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Loz and Mels travels

Welcome to Lozzy's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave me messages as I love hearing from you all. I will reply to them as often as possible

Diary Entries

Friday, 01 September 2006

Location: Croatia

Well here we are in Croatia and I have to say that each place is more amazing than the next. We arrived here after spending around three weeks in Turkey whick was fantastic, had the best time on a three day boat cruise and met the most wonderful people, two of which we spent another week and half travelling with.

We went to Zagreb after turkey and then onto Dabrovnik where Owen Wilson just happened to be partying in the same club as us and although we attempted many the stalking mission we did not cross paths with him. Amy B and I snuck into the Hilton to try and find him in the middle of the night but had no luck, Mel tried it the next night and was escorted from the building heheh Go Dowse!!

We are currentlz in Havar and are having a night in as I have been sick for the last three days with a fantastic upset stomach but i will spare you all the details of all that. Dont want to offend anyone. In seven days we start our next boat cruise which will go for 8 dazs, cant wait it should be a blast.

Having the time of mz life and althoguh i have been a tad on the homesick side at times i am loving everz minute of it.

Missign you all heaps and heaps and hope to hear from zou all soon.
All my love Loyyy xxoo

Friday, 11 August 2006

Location: Turkey

Well we have now been on the go for just over a month = my god the time is flying by, in two weeks time we have to say goodbye to Ams again which will be horrible but not too long till we get to see her again at home/

We are currently in Turkey after spending a month in Greece which was amazing, i loved every minute of it but all the partying has caught up to us all and we all have a touch of the flu which is a tad strange since the weather is about 40 here every day/

Yesterday we went on a day boat cruise and beached it up at Turtle beach then continued on to a mud bath which was rinsed off in a hot spring afterwards - it was an amazing experience and a great day. We finished off the day by going out for dinner along the bay where we were given a huge range of free starters. I cannot believe how lovely the people are here.

Afrer the boat cruise yesetrday Kate and I had a rather interesting experience with a waxing appointment - word of warning to you all if you are ever feeling the urge to get a wax whilst in Turkey DON'T DO IT, i walked out of the parlour and I was positive i was either going to throw up or die and needless to say im not exactly hair free as i write this!

Anyway enough talk of the finer points of being a lady, we are shortly heading off on a bike ride to see the water fall so we have a big day and a rather large bike ride ahead of us before the sun hits reaches its top - this could be an interesting day as last time i rode a bike i feel straight off - next time i write i could have a broken something.

Anyway love to you all
Lozzy xxoo

Sunday, 23 July 2006

Location: Greece

Well we are currently lying around the pool in our place in Santorini, its amazing here and so very hot. There are twelve girls with us at the moment and I am having the time of my life with them, the days consist of seeing around the island and the nights are all about drinking and dancing on the bars. Yesterday we all hired motor bikes and toured around the island, i actually drove and didnt kill anyone - massive effort for me!!

Its Al Temps bday today so we all went out for a cheeky few drinks, Michael Lowe came over from Mykonos to join in on the celebrations. Was a crazy night and we are all feeling a little bit on the shattered side at the moment. In two days we leave Santorini and head over to Ios yet another party island and then a few of us are off to Turkey. There have been so many crazy days and nights here that there are just too many stories to write about, Ill just say that amoungst us there have been many podium injuries and many a blank space in the nights. Good times and we all live to tell the tales.

Anyway i gotta dash back i can hear the pool calling me, love you all and hope that horrid melb weather isnt getting you down.
Huggs and kisses

Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Well what a weekend is all I can say - I want to be Irish! This weekend started off looking like it could turn out to be rather on the pear shaped side. Temp, Mel and myself had all arranged to meet at Victoria station to catch the Gatwick express to the airport straight after work - that didnt go exactly to plan. Mel got slightly delayed (two hrs) stuck on a tube - suprise suprise good ol trusty london transport. Temp and myself hiked out to the airport to try and convince the airport staff to delay the final check in cut off line. After begging for ages we managed to squeeze five mins more from them. At exactly 1min till cut off time a puffed - on the verge of tears - dowse arrived for check in. Thank god! To make things better it turned out our plane was delayed for another two hrs anyway - GOOD TIMES! we finally arrived in Dublin and dumped our bags in our room of 18 and romed the streets till two in the morning trying to figure it all out. I have never seen that many drunk people walking the streets at one time - it was great. The next day we decided to take it easy as we had a huge night of drinking ahead of us so we spend the day lunching and shopping. At about five we hit the booze at our hostel and headed out on the town around 8. We went to a place called the Temple bar - in Temple bar (we like to keep things easy!) Met many many people and the alcohol was flowing. Laughs were had, drinks were spilt and then my wallet was stolen - not happy - five mins till my bday - Temp and Mel had the bday shots waiting at the bar - many many tears were shed. Temp convinced me to put it aside and not let it ruin my bday so we did a few shots,sculled a few beers and i was a tad more cheery to say the least.Shazzy, Tammy and Ams are my life savers calling all the card companies and cancelling my cards - guys I have to say this you all rock - one for being able to understand a damn thing i manage to say when im pissed and two just cos i love you.Anyway me and temps decided to head to a blub called fitzsimons - four levels of completly crazy irish people. When we reached the top level we ran into the five South African guys that had been staying in our room the night before so after telling them our story they bought us many rounds of shots and needless to say are now some of our best friends. We spent the rest of the weekend with these guys I have never met a funnier, more entertaining bunch - I am now known as the pocket girlfriend 2000 (these guys were all very tall). On the sunday for my bday we all did a tour of teh guiness factory and then hit the pub straight after where we all had dinner and the guys bought me a cake and candles and party hats - oh how nice. We then went to fitzsimons again and danced to the wee hrs of the morning. All in all turned out to be a fab birthday for me. Met up with the boys on the monday for some lunch and then we all said our goodbyes - but its all good, they live over the bridge from us in London so huge catch up with them and all the other melbournians joining us on Thursday night - work is going to be nasty on the Friday! Last night after work Shazzy, Alex (dj) Al Temp, Lia, Mel and me went out for the Lodnon birthday celebration - we had the best dinner ever and my darling friends bought me an ipod shuffle. I have to admit i am a spoilt little thing. Well this has become a novel so i should end it before I continue to dribble on. Loving you all from London - Lozzy xxoo

Friday, 26 May 2006

Location: UK

Well hello again - talk about a long time between entries - its been rather on the difficult side to get onto the internet lately at my new job. So much has happened since i last wrote. We went to Prague for five days which was completly amazing. The first night we stayed in this really fuky hostel - being sat ngiht we felt it only right to hit the town and paint it a nice shade of red. We met these two canadians who we went out with - turned out to be a very messy and fun night which involved some face painting of all the things - at the time we thought we all looked great - looking back on the photos im not so sure, eh you live and you learn. We stayed with Luc and her mum for the rest of the time - was so good to see them and it gave us a chance to see all the sites that Prague had to offer. Not much is happening in London at the present time though, we have all been a touch sick so have been laying low, but this weekend things are to change. Mel, Temp and myself are off to Ireland tonight for the long weekend and for my Happy Birthday Whoo Hooo, cant wait. Should be an interesting one. So i guess i will be wriitng once i return hopefully with some interesting tales to be told. Missing you all loads especially at this time. Love to you all

Thursday, 27 April 2006

Location: London, UK

Well I am currently sitting at my desk at work in Paddington and obviously it is a rather slow day. The weather outside is improving daily and the weekend is coming up fast (thank god). This is my first full week of work as there have been that many public holidays since we have arrived - not that I am complaining at all. We have another long weekend this weekend so another massive weekend is on the cards. We have now been here for five weeks to the day and we are having the time of our lives. As you are all aware we have already been to Scotland which was one of the most amazing places I have ever been to, I am sure as time goes by I will be saying that about a great number of places. London is fantastic and the night life is incredible, people have so much stamina here its amazing. Mel and I are living in a little place in Fulham around the corner from Shazzy and Temp is about ten mins further so we all see each other heaps. We are prob moving into shazzy's house this Monday which mel and me are very pumped about, we miss the noise when we are away too long. We are off to Prague in one week for about 5 days i think it is to stay with Luc and her mum, can’t wait to see her but it will be very hard to say goodbye. We have also booked Ireland for my birthday which is about a month away now and we are currently searching for accomodation in Greece - its harder than we thought so girlies that are coming please let us know who you are and when you will be joining us. This weekend we are all doing a massive boat cruise on the Sunday night which should be a blast and tonight we are catching up with a few of the firbank girls and I think some of the older Brighton boys that are here. Not much else to report on at the moment. I am missing you all and love hearing from you so keep the emails flowing. Will post some photos when I get Mel to show me how I am meant to do it, I have no clue with these things hehehe. Love you all Lozzy xxxooo

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Recent Messages

From Sarah
Hey lozzy!!! So great to hear you're having such a fantastic time!! Really cool to look at your photos and read what mischief you've been up to!!Missing you lots and lots - look after yourself and keep the updates comin!!
Love sar xxxxx
I think I have the black lung!!
Response: Hey hun, lovely to hear from you, yeah there is a lot to tell that when i get home, not long now, only thirteen weeks till im back with you guys, this time is just flying by. Speak soon luv ya xxoo
From Diane
Hi Lozzie and Mel
It was great looking at your photos and reading about your adventures. You sound like you are having the most amazing time. It's my birthday coming up and I wish you were here with me Lozzie. I am feeling a lot sad. I'm sorry - I am selfish but I wish I had all my babies with me.
I hope you are feeling better. Look after yourself.
I love you
Response: Hey mama, i wish i could be there with you also for your big day, dont worry my thoughts will be with you, just make sure you have a great time and have 1 or perhaps 7 drinks for me. I love you lots = chin up its not long till im home now!
Hi Beautiful girl , so happy to here you are all having such a great time . Its good to here that you are all in one piece after reading all the antics you are all getting up to . Just keep safe and look after each other as we love you very much . Mary and I had a lovely b'day at their place . Tara says thank you for your e-mail but cant believe that you tell me what you are all getting up to I said I dont think you tell me the whole story. ha ha love Grannyxxxxx
Response: Hahaha, thats really funny, but there is nothing to really keep secret we are all behaving, well sort of. glad that you had a fantastic birthday. Love you all. Lozzy xxoo
From Granny
Hi Lauren , sorry i havent been in touch only i have been staying in town with Mum and Eddie for the last 3 wks I had to come back to Cowes today for a few things and read my emails from you . We had a lovely night together for Tam's birthday .
Hi Granny so glad to hear that you had a nice night, wish i could of been there for Tammy Ra's bday. Was thinking of you all. All my love to you and Grandad xxoo
From Amy
Hello Salad Fingers, here is your long lost message. So glad to hear you are having a ball, I am just in the middle of writing the sequel to the Jenny and Charlie adventure. Miss you lots and lots, see you soon! xxoo
Response: Oh Charlie - Jenny misses you just as much tihehe people are gonna think we are strange or something -its about time is all i have to say. four weeks and countin whooo hoooooo xxoo
From Mama
Hi beautiful
Just noted - where is your iriver.
Response: Hey mama, I cant believe i forgot to tell you this, when i was in scotland it just stopped working - i was playing it and then it just came up with the message saying system files missing - sending it home to Ben and he is going to restore it for me. Love you lots. Its not broken by the way just out of order for a bit. xxoo
From Granny
Hi Lauren just back from Mums we had bfast for Mothers day. Only Peter ,Tam & Ben Mum,Eddie, Mark G-Dad and I . we all missed you very much .Ben showed me how to access your Diary what a great idea.I am having some tuition on using the internet so watch out one day i will know what i am doing love and miss you darling girl Grannyxxxxxxooooooo
Response: So glad to hear that you all had a lovely mothers day - we spent it in Essex with the Silverstones so at least we all had one mum surrounding us - we were Jackies adopted children for the day. Your doing great with all the emails, I always look forward to getting them. Missing you and Grandad heaps. All my love to you both. Promise i will be posting some pics soon. xxoo
From Lani
loz.... how's life without me? miserable I bet! Its ok... only 210 more sleeps (i'm not bored much!!!) say hi to slug for me! xxxx
Honey i think that you need more to do to keep those idol hands of yours busy..... 210 more sleeps hey thats no time at all. We are currently in Prague and its amazing - im oh so tired though. got up to come here at four. Missing you all
From VIC
Hey lozzy,
This may be a better way to contact you, i can just leave short anoying messages whenever i want and not have my boss blast me for it! I'm still trying to find the time to go round to mum's and 'borrow' her phone. but seeing as i QUIT MY JOB yesterday i may just try and call you tonight around 7, think that is 10 in morn there(on Fri?) he can't really get too mad now can he?
Response: Hey hun, looks like your still struggling with figuring out the time difference - you are 9 hrs ahead sunshine so therfor 4am would of been correct. Hope to hear from you soon - well done with the job its about time I say. Luv ya lots xxxoooo
From Mum
Hi beeautiful, You sound so great. I am having a teary morning. Eddie's birthday party is tomorrow at Kids Space. The family dinner is next Wednesday. Both you and Tam will not be there. I will miss not having my girls with me. Anyway. You are much better off where you are - what a lucky girl you are. I love you and miss you. Mama
Response: Hey mama, no good that your having a sad morning, i am sad too that I wont be there for our little bears 8th bday - wow 8 its just so strange. Ill be thinking of you all though. All my love to you and bear. xxxooo