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The Adventures of the chef and chefette

So we have a journey set from one continent through another 4 back home a year set out to endure eachother meet the people taste the food and take some amazing pictures

Diary Entries

Monday, 28 April 2008

Location: moscow, st petersburg, Russia

ok i know this is like 2 weeks delayed but ohwell.
so we arrive at the airport after a shitass flight schedual on shitty planes and bad food so we were already grumpy. we went to get a taxi which we realised would cost 100 aus so i was like no way we will find our way by train. so i ask at information no they speak no english just show me a sign of the turbe stop i need once were in central moscow 40kms away. after trying to buy tickets from another lady again no english spoken so i guess she gave us what all tourists get so after waiting like another 2 hours for the train we get into moscow and another game trying to get more tickets for the actuall tube luky i caught on from somone else and brought tickets with 10 rides on it easy enough no real hassel. first impresson of moscow cold gray but very unique our hostel was on a really nice st found it quick their directoins were very good. didnt look like the hostels iwas used to but it had a bed and we were the only ones in our 6 bed dorm room for that night. we got some local food down the st for dinner expensive pretty much the same price as home. first day we set out to do do the kremlin and the red sq reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly beautifull unfortunatley the pics dont do it justice by a long shot buildings,cathedrals and they are just crazy weird- worth all the effort for sure. we walked that day for about 7 hours so we were very very tired we had dinner early and set out the next day after waking up to snow, for the zoo a cemetary and another cathedral with good views of the city. we got an overnight train to st petersburg which was different.
st petersburg is a lot nicer city a lot cleaner newer just a better lay out and not as big as moscow. the ppl still not helpfull. After very shitty directions we finally got there and went to the hermitage which is their vatican no where near as nice, i love wqalkıng the streets of new places we walked and walked that day till it was time to have a rest because we were so tşred from our train ride. the souvenires here are soo nice the russian dolls are just perfectly painted i got a little chriss decoration for when i have my own tree its so pretty one in a million i think. The worst thing about st petersburg id the tube we got lost many times which shit me cause i am really good at tubed i catch on quick not this one all the stop names look the same there are no maps to look at ahhhhhhh hated it. next finland thank god after getting to the ai;rport with like 30 mins to spare we were lucky we got it and didnt miss it opps would have been all my fault cause of the dammm tube!!!!
so next finland wont say much pretty nice town nothing here thats different cept its sooooooo expensive!!!! like 60 euro a day was going with ease!!! we had to eat pasta and soup for dinner really scrimping......... the ppl though are very nice and helpfull the ice bar was a highlight at 10 euro to get in and 10 euro for a drink go figure ripper offeres actually the weirdest thing is at 930-10 at night the sun hasnt gone down yet weird!!!!
next blog turkey!!

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Location: instanbul, Turkey

hey everyone just a quick jog and ill write more later
so yes went to russia at like 4 degrees most of the time freaked cold!!!!
no one speaks english lots of dodgy ppl red sq and the kremilin AMAZING worth every penny to see
st petersburg again realllllly nice!!!
finland very very nice ppl
lovly little town but it cost a fortune we were back to the soup packets for dinner a crackers for breaky
turkey wiked wiked wiked i LOVE it
everyone is nice but not in an annoying way
the food cheap and yummmmmmy
the shopping fantastic
the buildings great
stayign in a 30 bed dorm though not pretty
anzac day was great
we had a grat tour lots of sad stories
got there at about 6 pm not grass to sleep on only like footy stands so imagine sitting in those seas 12 hours 4 degrees and below not pretty
only time i fell asleep was during the actual service opps i wasnt the only one alot of ppl around us just couldnt keep their eyes open
then after that a 2 km walk through the bush to the aussi service
hard walk at 630 in the morning service was the best part about the whole thing then another 3 km walk up up and up to the nz service
glad we went but wont do it again
going to cappadoccia tomorrow a city built underground and in caves
then 2 weeks in greece rhodes/santorin and crete yay will be in rhodes for my birthday
then YES we got a job THANK god!!!!!
start as soon as we get to uk
lucky i have nbearly ran out of money!!
ok ill write more detail soon
love everyone

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Location: Thailand

we start with a little flight over the thailand gulf to our destination koh samui and what a place it is yes its tropical yes it has luciouse?? crystal clear waters yes it has little thai massage parlours on the beach overlooking those crystal clear waters yes it has bungalows amidst the samui plams yes it has great thai food and yes it has dirty, smelly, animal infested, scooter ridden, annoying seller streets. ok its only a LITTLE down fall i think concidering its so cheap and relaxing. each day we woke to a nice morning swim in the ocean then a little tanning in the arvo then followed by lunch a beer then a nanna nap another swim then out to dinner i know its a hard life someone has to do it.
while in samui we went on a snorkeling trip it was lots of fun we went about an hour of shore to another quieter island where the coral is alot nicer and the fish are plentiful would have been good with a waterproof camera but we got great pictures ne way.after a few more days here we were kinda ready to leave so off to pattaya
and what an experience this place. i dont hink ill ever return picture the typical smelly polition pesterers and about no word of a lie 100s of bars filled with thai girls and foreign men then come here for a couple like us there wasnt that much to do except drink at quiet pubs with no table dancing and eat and eat and eat. the weather was really hot so days were short out in the heat shopping wasnt as good as samui but hey thats ok
while here we went to a tiger zoo very koool we got to feed baby tigers and they had heaps there it was really good they also had like 3000 crocs and we watched a croc show where the guy put his whole ehad into a live croc i was shitting mself on the edge of my seat cause no word of a lie the croc could have closed its mouth at ne minute it was a really good place although i think they shouldnt be in cages but i guess its better then being in the wild getting hunted we also went on an elephant ride through the jungle that was ok once again really hot. we met up with a friend of mine alex from the mines that was good we went out for a drink a few time in the red light district of pattaya weird very weird dirty and sleezy but u have to do it we went into a stirp club and girls were all over brett it was funny we went into another club where all the strippers were russian it cost heaps for drinks and after they did a dance they came to each of us trying to give private dances we practically sculled our drinks and left
got a taxi to the airport scary no one believes in speed limits so the norm 140!!!! mum u would have died i know!!!!!
we got there ok in the end very very looking forward to russia
so thats the next bolg when i get another 10 minutes free
hope everyone is good
love us

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Location: pattaya, Thailand

ok so we have 2 days left in thailand and we both have made a decision that we are more then happy to leave i am over the heat im over the food as great as it is and im over that little tiny thing here in pattaya the men and women and the in your face sex!
so ill start with bangkok we actually really liked it. It was fast paced easy to get around and lots of nooks and crannies to go look at and with the city come the cars and the ppl which was all good
in bangkok we only stayed for 3 nights in a really nice hotel thanks sta travel for finding it for us and we went on a river kwai tour for all of u out there kinda like me and had no idea what it was ( i know shame on me) but it where the japs had prisioners kept here in thailand and they came from america europe and of coarse aus. long story they were made to make a railway and a bridge over the river kwai got treated reallllly badly and ate nothign but rice for like yrs many of them dieing :(
it was sad to look and learn
that tour also took us to the floating markets this was great we got to see how the last remaining market goes on and works luved it the produce the nik naks the craft we managed to get out of it only buying fruit and some spring rolls and the sneaky buggers somone took a pic of us in a boat on the way to the markets and when we got on the bus there was a picture of us on a plate for 150 bht we could take it home i was so cheesed off and have since realised it they do it all the time on these foreign tours
i should really talk about the food here WIKED if i had more balls i would eat of the streer venders because that stuff smells so good
but the simplicity and efficentness of thai food i just love it but so too i think when i leave thailand i bid to eat more vegies and salad because it really doesnt happen here and im starting to get sick of oil and the frying of it all.
so next blog will be koh samui and pattaya

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From toni
hi guys photo's of moscow look awsome and cold also the ice hotel looks great. i wont talk footy like lina not a good year for eagles. pet and i took big boys to kings park for the dawn service and parade absolutely awsome.big brother has started first night before they entered the house one person evicted. Guys enjoy greece im sure u will and have a great bday lianna. luv to you both xxx zia toni
Response: i thınk next year ill go to that service would have been nice bretts parents we walking in the parade u mite have seen them
i hope the weather clears up otherwise it wont be beach hopping it will be something else ne ways hope ure all well tell nonna im sending her a bıg kiss
From mum
Hi Lianna
Love the coat. I don't think it's as bad as you made out. Great photos esp the ones of the multi-coloured buildings in Russia. Any chancae of you taking your photos right way up so we don't get a sopre neck turnin g sideways to look? Just thought I'd ask. Miss you heaps
Love to you both and I'll look forward to your next update.
Response: trust u mum to caomplain hahahaha
From toni
hi lianna and brett how r u both? hope your having a great time. Great photos especially of u brett. Luv some photos of anzac cove when you get there. hope the job in the uk happens.enjoy and luv u heaps. zia toni
Response: hee bella how are u???????
we are wonderfull i officially love turkey its defin in my top 5 places ive been anzac day was good and bad but glad i went ill write all about it in my blog
how is everything at home tell nonna i said hello
mising everyone hope all is well
lots of luv
From shezza
hay babe wow that sounds amazing im so jelalous i love thai food so much. save me some hay just one lil bite. heheh missing u guys make sure u keep adding photos . love yas
Response: hey baby i miss u !!!!!!!!!!
hope ure well i get to greece in a few days so i think ill try call u ok
lots of luv
From Lina
Hi guys, so disappointed to hear about missing out on the Grill Room. Nice hotel hey, going to Pattaya is all about the Royal Cliff if you stay there you get treated like royality, Pattaya town only in your face if you allow it. Sorry Brett your footy team sucks, Richmond smashed you guys by 10 goals during the game every time Tarrant got the ball the crowd booed him and boed the whole team after the game. not good hey.
Anyway Eagles lost to Sydney by 40 points but we had a good excuse we had half team out. Then the Big news Barry Hall punched Brett Staker in the face and knocked him out cold any higher would had killed him thats the talk of the town all over Australia how bad it was Staker didn't see it coming and didn't provoke it barry just turned and punched him out. they say he will get at least 10 weeks but people are asking for the rest of the year and pollice might press charges pretty bad even the Sydney club and team members are disgusted.
anyway have a safe trip to Europe will keep looking at planet ranger for news and I ll keep you up dated with the Mighty Donkeys ha ha take care and stay safe.

Auntie Lina.
Response: hahahaha u crak me up brett wants to add here that i think ure team sucks!!!!!! 60 point loss at home shame!!
yeah pattaya would ahve been good had we stayed there we did have a really nice 3 coarse meal though spent more on that meal then the whole week of meals put together i think but it was worth it
we are in turkey atm on our way to greece in a few days and start work in the uk as soon as we get there in like 2 weeks so its all go go
keep me updated with everythign going on
send hugs and kisses to the family
lots of luv us