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Well it seems like every one has one of these so time for me to jump on the band wagon. Will update whenever I have news.

Diary Entries

Sunday, 31 December 2006

hello here I am back in Swindon after a wonderful week in the Lake District. Had lots of rest and relaxationa and far to much eating. Went for lots of walks round all the little villages, and it only rained on our last day. Our cottage was really cute and the view was stunning of Lake Windermere. Hope to go back in the summer when its warmer and do some of the walks. Had a lovely christmas day at Bryan's mom, even though we had to drive 6 hours. I have since driven our new car a few times, taking a bit to get used to is as bigger than what we had before. No plans for tonight (New Years Eve). Very sad I know but will just sit in and watch telly. Went next door to my neighbour last night when we got back and had a nice catch up with her, needed the female company after being with my brother and bryan for a week. Well I hope you all have a fabulous 2007 and enjoy the pictures.

Sunday, 17 December 2006

Location: Swindon, UK

Hello, hope every one is well. Been a busy week for me and starting all over again tomorrow. Had an email from my brother last sunday asking if he could come stay (again) so picked them up Monday so a full house once again. Had a nice day off Monday once I got home from the hospital, rest of the week busy at work getting all the last minute jobs done before christmas holidays. Have finally finished all my christams shopping so very happy about that. Its my neighbours birthday tomorrow so going round for some tea and cake after work. Yum yum. Saturday I had lazy day cleaning the house and today we have just been the park for a bbq with my brother and his girlfried. Bit mad as its about 10 degrees outside but sun out so warm enough. Just got to get ready for work now for the morning. Looking forward to driving up the Lake District on saturday but will write before then.

Sunday, 10 December 2006

Location: Swindon, UK

Dear All, well sitting here at my computer and cannot feel fingers or toes it is FREEZING. For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere - I DONT LIKE YOU!!! I bet you are all sunning it up and laughing at us cold Poms. Never mind, will get my revenge in about 9 months when its warm here. All ok, been busy busy bee this week. Wednesday put up xmas decorations in the house. Thursday night went to Chinese for works christmas party. Had an absolutly fabulous time, meal was great. Friday night went to see "The Holiday" with Claire my neighbour, brilliant chick film if you ever go and see it. Friday night 11pm Bryan and I went to Asda (grocery shop) and did our weekly shopping as to busy during the day. Open 24 hours and only across the road. Saturday Bryan had the whole day off so we got up early planning on driving down to London to see the lights but somehow ended up in Cheltenham doing christams shopping with his family. Was very nice though but far to many people! Were like ants crawling round the place. But sun shone so all good. Got a few bits. Saturday night I took bryan out for dinner to the chinese and that was really nice. Only got home at 11pm. Today we are just on our way to cinema to see "Happy Feet" and then making nice dinner and then bed. Day off tomorrow as got Female doctor appointment in the morning and not going to work after the torture! Might do a bit of christmas shopping. Well must got get myself ready for movies. Love to all.

Saturday, 02 December 2006

Location: Swindon, UK

hello all, not updated for a few weeks so think i have lots to tell if i can remember it all. A week ago last Friday my brother and his girlfriend came to stay with us for a week so have been busy with them every night catching up on all the news. They fly out to France on Monday so enjoying last few days with them. Bryan just taken them to see new James Bond movie (not my sort of film). I took them out for tea today as well as Bryan's mom so all the families got to meet! Last saturday was my 26th (yes I am getting old!) birthday, bryan had to work till 1pm so my neighbour and I went out for tea and then bryan and i went to his mom as i had asked her to make me chocolate cake. Gavin made me lovley roast chicken for dinner and then before you know its Monday and back to work.

Have my 12 week review at work this wednesday so lots of work to prepare, just typing up the last bit tomorrow but a bit nervous but should be fine, they would have fired me by now if I was crap. Next weekend bryan and I are going to London for the night to see the christmas lights and hopefully a west end show. Booked our christmas holiday today as well. Having christmas lunch at Bryan's mom then driving up to the Lake District (about 4 hour drive North). We have booked a cabin right on the lake and its going to be so nice to do nothing for 5 whole days except go for walks and just relax as both been working hard and need a little break. Both hoping for a little snow but I am a bit nervous about the drive up as will have to do my fair share I suppose. Well besides for a very very cold England all is good here with me. Hope you are all well, keep well.

Sunday, 12 November 2006

Location: UK

hello alll, just got back from our weekend away. Had a really lovely time, it was bryans birthday and his mom's so all went to Basingstoke for the weekend to celebrate as there is a South African restaruant there. Left home about 3pm, only an hour down the road so checked in and then watched the rugby - South Africa LOST!. Then went to Spur and had a lovely meal then back to the hotel for presents. Had breakfast at the hotel Sunday morning then off to the local shopping centre for a quick walk round, lots of people doing there christmas shopping. Saw lots of nice things but not worth buying just to waste money. Came home and now getting ready for work tomorrow!

Went to birmingham monday for work training which was ok but took 3 hours to come home on train which I hated as was very cold having to stand waiting for 2 separate trains but got home in the end. Good week at work all in all, hit my target so think every one pretty happy with me. Only a few weeks left till we break up for christmas, we are still hoping to go away but wil have to see. Well hope you are all well, be good.

Sunday, 05 November 2006

Location: Swindon, UK

Hello, been a quiet week at work as schools went back on Wednesday so still getting themselves sorted out and I guess next week we are going to be manic. going to spend the night at Bryan's mom tonight as got a training day in Birmingham tomorrow and easier to get from Gloucester than Swindon. Get to meet all the other administrators for the company so that should be nice as can see how they do things and maybe I can learn something!! very short entry but just been working. Went to Bristol last night for Chinese which was lovely as always. Need to find somewhere in Swindon though as driving for 45min just to a restaurant is a bit much. Going away next weekend but will email Sunday next week with all the news from there. Hope you all have a good week.

Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Location: Swindon, UK

hello, been a long time since I wrote, been very busy so apologies to all. Work has been so hectic but I am absolutley loving every minute of it. Got day off today as its school holidays so we basically shut down for a week but I have more than enough odd jobs to keep me busy for the four days I am in the office. All the really crappy jobs that you kind of leave on the back burner but never mind, its what I get paid for. Never had a lunch break at all last week and I havent even been bothered by it and those of you who have worked with me know I am strict about starting/leaving on time and having my full lunch time so must be enjoying it there.

We went our for a drive a few weekends ago and the picture of my car covered in mud is where we got stuck. Was very very funny as bryan had the window open and so he got covered in it but I was not happy when I saw the back seat and front of my car, but got its first car wash so all shiny and sparkly now. Driving up to Northampton this weekend to see some family so should be nice.

Well will update again soon as got a few days out the office coming up so will see how they go. Lots of love to all.

Saturday, 30 September 2006

Location: UK

Well another week has flown past, got called into a meeting on Thursday with my manager and offered a permanent postion there as was working on temp to perm basis so said yes and am very very happy. Its a good laugh at work, bit stressful sometimes but every one really nice and works as a team and thats the main thing. Went out after work for Chinese with some of the girls and it was nice getting to know then outside of work! Glad its weekend though so I can catch up on all jobs around the house and do the shopping. Cold in our part of England today but the whole week has been lovely and warm so mustnt complain to much.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, Monday's roll up to quickly for me.

Monday, 11 September 2006

Location: swindon, UK

Hello all, well had a nice first week at my new job. Spent a day in Cheltenham and a day in Cardiff which was really nice. Had to go shopping on the weekend for suits so that was fun as never say no to shopping. Was really hot here this weekend in UK so spent Sunday lying in the garden topping up my tan for what I suppose will be the last time. Back to sunbeds now. Bryan braaied Sunday night and now its back to work for the week. Just had the most horendous thunder storm here and I have been soaked walking to the car so am not to happy with the weather but never mind, home now and nice cup of tea will sort me out. Time for supper and then bed so will say good bye for this time.

Tuesday, 05 September 2006

Location: swindon, UK

well quick email as have to go fetch bryan in 15 minutes. first day was good. obviously did the boring things like stuffing envelopes but also had a three hour induction about the company etc. had hour lunch, just walked round town, very dangerous. could spend all my money!!! tomorrow i am in cheltenham training. train leaves here at 7.52AM and come home dont know when. thursday in cardiff training also full day there plus train. then 22nd sept in bristol for the day. they pay all travel so thats fine by me. so far people i have met are nice. one girl came up to me at 5pm to say hi etc, about my age from essex. seems quite nice. a couple of people my age at least plus some oldies!!! so nice mixed bunch. lots were training today so will meet them friday. other wise thats it really. only crap thing is you HAVE to wear a proper tailored suit so i have to go and buy one. saw some in town for about £40 top/bottom so not to bad but will look around first. just been to Next - yours and mine shop mom - and they have some nice suits but not paying £60 for a bloody jacket before i even look at trousers. well thats about it really. not even had dinner as buzzing all over the place. going to pick up train ticket now, fetch bryan and go sleep as got to be up at 6am! never been up that early. back sore from sitting so long at computer as not used to it. never mind. all will settle in few days.
Love Lee-Anne

Friday, 01 September 2006

Location: Swindon, UK

Well here is me and my travel page. Start my new job on Tuesday as a Business Admin Assistant in a Recruitment Agency here in Swindon so fingers crossed it all goes well as I hate being the new girl. Been a crappy 10 or so weeks looking for a job. How can people be so cruel when they are interviewing you, I hate that someone judges me based on half an hour of talking. Never mind all good now as will finally be back in the work place - never thought i would be happy about working! Plans for weekend are to go to Bryan's family saturday for dinner then Sunday spend my last day off relaxing and maybe doing somewhere for a drive.

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