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The Lone Caucasian

I'm am about to embark on my own version of "Lost in Translation" and i couldn't be more excited ( and/or nervous, scared and terrified!!!!)
I've set up this blog so you guys can follow my journey and the adventures that i'll undoubtedly experience.
Hopefully by logging the details of my trip it will not just help me to remember the good, the bad and the ugly but also keep me in touch with all you guys back home. Please feel free to drop me a line and i'll try to respond to everyone as soon as possible.

Sayounara for now

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Location: Montgomery, USA

Well ya'll, the trip is coming to and end. Tomorrow it's going back to Victoria. Just when I was getting used to the American money. All looks the same.

Rocky has been so kind to offer to drive me out to New York tomorrow morning. We are departing here around 6AM tomorrow. It promises to be a fun drive. It's been fun being in Montgomery and the Sanguedolce family has been nothing but kind to me. This is sure a different perspective of the US though. I'm only familiar with the bigger cities like NYC and Seattle, and this is the furthest south I have ever been.

From NYC it goes North to Toronto where i have a 6 hour layover. My travel agent told me that I should use my charm to get an earlier flight if possible. With my current luck with airline companies, my charm will get me a flight the day after tomorrow. But I will test my odds and see how lucky I get. If I don't get an earlier flight I'll be arriving in Victoria at 1049PM.

I've spent the last couple days thinking how weird it will be to be home again. To not having to live out of a backpack. To having a cellphone and a set of keys in my pocket. To drinking water without the fear of getting sick.

The last three and a half months have been a blast. I've seen incredible things, met amazing people and ohh more thing....been around the world.
But it sure is going to be nice getting home and not worrying about what i can and most likely shouldn't eat.

So if everything goes as planed, tomorrow night I'll be back in Victoria.

Monday, 19 June 2006

Location: Mongomery, Pennsylvania, USA

I left NYC today and headed south to Montgomery PA. It was an interesting train ride to Philadelphia and then Harrisburg. Ruby and Rocky picked me up there and took me to where they live. The nice city of Montgomery.

Ruby spent the rest of the afternoon showing me the surrounding area. We visited the Little league World Series Museum which is located only a stones throw from where they are located. I thought that there was a Victoria team that one that championship in one of the last years, but i didn't see anything about that in the museum. Guess i was wrong.

Anyways..I'm just about to head to bed. Have a lot planed for tomorrow. I'll post something then. And also try to get some pics online.

cheers daniel

Sunday, 18 June 2006

Location: NYC, USA

Bag has arrived with everything in it. BUT IT"S DAMAGED!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 18 June 2006

Location: nyc, USA

Bags have been located. And are now on the way to where i am staying. Should be here within the next 2-3 hours. Thanks Air Canada/

Saturday, 17 June 2006

Location: New York, USA

Hey..So i'm in NYC now..I had a terrible time getting here. Almost
missed my connection in Paris. Had to switch to a different terminal, which was PACKED with ppl. and by the time i got there, they were about to close to the counter. Then i had to run through security which also had a huge line up. Finally made it to the plane with 5 minutes before take off. Then we had to wait about 15 minutes for four ppl to come. Ther airport is so poorly was horrible. Then i got to Montreal after a nice long flight and the luggage that had been sent from Frankfurt wasn't there. So i had to deal with that and then had 15 minutes to make it to my next flight. Rushed upstairs to Air Canada, lucky didn't have anything to check, cause they didn't send it from Paris. Then had to go through US customs and passport control. With 3 minutes before the flight was supposed to leave i made
it out of customs and SPRINTED to the terminal. They had already
closed it down. Thankfully the lady opened it for me and let me run to the plane. As i got there, they were about to close the plane door. I made it on okay, but my luggage is somehwere in Europe. They should send it here within the next day or so (IF THEY FIND IT!!!!)

I was about to say SCREW IT I"M FLYING HOME..but i'm here now, met up with Emily and we are just about to head out. After arriving i went clothing shopping got some t shirts. Gonna get some undies and some socks tomorrow. Thankfully had a pair of each with me. Now i can just wait and HOPE that my pack shows up..

SO!!! blAh..i find it funny though that we had NO problems in Asia,
and as soon as we get to N America SHIT like this happens..


So that's what went ontoday. I've been up for almost 45 hours now..i'm off to bed.


Friday, 16 June 2006

Location: Saarbrücken, Germany

My time in Germany is running out. I´m going to catch the overnight train from Saarbrücken to Frankfurt Airport tonight. Tomorrow morning it´s off to Nyc via Paris and Montreal. Should be arriving in the US around 3PM after a loonnnnnng day. Then i can figure out how to make it to Manhattan. Fun times. Spending the weekend with my friend Emily and then going South to visit Ruby and Rocky. And then ladies and gents it´ll be time to head back to the Victoria. Time to enjoy some Tim Hortons...It has been way too long.

So i´ll update again when i get to the big apple.

Monday, 12 June 2006

Location: Saarbrücken, Germany

Three weeks of miserable weather and now it's finally getting nicer. The day we leave Austria. My dad and i flew from Vienna to Frankfurt today. The flight was the only one that i can remember where i have been able to seen the scenery below us from take off to landing. Clear blue sky all the way through. Fabulous. But after a more than pleasant flight the landing was rather harsh. A lot of sudden dips and jerks, the regular landing at good ol' Frankfurt airport.

At the airport my dad and I said our good byes. He is returning back home, whereas I are spending the next month (probably only two weeks) spending some time with my dad's cousin in Germany, going to Paris and then NYC and PA (to visit Ruby and Rocky) You can read more about those two in my Osaka section of this blog.

At this point i want to clarify something. I had an entry about the adventures of R&R and Daniel while we were in Nara. I said something along the lines that Ruby had to go to the washroom, and while we were waiting Rocky and I wandered into a room where we were shown how to make sushi and green tea. I have received some emails about re: "what happened to RUBY.. did she return??"
Ruby did return and she is doing well. I hope that clarifies things Janet.

It is weird to be traveling alone again. But i managed in Japan where i couldn't speak the language, i should do just fine in Germany. Although i must say that when i listen to some Germans speak, I could be listening to Japanese. I can't understand a word that they are saying. It's terrible how much the butcher the language. . . . . . just kidding :|

Tomorrow my cousin (x times removed) is going to show me the surroundings. He told me about an old steel mill that sounds really interesting. Looking forward to that. Tomorrow night we are going to catch Brazil play on the big screen in a near by city. That should be CRAZY COOL. will come I'm gonna watch some soccer and celebrate the loss that the US just suffered. I know..I'm going to hell.

Friday, 02 June 2006

Location: Linz, Austria

Well the weather here is less than awesome. Black clouds hover over Linz and there is no sign of it getting better. The forcast for the next week is less than exciting.
Linzfest starts on the weekend and i was hoping to spend lots of time outside along the Donau, watching performances and listening to bands. But if it´s this cold i´m not going outside.
My friend Rich´s friend is playing in the Ars Electronica on Sun and we are going to check it out. Thankfully it´s indoors. A definite plus.

H and I were invited to dinner at the Dürrschmid´s. It was a large gathering of people that I haven´t seen since I moved to Canada in 97. Great to see them all again. I love that upon seeing me, everyone tells me how much I´ve grown and how mature I am. Show´s how long they haven´t seen me.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a lil warmer and nicer and we can spend some time outside. Otherwise I´ll curl up with my book (A million little pieces) and not venture outside.

Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Location: Linz, Austria

I should never have complained about being too hot in India. I´ve been in Austria for a week now and it´s FREEZing. The temperature is hovering around 10 C. Hermann and I are running around in sweaters, long pants and sleeping under the thickest of blankets. What a change from a week ago. I guess a nice medium between the two would be nice. The cold has given me lots of time to acquaint myself with the museums and galleries in town. For a city that is a little smaller than Victoria, it is shocking how much there is to do and see here. It´s actually wonderful. I really wish that there was this much to do in Victoria.

Tomorrow I´m meeting up with a buddy that I went to elementary school with. I haven´t seen him in years and I´m totally looking forward to seeing him. The next couple nights are booked with family friends, most of which i haven´t seen in years or since before I moved to Canada.

There will be some pictures up shortly. It is depressing how grey it is here though.

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Location: Linz, Austria

Hey there,

Just a quick hello. Hermann and i arrived in Austria on Sunday morning at 450AM. Besides slightly different scenery, the weather is a lot more bearable than in India. Cool actually. 20 degrees and I feel like i´m going to freeze. Good thing i didn´t send my sweater home.

We spent the morning walking around Vienna before meeting up with my Austrian cousin for lunch. In the early afternoon we then met up with my Canadian cousin and her husband and toured the city together. After some not so fancy, yet delicious Austrian cuisine, we took the 1820 to Linz. My original home town. My uncle picked me up from the train station and then it was off to Oma for some dinner. After being up for a good day and a half we collapsed and went to bed.

The next day, my uncle took us around town, showing us the new developments that have occurred since my last visit two years ago. It is amazing. Linz roughly the same size as Victoria is booming. Festivals, concerts, shows, so much going on. I wish Victoria could get it´s act together and make some things happen. Maybe i need to write a short letter to the mayor, Mr Low.

So i´ll hopefully be able to add some stuff in the days to come.

Till then..Cheers from Austria


Friday, 19 May 2006

Location: Jaipur, India

So..tomorrow is the day I've been looking forward to since i started this trip. Yes it is arriving a good 2 weeks before i had thought it would...but who really cares..I'm on my way to Austria ( and i just found out that my suit is there to greet me)

Tomorrow we are heading to Mumbai, going to arrive at 1010ish. Apparently delays of an hour or so are very maybe it'll be closer to 11 or 12. Which is also fine, cause our flight to Austria doesn't leave till 1230AM. We'll have to wait no matter what. After that it's only 8 short hours before landing in Vienna. This might be my first flight with Austrian Airlines..can that be true?

I know i haven't sent out a China, Vietnam, Cambodia or Thailand 101 yet and i doubt that i will be. BUT...and there's always a BUT..I have written an Asia 101 and will be sending it out shortly. Just a brief email about my thought and experiences.

Once i get to Austria, I'll hopefully be able to post more regularly and I'll definitely make the utmost effort to post some pics. Perhaps even some of myself...
Till then...

Wednesday, 17 May 2006

Location: Agra, India

Sup blog followers,

Left Delhi and took the train to Amritsar. After checking into the hotel, we hired a driver to take us to the border between India and Pakistan. Every day at sun rise and sun set, they have a choreographed "show" where each side takes down their respective flag. It's a HUGE spectacle and I was amazed by how many people came to see it. Us white people were seated in the VIP section..AWESOME.

The nest day H and I visited the golden temple and walked around down town Amritsar. The heat was in the high 40s and neither of us could handle it for too long. We only spent a couple hours out of the hotel. Ended the night by watching Drake and Josh, a show on Nickelodeon, and now H and my favorite show.

Today, H and I arrived in Agra after a LONG journey. We departed Amritsar on the 510AM train, were picked up in Delhi and then driven to Agra. Arrived here at around 4ish. After a short rest in our hotel, we headed to the Taj Mahal. Very impressive. We are just checking email (something that has been rather difficult since arriving in India), then heading to the hotel for dinner and a good night sleep. [Our last two night have been rather interesting...The first night in Amritsar we had someone try to get into our room in the middle of the night. Scared the S#(&% out of me. After that we heard gun shots outside. RAT tatatatatata. Machine gun fire. The only thing i could say is..."So when are we going to Austria???"

Little side note: There was a security guard in our hotel, walking around the lobby with a machine gun. I thought that that was a little overkill, but decided that that's how they "roll" in Punjab. THEN...i saw two other plain clothed males with machine guns. That's when i thought to myself that we are gonna be REALLY SAFE here or i should be REALLY worried.

I still don't know what was going on with the gun shots that we heard at night. Murder, celebration, I just don't know. H and I got out of there alive so all is well.

Hopefully tonight is going to be more pleasant. We are going to Jaipur tomorrow and will spend the day after that there too. Then it's off to Mumbai in the morning and then to Austria in the night..ONLY THREE MORE SLEEPS...WOOT WOOT

I'm sorry that i can't upload any pictures at this time. They will come in Austria. And...when i get home you can look at all 5000 of them.

Till the next time..


Monday, 15 May 2006

Location: Amritsar, India

Hermann and i are currently in Amritsar. Our time in India has been very stressful as things just haven't been working out as planed. We are having minimal chances to check our email and thus i haven't been able to update the site. Perhaps i'll have to wait till austria to post some pics and write some more informative updates.

We are off to Agra on Wed and it's off to Austria soon after that..FIVE MORE SLEEPS :D

Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ready for a change...

For someone who complains that it is always cold, I will never be allowed to complain again. A nice breeze would be welcomed change from the heat that we are experiencing on a daily basis. We had another day of 36C and I feel that I'm melting away. It is hard to keep liquids in when the sun wants nothing more than to rob them from you. Especially now that I need to drink more than my usual amount of water to flush out those stones, the cycle of
intake and output is greater than ever.

The weather forecast for the upcoming days is much of the same. Heat galore. H and I were watching the news today and imagining how nice it would be to be anywhere in Europe right now where it seems that it's only about 20 degrees. Delhi, our next major destination had a low of 39C and a high of 46 today. That is just too hot for comfort. Perhaps it won't be as humid and thus a little more bearable.

With all this heat, still not fully recovered from what we have/had H and I both agree that we should speed things up and try to make it to Austria sooner rather than later. The last 7ish weeks have been fun, interesting and definitely a character builder. I've seen a lot, done a lot, thought a lot, eaten a lot and recently..sweat a lot. On top of all that, I've traveled a lot and the daily packing and unpacking is getting old. Our plans (if possible) is to cut the last 6 days out of Thailand, go to India ( a week before we were supposed to) and then go to Austria a little sooner too. Something familiar, would do us both good right about now. So that's the plan. I'll post a more definitive plan as soon as all the kinks get worked out.

Tuesday, 09 May 2006

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Just a short little update about our travel. H and i have been spent the last three days in Bangkok. Flying around the city in Tuk Tuks, enjoying Thai food and visiting probably half of the 800+ temples. After Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam and Cambodia I must say that I'm as close as one can get to being templed-out ( or out-templed). Bangkok has a huge variety of Buddhas, so finding them and exploring them has been rather fun. We've seen the Standing Buddha, the reclined Buddha, the sitting, the black, the gold, the....and the list goes on and on.

The weather here is a lot better than Cambodia. Still hot, but definitely not as humid. There is also a nice breeze that passes through the streets which makes it a lot more bearable. Today is our last day here and I was hoping we could spend it away from temples, but H has other ideas. He has one more to check off from his list and we will be going there shortly. After that I'll be an afternoon to relax and pack. We will have been here for 4 nights, which gave us ample time to have laundry done. Now we have to carefully pack it all up. I am slowly starting to run out of room. Bangkok is an impossible place to save money in and my pack is filling up fast. Only three-ish more weeks before we get to Austria. I can send stuff home from there with H.

Tomorrow we are off to Chiang Mai. I booked a room in a B&B and i HOPE that it is as nice as it looks from the pictures. It should be a good time.

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From Aussie Dan
Hey Dan
Well dont expect any awesome photography shots on my site at the moment- been out on the town a bit lately... My site is Don't worry- been working hard in betweent the good times shown on my site!! How's home treating you? Dan.
Response: i've been home for a bit over a week now..and i'm itchin' to get on the road again
From Aussie Dan
Hey Dan
Just wanted to say I've been looking at your site every now and then, i too am a planetranger-blogger-head. You have become a great photgrapher throughout your trip.
I'm from Victoria too but different contry! Best wishes for home Dan!
Response: Thank you for your kind words. Let me know what your site is, i'd love to check it out.
From Ferdinand Hartz
Hi Hermann,

ich bin ein Freund von Dieter,
dem Loistel - Cousin.
Deine Travel Page hat mir sehr imponiert. Allerdings habe ich Fan-Fotos vom WM-Spiel in Saarlouis vermisst.
Du siehst ich bin bestens in-

beste Grüße unbekannterweise Ferdi
Response: Dear Ferdi. Sorry to have kept you waiting. The soccer pics are now up.. Thanks for checking out the site.
From Kader
bon voyage for the last time, have a good flight and give us a call when you land
Response: thanks buddy...Will do
From ying
hey dan!

so you're the one that took the pic on the p.ranger mainpage! congrats ;)

have fun back home... i've got about another month and half before i make it home so you can be sure that i'll be milking it for all it's worth...


Response: Thanks..Keep up the great pictures. You are an inspiration
From brizzle
sup danny? looks like someones gettin all artsy with the pho toze!!! if you're still in the city, go somewhere and have a slice of pizza. ever! Even if it sucks its still the best. pizza. ever!
bdot in the tdot
Response: you diggin the pho toze??
i thought that there are some cool ones there. didn't have any pizza..but i had a HOT DOG...just as good!!
From Travis
hey danny boy
sorry to hear about the luggage fiasco, hope everything's ok.
when are you getting back? We leave on the 28th so maybe we'll pass you in the air or something
miss ya
Response: HELLO.
HOWAREYA...Coming home this thursday..plenty of time to see you before you go.
From Jane+Hermann
The only positive thing about not having your pack.... is that you don't have to live out of it......
Response: i actually was kinda glad that i didn't have to lug it from the airport to manhattan.

After it arrived here, i noticed that it has been i need to call them whe i get home
From muffin
awww...i'm sorry you had a rough time but HEY you're in n. america and that's what matters... only 5 more days til ur home! can't wait!!!! take care of urself down there and safe trip home :)
Response: THANK YOU!!!
4 more days, eh!!
From Kristen
Hey Dan...
At work right now, and decided to visit your page. Congrats on the "feature photo"!!! Glad to hear you're still enjoying your trip and soon will be heading home!
Take Care!
Response: Thanks for the message. I'm so proud to have made the feature picture. And it's a nice one too. haha

Can't wait to be back home..less than a week
From Dean
Sweet, not only are you STILL #1 not only for yet another month, but in our hearts as well ;) BUT you also have the featured photo! Now we just have to get you at least top 5 over all

Hopin to see you again soon, cause its gettin closer!
Response: yeah like what's up with that. I mean i should have atleast cracked the top 5 ALL day day
From Kader
Can't wait to hear more of the stories when you get back. BTW, you'll be proud, I pulled out the pink shirt (sorry no socks) at the grad party!!!
as for getting into manhattan, i think its a flat rate in the taxi ($40?), or there's a bus, or if you want to navigate the subway there's one into the city....

ps. First Timmy's is on me
Response: got to NYC alright..almost missed both my connecting flights from Paris and Montreal though and my luggage didn't make it. The bus/subway ride into town were rather nice tho. I can't wait to come home and not have to live out of a backpack. ..I really hope that i get it back though...BOOO!!

And re's always on you.
From Tamara
oh to be in deutschland...regardless of the weather i always feel so at home there. how i envy you. the suit is tiiiight! only a man of your poise can pull off the pink socks. good man. german t shirt, me. make it happen.something cute with jeans that i can wear when we go for tea when you get back. yes, i am planning for it already. have fun for me
tchuss mein lieblchen xooxoxo
Response: thought you´d like the pink socks. They were a big hit at the party, even though few will admit it. I thought that they were sharp.
From Pablo
Dude... come home already!!!!
Response: Coming home soon...i promise
From lily
Dear Hermann,
Have a safe trip back to Canada.
Daniel keep enjoying your holiday.
Response: H can´t wait to get home.. I´ll pass the note on to him.
From Anna, Lorenz
hi! we tried to call you this afternoon. if you haven´t got any plans for tonight lorenz and i thought we could (if you like!) maybe meet in town for a drink or something. maybe you can call (dürrschmid, helmut) or write and e-mail!!!
Response: hey..that would have been dope.. too bad i´m in Waidhofen...much rather be going out with the DürrschmiDs
From Affleck
Aidler! Just got back from a little trip of my own and I wanna go travelling again! Brought back good memories of Linz & Wiens back in '02 with you & J.Lee. Stay warm, and enjoy the World Cup!
Response: Dean told me about your tour....all i can say is..AWESOME
hope everything went to hear more about it when i get back
From Ali
Hey we're being neglected here.. your LJ... your emailing... What's going on over there??? we miss ya!

Response: what´s going on over here...not a heck of a lot. Once i get moving again, the LJ will happen more frequently..i hope

missssing ya

a lot
From Jen Bennett
Hey, I heard you were considering ending your trip with some sightseeing on Canadian soil. I wanted to offer you a place to stay in Toronto if you make it this way. I will be going to Vic myself on Canada day, but if your schedule matches mine, I'd love to have you. You guys look like you are having a blast...I hope to be in Vic when the slideshow is presented. Say Hi to the H man for me.
Response: Thanks for the offer. Right now I´m thinking of skipping the lovely city of TO...BUT!!!! if i do stop by, i´ll take you up on that offer.

I´ll email ya for sure!!
From Kader
How long do you have to be #1 monthly before you break into the top overall?!?! I mean come on!!
Response: ohh i what´s up with that, eh???
From Anna
It´s DürrschmiD... ;) never mind.
It was great to see you again! Maybe we can stay in touch and I would really like to listen to your "song" (when it´s finished)!
Response: the mistake has been corrected..sorry

and heck YES to staying in touch.. let´s try to hear from one another more than once every nine years :S
From Kader
Hey big guy, haven't heard from you for a while, how's the homeland treating you? Did you end up shipping everything home? Is there any world cup fever over there...
Response: Sup buddy,

Things are going well in Österreich. The WM is everywhere. There is´n´t a single store where you can´t get something soccer related. Germany is going to be insane next week...
From Pablo
eagerly awaiting Asia 101 over here... c'mon dragon...
Response: It´s done..I´ve re-written it 5 times...blah
Hey bud just stoping by to say hi and see how ya doing. Hope everything is going well. Look foward to seeing ya.
Ruby & Rocky
Response: Hello friends...
Things are going well over here..Only a couple more weeks before US of A
From Michael E. Averyt
Am thoroughly enjoying your blog--keep it up!

Greetings to H

Fr. Michael+
Response: Thanks!!
I took lots of nice pictures from Bangkok..i think you´d enjoy them