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Hi Everyone - We are off to the U.S to visit New York, Boston and Washington. Please enjoy our blog and photos. We look forward to hearing from you !

Liz & Matt

Diary Entries

Monday, 07 May 2012

Location: Gettysburg, USA

Hello everyone
This is our second day at Gettysburg and we visited Jenny Wade's house, The museum of Presidents and First Ladies, the National Soldiers Musuem and the Diorama. We also went on a tour of the battlefields ourselves following the audio trail. We had done the conducted bus tour yesterday but this was excellent as we were able to go in areas that were prohibited for the buses.
We have had a great two days and tomorrow we are off to Washington! We leave the car at the Ronald Reagan airport and then we will be on foot for the rest of our trip.
love to you all
Liz and Matt

Sunday, 06 May 2012

Location: USA

Hello everyone
We arrived in Gettysberg yesterday afternoon so we are here for 3 nights. Today we did a tour of the battlefield with a very good, informative guide. The bus was full and part way around 2 people forgot to get back on the bus so we did a big detour to get them!! We all had a good laugh together over it!!
The tour lasted for two hours and we saw how the battle unfolded over the three days from all the various vantage points. (It was good for me to have Matt as an extra guide as he knew all about the different people and places).
When it finished we did a bit of exploring and found a Shopping outlet and Matt did very well - the prices of men's clothing is unbelievably cheap compared to Australia and for the same brands!
We will be visiting a number of museums tomorrow so will be back in touch tomorrow night.
love Liz and Matt

Wednesday, 02 May 2012

Location: Albany NY and Rochester NY, USA

Hello everyone
We are having a great time. We stayed in Albany for two days and ate at the famous Jack's Oyster Bar which was recommended to us. It has been in continual existence for 100 years and the son of the owner is there every night - he is 90 years old. We had beautiful meals there on both nights.
Matt did some exploring of the old parts of Albany - it is the capital of New York State and was built by the Railway barons and you should see the old Railway Station!! Matt took some terrific photos which we will show you when we get home.
Today we arrived in Rochester which is the home of the Kodak Eastman empire. We toured the house of George Eastman and it was amazing!! Tomorrow we go to Niagara Falls!! We are both getting very good with the driving on the wrong side of the road!!
Hope all is well with everyone
love Liz and Matt

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Location: USA

Hello everyone,
Here we are at 4.30pm on Sunday afternoon. We have just got back to our hotel after a big day. We visited the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum and the Boston Museum of Art. The first one was amazing - a very, very rich American woman in the 19th century went on a shopping spree in Italy and came home with a museum full of amazing treasures. The room we loved the most was the Tapestry room - a room full of very large tapestries which were wonderful.
We are off to Albany tomorrow and pick up the car at the airport. We have been watching the drivers and accliamatising ourselves to the different road rules!!!
Love to you all and the next time you will hear from us will be in Albany NY State.
Liz and Matt

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Location: USA

Hello everyone,
Today is Saturday in Boston - the wind was freezing last night and again this morning so we went to Macy's and bought a couple of windcheaters and a new coat for me. There is no tax on clothing under $160 in the State of Massachusetts so it was a great price. I also bought some make up as it is half the price we would pay in Australia.
WE got a big fright at 12.30am last night when an evacuation call came through the system into our room. We shot out of bed and got dressed and were told to wait for a further call. We could see out our window the fire trucks arrive with sirens blaring!!! It turned out to a false alarm and there was no evacuation so we were very pleased.
Today we went to a very interesting housecalled the Gibson house. It was left as a museum by its elderly owner and is as it was in the 1920's. It is what they call a brownstone which means it has one window at the back and one at the front and it is only one room wide as it is part of a row. There were five stories and we saw the basement which had the kitchen and the laundry - would have hated to work in either! The dining room was on the ground floor and the sitting room and library were on the first floor. Up another flight of stairs to the two bedrooms and the others were up on the higher floors. People would have been very fit going up and down the stairs.
We are off to a beautiful seafood restaurant on the wharf tonight. We went there the other night and loved the food so are going back.
Tomorrow is our last day in Boston so we will write tomorrow afternoon.
love Liz and Matt

Friday, 27 April 2012

Location: USA

Hello everyone,
We walked the Freedom Trail today which shows the history of the freedom fighters in early Boston and the story of the Boston Tea Party. It was a very long walk but we had quite good weather. Every section was interesting because the Americans take their history very seriously and their museums at each section are very well done and have lots of guides to help you. We visited Little Italy as part of the walk and had a lovely lunch at a little Italian restaurant. Every time you looked there was another restaurant or little Italian bakery.
Hope everyone is well - we are missing you all
love Liz

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Location: USA

Hello everyone
We have had a wonderful day in Boston. We went on a hop on bus and the voucher we had included a Harbour cruise. I took a few photos but will take more tomorrow.
We had a great trip on the train - it is beautiful country and the little towns were very quaint.
Our hotel is a little disappointing as it is part of the Convention centre and while on the waterfront is about 2 kms from the shopping area and 2kms in the other direction from the waterfront restaurants.
Tomorrow we are going to the the Freedom trail so more news then. I am going to rest my legs!!!! They are very tired from all the walking.
We will use the ipad tomorrow downtown!!!
love to all
PS Matt is resting on the bed as I write this from the business centre in the lobby of the hotel

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Hello everyone
Another busy day in New York! We started with going to the Metropolitan Museum on 5th Street and spent the morning there. The exhibition of early American furniture was excellent and Matt enjoyed seeing it very much. We did a bit of shopping later as you see from the photos!! We went for a walk in Central Park and saw the dog walker! The advertise 'dog walking clubs' so your special pet can enjoy company. It is amazing to see so many dogs around - there are about 4 in the apartments in our block and you see people walking them every day.
I was very taken by the school buses with the sign on the back window. They were all empty waiting to pick up children from school!!
We are off to Boston tomorrow so will write from there. We get on the train at 11am and reach Boston at 6pm so I have my knitting ready and we are looking forward to seeing the countryside.
Love to everyone
PS Matt is in our room writing the diary on the ipad.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Dear everyone
We had a great day yesterday going to the Empire State Building and then walking down to Greenwich Village. It is so different to the rest of New York. We had Mexican food in a big diner for lunch - it was crowded with people choosing from a vast range of food which was cooked on the spot. We sat at a window and watched the world go by! We walked and walked so are very tired today. We are looking forward to visiting the Guggenheim museum and going to the upper West Side today which is our last day in New York - tomorrow Boston!!
love Liz and Matt

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Hi everyone
We have had another great day in New York. We started off early this morning with Mass at St Patrick's Cathedral. It was packed with it being Mass celebrated by the Cardinal of New York. The choir was magnificent as was the organ! The Cardinal spoke very well and welcomed everyone - it was quite special as he spoke of the christening of Maeve a little daughter of a police officer who had been shot while working and has made a remarkable recovery. There was a standing ovation for the officer with many police in the congregation. After that the weather changed and the rain poured down!! We went on our last hop on hop off tour and were given ponchos to protect us from the rain. We went through the upper part of Manhattan and into Harlem. It was so interesting to see so many different people and aspects of the city. It is certainly a multi-cultural city of immense size. Every street is full of apartment blocks. We then came back to our apartment and had some lunch (bought on the way - the neighbourhood has many excellent delis!) and then we walked down Park Avenue to Grand Central station and took the Undeground train to 33rd Street and walked past the Empire State Building and into Macys Department store. We bought some make up (way cheaper than at home) and some socks for Matt!!!
We walked back to here 56th Street and it rained all the way. Thank goodness for good raincoats and shoes!! The blocks are quite short but it was still a long way!
love Liz and Matt

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hi everyone
We have a great day today. We went on the hop on - hop off bus to downtown Manhattan and then we went on the ferry to Liberty Island and Ellis Island. We went on the Staten ferry and it was a long queue to get on the ferry. There was tight security to get on the ferry. After that we went on another bus to go around Brooklyn - it was very interesting with many nationalities in various areas. We finished up at Central Park - we will take more photos tomorrow of this area. We have put in a few of the photos we took so you can see what we did today.
love Liz and Matt

Friday, 20 April 2012

Location: New York

Today we walked from the hotel to Times Square and then back via St Patrick's Cathedral. We were asked by a couple to take their photo and they took ours. We walked up to Central Park and visited the Frick Collection which is an old house with lots of paintings and beautiful tapestries. We were very tired after all that walking so we went to a local take-way (they nearly know us by name now) and got some chicken and salad. Tomorrow (Saturday) we are going on the hop on hop off bus. Love to you all Liz

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hello everyone
We have arrived in New York! We had a very good flight from LAX to JFK. It took about 5 hours. We had a hard flight from Sydney as it was bumpy nearly all the way! The stewards said it was the hardest flight yet! We had the seat belt sign on nearly all the way and cabin service was suspended! We can thoroughly recommend Premium Economy as there was plenty of room for Matt's legs!!!
I loved the complimentary champers when we were seated! When we were in LA we went for a long walk and got a phone so in case you didn't get our phone message our phone number while we are here is 323 420 3599.
Matt had a good sleep in the afternoon
We had a fast and interesting introduction to NY with our taxi driver who talked in French on the phone while zipping in and out of the traffic all the way into Manhattan. I held on to Matt's hand most of the way!
The apartment at the Lombard Hotel is beautiful! We have a big bedroom, large living room and a kitchen. We went for a walk when we unpacked and found a great deli and bought some milk and a lovely takeaway meal. It is now 9.25pm so are going to bed soon!
Love to you all
Liz and Matt

Friday, 24 February 2012

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From The Dean Family
Hi Guys - great photos ! Harrison loves the Eastman house - get us some house plans please. We hope you enjoy Niagara Falls.

Luv the Deans
Response: Hi - you would have loved Niagara falls as well. We had a great time. It's good to be back on the internet and able to use planetranger again
From Mark Dean
Hi Matt & Liz - we are really enjoying the snaps of Boston ! Mitchell will expect you to keep up your long distance walks if you keep eating those bagels. Good luck with the driving - looking forward to more news !
From Mitchell Dean
Hi Liz and Matt it has been raining the last few days. ANZAC Day (today) is another cold and wet day. It should make for rather challenging playing conditions.

We have loved all of the information you have been sharing with us. We have been reading them out to Gran & Pa. It is like we are all there as well. How lucky you were with your good view from the E.S. Building as it can often be very murky.

We look forward to the next installment from Boston. Hope you feet enjoy the well earned break. Enjoy the vista.

Love The Deans and The McD's
Response: It is so good to hear from you so keep sending emails. We are off to dinner at a seafood restaurant this evening!!!
From The Deans
Hi Liz and Matt. We are really taken with your Travel Page and speckie photos. It makes us feel like we are there. Mitchell is very impressed with all of your walking Liz!!!

We managed to make the Bombers beat Carlton for you Matt. We are sure it was due to our brilliant cheering and flag waving! Hopefully we manage to do the same cheering from home for Anzac Day on Wednesday!

Enjoy your sightseeing and experiences. Hope the weather is kind to you and the shopping is good !!!!

Love The Deans xxx
Response: Lovely to hear from you all. The weather has turned and it was raining all day today. Tomorrow we hope to go to the Empire State Building and Greeenwich village. We will let you know how it all went tomorrow. I am so pleased you have sent us your news. Love Liz and Matt
From Joyce & John
Hi Matt & Liz,
Hope you are having a good time in NYC. Just a reminder - you will need to put in your tips for the Anzac day match between Essendon & Collingwood before the 25th. Luv Joyce & John
Response: Hi Joyce and John
Thanks for the reminder. We will email Mitch with the tips! We had a wonderful day today and Mitchell will give your the details. We have sent you a couple of postcards as well!
love Liz and Matt
From Mitchell Dean
Hi it is the Dean Family - It sounds like you had an adrenalin pumping intro to the US ! We hope that you have a more relaxing time hereon in. It must be great knowing that it will be quite a while before your next flight. Liz - in your footy tips for this round you missed the Collingwood match so we picked them for you. We are off to the MCG tomorrow to see Essendon v Carlton. 25C and Fine. Luv Kathy, Mark & the Boys
Response: I hope you enjoyed the Essendon and Carlton game. It is fine here today after the rain.