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Tuesday, 03 January 2006

Location: Joburg, South Africa

Hi there

Just a quick note to say we left Cape Town after 5 fabulous weeks and are now up in Jo'burg spending 3 days with my cousin Chris and his wife Heather in their beautiful home I was quite sad to leave Cape Town but I do feel sure I will return there again fairly soon - lots of good connections and links forged and I think Andrew feels similarly....

Can't believe we will be in Perth and a new continent by Saturday morning. My cousin's sister and mother live there so there are still some family connections awaiting us there!

Tomorrow we may be borrowing one of Chris' children's Mercedes and driving to Sun City....who knows!?

More soon - will try to add some SA photos in the next few days - now I have virtually unlimited access to a PC!!

Much love
Gale x

Sunday, 18 December 2005

Location: South Africa

Hi there everyone and anyone!
(Especially to Sally and Dave who actually sent us a message!)

Haven't been able to get to internet cafes very often so this diary hasn't really got going yet!! Have done a written one, and so has Andrew, but that's not a great deal of help with this one!!

All is going really well so far. In a place called Robertson at the moment on the wineland route.....what a surprise! Weather glorious, scenery superb and wine wonderful of course.

Have sent a long 'round robin' email a moment ago via my hotmail, giving a detailed update of recent movements; and have tried to include on it the addresses of any people who might be interested in out journey.

Will endeavour to do more on this diary when I can next go online. But it's bedtime now and I've been on this pc an hour longer than I asked for!

Next instalment ASAP I promise...

Goodnight from the Southern hemisphere.
Love Gale & Andrew x x

Saturday, 03 December 2005

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Well here we are in Cape Town. It feels like I am home at last.It's all just as stunning as i remember it- though there have been many changes...somethings are just sthe same as ever.

We had a good trip over on the plane though a littel cramped!! Met a really friendly ex-school teacher on the plane who comes over here every winter for 3 months to escaope the UK winter - what a good idea....

Our accommodation is absolutely perfect - almost as if it had been chosen specially (for me at least) - full of fairy and butterfly artefacts and beautiful ceramic things decorated by the owner, Rob's, daughter..... Rob is a marine biologist so he also loves fish and there are pictures of them around too. Above our bed is a picture of a fairy/nymph emerging out of an egg into a waterfall filled with elemental spirits. Painted by Rob's daughter I believe

Will write more soon as time at the internet cafe is about to expire now......Much to tell and we haven't been here long yet..

Monday, 14 November 2005

Location: Somerton, England

It is getting very near now to our time of departure on our BIG TRIP to the Southern hemisphere on 30 November. By 1st December we shall be in Cape Town - my birthplace - and I shall probably be all emotional seeing it's beauty once again after 12 long years! All very exciting, but also a little daunting too - I do so hope Andrew will fall in love with it too.

These past few weeks have been a bit of a blur to me as there has been SO MUCH to do that prior to our departure that I am a bit mentally overloaded!

To be honest - I can't wait till we leave all the responsibilities behind's all begun to get to me over the last two or three weeks. We all seem to have far too many demands made upon our lives in this modern age - with our possessions, homes, duties and legal requirements etc. Hardly leaves much time for the three Fs - Friends, Family and Fun.

Our current itinerary is:

South Africa (Cape Town and environs mainly)- 5 weeks
Australia (Perth/Sydney/Brisbane)- 8 weeks (poss less)
New Zealand (Auckland/Christchurch) - 6 weeks (poss more)
Bali - 2 weeks
Thailand - 4 weeks (may include Cambodia)
Hongkong - (poss) 1 week

We are due back to England on 3rd June - so we will have been away for 6 months by then!

This is just my trial run at writing in my diary - will do more again soon.........

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Recent Messages

Hi there Gale and Andrew, Good to see that the photo came out OK! That afternoon at Cave Bregeon seems ages away now doesn't it and there you are in South Africa and me wishing I was only in France! Sounds like you're both having a great time and not missing the British weather at all. Everyone will be at Sally and Dave's for Christmas lunch tomorrow, hope I don't pick the short straw to wash up! Anyway, we both wish you a Very Happy Christmas and all the best for your travels and good health in 2006. best regards......Ivan and Margaret.
Response: Thanks for your message! Hope you all had a great time at Christmas - we did! We have been having great time, but I don't have your email address on my hotmail list so haven't been able to send you my round robin reports and I don't get online too often at the moment so haven't been able to keep up this diary the way I'd hoped to! Please ask Sally to email it to me again and then I can include you each time I send news back to others.Have just sent a garbled update back to Sally and Dave in fact - Best wishes for A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! Only one more week and a day till we fly to Oz - will be sad to leave here I love it!! Off to Joburg on Tuesday for 3 days with my cousin and family first. Hope you can get to see the previous emails I sent via Sally.... Lots of love, Gale and Andrew
From Sally and Dave
Hi there, just read your round robin, trip sounds amazing, love the thought of the flowers and scenery, a feast for the senses. Just put our giant real tree up and the room smells of pine, the only enjoyable thing about Christmas really! No wine left , must be time for a visit. I'm please as I have just booked all of March off work, don't know what I'l do yet but something to look forward to. Have a great continuation, Love S&D x
Response: Hi! Not been so easy to keep up this diary as I had hoped as don't get to internet cafe's that often! Can't work out how to add any further pics either - now I don't have my own printer/scanner at hand! Lovely to hear from you too. Have just sent you a normal email so have to make this reply very swift as running out of time at the internet cafe! Lovely to hear your news....Can you email me on and let me have your parents email address too so that I can include them each time I do a hotmail 'report' please?
Have a great NEW YEAR!! Love Gale and Andrew xx
From Sally and Dave
Hi there
Glad that you are having a great time, it must be beautiful. Have spotted what looks like a very familiar large bottle of wine near a certain little house we know in France ! xx
Just managed to check these messages...lovely to hear from you. Have just sent a long 'round-robin' email via hotmail and I think it included you on it too so won't write more on here now as I am well over time on my internet allowance here! Having a great time still - but i don't often get near a pc so haven't kept up this planetranger diary very much yet! A bit infuriating - also, my daughter said she couldn't access it - so don't know why, as you obviously could!?
Hope you get the other email from us...Love to you all - including Ivan and Margaret obviously - and best wishes for Christmas! More soon
Gale and Andrew x x