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Hi guys! this is me setting up a blog so i dont have to harass you with emails about what im up to all the time. i will try very hard to keep it up to date and post photos! lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Diary Entries

Saturday, 09 June 2007


haha so after three days of flights, airports, baggage hassles, a very very sore back, one hidus cold (which has contaminated all of flight NZ384) and some serious issues with air newzealand later.................IM BACK HOME. safe and sound.

thankyou to everyone who has kept in touch while i have been away, it has got me through the hard times and made me smile even more duiring the good.

im exhausted.

i love it.

Wednesday, 06 June 2007

Location: Ko Samui, Thailand

This is almost guarenteed to be my last blog entry...though i will try and put up some more photos when im home. I'm home on saturday!!! Just have 3 days of flying to get through first...

The last week has been one of the best while I have been away! I havn't had time to get online, so sorry for the lack of contact, but its been crazy busy and, well, just fantastic really!!

After a final overnight bus journey, which finished at 5am and involed a wait for the 6:30 ferry, Eilidh and I arrived in Ko Tao exhausted and ready for bed at 9:30am. We were picked up by Buddha View and taken round to a quieter part of the island where we just crashed for the morning in our room. We spent the afternoon on the beach, before meeting with our dive group at 4:30 to watch a long and over americanised 70s style diving video. In the evening, the restaurant has a bbq with all these fantastic types of fish and meat. You pick what you want and then they cook it on the bbq for sent me in to a slight ocd food posioning craze, but the food was excellent!! Along with the video, we were given a maaaasive diving manual so i had to get back into studying and learn 5 chapters in 3 days. I have to admit, I actually really enjoyed it! It was really interesting, and good to be doing something acedemic.

Tuesday morning was when the course officially begun. We had to be up early and for some reason, I really struggled to wake up! We went back to class with our dutch instructor Renne, and spent the morning learning. In the afternoon, we got to do our first confined dive in the swimming pool. There was 9 of us in the group so we got split into two - boys and girls. In my group there was me, Eilidh, Steph and Kirstin (who were both from Wisconstin) and another girl called Steph who had been ill so couldnt dive before. The other group was James, Mike, Joe and Nick. Renne stayed with the boys, while we got a new instructor called Jasper. I think he is the funniest person i have ever met. Hes Danish, and looks a bit like one of the muppets, every time we went diving I spent most the time clearing water out my mask becaues he kept making me laugh. We also had Jesse, who was doing his divemaster, and he looked after us - turning on our air, helping us stand with a tank on....

Wednesday morning we were back in the classroom studying. This was followed by another confined dive, but this time we got to do it in a shallow bay. It meant we got to see some fish too!! Aswell as completing all our skills. Spent the evening in the bar with the dive group. I was really really lucky to have such a great group.

Thursday morning we were meant to get a lie in, but i was woken by the sound of gushing water! Some pipe had dismantled itself in our bathroom at 6:30 in the morning, which was far to early to be dealing with plumbing. We had our test at 11am, 50 multiple choice questions. 100%. GET IN! I was well pleased. In the afternoon we did our first and second open water dives. The first was at a place called Laem Thien Bay. I had problems with my ears as we descended, and got quite upset. It's so sore I start crying, and crying with a regulator in doesnt really work. Jasper and Jesse managed to sort me out, but on 7 of my 9 dives I was in a lot of pain. Once I'm down though its fine. We saw some blue ringed angel fish and six banded angel fish. After the first dive i was a bit upset and feeling a bit sorry for myself! On the second dive they were much better, one of the other girls had problems so I had plenty of time to sort myself out and it was fine. The second dive was at a place called Aow Leuk. We saw some christmas tree worms, and a whole school of barracuda, and a remora (sucker fish) and sea cucumbers. We had to do some skills to, including an emergency swimming ascent. The evening was filled with cards and bbqing.

Friday was the last day of the course!! It went really quickly :-( We were getting filmed for the dvd they make, which was a laugh. Though the 7:25am start was not. Jasper was demostrating the james bond entry on the deck which was hilarous. Our first dive of the day was Chum Pon Pinicle, which was my favourite site due to the abundance of fish. Stick your head in the water and all you see is hundereds of schools of tropicl fish! Most importantly...we saw grey sharks and they were AWESOME. We were at 18m, they were down below us at 30m swimming along the botom. The last dive was at Twins. My favourite thing here was that my ears were really sore but i managed to sort it on my own, without any help, so i was pretty pleased with myself. We saw a trigger fish, who was eyeing up my fins, and a blue spotted stingray. We were doing lots of tricks for the camera - blowing buble rings, dancing, underwater kissing... I loved diving sooo much. I was meant to be leaving that afternoon to go to Ko Pagnag but ended up staying on to do my Advanced open water course! Its such a fantastic place that no one could leave!! So friday night, we all jumped on the party boat (my dive group and byron who was mates with the boys) and headed off to the full moon party at Ko Pagnag. It was one of the best nights out i have had. We arrived about 630 and went for some dinner before heading down to the beach. It was pretty crazy. Lots of body painting going on, people throwing fire, buckets sold along the beach, music blasting out from the bars, boats bringing more people over, iguanas...crazy. They bring an iguana over and say iguana?? and try to get you to hold it while they take your photo and charge you. We got some buckets (of booze) and sat on the beach playing the drinking game 21. It was the best round ever!! The rule for number 20 was that you had to play a round of duck duck goose, the looser being number 21. It ended up with rugby tackling and knocking over inocent bystanders. Mike and Nick disapeared to watch the football, and the rest of us ended up dancing the night away in a bar called cactus. We got to about 5 something and were still going strong and realised it was getting light again!! I randomly bumped into people i met in oz. We went back to the boat for 7:30am and still couldnt find mike or nick so assumed they were lost somewhere. Everyone passed out on the boat. I later found the boys asleep downstairs. We got back to Buddha view about 10am and went for breakfast. A few of us couldnt go to sleep so ended up lying out by the pool for most the day, and got rather sunburnt. In the evening we had a trip to the 7/11, some cards, some bbq...then an early night. I was exhausted.

On Sunday morning, Eilidh, James and I began the Advanced open water with 2 new girls, a new instructor called G and jesse. Sadly no sharks. Our first dive was back at Chum Pon Pinicle, and we went down to 30m. My ears were sore again but G was really good to me and let me take my time going down. We saw Morray eels, pink anenome and lots and lots of fish. The second dive was at Twins, and was a navigational dive. It was more technical and we had to stay in our buddy groups and find the reference line to ascend. I slept for an hour and a half in the afternoon then sat out on the decking with James, Mike and Eilidh. In the evening we did a night dive, which was awesome! We went down at dusk, so it wasnt as scary as jumping into the black, and we had torches. We saw lots of stingrays, some giant barracuda and played with the phosphoresence. We ascended into a sky filled with stars and a lightening storm in the distance, o and some jumping fish! A few of us went for a walk along the beach, before calling it an early night due to another early start on monday morning!

Our last two dives were on Monday. The first one was learning how to do multilevel diving so we can stay underwater for longer. The second was a peak performance bouyance dive...which i was in need of! It invovled a lot of hovering vertically and upside down and generally trying to stay neutrally bouyant. We took out an underwater camera to get some pics of us diving. I was really sad to fisih the diving. Since I am getting close to flying I thought it was best I stopped, though James was trying to convince me to go out Monday afternoon!! Monday evening was the last night we were all going to be together as we were all going separate ways on Tuesday morning. So we went into town (well it wasnt so much of a town as the pier) for pizzas and drinks. It wasnt too busy though, so we headed back to the bar at Buddha view. Mike, Joe and Byron were going to go snorkling at shark bay. So I suggested they got a kayack and paddled round...which led to James saying he would stay for the afternoon, so eilidh and i thought we should stay for the afternoon too.

Tuesday morning, we all checked in for another night. It such a wonderful place its just impossible to leave. The american girls left around lunch time and after James had had breakfast and brunch (he eats SOOOO much but it SOOO thin....we convinced him it wasnt nesacery for lunch before 12:30am too) we went to hire some triyaks and snorkles. It was Joe, Byron and Eilidh in one and Mike, James and Me in the other. Due to low tide we struggled to get over the rocks and out the bay but once was got over that hurdle, we paddled round to shark bay. It was bloody hard!! At one point some snorklers came past saying there were wee reef sharks so james threw his money from his pocket at me, jumped out and swam away. Mike and I were left in hysterics, and paddled on to shore leaving him with the sharks. After an ice cream we headed out over the coral. It was like skimming along it as we swam, again due to low tide. Once out though there were tonnes of fish, and I saw a reef shark! There was a car which was just sitting underwater so i dove down to see that. I also saw a turtle!! i was so so happy. no one else saw it though. It was near the surface and i looked up to call them over then it disapeard. It was definatly there. (and no i didnt imagine it!!!) we managed to climb back out over the rocks...though i have a lot of scratches and cuts to show for it. After a drink on the beach, we paddled back round to our beach and buddha view, singing along the way. It was our final night in Ko Tao (we all booked our boat out so we all definatly had to leave the next morning!) so we had our last supper and sat at he bar all night drinking cocktails. There are lots of dogs who hang around at the bar scavanging for food, some of them are really cute though. Mike fell asleep in the hamock with a dog sitting guarding his beer!

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

haha so now im in bangkok and im sooooo glad im with eilidh cause its actually quite scary at times! I'm not going to lie....i really don't like bangkok. But we have been keeping busy and ive had a surprisingly good few days considering i dont like it!!

I met Eilidh at the airport on thurs night, though it really was friday morning by then, and we got a taxi to ko san road where we were staying. It was packed with people selling things and just generally crazy, and to make matters worse we couldnt find the guesthouse we were meant to be staying at. After a few laps of the street with out backpacks on...we stumbled across our guesthouse (Top Inn). It was clean and had air con, so i was happy. IT SO HOT HERE. Ridiculasly so. As soon as your outside the aircon, its just constant perspiring!!

On friday we got a taxi down to the grand palace, we were told we couldnt go in as we wernt properly dressed and were bundled into a tuktuk. Never again. We went to a couple of temples, but kept being taken to tailors and jewellery shops where they try to sell you things and get angry when you dont buy. In the end I demanded we got dropped back at Ko San road. We came to Buddah View dive centre and booked all our accomidation, travel and diving for the next week. Then in the evening we went to MBK for some shopping and to see pirates 3 (which is awesome, and thankfully was in english!)

Saturday was a day at the markets...mix of the heat and the bustling crowds and it was chaos!!!! 6 hours at the market and it just about killed us. Got a few good buys but the clothes are mostly for people of a smaller we went back to MBK to continue some shopping with aircon, and saw another movie called Next. That night we got into a taxi and the driver was being a right twat...he said it was 120B and we said we wanted the meter on and he said we couldnt have it. So we argued about it and in the end got out. A lot of the taxis were saying no meter, but we met to british guys and jumped in a meter one with them...10B each.

Everytime you walk down the street people try to offer you suits or halmocks (we thought they were fishing nexts at first) and tuk tuk rides. It does drive me crazy cause they say why?why not??? and keep hassling.

Today we had to pack up our bags (a very hard task...) and dump them with Dave at the dive shop. Then had a wander around the stalls on Ko San Road. I had a thai massage today, which was really different as it focuses on presure points. Now i'm just waiting for the bus to arrive and take us away to the islands!

Beter go get ready, hope to see you all soon, lots of love

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

THIS PLACE IS AMAZING. i love it. I'm broke. There are soo many shops, so much fantastic wonder katy is always dressed so bloody well!!!!!

I arrived late on Monday night, from Sydney, after leaving my bikini at Noreens. And for those of you who no me well (and especailly sophie), bikini shopping is bloody hard!! lucky managed to pick up a plain one at the airport...and it is debatable to how much it covers, but it will do!! So once in hong kong I headed straight to the hostel - Lee's hostel in Kolwoon. Basic, but clean and a great location so I was happy. I appeared to get a double room, and that was tight for space so thankfully i didnt have a single!!

Tuesday I went off exploring. It was pouring with rain which limited my activities. I got the star ferry across the harbour and wandered around the shops - getting my bearings. I managed to squeeze in a full body massage, which was one of the best things i have done ever!! In the evening I went to the night market, which was pretty cool, though I'm crap and bartering...really crap.

On Wednesday the weather was better, so I went down to Stanley to look at the markets and have some lunch. In the afternoon I wandered around the shops at Kolwoon and then got my nails done. Thing is, everything is cheap here (except all the desiginer gear and gadgets) so i spend.....

Today was a bit long, well it still is, Im flying out at 10:25pm tonight! I now can't close my bag again, so I'm wearing shorts, trousers, 3 tops and a jumper (I dont have pyjamas anymore as i had to leave them behind). It is unbelievably hot here and riciulasly humid. Bad combination. So I have resigned to stay inside with the airconditioning today, staying the cafes and shops and i got a pedicure too.... I did go for a walk but thought I was about to pass out with heat exhaustion, so gave up on that idea!!

I am meeting a friend called eilidh tonight i Bangkok, so will have a couple of weeks in Thailand with her!
must be off, lots and lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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From carole and paul
Hi tried to phone but it tells me it's a New Zealand number. hope all is going well it sounds like it is.Keep having fun,really missing you now,lots of love xxxxxxx
Response: ah ok the dialing code is 0061. sorry! in cairns until sat now so wil keep phone on me. lots of love, miss you too xxxx
From Mum
Your phone number is actually from here 0061 then drop the next 0
Response: ok thankyou!!xxx
From carole and paul
Happy Easter Lindsey! Hope all is well guess you are still having a fantastic time.Will probably hear from you soon Take care and lots of luv xxxxx
Response: happy easter!!! not got any signal just now but should do by the end of the week. speak soon lots of love xxxxxx
From Iain
Hiya Lindz
It looks like your having such an amazing time, hard to think you've been away so long already, everything looks awesome and from what i've read in your blog it sounds like your having an absolute blast. The cafe is busier than ever, somedays it can get a bit much but its all worth it in the end. The girlz had another deli hunting day out last week and the big news is that Gilly and Al are expecting their first baby soon, im sure everyone has filled you in already though. Anyhoo, keep it real :)
Response: i heard they were expecting a baby - im so so happy for her!! things sound pretty good at your end then! im having a fantastic time, but yeah i cant believe i have already been away over 2 months...its crazy! will be back in time for the summer though....urban angel in the festival - haha that will be a right laugh! great to hear from you, lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Carole
Enjoying hearing all the seems to be so much fun unlike the NHS every day! so glad you are having such a great time,carry on with the commentary as I look forward to the next episode.take care luv u loads xxx
Response: thank you very much, hope all is well back home. give my love to paul. missing you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From fiona
Lindsey... this sounds AWESOME! I'm insanely jealous of your meeting...and KISSING!... Toadie, especially considering the current story line in Scotland (Toadie's was shot last week and Elle just saw Max in the car park :O!). The night looked fantastic! You look like you're having so much fun =D woohoo! Though who wouldn't be looking out over Sydney from what can only be described as a serious luxury, not just a travellers one. Humph! And St. Patrick's day! awahoo! Good times in Dublin =) Good to see you're enjoying yourself so much and have lots of contacts to stay with now ;) take care chick and keep updating! Quicker! love and hugs from snowy Aberdeen! xxxxxxxxx
Response: thanx fee! great to here from you. hope your still enjoying uni!!!! any gossip from back home/aberdeen???? lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From ish
LINDSEY!!!!! That pic of you at the glacier is mental!!!! I can't believe you did that, hoooow cool!!!! But at the same time, DID YOU LEARN NOTHING FROM D OF E??!!!!! Yikes!!! Man alive so much love to you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Pav
lindsay ive literally jst fallen off my seat, after seeing those pic's of u n the neighbours legends. its go beyond jealously 2 jst hating u lol, not 2 impressed by ned's t-shirt though! toadie jst got shot here, glad 2 c he's still alive and kicking xx
Response: ahhhh it was fantastic...thought u might be jealous! where have you been???? not spoken to u in ages! miss you, lots of love xxxxxxx
From Nick
Hey chick!
Your a bit of a pro at this blogging business! I'd be surprised if you ever come home at this rate! Sounds unbelievably good over there!! I'm off work till next month now, so i expect lots of updates to keep me entertained =), is it as good as it sounds? xNx
Response: its better than it sounds!!! though i will be forced to return when i run out of this ur holiday time then? what u got planned? o and its ur bday tomorw!! happy birthday. lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Julia
all sounds super fun lindz - well done with the bungy jump - scarey stuff!! take care, play safe xxx
From Ish
Maaaate!!! You did a bungy jump!!!! You are so doing your travelling in style, i love it! And also love that there was a mini edinburgh! Much love to ya, and keep the updates coming! xxxx
From carole and paul
Hi back safely from Tenerife.Had a great time but one week flies by and it's back to work tomorrow.You obviously still having a good time,sounds so amazing.Take care, luv you loads xx
From rach
more updates required my lovely!! life here isnt too exciting. mwah xxxxxxx
Response: i no i no i will get it done soon! today. i promise. xxxxx
From carole and paul
Hi good to hear from you.Sounds amazing can't believe all the stuff you're doing.Nothing too much to report from here.we go to Tenerife tomorrow so hoping for great weather,just trying to get organised at the moment.will be back on the 20th so will be in touch then.Take care,have fun luv you loads xxxx
Response: ah fantastic! hope the hol is going well. let me no when your back and safe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From fi
Hey chick!
Hope everything's going well. I'm just about to check your page and get seriously jealous so thought I'd leave you a quick comment before I became uber spiteful!
So I failed my exams, but did it in style ;) So it's ok. And I'm on top of this term so only one set of re-sits methinkles! And it was Ross' birthday so went out for dinner with him, his parents and Chuckie! OMG! It was actually really good though, they're insanely nice people so it's quite easy going =)
Ok, enough of poor chat! I'm gonna internet stalk you now >D xxxxx
From Ish
Wow mate you are clearly just having the time of your life, everything sounds amazing!!!! That's ace that you went zorbing, and i can't believe half the other crazy stuff you've done, it sounds wild and amazing! xxxx
From Laura
Hey sounds like your having an amazing time.... your sooo lucky. On my 3rd split this week and i think i'm going to lose my mind. Still saving so one day i can run away. xxx Keep safe
Response: ahhhh run away with me!! lol third split??? harsh!! any gossip?? what u been up to??lots of love (to all the angels) xxxxxxx
From Claire
Hey Linds!
Looking at your photos makes me want to go back even more, looks like you're having a great time!!! have a job now, hmph but hey at least it means i can save some pennies!!
Response: ooo what job???? NZ is awesome!!! love it so so much xxxxxxx
From buster
beano! have been reading your blog, and needless to say am sick with jealousy, sounds like you're having an amazing time. like the photos too (you did like that hole in the rock quite a lot, didn't you? geek) will send you a email soon with proper gossip xxxxxxx p.s missing my supply of brownies! oh and you of course
Response: BUSTER! i miss brownies too....good to hear from u! hows tom?? our parents are going away again together. seem to be very friendly these days!! lol hows the PHD???lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Lyndsay
hey!i've just been doing lots of reading,it all sounds amazing hope ur still having a good time,miss u xxxx
From rachie
lol i love the hole in the rock pictures!!! its a very interesting rock. good experience for future geography assignments xxx
Response: im turning into a wee geographer!!
From Hazel
Ooooh i'm so jealous! Your trip is so much more exciting than mine dammit! keep up the good work, sounds like you're having an amazing time...Think i read it back to front though, oops! Take care..lots of love xx
Response: ah good to hear from you!! keep me up to date on all the italian gossip ;-) xxxxxxx
From Jules
haha ok so ive been reading your blog thing backwards which confused me alot, but it looks like your having an amazing time!!!!! think i gave you all my chat in my last email, will update you soon - and now i know how to read your blog properly i know exactly where you are!! also attemtping to co-ordinate it with look at your itinery! missing you lots, keep having an awesome time - not that that seems to be a problem! lots of love from rainy glasgow xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: thankyou very much!! great to hear from you. hows things for next year looking?? lots of love xxxxxxx
From Murray
Hey Lindsey. Guess what????
Dad made ice cream pie this weekend
Response: haha very very jealous!!! sure he might make it for me when i get back...hey well done on ur theory!!! and the rowing. im very proud xxxxxxxxxxx
From Ginny
Oh DUDE i'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous of you, it brings back sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
many good memories!!!!!! You gotta good pack of folk to go around with?? Hows ur hostel in Auckland? xxx
Response: heeey im good. met some good ppl and hostel in bay of islands is pretty good. wasnt the biggest aukland fan. lots of love xxxx