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Lindsay's Travel's in Melbourne and Beyond

Hi guys! I am going to be studying in Melbourne, Australia from Feb. to July :) If you want to know what I have been up to and see pictures this is what I will be doing rather then a group e-mail. PLEASE leave me comments or send me e-mails

LOVE to you all!!!

Diary Entries

Saturday, 05 August 2006

Location: Melbourne, Australia

My last day in Melbourne I went around to a ton of breweries with my dad. It was a great way to get out around the city and enjoy one of my favorite things about Australia... the beer. It was hard to say good bye to everyone but it was with the hope that I would see them again. (and I already have seen a few of them in NYC and Chicago)
I couldn't have asked for a better experience... I feel so lucky. I am also so happy that I was able to share it with my mom and dad. I would love to tell you all more stories and show you more pictures so just ask :)

Thursday, 22 June 2006

Location: Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef was everything I thought it would be and more!! I went snorkling and saw more fish then I though possible... we spent the whole day out on the boat curisin around. Cairns is a fun little beach city where the rainforest goes right now into the ocean. My dad and I took a gondola over the rainforest and saw beautiful waterfalls. The rainforest was surprisingly quite... there were no real bird nosies which we thought was strange. At the top of the gondola is a tourist town where we did some shopping (as only Fogertys can) and ate at a bungolow with an amazing view. A trip to Australia would not be complete with out the reef and I am so glad that I got to see it and share it with my dad.

Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Location: the outback, Australia

We went camping (organized by a tour) in the national park around Darwin. Our guide was Trevor, his father was from the Philippines and had been adopted into the Aboriginal culture. Trevor was raised Aboriginal and knew about all the plants and animals in the outback and what they meant to the culture. The rest of our tour consisted of 2 pairs of honeymooners from Italy, a couple from Denmark, a family from Melbourne, a family from Sydney and a mom and daughter from the states. We all got along great and I had a great time hanging out with the youngins of the group. The thing that I learned the most about was being in touch with nature and realizing how comparable the Aboriginal and Native American cultures approach to nature is. We went to a Billabong (the Aboriginal word for a lagoon type thing) to see crocs. It was amazing to hear the stories of our croc guide, he had clearly spent his life on the water and had a deep respect of the crocs and their ability to kill. The largest croc we saw 5 meters, the fresh water crocs are not as big or as deadly as the salt-water crocs.
Seeing the Aboriginal art work was amazing because they were only painted when something needed to be taught. So there weren’t very many of them.
The most moving part of the trip for me was when we went swimming in a secluded waterfall. As I was swimming away from the waterfall I saw a goanna on the rock. A goanna is a lizard about a foot long that can swim. Part of the reason it was so special to see is because it was our guides spirit animal.
Another great part of the trip was kayaking in the Katherine gorge. We got to a part in the river were we had to walk the kayaks and I was up to my armpits because water level was so high. It was such an adventure and I felt so independent.
Overall, it was a great contrast to Bali and I really learned a lot about the aboriginal culture. Sorry this is so short but I am trying to get everything written down before I forget and you all loose interest.

Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Location: Bali, Indonesia

We flew in the Denpasar on the coast and took and hour taxi ride about 1 and a half to Ubud which is in center of Bali. I was surprised as our taxi whipped by big furniture outlets, McDonalds, and malls. Around the coast is very modern and not what I was expecting of Bali but as we drove further from the coast the McDonalds turned to houses. Once in Ubud we drove around in circles ( at 1am) because the cabbie could not find the place we were staying. When he did find it he dropped us off and spead away. We were faced with a long walk way where we couldn’t see the door but we could hear a dog viciously barking. When we got to the door Ria was waiting for us and was as sweet as could be. We crashed in our cabañas and slept very well listening to the songs of a 5 different birds. We woke to roosters crowing and hot tea brewing out on the porch. One of my favorite parts of the whole trip was the fresh fruit we are for breakfast every morning. Bananas, pineapple and papaya freshly picked and cut that morning… nothing tastes better. To help us relax and work out the kinks from all the airplane travel we went to get messages. It was nice, we could hear the rain falling outside and we got exfoliated, yoghurt bath and a hot bath with fresh flowers. After our messages we were set to explore the city in the rain. Ubud is said to be the cultural centre of Bali so there are heaps of little shops and cafes, not like the bigger cities with Polo stores and Starbucks. We went to the outdoor market which is quite a different experience from the Queen Vic Market. As soon as they spot a white tourist they very aggressively try to get you to buy from them, using what little English they know like “$1” and “come look please”. In fact everywhere you walk you are harassed for “transport?” “sarong?” but you just say no thank you and the normally leave you alone.
NIRVANA- the place we stayed was called Nirvana and it is what they call a home stay, close to our bed and breakfasts. It was run by Yoman and his wife Ria. It only had 7 little cabanas and is kinda a side project from Yomans main job as an artist. His gallery was very impressive, ranging from arilice, watercolor and batik. He has taught all over the world including at Naraopa, he is a personal friend of Desman Tutu. Basically he was like the god father Budda style. He had four apprentices that worked under him doing everything from clean out rooms, to helping out with art classes to buying Yoman ciggerettes. They were all good artists in their own respect but they choose to work with Yoman to learn from his knowledge. Dad and I took his batik class on one of our days there and Yoman was full of life lessons as he taught us how to create this unqcie style of art that involved painting wax on frabic and then painting dye on it to create a picture. He kept saying “it is about the process of the art not the finished product just like life it is like the journey baby”. The whole space had a good feel about it and we couldn’t have picked a better place to stay. We were well looked after and enjoyed getting into the Bali life style.
DRIVING TOUR- We wanted to see some of the amazing temples and wildlife in the area so Yoman called up one of his friends that is a wood craver but drives tourist around whenever Yoman asks him too. Benot was most likely in his late 20’s and spoke very good English. He took us on the back roads past the rice fields, protected us from aggressive hawkers, showed us amazing temples, places to eat, views, and beer. We saw three different type of temples. The first we saw was carved out of rock walls and it very old, the second was carved out of wood and painted with elaborate colorful designs the last was carved out of stone and mixed with wood. We went to a spice field and got a tour from the granddaughter of the owner. Their main product is coco and coffee. After showing us all what the beans look like in the growing process we walked to the back little hut where the grandpa was hand roasting the coffee beans and the sister was grinding the coco beans. They invited us to have a cuppa and it was the best mocha coffee I have ever had… and all produced by hand! We had lunch over looking a beautiful lake, the landscape is very rugged… high mt and steep valleys. Benot took us to watch how the wood status that are so famous there are craved. He also took us to see how the silver jewelry there is made, and of course we had to buy some :) Overall he was a great driver with so much knowledge.
Our major mess up of the trip was getting to the airport 24 hours before our flight was to leave. For some reason we got confused and our flight was at midnight the following night. It was late and we were both a little crabby and tried. But we did, by complete luck, manage to find a nice resort right on the beach at 11 at night. They had a cheap rate and let us stay ‘till 9pm the following night so we wouldn’t have to hang out in the airport as long. We spent the day relaxing on the beach and walking around. It was much more apparent in Kuta how low tourism was, it is so sad for such friendly people. Kuta is doing everything they can to ease peoples minds about the bombings, there was even a security check were you had to empty your bag outside the McDonalds. Of course we also found the Hard Rock in Kuta and traded pins as well as watched the world cup. We saw lots of Aussies there cheering on their socceroos! Overall the mess up worked out for us because we did get to see the beach and spend time in a totally different part of Kuta. We flew to Darwin and got in at 4:30 am and then waited/slept in the airport until our outback tour picked us up at 7am. Oh the crazy life of a traveler.

Sunday, 11 June 2006

Location: Melbourne, Australia

I feel so lucky that I get along with both my parents so well that we can travel the world together. My dad came to, as he says, to make sure I came home from Australia. And in the mean time we managed to have an amazing time and see some amazing, once in a life time things.
First I got to show off the city that has become home to me, Melbourne. Of course because it was me and my dad went spent a lot of time shopping :) We went to the Queen Victoria Market a few times, it is so nice because it is winter and not crowded. We also did a bit of shopping for all the foods I have come to love here, Cadbury chocolate, Cheezels, brown bag liquorish and Vegemite. Needless to say by the end of all of our travels we have a 30 kg bag full of stuff. After our first day of exploring the city we booked a tour to Philip Island for dad’s second day.
Philip Island is about 40 min outside of Melbourne and is famous for the fairy penguin parade. Every night about a half hour after sun set these little penguins about a foot tall scamper from the water to there burrows on the beach shore. It is just about the cutest things in the world, they gather just at the edge of the water until there is about 10 or so and then one brave one will slowly move forward for a few steps and then into an all out scamper to the borrows. So now that I have given you the finale of the day I will work backwards. We started with lunch at a beautiful vineyard in the Yarra Valley. The vineyard overlooked the ocean and they served some great wines. Our driver was really animated and funny, he had music planned out for all of the important stops along the way such as playing “red red wine” on our way to the vineyard and then other random Aussie songs for the rest of the trip. Our second stop was at a Koala and Kangaroo sanctuary. We did he traditional photo with a live Koala, we couldn’t hold him but he was very animated, right next to us. We also petted a Wombat and a Dingo and passed on the wild asses. We went into the back yard and were literally surrounded by wallabys and kangaroos, sort of like goats begging to be fed, big and small gray and red and all very friendly. They would eat right out of your hand and their lips felt so ticklish on my palm. We watched the sun set on a famous surf beach before making our way to the penguins.
On the ride back we had our driver drop us a the Hard Rock Café so dad could do a little trading and of coure make a new best friend in a fellow pin collector.
On our third day the fog in Melbourne was so thick that we couldn’t see the top of the buildings. We decided it was a great day to see one of Australias favor pass times, Australian rules football or Footy. At the place dad was staying they offered a video explaining the rules of the game so we watched that and walked to the game. The game was a the famous Melbourne Cricket Grounds or the “G”. We had tickets right down in the thick of the action and loved it. I think it gave dad a good idea of just how sport crazy Australia is and now physical the game of Footy can become. The energy of the crowd is amazing and though each person is wholeheartedly devoted to their team the is never violence or name calling amongst the fans, they see each other as rivals not enemies. It was so cold at the game so dad and I were happy to be getting on a plane the next day to head to the warmer north.

On our way to Bali we had a lay over in Alice Springs and Darwin. Alice Springs is a pretty washed up one street town. The Aboriginal poverty is blaring from every direction. We didn’t need more then an hour to see the city and be relieved that we were not staying there. Our layover in Darwin was much more successful and a contrast to the desert outback of Alice Springs. Darwin is right on the ocean and does pretty well mostly from tourist. The Aboriginal poverty still exists there but it seems to have more going for it. We got dropped of in the centre of town and began walking around, we ran into a Greek festival with live music and heaps of food. It was a nice way to kick back and enjoy the shade. For dinner we went to the night markets held on the beach. Similar to the creek festival there are booths with everything from jewelry to food on sale and the whole community is out of the beach enjoying the sunset. From there we took the taxi back to the airport and had a very helpful taxi driver that had been to Bali 6 times and had lots of advice for us about what to look out for.

Wednesday, 07 June 2006

Location: the wonderful land of OZ, Australia

I am done with classes!!! offically a senior... ekkkk
My daddy come tomorrow!!! I get to show off the amazing city of Melbourne for a few days and then we are heading N to the warmth B) It is like a Seattle winter right now in Melbourne... around the 40's 50's. We are going to Darwin, then BALI, then back to Darwin and the the Great Barrier Reef (I will try to find Nemo) then back for a day in Melbourne to say good bye to everyone *tear* then it is back to the good ol' US of A.
I am so excited for my dad to be here, we have alot planned and I think it is a good way to rap up my time in Oz. It is going to be pretty emotional I can already tell. One on my friends leaves on Sat and I have started packing and I get these random waves of sadness... why do goodbyes always have to be so hard?!

I will try to update you all and any random internet cafes I find inbetween adventures. LOVE!!

PS there have offically been over 1000 visitors to my page (thanks for all the love)

Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Location: Blue Mt., Australia

Back from a fantastic weekend in the Blue Mountains… I go home one month from today… tomorrow is my last day of classes...

Blue Mountains- I laughed a lot … hiked heaps of stairs… saw breath taking view… met new people… overall another successful trip.
I have been spending quite a bit of my time writing papers and my brain is not really working in the creative way so I am going to let the pictures help me tell the story of my trip… it seems I have other things on my mind.

As more people venture home from their experiences aboard I start thinking about my own trip home and I have this indescribable feeling of excitement and extreme sadness and apprehension in the same moment. I guess the biggest question I am asking myself is how much have I changed and how will that affect my relationships? Basically I have a lot of questions going around in my head about change…
So that will be my closing thought for now… leave me some love.

Thursday, 18 May 2006

Location: the good life, Australia

Today was an amazing day… the sun was out and shining. I went to the gym, took an extra long shower blasted music and danced around my apartment naked :) Then I talked to my mommy on the phone, walked to the post office and got a package from my bro! My sweet sweet brother hasn’t forgotten his big sis on the other side of the world and he sent me a very thoughtful gift (that was the main reason it was an amazing day!!) After receiving my package of love I went to my tute (the last one ever), rocking out to my ipod the whole way there. Rach and I had lunch like usual and she said she will be around to party with me my last night in Aus!!!! I spent the rest of the day in the lib working on a paper but I was productive and that felt good. Adria and I cooked our famous tacos for dinner and now I am about to head out to the pub. It will be an early night because I am leaving at 4:45 AM for the airport to the Blue Mt. Yippy for the outdoors and getting to see Whit O again… ahhh life is better in Melbourne!
Little Latin Loopy Loop

Sunday, 14 May 2006

Location: paper writing land, Australia

I am starting to feel the drawbacks of having no work to do at the beginning of the semester. It is starting to be crunch time, in most of my classes I only have 10% of my grade completed. Can I just say thank God I chose UPS because big schools are definitely not my thing. I am trying do get as much work done as possible while still fitting in all the things I wanted to do while in Aus. I have started a list of things I don’t want to forget about Melbourne/ will miss but I know it won’t be until I get home that I really see the little things I have come accustom to here.
This week I have a presentation and in class test… then it is off to the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney for some outdoor fun. I am going with two of the most amazing travel partners Becca and Ann. They are always up for something new and want to take advantage of every moment like I do. This guarantees a crazy time… we are already hoping to do a little bike riding, rock climbing and pub hoping. Classes are done on the 26th then it is mad paper writing till my dad gets here! I sometimes study in Boarders here and as a reward for studying for an hour or so I look at the Lonely Planet guide to Bali.
Congratulations to all of you who have finished another successful year of school and I look forward to seeing you all this summer! Happy Mothers Day!

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From The Grand.........
Super Looper..... Cant believe what an exciting and productive summer you have had. What do you suppose you would pick to write about if had that college essay to do.Cant wait to see you again. Love G.
Response: Love you to Grandma!! Can't wait to see you :)
From meredith
honey, i just looked through your pictures and am amazed. i am glad that you posted the snorkeling and croc pics long afterwards because i would worry about you otherwise. :) i cant believe how long the snouts on the crocs are- they seem so much longer than those in the states. additionally, you and your dad continue to reign in the "cutest daddy daughter" segment. :)
From Ariana
Hey Linds,
I finally managed to catch up on all your posts and pics! Hope that you are having an amazing time in your last few weeks in Australia. Make the most of it!!!!
Looking forward to seeing you in the fall and exchanging stories!!
Love and Hugs!!
Response: I am definately trying to make the most of the time I have left. I am so excited to share stories over a beer or two :)
From meredith
your dad is so cute and you look so much like him! i love it!
Response: hahaha i am definately a daddys girl!
From samma
So after reviewing your pics and reading your journal, Liz and I have decided we're starting our own ice bar here in CO. And building a rain forest (don't ask about the details). Thanks for the inspiration!!
Response: hahaha sweet i can't wait! just make sure your rainforest has cool trees that i can sit on like a swing :c) love you!
From Amy
Hey love,
I just got back from the US yesterday and hope all is well with you!! We have soo many things to catch up on so give me a call when you get back state-side!
Response: I will for sure call you when I get back! I am planning a trip to Chi town this summer... early Aug most likely. Are you going to be around? I would love to see you!! Love and miss you!!!
From Zo
I am thinking of you. A beautiful girl in beauiful surroundings...I can't wait to be neighbors with you oh so soon but I am so happy that you are continuing loving the abroad. Love you kiddo.
Response: Zo! you are the best... I can't wait for next year and for fun times this summer in CANADA! Love you!!
From Meredith
Your pictures continue to amaze me. I cant believe you saw a wild parrot... it is so gorgeous! i love the rain forest pictures, too. Love you, sweets!
Response: thank you so much for your comments... they always make me smile :) and at least i know someone out there is checkin um out
From marmee
Hi loop,
Just got back from a 14 hour day flying. Pheeeew. Looking at the fab pictures and want to call you and chat but it is 1 o'clock in the morning for you. Can't wait until this summer and all I have to do is go snuggle with you. miss you tons and so glad you are not being home in your head before it is time to be home. Be in the moment ya know!!
Response: miss you mum... being in the moment but still miss you
From Samma
Way to spread beer pong to the other side of the world linds. I'm proud of you and know I taught you well haha! Hope all is well!
Response: you did teach me well... and let me just say I am the queen of the bounce! miss you! next time i will teach flip cup :)
From Marilyn M
Hi Lindsay
I was just catching up on your journal and photos.
I am so amazed at everything you have done-you are truely packing the most in--I love your waterfall and dolphin pictures. It won't be long until the semester is over and your dad comes for more adventures. I look forward to seeing you this summer!! Love you , Marilyn
Response: Can't wait to see you either M... thanks for all the help on the resume! you are the best!!
From Meredith
My favorite picture from Australia has arrived!! In The Grampians- Day 2, the third one down on the left- you in front of the waterfall. I dont know why- but it is my FAV!:) Miss you!! Can't wait to be on the same continent with you again:)
Response: hahaha I am glad you like it! so excited for a little Kappa lovin Chicago style this summer!
From Chelsea
to all lindsays loves from home: YOU CANT HAVE HER BACK YET! id be lost in australia with out you girl. i dont ever want to leave...LOVE!
Response: i don't wanna leave either!!! looovvvveee you :)
From The Brofriend
Hey Looper,
Thoes camping pictures are breath taking. With you juicy description and perfect pictures(a lil' of pop's photography in ya) I feel like I'm right there with you, and I wish I could be. I can't wait to sit down with you and eat up all the beans you have to spill.
Response: how did i end up with the best bro in the world?! this summer is going to be crazy... can't wait to see you!
From marcy
Linds, I am so proud of you! I have spent the entire morning devouring your journal and photos. You are living life to the fullest! And capturing each moment for us to live as well. Thanks for the travelogue and I look forward to reading more...and catching up over the summer!
big hugs,
Response: It is so good to hear from you Marc!! Can't wait to see you this summer for a posse party, you have been missed. I have has a few long bus rides since I have been here and I have thought about putting up a thermometer :)
From meredith
Lindsay- What a gorgeous adventure. I absolutely can not believe how much you are seeing. As previously stated- I'm so jealous.

Keep living and loving it up!
Response: I got your FL postcard :) thanks hun!! I am coming to Chi town this summer... get excited!
From samma
Ducky!! I have enjoyed keeping up with your adventures in your travel journal!! You are a very talented story teller and the pics are amazing!! Ohhhh snap...sorry just thought I should throw that in there. Miss you lady and keep up the updates!!
Response: hahaha thanks! I try to make the stories somewhat interesting... miss you too :)
From Dad
I just read all your amazing adventures in NZ and Syd and with Whit and toby....I was smiling so big someone asked me what I was so focused on! And then suddenly I'm tearing up, not sad, just proud of my little girl and all that she's doing and trying and taking on and jumping into and mingling with. I can't wait to get there and be the newbie that she shows around. I am just so amazed at what all you've learned and seen, it's like years worth of experience packed into a few months, WOW! Love you and miss you so much and see you in just over a month!!!!
Response: A month!!!! I am so excited... time is just flying by. I am so excited I have time to travel before I leave, we are going so many cool places. Love you!!!
From mommie
Dearest linds,
I am up early enjoying your journal watching the sunrise and living New Zealand since I have been there and know what you are talking about. I love your writting style and I am laughing til my stomach hurts reading of all those experiences. Wish you could be here for the graduation ceremony. We will send pictures.
Response: So proud of you Mum... I wish I could be there! Can't wait for a summer filled with watching sunrises, talking about Aus and NZ and cycling. Miss you!
From Alaskan Mary
Lindsay...Wow...what memories you are going to have when you return to the US. You have met so many interesting people, seen some incredible country and expanded your thought process. It might be hard to come back and study!!! Keep writing as we are enjoying your journal vicariously. Glad you and Toby and Marcella had fun together. Small world. Hugs, Mary
Response: Thanks Mary... studying already seems hard to do but right now I am just being in the moment and thinking alittle about the summer. Mom and I might have to make a trip to AK. Hugs! :)
From Cousin Dawn
We just checked out the pics. Megan is joining you for the dolphins and Lauren keeps asking about the Wiggles. The whole fam loves their socks. We miss you!
The SIX A's
Response: I love and miss you guys so much... can't wait to come to Chi town this summer and see all SIX!! Tell Megan and Lauren I will try to bring back a dolphin and Anthony with me :)
From WhitO
Hey Linds,

I love the pictures!!! I know, I still have to post my pictures from Melbourne on facebook. Haha, I loved getting do know you better!!! Haha, good times had and more good times to come! So much love,
Response: So much love to you Whito... I can't even tell you how happy I am that you came and I am so looking forward to fun times senior year :)
From Ariana
Hey Linds,
Your pics look like you are having so much fun! I can't belive that you are only at midterms! I have two weeks left and then I am done!!! You are so right about time flying by, I can't belive that I am almost done. I am sad to leave Ireland :( Keep doing all that you can because before you know it you will be leaving too! Have SO much fun in Sydney and New Zealand...that sounds awesome, I would love to go to New Zealand!
Hugs from Dublin! :)
Response: I will keep trying to do all that I can! When I hear about all the cool things everyone is doing all over the world it makes me want to go to Ireland and everywhere :) Love & Hugs from Melbourne!
From Dad
Hi! loved all the photos and the stories...especially just havin' fun with your aussie friend and Lovin' livin' in AU. I'm guessing the folks hanging from the walls were aerial dancers, do you know the name of the group? One of our Bldg Aerial dancers now lives and performs in Wellington! love you, miss you, keep up the fabs work
From Uncle Dale
Hi Linds, been looking at your pix and reading about some of your adventures. The pix are great and your travels are spectacular. Glad you having a wonderful time. Your Dad was really looking forward to getting over there.
Uncle Dale
Response: Thanks for checking it out Uncle Dale... give Sherly and your self a big hug from me. Much love!!