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Well hello there!!

Here is my website where i will be updating you on my travels and daily life in London. Please feel free to have a look at my photos and go on leave us a message. Cheers!

Diary Entries

Saturday, 28 January 2006

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ok. Today is the day that Rai and I begin our Europe tour with Topdeck for exactly 11 days. First we all met up at the 'Wake Up Hostel' in Paddington to meet our tour leader Meagan and everyone else and to get everything sorted. I have to say though that the people on our tour looked so boring so you can imagine what our reactions were like.

Our journey started by taking an ordinary coach to Dover where we then caught a ferry to France and met our driver Adam and the coach 'Kit'. Yes me jumping infront of everyone to get the back seats, i did accomplish my goal. Very comfortable it was as you would want it to be for the long journeys and hours we were in for. About 6 hours later we had a stop over in Belguim- Brussels for 2 hours which was lovely. Quick but long enough to find a pub and have a beer. Then is was rougly about 4-5 hours to go and we were in the most fantastic and well known city called Amsterdam in Netherlands. Oh my god was this such an unreal place to begin. As Meagan said "You dont do Amsterdam, Amsterdam does you". So true! Our duration here was two days, enough to get totally ruined. First night we as a group, went on a river cruise which was pretty cool. Non stop drinks and a pizza sounds like home. Here we met a couple, Dave and Sarah who were really nice and funny so we sat together and got to know eachother. By the end of this trip we were like peas and carrots. After the cruise, and now your in for it we went to a sex show. And to get there you had to go through the 'Red Light District'. The boys were in heaven, not so much for the girls but what an experince. So for the sex show, as you can imagine strippers doing there little thing. Wow were they talented and bloody flexible. Bitches!! After seeing 3 female strippers it was time to see some male body. Now this is the funny part. Throughout the show they volunteered people to go up and yep you can name it was i who was picked to get up on stage and strip this male stripper to bits. I was loving it but at the same time finding it weird and hiliarious. After 15mins of fame i ended by recieving a small bottle of champagne so i wasn't complaining. And to top the whole night off Rai was also picked to get up so we had an awesome night.

Second night dinner was paid for so we went out for dinner and then it was free time. Joints and mushrooms later we were all good. I will never forget Amsterdam, the best city i recommend in seeing.

Thursday, 26 January 2006

Location: London, UK

Guess what.......its AUSTRALIA DAY!!

Well aren't im proud to say that i am an Australian but unfortuantely cant celebrate it in my home country once again. Oh-well!! Tonight off to the worlds famous place..........the walkabout. Yes, sad to say it but im back there tonight. First, will go down to the lurrrve boathouse for a few drinks with Loz and everyone.....even my sister this time. And then off to Putney's true blue pub.

As we are in London, the English dont give a rats ass so i will be returning to work tomorrow. Probably with the worlds hugest hangover. As i dont catch the tube to work anymore i can imagine what it would have been with all the Aussies who live. Too funny!! Well i will leave you for what you can imagine what is going to happen tonight and will inform you tomorrow how it turned out.

Ella....." I've been to cities that never close down, From New York to Rio and old London town, But no matter how far, Or how wide I roam, I still call Australia home...."

You know what i mean.

Monday, 09 January 2006

Location: London, UK

Today started my new job in fantastic. Just walking distance, it takes me about 2 mins to get there which is handy. The company is called WWAV Rapp Collins which is a worldwide media/advertising agency and my role is to be a call hey!

Since i have been over here it has been one of my favourite jobs. Everyone at work is really cool and young which makes it so much better. Everyday seems like meeting your friends, we really dont do any work. Now thats the way i like it. Have no idea when im going to finish but im just going to take it as it comes.

Saturday, 31 December 2005

Location: Clapham, UK

New Years Eve! A night not to forget. Hmmm..... what happened. Pretty much started partying 2 days before but managed to stay alive for the big one.

Well, I did find the whole New Years quite upsetting at first as i wasn't home to celebrate Oz's countdown with family and friends but i have to say that this New Years was fantastic. But very messy! Ok, the night started with Ella and I preparing to get ready and looking rediculously good looking and then hitting the town into Clapham for a house party. I guess at first our impression was alright because we didn't really know anyone but OH MY GOD it was unbelievably thrilling. Biggest moment there was me pretending to be DJ which was quite funny and us girls kicking it up on the dance floor. Got to mention... well done for the Safas who decorated the room, streamers and all. Looked wicked! And yes by the end of the night, all of it around us and looking very colourful. Too funny!!

Coming home early hours as you can guess, i was very impressed with the night, will never forget 2006's NEW YEARS EVE in London!!

Sunday, 25 December 2005

Location: London, UK

Merry Christmas!!

As you are meant to you know wake up at a normal time and open your presents, yes us after a big night, completely waisted the day by waking up at a rediculous time like 1:30 in the afternoon. Couldn't believe it. What do we do to ourselves? Anyway Ella, Loz and I struggled to get home to get ready for another huge night. Oh-dear!

Why i do not know why Adam and Eva invited us again for a X'mas dinner but it was very nice of them to organise such a beautiful meal, mmmmmm.........turkey! I must input that we didn't really eat on X'mas day. Having the turkey taking like 5 years to cook......we really ate the next day. And im not kidding, we ate exactly at 12:30am. It was a really goodnight to spend it with other people and just really having an awesome time. This is has been a good christmas. Thankyou everyone!

Once again back to Rai's and no more to say. Except for, i really feel sorry for our insides.

Saturday, 24 December 2005

Location: London, UK

Wow, today is Christmas Eve and cant believe how fast this year has gone. Unfortunately im not home for this special time of year but it shall be fun over here in London. What a day this has been though. Everyone else was working at the Boathouse so Ella and I thought we should do something that is way out of character. Yes you name it, taking a tube to Harrods and frollocking around like little girls at the teddybear section. So so so soft they were. It was so funny, we were so excited that we didn't want to go home, so we strolled around Piccadilly Circus and found some crazy family fair. Pretty cool they had rides such as the swings and some weird spinning things that went quite fast. Shocking!! How old are we again?? But i must say it was a successful day.

Later on we ended up going down to the boathouse for drinks and were then invited to go to Adam and Eva's house for more drinking. It was a really good night, messy but good. Staying at Rai's i will not continue, you can imagine what it was like.

Thursday, 15 December 2005

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Hola!! Today what a very exciting day it was for us all. Loz, Rai, James and I travelled to Barcelona in Spain for 3 nights, 4 days. As soon as we arrived we strolled around the centre of 'La Rumba' while heading to our hostel. After a little snooze we were all pumped up to have a big night out and meet lots of crazy people. We then went down to our hostels bar and had a few beers as that was the only thing they were selling so i had no choice but to drink it.....nice it was. That night we met a couple of people but pretty much stayed together. What a good night it was.

The next day we took ourselves around the streets and ended up doing a 2 day bus tour which was amazing. Went for at least 2 hours each day so we got to see the whole of Barcelona. After we did that we did some shopping and had some lunch which was really yummy. Spains famous Tapas and Sangria on the go thanks!

Well so hard to describe how much fun we had. Every night we just seemed to meet more people and had the best time ever. Cant forget Gaybrial, the musician, best American i have met. And those typical Aussies, funny they were but really nice. We all ended up getting totally hammererd that night when we all met and tried to go to a club but had to pay to get in so we gave it a miss. Our lastnight we met this Spanish guy called Johnny so he took us back to his place which was amazing. Such a great experience to be welcomed into a Spanish home.

Highlight of trip was the lastnight, well early in the morning when we left Jonny's house and met this other dude callled Maol that we met the other night. He owned his own hostel and pub so he invited us back to his and cant explain how much fun we had. We were meant to leave that morning but because we were so messed up and really didn't want to go we ditched our flight and stayed the night at his. Bloody hell i miss them all.

Apart from everything else this was the best experience i have had and will never be forgotten. Its crazy the amount of people you meet that live near you. Pretty cool. Hope we all stay in touch.

Friday, 09 December 2005

Location: London, UK

Well just letting you all know that im finishing work at Ealing Broadway's government and have no idea what im going to do next. As i have signed up with agency's im sure i will have work straight away. It's been a blast and i'll definately miss those files.........yeah bloody right!

Good to know its the weekend but i am going to be an old granny and stay home. I am totally broke as i am paying for my Europe trip tomorrow and i am going to Spain next week so i for sure need to save some pocket money for booze etc....cant wait!!

Saturday, 26 November 2005

Location: London, UK

Well this has to suck....we lost the rugby against New Zealand. And to live with them is tormenting. Although we lost, im still proud to be an Aussie. Yep, that's right boys!!

Ah but such a wonderful weekend, you name it more booz. On friday night went to Redback, interesting it was. Redback is known to be like another Walkabout so be aware. Saturday evening getting ready for the game, wearing the proud Aussie jersey, and at night went to Slug and Lettuce again. Got home pretty late so on Sunday was a very relaxing day, and yes getting out of bed at 12:45pm is a record. Boy we do it tough. But I think we might have to slow it down a bit coz i can feel my brain cells are about to die.

There are so many funnies when we go out, one was when Chris gave me his 'Sherminator jacket' to put in the cloak room and you having to give them your birth date. Stupid me asked him 3 times what it was and as soon as i got there yep me forgot and gave a random date. You know what was going to happen. Neither of us remembering so he couldn't get his jacket. He later got it the next day, so yeah dont rely on me.

Wednesday, 23 November 2005

Location: London, UK

Aren't im a lucky girl. I finally recieved my prezzies from Mum and Dad. Very stoked i was i really love them. Tonight just went round to Kate's and Chris's for a b'day dinner which was nice of them, had a beautiful meal, go the bangers and mash and chocolate cake, mmmmmm............!!! From Kate and Chris i got a lovely brown leather bag which is huge, a matching beanie and scarf for the cold weather and a bangle. From Dad and Mum i got assessories such as earrings, a head scarf and two neckalces. Thankyou once again. I have to say this has been the most exciting b'day i have had.

Tuesday, 22 November 2005

Location: London-home, UK

Oh wow!! As for Nick and I's b'day yesterday, thought it was going to be a quite one at home turned into a mess. As for Ella and Loz being poor, they thoughtfully brought Nick and I a bottle of pre-mixed champagne and orange juice for £2. Don't i feel lucky! Surprised i was they weren't that bad so we threw them down and that was the end of it. To the Puzzwah we go, Nick silly boy as for its his b'day too brought a 24 shot set between the 6 of us and took one after the other in the space of 10mins. Funny, Loz throwing up into her hand which looked like a puddle of cement. They were alright but didn't stop us at all.

Walking home, decided to buy more alchohol, not a smart move but hey we had to celebrate for something. Got home, smashed the piss and hit the music till 3-4 in the morning with funky dance moves. Another funny, Chris breaking the light and Nick falling into the tv which seems not to be working. You can say the loungeroom is upside down. But so worth the night. Even with the neighbours banging on our front door to shut the hell up, we didn't stop one dance move. Oh and cant forget that table in the centre of the room which turned into a dance platform. Each and everyone of us had to have a turn to break out some moves, too funny!! As for a fantastic night, I just want to say thanks to my housemates for making lastnight the best night eva, it will never be forgotten.

Monday, 21 November 2005

Location: London, UK

Yay its my 20th today but dont feel any older which i guess is a good thing. Unfortunately i have a cold and have lost my voice but i think that explains my HUGE weekend....... i seriously have liver pains!!! On friday night Ella and I wanted to go out for just a drink, yeah right! A jug of snakebites later to ourselves, by the time you know it, you dont even know how much you have had and then they keep on coming. After that we took ourselves to a pub for a goodnight boogie. Really fun!!

Saturday watched New Zealand v's England in rugby which was turned out to be a good day, although we were surrounded by Kiwi's.... not cool. More drinking until late afternoon, pretty hammered at this point and then taking oursleves into Fulham to Slug & Lettuce. Boy did we have a good time. So..... you can say were all pretty much dying here.

Friday, 18 November 2005

Location: London, UK

Can the time go any slower at work, seriously im about to drop dead with tiredness.

As it is my 20th on Monday, my household is thinking of having a small party or something on Saturday night with close friends and getting totally hammered once again. Freaky, Nick who lives with us also has his b'day on the same day. So we'll be celebrating for the both of us. Getting excited Dad is sending my prezzie over but have no idea what it is. Next Wednesday im going out to dinner with Kate and Chris somewhere nice and that's about it. Geez im getting old!!

Dont know what im up to tonight, probably staying in as its getting so cold here now, i can see frost and ice in the morning. Think it will be a White Christmas. Yay!!

Saturday, 12 November 2005

Location: Elephant & Castle, UK

Oh my god, so fantastic. Went to Minsistry of Sound to see wonderful Deep Dish. They played really well i had such a good time along with my fellow friends, Ela, Loz, Rai and a few more from the Boathouse. Started at 12am till 7 in the morning and still pumped up to keep on going. Fun it was especially catching the tube home looking totally off my head while people are going to work and hightlight of it all Ela and I dancing like ballarina's in the tube staion. Will do it all again. The best night ever!!

Friday, 11 November 2005

Location: London, UK

Well thought i should tell you that I have booked a little trip to Spain on the 15th Dec with housemates Rai and Loz. Cant wait, should be a lot of fun. Also, Rai and I are booking a holiday with Topdeck (coach tour) first thing tommorrow morning for a 2week trip around Europe, so i guess i am set with my traveling, yee haa!!

On Saturday night im going to the Ministry of Sound Club to see Deep Dish play, oh my god!! So it's going to be a good one plus messy one. And we all cant forget the day after, oh dear!! Take care everyone.

Friday, 04 November 2005

Location: Ealing Broadway, UK

Well i have finally finished my first week at my new job, thank god its the weekend. Basically for the week i had to write up a newsletter and yes it was all up to me and do reports and put them into the computer system. Very interesting it was!! Oh yeah and to top the day off, while i was walking to work i found £5. All drinks on me, hehe!! And..... when i woke up i got a lovely surprise from Andrew, a black leather jacket for my early b'day prezzie. Very hot indeed. Especially with my boots.

Now that im a working girl again, got the weekend to get absolutely hammered and come to work for a whole new round.

Tuesday, 01 November 2005

Location: Ealing Broadway, UK

Finally got a job............can you believe it, Lisa working for the government for Ealing Broadway. And the good thing is that its close to home and alot cheaper to get there.
Im situated in the Sevice Care section doing administrative duties working on the newsletters and reports. The people are really nice and good £££. Im only working on a temp basis so i will be here for about 4-8 weeks. Just enough to save.

Well as i am working now i have access to the internet so please leave messages or emails. Cheers!!

Friday, 28 October 2005

Location: London, UK

So excited, met up with my Aussie friend Natalija who just came over to visit. We strolled around the area of where I live and had a good time catching up, so weird! Not doing much as i am trying to save some money but hopefully catching up with her tomorrow night for a big one.

Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Location: London, UK

Nervous but excited as i went for an interview today for a company called 'The Mediaforce' as a Receptionist/Administrator. Went really well so fingers cross and hope i get it. If i did do well i will be asked to come back for a second interview. Along with that i have signed up with a few temping agency's so i should be working soon and earning some money. Yeehaa!!

Thursday, 20 October 2005

Location: London, Hammersmith, UK

Yay, finally moved into my new place with Loz. Now living with four Kiwi guys Chris, Nick, Leichy and Cam and another Aussie chick called Ella. So happy, have a good decent size room along with a loungeroom, kitchen and a back area for some good times. Very cosy it is, especially for winter so plenty of indoor nights. Im also around the corner from Kate so it makes it alot easier to visit her and yeah her checking up on me, great. Waiting for a house warming party which should be fun.

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Happy Birthday you big OLD 20 year old! Don't get too wasted - not!

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Lisa...great site...proud of you girl and congratulations on the new job! Nice to see a few castles in between the partying! Lol Marilyn & Digs xox
Response: Thankyou. Oh yeah have to have something to hide my partying. Good to hear from you.
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Theres got to be more to life than being really really really ridiculousy good looking...
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