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Liv & Christie's European Adventure!!

Welcome to Liv & Christie's sensational European travel page! This is where we will be keeping a record of all our adventures for you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for us, we'd love to hear from you! In between our hectic schedule of discovering new places, experiencing new adventures and meeting new people we will definately reply to them!

Diary Entries

Saturday, 04 March 2006

Location: Innsbruck, Austria

From crusing through England, chilling in Berlin to crashing Microsoft parties, what more could you want???...How bout skiing the Alps!! So skiing we did, much to the bank balances dislike!!!

Two fine sunny days were spent atop the Austrian Alps with our new friend Chino, (real name Francis, nickname Franchino, short nickname, Chino) a Sydney dude who was able to show us the ropes.

Mountains were pristine and just how we had imagined, the powder snow and runs were endless!! Our benchmark has certainly been set for any slopes in the world!

Sunday, 26 February 2006

Location: Munich, Germany


We have the BEST story to tell! it happened in Munich and it will go down as one of the biggest nights ever!!!

And so the story begins...
The two of us were staying at this hostel in Munich, Germany in a dorm room with ten other people. The people in our dorm consisted of friendly and fun spirited dudes so we decided to meet up for a home made "beer hall crawl", and recruited people along the way!! Our group consisted of a Melbourne boy Chris, a canadian Jackie, us, a couple from America called Bree and Edgar, some random busker guy we picked up on the street whilst we were on our way to the first beer hall, another American girl called Meghan, and this half aussie half american guy called Bob.

Anyway, we bustled our way through the streets of munich and found ourselves in our first beer hall. Had the best dinner and all enjoyed beer steins. We then left feeling rather full with a litre of beer in us and got to our second destination.

As we got to the second beer hall, we lined up in what we thought was a line to get in as it was a busy night but proved to be something a little different!! In the rush of people, waitresses quickly took our coats and hustled us over to tables set for dinner while gallons of free piss on trays were shoved in our faces!!! The next moment we found ourselves in the most booziest, loudest function!!!!! Turns out it was a Microsoft party which was basically an excuse for a boozy night for their employees, there would've been about 500 people in the room! We continued to then enjoy a gormet three course meal, and as much beer, wine, shots ANYTHING you could think of...and it was all FREEEE!!!!! Hey, Bill can afford it!

We never moved to the next place for obvious reasons! By the end of the night we had all the Germans bowing down to us from the opposite sides of the room as we sang and danced on the table tops to an oompa loompa band. They even brought out a fat fog horn and there were 4 chicks walking around playing the saxamaphone! hahah! we never thought an oompa lumpa german band could be so hilarously fun!! Shit the germans can drink!!! So drink we certainly did!! Cheers Bill!!!

Wednesday, 15 February 2006

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hi Everyone!

We have uploaded new photos so check them out! the link is on the right!

We are having a great time in Amsterdam, it's so beautiful here! Anything goes!

Hope everyone is well!!

Lots of love Christie and Liv

Friday, 10 February 2006

Location: Paris, France

Hi everyone!

we are currently in gay Paris and have seen all the usual sites including the Eiffel Tower (yes! we climbed the stairs!), the arc de triomphe, notre dame, sacrè coeur and the experience of window shopping at the rich Galleries La Fayette. they even had Dior childrens wear!!

crazy hand and arm signals have seen us through paris, including one today at the local markets where we were trying to ask what time they finished...the poor guy had no idea what the hell we were on about. so he screamed out really loud in french "can anyone speak english?" and a lady moved forward and said "oui!" so she translated our english and the guy looked at us strangely as if to say omg is THAT what you were asking!? hehe... we then felt obliged to buy something which ended up being our best dinner yet! traditional quiche and cremè caramel to finish...Bon Apetite!

paris is very behind the times...we keep seeing christmas decorations still up! lazy bums!

in conclusion, the french think they have the right to smoke ABSOLUTELY ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE! and their friggin dogs go everywhere! what the? we even had a dog in front of us (a hefty labrador too!) in the post office line which for all we knew could've been the bank! it was called banque poste!?

omg savage garden is playing in the room next door...if they want aussie music, just ask pete muz! JEBUS! ROOKIES!!!!!!

so back to our in conclusion, the french also are not as rude as first suspected! everyone we have asked has pretty much helped in some way, they are willing to help you! so many advertising posters have people in them giving you the ups! must not mean the same thing here! who knows???

having a ball,


Tuesday, 31 January 2006

Location: Endinburgh, Scotland

HI guys!!

here are some photos finally!!

hope everyone is well!!

Sunday, 29 January 2006

Location: Lakes District, UK

hi everyone!!

omg u will never guess where we are!! we are staying in some friends of friends cottage in country lakelands in england. it is amazing, and so traditional and english!! the house is over 400 years old and is set in the middle of green rolling pastures! the house is apparently built from an old ship which landed here and was chopped up into houses! crazy!!

john and ruth, the owners are incredibly generous and nice to us and are so welcoming, even though they have never met us before!! just had homemade vege soup with homemade wholemeal bread which they made for us on our arrival...absolutely delicious!! there are hedges lining both sides of the street all the way along. john said in this town there is only a small pub, a post office and 2 churches (they are big on the churches here in england!!)

anyway, our recent news is that we visited chester which was another small english town but nothing much there, and then went to york, via liverpool, and YES we saw the cavern and the museum which were both fantastic!! everyone must must go to the museum it was so well set out and we learnt so much about the beatles!

liverpool itself wasnt nice at all- very industrial and dirty. when we were driving in to liverpool our windscreen got covered in crud and we couldnt see out!! and it smelt funny, se we got out fast. spent 2 hours in the museum but could've stayed way longer except our parking ran over time =S

left there and headed for york where we stayed last night. looked around the town today. york was very pretty, similar to bath, and people were very nice and helpful. they had a village festival on this weekend where the locals were given free entry into heaps of things so everyone was out ant about. it was a perfect day, with no clouds in the sky, but still nippy! the farmers markets were on all day so christ was very excited!

after that we came to the lakes district to meet this very kind family. and they generously let us use their computer!

Friday, 27 January 2006

Location: York, England

hi everyone!!

only have 2 mins left so this will be quick!!

have been travelling up north through england on the way to edinborugh - is great but v nippy!! cant put photos up yet but when i find a comp that lets me i will put heaps up!! hope u are all having fun!

love liv xoxo

Friday, 20 January 2006

Location: London, UK

Hi All!
We have arrived safely in London. Just finished our first day of touring and having a freaking awesome time. We saw the Crown Jewels and tower of London. As expected it is a little chilly but not freezing which is great!

Miss you
Liv and Christ xoxoxox

Thursday, 19 January 2006

Location: Kaula Lumpur Airport, Malaysia

Hi everyone!
we are in the airport in KL waiting to borad the plane to london - very exciting!! and we are utilising the free internet facilities which will be a very rare luxury! we will give updates when we arrive in london!

have fun love christ and liv xoxo

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Recent Messages

From Belle
HI GUYS!!!!!!!!!
I am so so so so so jealous of you two! you are having the bestest time ever! Sam called me last night and he gave me the address to check out all your awesome stories and photos! so so so funny! i love it! you guys rock getting into the microsoft party! nick and i thought we were doing well bluffing our way into the Indian Fashion Week in Mumbai as 'buyers', but that takes the cake! Love the Sound of Music! I have to go there one day! Well, Brissie is still Brissie but I'm having my 21st out at the 'Burra' this Easter and I CANT WAIT! I wish you guys could come! The only stress is it may be too wet as we had 10inches of rain in 12hours and that has never happened out at our place for as long as my dad can remember which is over 50 years! But if it doesn't rain again it will be the best season at 'Verastan' I will ever live to see!!!!!! yey! Take Care and keep me updated!
lots of love!
From sara
Girls, just loved your pictures. when i left switzerland i realized we didn`t took one together, what a shame. oh, well...
i hope you`re having a great time in italy (it`s that where you`right now? and please feel free to mail me with the nice hostels you`ve found while there!)

gotta come to Prague, it`s amazing! just LOVING it!!!

lots of love and wishes of a very nice trip for you

Sara - brazilian girl from Zurich/Luzern
From Zoe
Hi there love! So good to see your photos and here the latest scandle and adventure that you are both finding over there. My, looks like you are enjoying your beer! Skiing in the Alps is just amazing isn't!
Work is wonderful as always!! Last weekend of the marquee this weekend.
Love you!
From Amanda - Mangod - or
Hi there bum heads!

OMG!! I am so proud of you crashing that party! Two young innnocent girls just wanting a drink and where do they end up! HAHA At BILL GATE'S FUNCTION!!! I am so glad that you guys are having fun over there! The skiing looks surpurb! I think that is definately one thing I will be doing in the next year skiing in Austria and DEFINATELY THE SOUND OF MUSIC TOUR!!! Youg guys rock I want those photos blown up! I got the sound of music limited edition for my 21st!!! Miss you both heaps I can't wait for you both to get back and have a massive drinking session with you both!!

love to you guys!
Stay safe
ps be careful of those buskers!
From Sam
Hey CT! Sounds like you're surviving. I love the Bill Gates story. Random nights is your middle name. The funny thing is I can picture you doing all that stuff - randomly pulling together a string of people, knocking back 1L of beer, crashing parties .... that is CT just warming up. Can't wait to here the rest of the stories. Keep up the good work!
From Jodes
Hey Girls
OMG I loved Austria - best slopes ever, we started at the top of a mountain an stopped at every bar on the way down and I'm surprised I didn't hit a tree I was so drunk. LOVE IT!!
This dorm you stayed at in Munich - was it a YHA place, cause I also stayed in a room with about 8 other people and had a complete party dorm the whole time, we always went to a beer hall every night!!!! Glad to hear you're having fun!!!!! Keep up the drinking - it makes for the best stories! love jodes
From Meredith
Thanks for providing the awesome photos!
Liv and Christabelle you seem to be having a wonderful, boozey, cultural experience! Am very envious, Roma and Dulacca just don't cut it so definately hope to be travelling by September Christie. Keep safe and warm and snappy happy.
From Jane
Oh my gosh bella this is the most professional travel website I have ever seen. I am so not computer-savvy. Missing you heaps and hope both you gorgeous girls are having a fantastic time. xo xo xo
From Scud
Sam would have liked those Saxamaphone chicks!!!
Response: CALL OF THE WEBSITE!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!
From shell
oi - wheres the msg i just left? are these censored maybe? or am i a total moron and cant press the right button?
From shell
omg - that is THE BEST PARTY STORY EVER! HAHAHA! you guys totally rock! How the heck did you look not backpacky bummy and get into a microsoft party? and didnt they wonder that you didnt speak german! omg thats awesome! (but eww beer!) and the skiing would have been really good what with all the snow. glad you didnt get avalanched! anyway yeah... im sposed to be in finance at uni.. so glad you having a great time! miss you lots HAVE FUN!! love shell xox
From betts
FOUND IT! much to the disapproval of my fellow uni-ites. was laughing out loud at your crazy antics & frozen ears. hee hee so warm here. xo. ps. i love snow globes. enjoy your snakebites!
From betts
hello, hello. finally been conected to the internet via... you guessed it -UNI! good ol' uni started back today, im sure you are absolutly horrified at the prospect of never having to go back again, but lucky little me - i have 4more years! Ha ha, anyways, havent looked at your photos yet, cause i haven't worked out where the link is.... nope still can't see it. but apparently the fudge looks good? So glad you're having a marvelous time, and i hope your happiness and health continues. love to you both... stay away from sneaky russians. xo xo betts.
ps. absolutely loved my post card.
From Rads
Hello there girls!!

Hope you're having a good time over there.. Me and Bob are going drinking tonight hehe..

Love you guys..
From Zoe
Lovely to see the recent photos and hear all your stories. You guys just look like you are having such fun moving from one city to the next. How is life living from a pack!?
Enjoy the food, eat, drink and be merry over there! Jono's 30trh on Sat night was a huge success. Lots of cleaning up yesterday and stilling feeling very weary today!!!
Love you!
From Lyn
Hello girls,
Love your photos, looks like you are having a great time, I am enjoying having Kate home again, but I know she is looking forward to going back especially after seeing all your photos. take care love from Bill too xx
From Alex
Hi girls!

Giant clog = very funny!
Look out for giant Babybel cheeses. Excellent! We should import them!

Hope all is well,

Love Al xxx
From Maudie
You are having a ball Christie! So great to get these photos. Keep them coming please. Melbourne town is good and beautifully mild. The heat of Jan has passed. Derek's birthday today so we are off for lunch and dinner! It's Jono's birthday on Sat so we are going to hail his 30th year at Zo's house. Keep well,
Love Maudie
From Kirst
Hi Christie,
Love the photos. Very envious of you having such a great time in Europe. It looks like you are seeing some amazing things. Hope you are surviving the cold. Being in Europe in winter made me love winter, it's so beautiful. Love to you, Kirst
From Charlotte
Helloooooo!! Sounds like you are having a lovely time! And I'm glad to see that the beer hasn't stopped flowing! Keep up the good work! Char xxx
From Mel
Tinkerbell and Liv,
the photos look fantastic, I am so jealous, wish i was over there with you!
So great that you caught up with Pumpa and Mim in London! have a fabulous time. stay safe,
Lots of Love, Mel
From Jen
Hi Christie,

How are you? Silly question I can see you look like you're having a marvellous time! Have loved looking through your photos and am getting very itchy feet and the thought of travelling through all of those amazing places!

Melbourne is going great - I've moved in with two Melbourne boys - one of them is my brothers good friend - in Prahran and having lots of fun!

Must fly as work is very busy at the moment but hope you continue having an absolute ball!

Ciao ciao,

love Jen x
From Katie
I hope you are both getting fat on Belguim beer and waffles and crepes!!
From shell and noms
nice french words! woo!
going to barcelona! hope you guys having fun! love us!
From Kate Q
Hey Girls,
your photos look fabulous! and your travel diary is absolutely amazing! I can't believe how much stuff you've done so far!!! Hope you're having the time of your life!
kate x