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Rangi & Loren - Life in London

Still in London, living & working & playing... been to Barcelona and looking forward to a hot summer - we hope!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

We are bad, bad people because we dont update this website anymore. What with my Mum being on facebook, there's not a huge number of reasons to continue uploading stuff here. However a small update for you:

I successfully trekked 126km across the Sahara Desert in Morocco in March 2009 and also fundraised £2,435 for charity. Best trip of my life - recommend any charity treks like this to really test you.

Rangi signed up end of 2008 to study via correspondance to become an electrician. To date he has read about 30 pages and not started any work ... already he deserves the "best in procrastination" certificate!

Workwise, he's still at Sam's, I'm still at Global Radio (bought out GCap) and have managed to avoid being made redundant about 3 times in the last 6 months. Lucky me...

Rangi & I are heading home! We leave this Friday (17th Apr) and are home for 3 very family-focussed weeks. Bring it on!

If we're going to see you soon - CANT WAIT! If not, keep in touch (email or facebook is probably best!!!) and see you in a wee while xxx

Thursday, 04 September 2008

Location: Mykonos, Greece

Yasas! We are on Mykonos Island doing a quick internet check, thought a quick update to make you all jealous wouldnt go astray!

Today we hired scooters on this rather larger of the islands we have been visiting. So much fun, right hand side of the road, winds blowing in your face, dazzling blue seas in lots of different inlets and beaches, arid dry landscape, rocks and barren land, wicked greek buildings with the typical white wash look. So cool.

Having a blast. Have been to Pireaus (port nearest Athens), Kalymnos, Bodrum in Turkey, Kos, Paros and now Mykonos (the Ibiza of Greek Islands we hear) and still have Syros to go before returning to Athens. Has been up to 40 degrees, but when you are near the shore there is usually good breeze to keep you cool. Cruise ship has been lots of fun too, though have too much sea legs and feel like you sway while on land.

Having great time, looking forward to seeing Manda and Brad in Athens in a few days and then head off to Berlin to sample a new language! I have even been asked 'who teach you Greek? who you're teacher?' coz my Parakalo and Efkaresto (please and thank you) sound great. Ha sure.

Lots of love and sun and smiles and sea air from Mykonos
Us xxxx

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Location: Sunny London, England

Hello, long time no message, woke up early today (Sunday) and it was a stunning day - not a cloud in the sky! In the last half hour however there has been a lot of cloud roll over... sucks, better not be like yesterday and rain non stop!

News? Looking forward to our holiday - yeeeha! 2.5 weeks off work, week cruise around the greek islands (its a hard life!), 3 nights in athens with manda and brad and then a few days in berlin, coz, well, why not?! Managed to win something at work which gave me £500 of travel related stuff, so scored the accom in athens and flights to berlin for free, woohoo! We'll try to remember its still cold in NZ while soaking up 30-40 degree heat in the busiest time of year in greece... and take some cool photos to share that experience with you ;)

What else is new, still in same flat, I still have a job for now (get told while on holiday if im to be made redundant or re-interview for my job when I get back thanks to the company being bought out, all the action takes place while im away, great). Rangis working parttime at sams and after we're back is looking at doing a course to become an electrician. So we are all good in the hood.

Impressed that London has put on a better summer this year (as opposed to the floods that wrecked the country last year) although it can get disgustingly humid. Which is real fun when Im doing kettlebells in St James's Park in the evenings, takes me about 2 hours to cool down!

Hope all is well, let us know how you're doing, say hi to everyone, big hugs and man slaps from us xxxx

Monday, 16 June 2008

Location: Chalfont, Buckinghamshire, UK

Hi all, very delayed messages on here but I'm sure you understand - I was never good at writing a diary as a young girl... not much has changed!

Have just gotten back from an amazing weekend away with Scouts, sadly without Rangi (but I'm hoping to convince him he'll enjoy it, that he should join in on camps!). If the word SCOUTS comes as a surprise to you, I am currently in training to become an Explorer Scout Leader (or assistant really), which means I get to do loads of fun stuff each week, hang out with teenagers (explorers are a bit older) and go on lots of camps. IE next year we might be looking to fundraise and go to Canada on an exchange with another unit over there!

So this weekend I was in Buckinghamshire (thinking 'Hi Jean!' as we drove through) and learnt all about putting on a camp - admin, finance, equipment, setting up, campfires (brilliant fun), striking camp, etc.... So much fun. I have made good friends with a group of guys who have done scouting all their lives pretty much, mostly my age, lots of fun. I'd met most of them on a previous training camp (Paul & his girlfriend are even coming to Opshop with Rangi & I on Weds night) and they had nicknamed me Kiwi. However, this weekend there was already a Kiwi there - one of the tutors has the nickname as his name's Keyur.. so they decided to call me Aussie or Australia instead... Mostly to wind me up (which of course worked very well). But camp was a blast and we had wonderful weather - my face has a tan for the first time in about 9 months!

I'm trying to get Rangi involved in camps as I think he'd love them. Typically he shrugs the idea off as not cool... but I think he'd change his mind if he'd seen the lightweight stuff they use for expedition hiking etc etc. Anyway... enough on camps!

Rangi finishes up at Sam's this Sunday (I've taken Monday off coz the last leaving party ended up in our living room at 6am Monday...this time I'd like to be involved!). He's going to be looking for a job with Mon-Fri again, which would be great coz a) we'd get to see eachother more and b) we could plan some trips & actually travel! Plus I think he gets too exhausted doing the hours he is at the moment...

Hope everyone is well. Whats the goss at your end? Please let me know - either here or drop me a line on

Big hugs to those we havent spoken with in a LONG time xxxxxx
Lotsa kisses from me xxxx and man slaps from Rangi! O*O*O*O*

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

First burst of photos posted, wait for a few days for the next lot. Im off to bed - outies! xxx

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Location: London, UK

We are back! Hello! I will be uploading photos hopefully tonight (have only had 5 hrs sleep so may prefer bed to the computer, but will see!)

Firstly, big exciting news, we have a new addition to the family - congratulations to Rangi's sister Tara and the boys Morgan and Connor on the brand new addition to the whanua - Cormac! Born on 17th April, 2410gms (about 5lb 8oz) and we hear mother and son doing well. YAY! Cant wait for more photos, lots of love to you all from us :)

Update on Barcelona tonight too if I dont fall asleep :) We had a lovely trip, lots to tell you and most importantly photos to share. Lots of love to all from us xxxxO*O*O*O*

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Location: London, UK

Loren is in pain. Have been working out at the gym, doing some amazing classes which are EVIL but secretly working - soon I will have an amazing beach bod (I hope - perhaps by next summer!!!)

Rangi is working hard as usual, I havent seen him since last Saturday, aparently he has today off so we might get to hang out tonight! Tomorrow evening we have a friends leaving drinks in Covent Garden, then Saturday is Cat & Grahams engagement drinks.

Have I mentioned that there's been 3 of our mates who got engaged between Easter and now?!! Christelle and Dirk, Cat & Graham and now Jonesy & Julie who live with Cat & Graham. They got engaged in front of a whole bunch of people - Jonesy was running the marathon, we were on the side cheering for him, as he came up he stopped to hug Julie then asked if she could help pin something on his shirt = which was a sign saying MARRY ME JULIE. All girls instantly crying, clapping, giggling, you name it. So sweet.

What else is new? We are having a bit more sun lately though still cold at night and rains whenever it wants (mostly just during the lunchhour when you wanna venture outside). Oooh and I met up with a few people from home over the past week - Ang Shand, Pip Hansen, Brent Skilton, James Smith - all from either school or uni or both. Even had my first ever London BBQ at Brents house on Sat - smoked out but fun fun fun!

Anyway back to work. Hope everyones well, would be nice to hear from you!

Sunday, 06 April 2008

Location: Gleneagles, 1hr from Edinburgh, Scotland

Well good Sunday morning to you. I am still aching all over from the GCap Conference, in Scotland, which was absolute carnage. We flew out of the brand new Heathrow Terminal 5 on Friday morning - which is a beautiful airport, and will be amazing once they sort out all the issues. The plane was an hour delayed (of course it was, its T5) but we werent so stupid as to risk checking in any luggage, or it might have to be driven by road to be sorted out in Milan!!! When we arrived at Gleneagles (cue gasps of excitement) we checked in, ate quickly and had a few speeches etc. It was kind of sad too, as it just dawned on us that we do work for an amazing company and now we've been bought out we are a bit nervous of what will change in 4 mths when they takeover... But also was inspiring as the directors encouraged us to keep on being the best and we will be the sales team they choose to have when Global takeover.

After the speeches we had the activities of the afternoon - which included us being dressed up as school kids in ties, cute caps and pigtails etc. We first had art class, painting canvas pieces to create one big piece of work (pictured). Then we had PE class in the Gleneagles equestrian centre - which is MASSIVE!!! - and in our teams we did relays (egg and spoon, bouncy hoppers, sack races, etc) and then onto the inflatable activities!! Volleyball in a bouncy castle, gladiator, football (like the game where you manouvre the players on sticks: we were the men on sticks on an inflatable field!) and a few courses of inflatable obstacles- run a yoga ball going up and down inflatable walls, through obstacles and out again.

Every single muscle in my body hurts. The hardcore dancing later that night probably didnt help!

We got to see our rooms (lots of photos of that) then get dressed in our 'back to school' themed outfits (my team went as FAME - check out my 80s make up!). We had drinks, a school dinner, there were more speeched and Ollie was made to do a haka in front of 200 people (he did really well) and more drinks. While the staff changed the dining room into a dancefloor, we were drinking in another room with typical school activities, like photo your face in a board, hit down the blocks for a prize, etc. Fun fun fun. Then the dancing and drinking continued and I went to bed about 2am when it finished... lots of people didnt 'retire' til 6 or 7am, while I was up early swimming and checking out the grounds!

I'll admit I was a bit (or a LOT) hungover, and the journey back to London did nothing to help. An hour coach ride to the airport, a delayed plane (again, thanks to T5 delays earlier that morning), a long wait on the plane to get moving, a psychotic pilot who decided to zigzag over Edinburgh before flying to London (hungover groans from all our group). The exciting thing was flying into London, saw the London Eye, the Thames, all the parks, I even managed to spot my tube station, then my apartment block and even our lounge window from the air - amazing! Once we landed we had to wait decades for the plane to taxi in... then he stopped 3m from the terminal waiting for the ground crew to do something. By this time I was desperate for the loo having been drinking lots of water, but the seatbelt light was on so we werent allowed to get up! Finally we were allowed to leave (and relieve several of our bladders) then have a fun 40m tube ride home.

Not only was the journey awful, it was worse with a hangover and I was so stiff from all the exercise I could barely move. And this morning I woke up with a coldsore - my poor body is not sure what happened!!! But had an amazing time, the photos are proof of that!

Lots of love to all, Im going back to bed xxxx

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Location: London, UK

Happy belates Easter! Hope this finds you well and happy, enjoying some lovely weather and scoffing some chocolate! Thought I'd email a quick update on what Rangi & I are up to in London - and sadly its probably more work than play! But we have booked our next adventure, end of April we're off to Barcelona for 3 days and 3 nights which will be lovely - Im praying for some overdue sun! Especially as we had SNOW this Easter - yes, snow in London. So cool.

Rangi has been especially busy at work now that one of the other
managers left. So when 3 of the 4 managers get sick with a nasty vomiting bug (and in Rangis case the flu at the same time!) they only have one person to pull back to back doubles to cover! And they STILL havent discussed hiring another manager... hmmm... whats with the English?! Typically, when he's not working he's playing on his computer (surprise surprise) or sleeping (more shocking news). He has invested in a quality product for his entertainment, which drives our flatmate nuts - a Mr T walkie
talkie : 'Hey sucka! Quit yo Jibber Jabber! I pity the fool!' and so
on... Im sure you get the idea!

My work has been going really well, applied for a specialist course
through our company which would lead me directly to my ultimate radio job, even got through to the interview stage (yay me!) but didnt get through - I dont think. Havent had confirmation yet, but he was really good offering all sorts of career advice for me.

Oooh and exciting news - I now have glasses! Computers have officially ruined my eyes. I dont wear them all the time, but for computer use, watching tv or cinema and I think for driving (I just ignored that bit coz no need to drive in London!). Will post a photo real soon.

Well I think thats a quick note on everything, hanging out for April and our trip to Barcelona!

Keep well, happy and full of chocolate!

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Location: London, UK

The quickest update in the world - but its something and I am working on a proper one k!

Since I last wrote this stuff happened...
- Christmas (at Janes, was awesome -photos attached)
- New Years (locally in Chiswick with small group of friends, brilliant fun -no photos yet)
- Rangis bday (Stonehenge, Bath, Papa & Audreys -no photos yet)
- Amandas bday (weekend of madness -photos attached)
- Waitangi pub crawl

Write proper soon! x

Friday, 14 December 2007

Location: London, UK

Well frosts are a daily occurance here now! You know the glittery sparkle in the black sand at Muriwai beach? Thats what the concrete looks like after a frost, or even early evening (like 730pm on my way home from work!). This week we've been waking up to -2 degrees and having a high of 6 - meaning you still have to have your winter coat and scarf and gloves on to go outside at lunchtime. I think its easy enough to be warm when outside, but when the wind picks up (surprisingly often in London, mostly in wind-tunnel streets) its damn cold and nothing will stop you freezing when that happens! And despite the frosts leaving most car windscreens (in fact all windows) iced up, and the beautiful autumn leaves on the ground get iced up too, as well as piles of leaves, they end up with glossy frost over the whole lot, its quite pretty to see on the way to the tube in the morning. People are already sprinkling the ground with sand to break up the frosts - outside the tube stations, on the platforms (my underground station is overground you see) and on the outdoor roof walkway at my work.

Ahhh the cold, at the moment I think it can be quite poetic. However thats probably coz Christmas is coming - the street lights decorate the whole city so its easy to put nice spins on everything cold... I can see how the Brits would become more depressed about winter in Jan/Feb when its colder, bleaker, snowy or whatever and not much to look forward to ... in the meantime - yay for the cold, yay for the lights, yay for frosts and warm clothing and YAY for Christmas coming!

Anyway update on US - all well, Rangi is working long hours and we dont see eachother much (whats new?) but when we do see eachother we spend quality time together ... aka competing at boardgames or sleeping or eating! The Xmas break will be nice for us both - we are at Janes from Sat 22nd and Rangi goes back Boxing Day (working on Thurs) and I go back the Thurs (for work on Fri). It will be a lovely family Xmas with Jane, Sam, Giles, Giles' dad, Papa, Audrey, Rangi & I. Really looking forward to it!!

We've spent the last few months just involved with work & playing where we can really, we went to Oxford for our 5th year anniversary (and FROZE!!!! it was so much colder there than London) and now looking forward to Xmas away from the city. I spent a lovely weekend with Louise, we visited Isabel and Colin with Liam and the twins (I got to feed them similtaneously - how cool!!) and Alison was there, plus we caught up with AnnMarie and also had a lovely lunch and after of Rummikub with Aunty Mary. So wonderful to spend time with her. And of course its nice to know out of 6 games I won 3, Louise 2 and Aunty Mary once. WHO'S THE CHAMP!!

Love to you all - hope you have a wonderful Christmas wherever you are in the world. Would love to hear what you've been up to, send us a message and of course have a drink or several for us on Christmas Day!!
Love from Loren xxxxxxx and Rangi O*O*O*O*O*O*O*

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From Vilma
Hi guys,
Just a note to let you know that all is OK except that we are no longer online and will be off-line for a wee while yet - long story, not enough time..... and I don't currently have email at school (computers hate me or something....)

Hope all is well with you 2,
lots of love Mum
Response: Hiya! Oh no, that means Rangi will be forced to call ya!! Hope to speak soon, get all the gory details :) Lots of love from us xxxxx
From Amanda
Pics look awesome!!! Love it love it!
Response: xxxxxxx
From Bridget Moen
Hey hun
Good to hear things are going well for you both. Pity you don't get to see much of each other, but then again that can be a bonus too he he (makes the time together that much more special). I try and keep up with your goings on on facebook, but you're soooo busy! Anyways, back to work. xx Bridge
Response: Hey Bridgey!! So lovely to hear from you! Big hugs :) We just got back from Barcelona this week, had a blast and got to spend some time quality together which was lovely. Hope you & Antz are all good - bet your trip is a long-gone distant memory now! xxxxxxx
From Nicky Ranson
Hi Chick,

was clearing out my emails and came across one from you fellas! Hope all is well!

Miss Ya

NIcky xx
Response: Hey Nicky! How've you been? We're still having fun. Hope alls well in your world, kids all good? Miss ya too! xxxx
From Amanda
Did we seriously line dance to Cotton Eyed Joe...that's low...even for us...last time I go out with that Brad he really led us astray..hehe..
Response: HAHAHAH very true... its all HIS fault!!
From spider pig
ahh the memories (or lack of) from a crazy weekend in london!

'spider pig.... spider pig, does what ever a spider pig does'

good times

see you again soon
Response: hehehehehe loving spider pig, tissue boxes strapped to chests and the drunken walkabout!
From shane c
Hi guys just had a read on wat you have been up looks like so much fun! 5years already dam time flys the photos are awsome i want to be there im thinking about coming over this time next year yay wanting to fly in to london stay in the area 4 a few weeks and then shoot over to dublin were some other people are staying but deff will catch up with u guys if it all happens and who knows i might end up living there and do the uk thing! anyway miss ya lots will chat soon :)
Response: Hey Shane! Great to hear from you, I'll have to get your number soon so we can have a natter! Hope you are well & having fun in your new flat with Steve-O - say hi to all from me xx
From Cheryl
You two look to be having the best time! Photos are fab. Big birthday and anniversary (so grown up) Love and hugs to you both, stay safe and warm over Christmas xx
Response: Thanks hun! Hope you have a smashing Christmas in the C-to-the-Church! Enjoy the summer xxx
From Amanda
Pffft...Harden up guys it's -12 degrees up here...
Response: PFFFFT well shush. Regardless, its still cold... even if its +18 degrees warmer than where you are....
From Philippa
Hi you two, just having a read and catch up on your life. You seem to be enjoying yourselves despite the cooler wether. Enjoy the Christmas festivites, make sure you go to hear some Christmas Carols, on a dark evening , with lots of lights, it does give you a Christmas feeling you just dont get here. Hope all is well. Love Philippa and Richard. x
Response: Hey Philippa! Got your card in the mail yesterday - thanks! Love the pic of the Kiwi Xmas :) Am hoping to do carols with a friend this weekend, early start of 4pm but it'll already be dark Im sure!! Lots n lots of love from us, and Merry Xmas xxx
From Vilma
Well really son! Nice pikkies but the comments! Of course Loren likes the lights - most normal people do and as for poor Roger's name - at least you weren't looking at Thomas Crapper's products (or those of the Comte de Condom)

Nice to see you're having a great time (though one of my prideful claims was that none of my children had spent a night in prison!)

Love yah lots

Response: Hehehehe thanks Vilma - Rangi is officially told off now ;) Hope all is well & summers on its way! Roll on Christmas! xx
From Robyn Stewart
Hi from Coromandel, Guess who went for a ride in our boat, guess who put a fishing rod in her hand and guess who actually caught 4 nice fish. You will never guess. It was.....YOUR MOTHER!!! So your dad is actually now working on her to buy a bigger boat so they can bond together every weekend on the water!! We are having a lovely weekend and mum has taken lots of lovely photos of my Xmas lights, they are far better than the ones we saw on your site you will have to have Xmas in Coro one year, its far cheaper too. Mum thinks I go a bit over the top but there is no such thing as that at Xmas aye. Anyway hope you and Rangi are both well and not too cold. Mum got a nice suntan yesterday, eat your heart out. We are off to Matarangi and Whitianga and will probably have a little drink or two along the way!! Love Robyn & Graham
Response: Hi Robyn & Graham!!! So lovely to hear from you! I could NOT believe it when mum said she went fishing and actually caught a fish - what did you do, stun-gun her?!!! Cant wait to see the photos of your Xmas lights, I am in LOVE with lights at Xmas, they make the streets and shops so pretty.
Big hugs to the whole family! Lots of love from me & Rangi xxxx
From Ma and Pa
Thanks for the update - monthly is good. Who is that silly person who looks at your site every day ... can't think who it would be!!!!!!
Gosh LJ a quarter of a century old ...... just think, only 40 odd years till the pension. Ha Ha Ha.
Hope you have an awesome birthday - we will be thinking of you. Love you lots
Response: Hehehehe thanks mum!! xx
From Amanda
Ooooh can't wait! Let's plan something epic! Any idea's?? Portugal tickles my fancy and also Greece but they are quite far away- could settle for anything really! Can't wait to see you!!!!!!!! XOOXOXXOOXOX
From Amanda
Where are we going when I get there? I fancy Portugal- what do you guys think? When do you get some more hols Loz????
Response: Hi babe - my holiday allowance is renewed in Jan so when you get here, lets look ahead and plan something special! x
From Amanda
Pics look great guys!!! Love it! Loz- gonna try call you soon but temping at the mo in Auckland! Leave in three weeks and will be with you in a month!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!
Can't wait!!! XOXOXOOX
Response: Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!! See you real soon!!!! xxxxxx
From philippa
Just been up to see mum and dad and the new car. Hear you enjoyed the toilet system in Italy!! Had a good laugh, know just what you mean about not knowing quite where to put your feet!! Jason has bought a little black labrador puppy and there are both living here now. He is kind of gorgeous, called him Patch. Looking forward to seeing Amanda in two weeks and I know she is looking forward to seeing you two soon. Hope you are looking forward to those snug days in PJ's because an awful lot of them may come your way shortly!! Enjoy. Love Philippa and Richard xx
Response: Hahahaha - I wish they had an instruction note for foreigners, would've made it a lot easier!! Say hi to Jase for me, looking forward to meeting Patch one day and NOT looking forward to winter, already getting chilly in the evenings! But we'll consider it an adventure!

Loads of love to you all from us xxxxxxxx
From Cheryl
Love the family photos, too cute x x
Response: Aww thanks hun. Hope you're still rocking, think of you often xx
From Philippa
Lovely to see photos of the Clan Eley , hope the sunshine continues for Wales holiday. All well over here, I've even got a job!!! (well sort of)
Love to everyone,
Response: Hiya! Will pass your love onto the fandamily, fingers crossed for good weather xx Good luck with job - hope to hear details soon! Hope you're well, we're thinking of all of you xxxxxxxxxx
From Amanda
Megs- I can nearly see your nipple in that last photo- trust Rangi to put THAT photo up! Hey b***ches- Milan! Without me!! What the hell is going on??! You realise that the FOUR of us are gonna have to do a trip somewhere when I get over there! So pick a city and we can go! Yep- Loz, Rangi, Megs and me- crusing the strip, together again- Megs- you better stay there until i get there- love you all, kisses and hugs to the big guy that put the pics up- Rangi- u know i love you XOXOXOXOXO
Response: Oh if you were waiting for a nipple shot, I'll put it up next week. May have to be an archive pic though. Let Loren know the dates you arrive and we will book the cheapest nastiest flights we can find.

Love R&L O*O*O*
From Amanda
Please put some pics of the four of you up!!! Espech megan cos i haven't seen photos of her for about a year! muah muah- lots of lovin'.
Response: Will do - will get Rangi on the case! He is the photo master... hopefully very soon... Megs is so brown, who'd'a thought Canada would have so much sun in summer? And her hair is almost longer than mine!! Photos soon xxxxx
From Amanda
Response: xxxxxxx
From Ma
Only 4 more sleeps to go ..... I want to be there NOW !!!!
Response: SO EXCITED!!!!
From megan
2 weeks......
From Amanda
Love you lots! Put some photos up miss! We have heaps on our page!
AManda XOXOXOX PS- gonna book my ticket soon for UK! Mid Ocotber I should be knocking on your door!
Hugs to Rangi too!
Response: Kiss kiss, hugs hugs, will get Rangi to sort us some photos - we should be moving soon so photos of new place too... Keep you posted xxxx