treat and saw all the sights; Big Ben, Parliament, South Bank, changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Soho, Notting Hill; you name it!! We were very impressed with London and appreciated the Western food and the fact that we could drink tap water! We met up with our MASSIVE tour group of 48! We have quite the group and everyone is really fun and looking to have a good time. I think half of our tour group is from Australia so you know how much they love to party! We went to Paris the 2nd day and LOVED it. lets talk about the most beautiful city i've ever seen. Truly breathtaking and Whit and I ate our way though the day snacking on chocolate crossiants and each carrying our own loaf of bread and cheese around. Best bread ever! Notre Dame catherdral was my fave, well other than the Eiffle Tour at night. It was so beautiful and definitely a place to go back to.

We made our way from Paris to the Beaujouis Wine Region in Lyon and stayed in the middle of a small French village in our very own Chateau!! It was so so beautiful and we were given picnic lunches of wine, cheese, bread and chocolate and hiked our way to "The top of the world" and ate our food and lay in the grassy hills. We had perfect weather as well and it was warm enough to wear shorts and t-shirts. Really got the experience of being in a remote french village! Today we arrived in Barcelona and will tour around the city tomorrow on Easter.... Tonight we are all going out to a club that apparently doesn't really open until 2 am!! Should be an interesting night :) Hope spring is in bloom at home as much as it is here! Everything is so green and all the flowers are in full bloom so it's great!!

Love and miss you all, will write again in a few days. ADIOS!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Location: PHI PHI ISLANDS, Thailand

Greetings from paradise! legit, that is where we are and i wish we could post some pics of this place but anyone who wants to get an idea go to this website........
yup pretty hard to take!

it has been amazing just being here relaxing in the sun after our 5 weeks of crazy non-stop traveling. not a cloud in the sky everyday and in the 90s with a bar in the pool and the most amazing views i've ever seen. yesterday we had a long tail boat take Whit and I around all the islands for snorkeling, swimming and just pure amazing sights. we went to Maya bay (that's where the movie THE BEACH was filmed with Leo DiCaprio). We took loads of pics from here so you only have to wait another month to see what we have seen! Tomorrow we leave for London (will take us 24 hours to get there with all the traveling we have to do) but our next post will be from Europe! Asia was nothing short of amazing and I hope you all feel inspired to take a trip in Southeast Asia at one point in your life b/c i never imagined it to be as wonderful and SAFE and BEAUTIFUL as it was. Whit and I 100% want to come back here again........... love to you all, thanks for all the great messages and we'll be blogging next from London! xo

Monday, 23 March 2009

Location: Cambodia

Greetings from Cambodia!!!

A couple of days ago we crossed the border from Vietnam into Cambodia (and this time it was a flawless boarder crossing experience!) and are currently in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. It is extremely HOT here, like so hot that you have to take several breaks throughout the day to escape the scorching heat. This morning we went to the Royal Palace, which is an amazing compound filled with temples and pagoda's where the emperor of Cambodia once lived. Everything was so well kept, and the grounds were absolutely beautiful. It's crazy to see the actual structures where kings once lived and ruled an entire country.

This afternoon was a hard one - we visited what is called S21 and the Killing Fields. S21 was once a school, and then in 1975 was turned into a prison when the trecherous Khemer Rouge took control of the country. It was where they kept, held, and brutally tortured prisoners from 1975-1979 under their regime. The killing fields are the actual fields where they took these prisoners to kill them, and we saw the actual burial sites, and even worse, bones still mixed in with dirt. It was horrible. This was one of the largest mass genocides to ever exist, and we were seeing everything first hand. I can't even explain to you the emotions that overcame us. And not to mention, our tour guide actually lived through this time period and gave us first hand descriptions of all that happened during this time. I encourage you to do some research on this - it's something we didn't really learn about in the states and really should have. Les and I both agreed it's something that should be encorporated into our educated systems along with all the other wars we learn all about.

All the bloodshed and hardships only ended a little over 30 years ago, so the country is only just recovering...which is very evident. It is one of the poorest countries in the entire world, 50% of the population is under the age of 18, the literacy rate is only 35%, and there is a massive sex and drug trade prevelant here. However, most of the people are more than nice, with big smiles on their faces and love interacting with us! And there has already been a lot of progress made in advancing the country and making life better for the people. So much of Cambodia is amazing and beautiful, and I am know the upward climb will only continue! :)

We had a great dinner tonight at a place called Friends the Restaurant, which takes children in need off the streets, trains them in the restaurant business and gets them on their feet on the way to a better life. All of the funds go into their foundation and not only was this a great cause, but the food was AMAZING!!!!! All tapas and wonderful drinks. We loved it so much that we went back the 2nd night too ;) For a good cause, right :)

Les and I are both doing very well, happy and healthy! We miss you all tons, and love getting all your posts and emails...keep em a coming!


Friday, 20 March 2009

Location: Hue & Hoi An, Vietnam

hello! hope everyone had a fun st paddy's day! we have been busy busy since our last update... Vietnam is absolutely beautiful; everything is so green and lush and the people are lovely. We left the crazy city of Hanoi and boarded a horrible over night train. Legit we felt like we were in a jail cell, because they closed the doors to our sleeping quarters and well it was awful. No one slept a wink b/c the train kept stopping and jolting and when i woke up the next morning to get off the train i got so sick. details to be spared but thank god Whit had a plastic shopping bag on hand (yucky i know). So that was the worst of it thank god. We arrived in the town of Hue and all of us had our own motorbike drivers (who were pretty much half our size)! We jumped on the back of the bikes and zipped around to many little spots. We drove through rice paddy fields which are amazing, went into a few local people's homes and saw how rice is processed and how those point straw hats are made. We went to a Buddist monastery and they prepared us a feast of vegetarian food. I dont know how Whit and I ever thought that we would NOT be eating on this trip! We are eating allllllll the time and both trying local foods which are fab and super cheap at the markets. Anyways, our motorbike tour went from 10am-5pm so that was a full day, and after our horrible sleeping experience the night before, we were both passed out before 9!

The next day we headed to the beautiful town of Hoi An; AKA OUR HAPPY PLACE!!! This was one of our favorite places hands down because it was a small, quiet beach town where we can walk in the streets without the fear of getting hit by cars. The highlight of this place however, is this is where you get CLOTHES MADE! jackets, suits, pants, boots, dresses, you name it. We had a blast flipping through catalogs in shops and having them tailor fit anything we want for super cheap. A lot of shops have dresses and coats displayed on maniquens (sp??) so if you like something you see, they can make it for you exact. We had a field day to say the least and i think our bags weigh 15 kilos more now ;) You walk down the street and little women say to you "I make great dress for you. Super cheap, come in my shop please." Hoi An also had amazingggggg food and bakeries and overall just a lovely place that i would go back to in a heartbeat! We have noticed a LOT of families too in all these places, i guess i never considered taking young kids on family vacations to Vietnam, but after going here, i absolutely would bring my children here someday!

Oh lets talk about our St. Paddys day. GREAT SUCCESS. we were not expecting a whole lot, but we did a little bar crawl with our leader and all of the Westerners were all decked out in their green clothing with irish flags on their faces; so much fun to see! Whit and I got every DJ to download and play Dropkick Murphys "Shipping up to Boston" so that made our night. We did the irish jig, found a bar called King Kongs (think of Hong Kongs in Boston because you can't be sober when you go) which served FREE rum and cokes from 10-11 and then every 30 min or so the bar tender would call the entire bar over for a shot of something green. Overall a great night and well needed since we have only gone out a few times this whole trip.

We flew to the capital this morning; Saigon but also referred to as Ho Chi Minh City. We are taking a cyclo tour in 15 min (imagine a man riding a bike and you sit in front of him in a covered seat). And we are going to see a lot of memorials and museums from the Vietnam War (or the American War as they call it here).

have a great weekend everyone, talk to you all soon!

Friday, 13 March 2009

Location: Vietnam

Sin chow! (thats hello in vietnam). We are currently in the crazy capital of Hanoi and it's definitely a huge change from quiet Laos.

Since our last post we have finished up our adventures in Laos, and now onto the hussle and bustle in Vietnam. Before hitting the boarder we did a homestay in a local Lao would not believe where we stayed. We legit were thrown into the village life, from eating with them, to playing with the children, to sleeping on mats on the floor with a mosquito net, we did it all. Talk about an experience. It was definitely the most I have ever been outside of my comfort zone, but for sure an experience I'm glad I had and will forever remember.

After our homestay we crossed the border, all went great except for one departure card didn't get stamped and I had all these Vietnamese soldiers yelling things I couldn't understand. Of course out of everyone it had to be me. But all went okay in the end, so that's good! But that was definitely a time I was so thankful to have a tour guide with me.

So the first impression of Vietnam is that it's absolutely CRAZY!!! You would not believe how wacko they drive over here. Ready for this stat - more people die in one year on the roads than they did in the ENTIRE Vietnam War. How INSANE is that? So that should give you an idea of how crazy and scary the roads are!!! Les and I legit spent the first day yelling every time we crossed a road or a motor bike sped towards us.

2 days ago we boarded a beautiful boat and set out to Halong Bay which is one of the new voted 7 natural wonders of the world. Amazingly beautiful and we went into these massive limestone caves. We slept on the boat which was actually really nice and the crew cooked us up a storm of local seafood :) We arrived in Hanoi yesterday afternoon and just have been bopping around the area seeing the sights. Today we saw the preserved body of Ho Chi Minh in the masoleum, his residence estate and a literature school that was built in like 1026. So cool. The weater is perfect here today so we will enjoy some more outdoor activities this evening :) Tomorrow we board an overnight train to Hue so that should be interesting. We are having the best time, staying safe and both healthy (except we both have a little cold, but not too bad). Sorry we can't post pics, but we aren't allowed to download pics on the computers so you will all just have to wait until May!!

Ok so I have to ask - beantown sports updates?????

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From Kirsten
Counting down the days till I get to see you!! I can't wait to see all the pics and have some sister time:) Be safe as always xoxo
From JM
Looks like you guys are having a blast! I am totally jealous.

Drop me a line when you have a chance, would love to hear from you :)
Response: Dude! Good to hear from you....I sent you and Tanya an email about a week or so ago, did you get it? I'm thinking it might have gone to your spam.
From Michelle
Hi Girls,
I have to say I agree. Portsmouth and Boston might not cut it anymore. Next we know you'll be moving to one of these places (Whitney, do not do that to me!). Are you going to Rome? That was my absolute favorite with the Acropolis and Santorini close seconds :) All is well and not nearly as exciting in the states. Whit, the Sox are picking it up. I'm going to the game tonight, first of the season! Can't wait to go to Friendly Fenway with you. Keep us posted on the rest of the Euro tour and of course Greece! Love you! xoxo
Response: Funny you say that, we both have said how much we would love living over here! We did go to Rome, and I too absolutely loved it. Such an amazing ancient city! Going to the game, have a Fenway Frank and beer for me! Def can't wait to go when I get back. Have fun and GO SOX! Love you! xoxo
From mom
Wow - what a great time you are having! Easter in an historic cathedral, Nice & Monte Carlo, and now Italy. After touring the world, I'm afraid that when you do come home you will be completely bored... Nevertheless, you have two more weeks so be careful and ENJOY!!! Love you!
Sounds like you are still having an amazing time! And still have weeks to go. I can't wait to see pictures. Once they are posted I am dedicating an entire day or 2 if needed to look at them.
From Michelle
Hi Girls,
I miss you tons! Whit, it is so weird being in baseball season without you! So far nothing new. The Sox are 2-4, not great but everyone looks pretty good. Moved into the new apartment this weekend - we're on the 4th floor with no elevator so that was slightly miserable but love the new place, great views and have a guest bed waiting for you when you get home :) Love you. Glad you two are having so much fun. Talk to you soon xoxo
Response: Hi you! It is weird not being home during baseball season, I feel so out of the loop! A new apt, wow! I cant wait to see it when I get home. I love you and miss you tons! xoxo
From Whit-Dad
HOWDY girls - what a TREAT it was to visit some London Pubs with you both. Good People - Good Times - Good Beer!!!

Sox opener was delayed a day - but on Tuesday they got the season off to a great start with a nice win. Pedroia homered in his 1st at-bat and Beckett looked great - 10Ks in 7 innings! Enjoy Europe and then we'll be soooo anxious to see you on your return.
Lots of Love - DAD
Response: LOVE the ball updates! We too had an absolute blast with you guys, it just went way too fast! I miss you and will hopefully be able to talk to you soon.
From Lindsey
All sounds so amazing. Miss you girls. I posted on here yesterday but am not sure if you got it or not. Just trying again to make sure you know I'm thinking about you and how shamelessly jealous I am. Can't wait to hear all the stories and see the pictures. Lots and lots of love!
From Lindsey
Hi Girls!
Sounds like you are having an unbelievable time. I can't wait to hear all of the stories and see pictures! I'm sure it's unlike and more beautiful than anything I'm imagining. So happy to know you're safe, healthy, and having so much fun! Miss you, talk to you soon!
From Michelle
Hi Guys,
Your stories are amazing. I knew you'd see a lot but who knew you'd learn so much? Thanks for sharing :)
We missed you on St Patty's. I think Boston was a little more sober and quiet without you. I tried to make up for it.
Whit, I have some sports news. Youk and Dustin both got hurt during the World Baseball Classic and had to drop out but Dustin is already back and Youk should be good for the Opener. Youk hit 3 homers while he was playing though! And get this, Tek has hit 3 homers so far in pre season!! Who would have thought?!
The Elite 8 started today. Sorry but Kansas lost last night to Michigan State and Cuse lost to Oklahoma - both in the Sweet 16. Shitty :( I'll let you know who wins :)
Not a lot new here. I'm moving in 2 weeks, closer into the city and walking distance to Fenway!! Can't wait for our first game :)
That's it for now. Stay safe, have fun! Miss you girls. xoxo
Response: Thanks so much for all the updates, you have no idea how much they are appreciated! I am out of the loop over here! I cant wait to see you! XOXOXO
From Lauren Kimball
It's been forever since i've posted--but i really enjoy reading these posts!!!! I cannot wait to see the PICTURES!!! The stories are great, but i need some photos of your fine faces :)

I think about you girls all the time and I wish for you to continue your safe travels.

now hurry up and get home!!!
From mom
To date, what has been the best place to visit, and your favorite exotic meal???? Love you!!!
Response: we loved Luang Probang in Laos, Hoi An in Vietnam, Siem Reap in Cambodia and now here in PHI PHI which is paradise. whit's fave has been cambodia curry with coconut milk and i have loved the local sweet and sour chicken with fresh veggies and chili :)
From Stephy G
Hey Les -
Sounds like you guys are having a blast. I think your blogs are keeping everyone entertained during our fabulously boring work days. Miss you and will see you soon.
From Whit's Mom
Hi Whitney & Leslie....Can't wait to see u both when u get home but I am so thrilled that u are having a trip of a life time. Your Dad is looking forward to seeing u in London and to directly experience some of that English Draft. We have worked very hard trying to find accommodations in hopefully a convenient location - they now have been reserved. I have been reading your diary entries and have been ecstatic to actually hear your voice via the phone and to know that all is well. I have not been posting messages as my hands have been "acting up" alot and I have been trying to use them as little as possible. But it's important for me to tell u both how proud I am of your quest for learning more about our world. You know my love for travel and am impressed u both took the leap to experience a trip so full of diverse cultures & ideologies. I am sure your college abroad experience to Australia inspired u a lot. I have deducted from your diary entries that it has deepened your appreciation of our standard of living. So Whit as u know, u are constantly in my thoughts and in my heart......a corny mother's comment!!! You know me, I could go on & on...... so I will close and just know how much I love & respect you (and your adventurous side as well; Leslie too)......miss u soooo much, Mum as they say in England oxoxox

p.s. Opening Day in 2 weeks - we gotta get tickets for the whole family. How about going to a Red Sox/Orioles game @ Baltimore?????????
p.p.s Papa & Mazie loved getting your call - it meant a lot to them
Response: Mom! Talk about a novel! I too am excited to meet Dad and Uncle Danny in London, if only you were going to be there as well! Boo. We both appreciate all your comments, thanks for them. :) And please, do you have to ask me if I'm in for a Sox/Orioles game in Baltimore?! Of course I want to go - get started on making it happen! I love you and think about you tons! xoxo
From Whit-Dad
Howdy Girls!! ALL the news sounds so AWESOME! Just a week now til I get to join you in London - the beer won't be $1, but hey, the pubs sound cool. How about a game of darts?!
Love your journal - keep the updates flowing!
Response: I'm sure you will have a few of those pubs all picked out for us by the time we get there! I can't wait to see you!
From Meghan Maguire
We are SO having a fashion show when you get back. Can't wait to see what you bought!
From Kirsten
Wow you girls have done so much it's overwhelming even to just read about it! Whit I see that Mich gave you a good update with the new england sports (she would do far better with that info for ya than me:)) I miss you as usual but love your e-mails and just realized you are going to see dad and uncle danny so soon! Have fun on your cyclo tour I love you! xo
Response: We really are doing so much, it's incredible. I can't wait to share everything with you in person! Yes, I get to see them in like 2 weeks, and I'm so excited! You will be greatly missed though. :( Talk to you soon! xoxo
From Mr. Ryy.
enjoy reading your postings from "out there." Keep the fun and good times going. Miss you. les, and am looking forward to seeing - and pics - in a few months!!! Say hi to Whitney for me...
Response: you're le best; can't wait to see you too!
From Michelle
HI GIRLS!!!!!!!
I cannot believe what you have done so far and you're not even one third of the way finished. It's unreal. Sounds like you're getting a great mix of luxury and reality. $3 massages??? $1 beers? Buy one get one? Why do I live in Boston again?
OK Whit, sports updates. Tom and Gisele got married last week. No big Pats news other than Cassel and Vrabel are gone to the Chiefs and I'm still waiting to see who the Pats are planning on getting with the freed up salary cap room. The Celtics are in first place in their division. KG has been hurt but they're still doing fine. Marbury signed with the Cs but hasn't done a whole lot. Nothing big yet with the Sox. Papi was playing for the Dominican in the World Baseball Classic but they got knocked out, Dustin and Youk are playing for the US and have both looked good (Youk had a game winning homer). Dice K looks good for Japan. I read an awesome article on ESPN that said even though the Yankees spent the most money in the off season and made the biggest upgrades, the Sox are still better off going into October ball with the moves they made. Love that! I can't wait to greet you at Logan and immediately drag you to Fenway! I don't think I'll have to twist your arm too much :)
Ok I think that's it for now. Keep us updated and be safe! Miss you xoxo
Response: Thanks for the updates! Now I feel a little more with it. :) Love the sounds of that ESPN article! Def keep the updates coming if anything new happens! XO
From Trish
WESEWIE!!!! I cannot tell you how happy I am that you are experiencing this. You are clearly having an incredible time and keep writing EVERYTHING down!! i miss you (and am painfully jealous). be safely adventurous, WOVED YOU always and forever.
Response: woved you too twishaaa :) see you in may!!
From Amy
Sounds like you are having the times of your life. I share your blogs with andrew and he admires you girls so much. If it wasn't for the dogs, I think we would be right behind you. So jealous of the elephant ride. I told him I wanted to go somewhere with elephants for our honeymoon. Ha ha. Really though, I'm going to come to you for suggestions. Miss you girls! Continue having FUN! Can't wait to see pics.
Response: Yes, the elephant riding was definitely awesome and something you will surely have to do! :) Miss you too!
From Amanda
Hi Ladies, Reading all of your posts makes me want to leave my job behind and travel the world too! it sounds like you are having a blast, i want to ride an Elehant!!!! Miss you and love you tons and can't wait to read more from you!
Response: Mands!!! So I think you should just go ahead and leave your job and come meet us in Europe! :) We can they play "tell me something I don't know" in another continent!! :)
From Deb & Dad
Hey Leslie, it's great to read all about your latest adventures. Sounds like you've seen some stuff to make you think... bet you were great with the little kids. We're still at the hospital waiting for your dad's blood pressure to go back to normal! Everything else is just fine. Have fun, take care, post pix!!!
From Annie
Hey Girls! I love your updates they always brighten up my day. Whit I got to see Seth this past weekend he helped install Cable in my room :). Hope all is well, I cant wait to see pictures. XO
Response: All is well, and glad that you like our posts!!! :) xo
From Meghan Maguire
Can you post pictures!!!?!
Response: no we can't download on these rando internet computers. just going to have to imagine what it looks like and wait until may for the pics!!