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Welcome to Sarah's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Sunday, 05 March 2006

Location: UK

Hey Everyone,
How are you all going?? I hope you have had an eventful week. Unfortunatley, Liz and i have not, due to the fact that we are back at school, and unable to travel. However, it was exciting when it decided to snow in Truro. This was VERY cool as it normally doesn't snow. We had so much fun frolicking in the white fields of the school ground - although there was only a slight covering, and it didn't last for very long at all. Liz built a snow man and she that this was well cool. It didn't look like a snowman she says, but a snow mound. It was still very cool. Other than this exciting news, nothing else has been going on, so unfortunately this is where my entry ends. I hope you are all well and i miss you very much
All my love,
Sarah xoxoxoxxoo

Wednesday, 01 March 2006

Location: UK

Dear All,
It was a magnificent start to yet another new month for liz and i! To our utter delight, we awoke to a snow storm!!! It was so exciting!!!!!! Please see the photos in my gallery, which we took this morning before starting work. Lets hope that it keeps up!!!!!
Love Sarah

Monday, 27 February 2006

Location: Back Home (Truro), UK

Hey all,
Well, we have returned safe and sound after a very eventful week of travelling. It was Half term break so Liz and i took advantage of this and headed off for the week. We were planning on going to London, Bristol and Bath. We got to all of these places and enjoyed ourselves very much.

We went to London once again and had a really enjoyable time. Monday saw us at the Imperial War Museum which we both found very interesting. It was quite depressing looking around, particularly when looking at the the display on the Holocaust. There was so much to learn here, particularly regarding the wars and things like that; i definately learnt a lot.

Tuesday was definately my favourite day. We went to Harrods, and i was very much in my element here. Harrods is so huge, with so many shops and wonderful things to buy. I could have spent a fortune here, except for the fact that i didn't have the money to spend. I am definately going back here, and this time i hope to have the money to spend.

We also went to Covent Gardens. This is a huge shopping area (for those of you who didn't know what it was) and once again a small fortune could have been spent. Another destination which i will be going back to! There were lots of unique shops here, so i cant wait to go back and buy things.

Bristol was our next destination. We travelled here on Wednesday by train, and found it to be really cold. Bristol is basically a city with not much to see or do, and the weather was rubbish so we didn't become very adventurous. We went out for dinner and that was basically it - not much else to do.

Thursday we went to Bath. This is an absolutely beautiful city, with so much history behind it. We were so excited as it was snowing when we arrived. This meant that it was really cold, but we toughed it out and survived the conditions. We went on a "Hop on Hop Off" tour of the city and then became adventurous and walked around oursleves. We went to the Roman Baths and my goodness was it beautiful. This is one of the most beautiful cities i have seen since being over here, so i will definately be going back.

Saturday saw us back home, preparing ourselves for school to start again. I promosie to keep you all update and informed on everything that is going on over here.

Just so you all know, i think about you all every single day! I miss you very much and can't wait to hear from you all again soon. I trust that everything is going well back home, or otherwise i would have heard from you regarding serious issues. Be sure to send lots of emails, and photos if you can

All my love,
Sarah xoxoxoxox

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Recent Messages

From Mel K
Hey Sarah!!!!
Long time no talk... i have to admit that i am very very jealous of your holidays, i got an email from carly about rome and pisa etc and didnt realise how envious i would be, having done it all myself with my family... u guys r gonna have the best stories ever from this yr... well not much has changed with me although after a few weeks of fighting with my parents and meetings with my principle leah they have finally decided to let me move up to sydney!!! im very excited cause that means i got 4 extra hrs in my day and i get the make house with a guy and a girl from school and one of their guy friends from back home. we r going house hunting this week and gonna go to garage sale for furniture and stuff, but now i just have to get a job lol!!! oh well thats all i got to tell ya but i wanna hear all about ur holidays and i wanna hear every story about getting lost and perving on hot guys !!!

Love Always Mel Xoxoxoxoxo
Response: Hey Mel,
That is so much easier for you - i am so excited. We will definatley be letting you know how life over here is going in the near future - we are meeting up with Carly, Kate, Bec and Erinn, so we will let you know how it all goes. Keep us informed about you move, and all your house hunting!!! Speak Soon
Love Sarah xoxoxoxox
From Tedi
Hi Sarah,
My name's Tedi Bills and I've been accepted for a gap placement to Truro along with Lauren for next year. I'm very excited, but my parents are very worried! I was wondering if you could help ease their nerves and send me an e-mail about the school and the location and the sort of stuff you get up to. Thankyou!
p.s. love the pink coat!
Response: Hey Tedi,
Firstly, Congratulations on being accepted into Truro School. So far, there is absolutley nothing to complain about - its absolutley fantastic. The staff here are wonderful, VERY friendly and they will do anything to help you out. We often go to their houses for home cooked meals, which is really great. Tell your parents that there is no need to worry, Truro is a safe place, and the teaching staff are always looking out for you. I am happy to send you an email, regarding everything i know so far, and i promise to do this in the near future. Look out for an email in the next couple of days. I hope my webpage proves useful for you, and i continually update it, so keep an eye out. I will definately talk to you soon,
From noo
hi sarah. it pains me to say that i am unfortunately quite the ill person! but aside from that my life is quite uneventful. i attended quite a big shin-dig on saturday night which was fun. talk about late though! my friend morgan is leaving to go to New York soon :( so we had a farewell shin dig in her honour. mum's currently in melboune, dad's somewhere driving mum's car and i'm not sure if nathan's still living- i think he's in his room. g2g, luv noo :)
Response: Hey Noo,
So sad to hear that you are an ill person - i am also, as i have a chest infection. Oh well, life goes on! I do hope that you had an enjoyable time at your shin-dig last saturday night - why is Morgan going to New York?? Is your mum having fun working in Melbourne???? What is your dad doing driving you mothers car??? I do hope that Nathan is still living, when we comes out of his room- tell him that i say hello, and give him a big hug. I hope that you feel better soon,
Look forward to hearing from you again,
Love Sarah xoxoxoxox
From Mel K
hey sarah, long time no talk
i have moved to wollongong and have started at brent street.. it is awesome and i love it!!!! i dont have the net there so i havent been able to keep in touch with ppl easily and it doesnt help that i get up at 6 and go to bed at 9 30, so its hard to call ppl too.
its been really good so far but im starting to get tired and warn down but ill pick up soon lol

well best be off, will try and write to u when i can, say hi to liz for me and happy bday, cause i missed it woops lol

love always mel xoxo
Response: Mel!!!! So good to hear from you. I am so glad that you are enjoying being at Wollongong, but i do hope that you aren't too tired!!! I know what it is like not being able to contact people as freely and easily as you want - it is terrible, so the best way is through email, if you can get it!!!!! I know the feeling of getting up at six and going to bed late as well, i have the same issue!!! Liz doesn't seem to mind getting up a half hour before work starts, but i just can't do that!!!
As said, it was really good to hear from you, and i hope to hear from you again really soon. Liz says hi, and wishes you the best! Keep in touch,
All my love, Sarah xoxoxox
From noo :)
hey sarah! omg we won softball yesterday 13 to 1! woot! how you living in england? it sounds lyk ur having a hoot! i'm quitethe excitied person because i'm starting acting soon with my mate Louisa. I'm also getting my guitar fixed soon so i can't wait to play it again. i've missed it! i just learnt how to play a bit of lithium by nirvana. i'm so proud of me!! ew also this really gross revolting english guy with red hair and huge ears is planning on asking me to formal :( bring me home someone hot with blonde hair and blue eyes! love ya, noo :p
Response: Dear Noo,
Congrats on winning softball - i had no idea that you actually played softball, so congrats on that too!!!
Living in england is going well, we are about to have our mid term holidays so that will be really nice!! HOORAY for that, so we will be off and about travelling around. You will definately enjoy your acting, more so that a friends is going with you! I hope that you enjoy this greatly. I so didn't know that you played the guitar either. Where have i been?!?!?!?!?! I hope that the guitar playing goes well. Who is this english boy that you know, and why is he asking you to a formal already??? Its like February, not like November!! I can't beleive that you have a formal already!! I still see you as little noo, like so not big noo!!!!!! I can't beleive it. It will soon be time for me to take you out clubbing - i can't beleive it!!!!!! I will get back to you on the hot english boy, i need to find one for me first. I hope everything is going well at home, and that everyone is healthy and happy. Be sure to tell everyone that i say hello, Love you all and miss you too,
Sarah xoxox
From Aunty Nic
Hey Sarah,

It looks like you had lots of fun in London. I loved living in London as there was always so much to do and see. Looking at your photos brought back lots of memories for me!

I hope you are having a great time, I'm sure you are. Have fun when you go back to London. You will really enjoy Bath as it is a beautiful City. Blackpool on the other hand is very different but I'm sure you will have fun when you visit. Let me know if you go on the roller coaster, I didn't go on it as I was sick when we were in Blackpool and it is just a little bit high for me!

As you know we are having the baby on Tuesday next week so we will send you some photos once we have come home from hospital.

Have fun at half term. We miss you lots.

Love Aunty Nic, Uncle Rob, Mia, Ollie and the bump! xxx
Response: Hey Aunty Nic,
Was so glad to hear from you this morning! I did have heaps of fun in London the other weekend, and i am about to go again on Monday, i am so looking forward to it. I am having a great time, i enjoy being over here because the people here are so nice, and it is begining to feel just like home. I am really excited about going to Bath as well. I just booked all our accomodation today, so all is starting to fall into place, finally.
I look forward to hearing from Nanna next Monday night or Tuesday morning (my time) of baby news, and the name. I am so excited, and definately can't wait to see photos.
I hope you are well, and that goes for Uncle Rob, Mia, Ollie and the bump!!!
All my love,
Sarah xoxoxox
From Amy
Hey girls,
Suonds like ur having fun being tourists haha. hope ur both feeling better, staying safe and having fun. ive started cit, its pretty good and im jut workin here and there as well. im 18 tomorrow so thatll keep my weekend drunk. keep out of trouble and take care lol
love amy xoxo
Response: Dear Amy,
HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you have a fab time going out tomorrow night, and at your party on the weekend!!! Be sure to have a drink for us!!!! Glad to hear that cit is going well, and i do hope that you don't work yourself too hard. Enjoy being 18!! Missing you,
Love Sarah xoxoxoxox
From Kate Fogs
Hey sarah and liz
this page was an extremley good idea and a great way of keeping in touch, pictures are great it looks friggin freezing over there! you sound extremeley busy, goss over here is that everyone is working their butts off and going to cit and uni, everyone is still in canberra except for keechy who u know is residing in the gong and we miss her prescence greatly, jess was going to get shipped off to albury but has decided to defer thank god, mel c, belinda and jess recently went shopping in sydney and had a marvellous time and amy has started cit, hope you guys are well, liz get better keep in touch!
Miss you
Love Kate
Response: Dear Fogs,
Thanks for you message - love hearing about the goss in good old canberra. Speak soon,
Love Sarah
From Gemma
hey sarah!! i just found out the other week u had gone to the uk wen i tried to get ur number off people so we could catch up!! i had no idea!! thats how long it has been since ive seen u:( how u been? bet ur think its random me msging u lol! well i thought id leave a message to let u no ive been thinking of u! im doing a gap year hopefully and i wanted to talk 2 u about how u went through the hole process and stuff! anyways love you!! talk 2 u soon i hope, love gemma.. oh yeh and i got this site of ur brother cos he goes to my school.. lol :P xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Gemma,
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got such a surprise, when i looked on my site today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so excited to hear from you, i can't beleive it. How have you been???? I am doing really well over here, and i definately suggest doing a gap year. I have only been here a month, but it is so awesome already, definately do it. I will send you an email over the weekend with all the details of how to apply and everything. Will definately talk to you soon,
Love Sarah
From Nanna
Hi Sarah, Your London shots are good. You will have to try and see the changing of the guards in the summer when they are all decked out in their red uniforms, much more spectacular then but you were very lucky to see it last weekend. Pleased to hear you enjoyed you London visit, they must have cleaned up the streets since we were there. They had bags of rubbish absolutely everywhere, not a pretty site.
As you say there isn't a lot to say about the buildings but they are rather majestic and the history of the place is pretty over powering. We stayed at the Atlas Apollo in Kensington when we were over there. It was within walking distance of Kensington Palace where Princess Di used to live. Also within walking distance of the Victoria and Albert Museum.
Response: Hey Nanna and Pop,
Thanks for you message, and i can't wait to see the guards when they are decked out in their red uniforms. I hope to see it with mum and sam and grandma if she comes over!
They must have cleaned up the streets cause there wasn't that much rubbish around, the only thing that was on the ground was the gum that people have spat out, other than that, pretty clean.
I can't wait to go back to London, as there are so many places i still want to see! Anyway, best be off to work, its going to be a long day,
Talk to you soon,
Love Sarah
From Nanna
Hi Sarah

I don't know where last week went to, I've just managed to have a look at your site today. Loved the photos, it certainly is a very beautiful area. You look as though you are enjoying yourself. I'll send you an email separately from this.

Cheers and lots of love
Response: Hey Nanna,
It was good to hear from you today, and thanks for the email. I am ejoying myself, although i have been ill this week. I am on the recovery now so all is going well. Hope to talk to you within the next couple of days.
Love and miss you lots,
Love Sarah xoxox
From Noo :)
lol hi sarah! hows life in england? hopefully splendid! i just wrote to inform you about the fact that i am all out of Dolce & Gabbana shoes!! ;) lol i hope your having fun spending time with little people! well i must go and consume some food, as i am quite hungry! bye!!! :)
Response: Hey Noo,
Hows it all going?????? I am going rather splendidly, thanks for asking. I am sorry to hear that you have run out of Dolce and Gabbana shoes, how unfortunate for you!!!!! Hope you enjoyed consuming food, i will be off to do that soon. Pass on my regards to the family, hope to hear from you all soon. Love and miss you lots,
Love always, Sarah xoxoxo
From Aunty Nic
Hi Sarah,

I love the photos that you have put up on your site. It is good to see what you have been up to. It looked like you had fun skating. We are all well in the Campbell household and couting down the days until the baby comes. We have just over 5 weeks to go! Keep having fun and enjoy your time away as it will be over before you know it.

Take care. Love Aunty Nic xxx
Response: Hey Aunty Nic,
Thanks so much for your email and this post. It is good to hear that all are doing well in the Campbell House hold. I can't believe that baby campbell is due in less than 5 weeks. How exciting for you and uncle bob. You will have to email me soooooo many photos!!!!!! It was really good to hear from you, and we will keep enjoy our time over here. I can't believe that we have been here for a month already!!!!! The time is going to fly by,
Love and miss you lots,
Love always Sarah xoxoxoxox
From noo
ps there's obviously no hot guys in england, evidently from your pictures
Response: Noo,
There are hot guys in england, and evidently, i can not show these images on the internet - this is a PG Rated Site. (Only Joking - its very hard to take photos of guys, to show you all!!!!!!) Trust me, if i could .... i WOULD! Love you lots Sarah
From Nathan & Noo
shalom!!!!!(hello) how is it in merry england? cold obviously! by the way, since you missed australia day, we're expecting presents (laura would love some Dolce & Gabbana perfume :)), nathan just fell over the couch! it was hilarious!!!
Response: Hello Battersby Children.
I can see that life is treating you both kindly! Merry old england is good, it is very cold, however i have adjusted to the temperature changes. It is however, coming into the worst weather month here in Cornwall, where they experience terrible weather 95% of the time. If your lucky presents will be bought home, however noo, i don't think that i have the money to spend it on Dolce & Gabbana - if i did, it would be for me, so there!!!!! Anyways, i hope all is going well and i will speak to you in the near future. Love, Sarah xoxox
From Aunty Julie
Hello Sarah - how are you going? I liked the new photo's they were lovely. I actually saw a show about the making of the Eden project, it was very interesting. You are lucky to have gone there too. We are all well. I read your email from Nanna - how unusual for her to think that ironing is newsworthy!!!!! :-) Take care and look forward to the next lot of photo's. Lots of Love The Battersby's xxxxx
Response: Hey Aunty Jules,
I am going very well, thanks for asking. I hope that it is the same for you. I am glad that you enjoyed the photos, i enjoyed going to the places they were taken at. Anyways, better get back to work, and i also look forward to hearing from you soon. Lots of love, Sarah xoxoxoxoxox
From Lianne and Amy
Hi Sarah.
Can we come too?!! It sounds like you are having a great time. Lucky you to have hit the jackpot and found such a good school. We just got home from the coast on the weekend - lots of sun, sand and surf (actually it rained most of the week!) Make sure you have a drink for us!!
Response: Hello!!!!!!! How are you both (and all you other beautiful girls). I am having a blast here, i am so glad i came over here, it is such a gorgeous place. If Lauren is interested, the school has asked me to find two merici girls, so send me another message and let me know if she is interested. All she needs to do is send in her resume, and i can take care of the rest. Just so she knows, this is an absolutely wonderful school, only a ten minute walk down the hill to the centre of Truro. It is a four hour train ride from London. All the towns and cities are really close to each other, it only takes about maximum of two hours, by either train, car or bus to get to lands end, and everything is really closely situated - its a really great location. I am yet to hit the pubs, which is very disappointing, but i am heading off to London next week, for a pub crawl, so it should be good. Anyways, best be off, i have to start work now. SO, thanks so much for sending me a message, keep in touch and i hope to hear from you soon,
All my love,
Sarah xoxoxoxo
By the way, glad to hear tht you have a good time down the coast - As you probably know, Cornwall is very coastal which is great!!!
From Kayla xo
Hey Sarah!!!
Just wanted to say LOVE the site and photos and I love all your little updates! You seem to be having an absolute ball! If only I was there with you in the nice cold! DOWN with hot sweaty summer (nothing can beat swimming in the ocean though) but bring on the snow!!! hehe
love Kayla xoxox
P.S. I better be on that photo wall somewhere!!! hehehe Oh and im putting an order in for one of your duvets i want mine pink too!!!
Response: Hey Cous!!!!
How are you?????? Long time no see! Thanks for loving the site, i am enjoying making it, as much as i am enjoying being over here. Yes you are on the photo wall, and no orders are being taken for the duvets!!!!!! Hope to talk to you soon, send me an email once in a while. Love ya, and miss ys
Sarah xoxoxoxoxox
From Mel K
Hey again,
Love the photos keep em coming, they speak louder than ur MILLIONS of words lol, nah i love ur diary, is awesome lol
Umm i got into nutrition and dietetics... so if i dont dance myself to death ill be telling everyone what to eat instead lol
Oh i got more news too, the day before i left for qld i backed out of the drivewayu without looking at both sides and side swiped my dads car... Sooo at the moment i dont have a car again cause its in the garage getting fixed AGAIN lol
Oh well i will hopefully have my car back before i move so i can get to the train station lol

Love u long time
Mel Xoxo
Response: Hey doll,
I can't beleive that you backed into your dads car!!!!!!!!!! hope it doesn't cost you too much money to repair! LOL. The photos will definately continue to come, i have a ball taking them as well as putting them on the net (the computers are so damn slow its not funny!!!!!!)
Once again, congrats on the uni front, you will have an awesome time partying it up with liz. Anyways, got to start work, catch ya soon
Love Sarah xoxox
From melanie, amanda & be
hey guys,
we were just wondering what the pictures on your 'duvet's' are... who made them? hope everything is alright. thats it we have said enough
Response: Hey girls,
I (as in Sarah) made the duvets, and the pics on them are of our family and friends. Everything is going well, i hope it is the same for you all as well. Talk soon
Love Sarah
From Mel K
Hey Girls...
Everything sounds so awesome!!! Wish I could be there!

Everything is going well here.. I went to Qld last weekend for the nationals competition. We did really well.. came home as senior tap troupe champions and 3rd overall !!! YAY lol

Today I had my last shift at Michels forever!! so happy!! Although now ill be broke for the next 11 days til i move and then until i find a job lol

Oh oh oh ... main round for uni's have been sent out.. i got into wagga.. so if liz goes next yr i might be seeing her there...(hope i didnt spill any beans and she already knew lol)

Well i hope u guys are having an awesome time as u say u are... and make sure u keep in touch with those kings boys.. will be a story to tell.. went across the world to meet boys who lived 3 hrs away lol

Love always Mel Xoxo
Response: Hey Mel,
It was sooooo good to hear form you. Congrats to the Senior tap troupe Champs! And also congrats on coming third overall, thats fantastic.
I know the feeling of broke, i have been broke ever since i came over here, but you get used to it, i hope you find a job really easily!!!!!!
Congrats also on getting into wagga. wat did you apply for??? (and don't worry, you didn't spill any beans, she found out last night).
We are having a great time, keep looking on the page, as we are atempting to update regularly. Hope everything is well, and we can't wait to hear from you again soon.
Love Sarah
From Nanna
Hi Sarah

I've just managed to find your site after having emailed you this morning. You seem to be getting around a bit. Pleased to hear you are settling in and enjoying your surrounds. We will look forward to your next picture show, it sure is a beautiful region. I had a lovely lunch with the girls from uni today, it was nice to catch up with them after all this time. Not much rain today, very muggy and overcast. Predicting more rain tonight and in then morning then it should fine up. I can just imagine you at the pig farm - ooooooooh nature!!! Looking forward to seeing some photos of your little charges also. Pop did some more work in the front garden today and then went up to your place with some left over edging bricks and put them around the water feature hole in the back patio. I haven't seen it yet but he said the boys helped him get it done. Must away love, have a basket of ironing to do. Love you, miss you, take care.
Response: Dear Nanna,
I am so pleased to hear that you found my web page. Refer to my email which i have just sent for up to date information
Love Sarah
From Matt
Lol, ha ha Sarah... Learn how to spell... Anyway, Hope you two are having fun, better bring me back some PRESENTS!!!!! Lol, Dad and i have been driving so ill be pickiing you up from the airport!!! Ha Ha, you just pissed yourself didnt you!!! Lol, anyway, ill talk to you later!

Response: Matt, Very funny. So did not pee my pants - you are full of it!!!!!! I am having fun and if you keep up with the smart arse comments - you will not be getting pressies!!!!
Love ya, Sarah xoxoxox
From Deb
Hi Sarah

Loved reading your new post but it's the photos we really like looking at. Where are your new ones? Did you get any along your journey to Bristol?
Response: Mum, the new photos will be appearing soon, i have to take them first. Keep in touch
From Aunty Julie
Hello Sarah how are you? I am soooooo jealous, what beautiful photos. We hope you are having a great time and are getting used to being away from home. Your room looks really nice and I loved your photo wall. I hear you have a liking for the littlies class - they are very cute. I am very impressed with this web site, it is fantastic. Have you been able to do much sightseeing yet? I hope you havn't spent all your $$ at the shop with the cute guy!! Take care and lots of love - the Battersby's xxxxxxxxx
Response: Hey The Battersby's,
How is life treating you all. I am having a blast and i haven't spent all my money at the shop with the cute boys, i don't need that many mobile phones!!!!! I have done some sightseening, more will be done this weekend. Get back to you soon about this.
Miss you all very much, and can't wait to hear form you next.
Missing you,
Sarah xoxoxoxox