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Welcome to myTravel Page! This is where I'll be keeping a record of my travels for you all to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between adventures, travels & sunning myself ... I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 06 June 2006

Location: New Zealand

Hi there, for those of you who want my new address it is:

31 Cornwall Street, Arrowtown, Queenstown, New Zealand.

Friday, 26 May 2006

Location: New Zealand

Oh my goodness! I didnt realise I'd left it so long to update my website!! January was the last entry - SO much has happened since then! Dale returned to NZ in April, at Easter actually & we met in Auckland & went off for a little holiday up north of the north island where I went diving. Had a great time up there & it's been so good to have Dale back here - we are very happy! I've moved home a couple of times since then too. We are currently living in Arrowtown which is great. Its about a 20 min drive from Queenstown, & is a very quaint, quiet little place. Work is going great, very busy. Weather is getting very cold - was about minus 5 yesterday!!! I think it could be a sign of things to come as they are forcasting a very cold winter! Dale & I are off to Dunedin with one of his old school pals this weekend so that'll be fun. Then off to TeAnau next weekend & doing a day trip to Doubtful Sound (world heritage area which is incredible beautiful, remote & has some interesting wildlife there like dolphins & penguins) - shoud be good. Am signing off now as its the end of the day on Friday & I want a glass of wine before I go home!
Write to me soon & take care x

Friday, 13 January 2006

Location: New Zealand

Hi all, and Happy New Year to everyone. Hope you all had great Christmas' & New Years, wherever you are in the world.

Mine was great, we had nearly 3 weeks off work (everywhere shuts down for their summer holidays over Xmas here), so it was a good long break.

Christmas was good fun, I left Dale with his family & I flew up to Christchurch to be with my Sister & her family & my brother & his girlfriend. We had a lovely day up there & in afternoon it was so hot & sunny we sat outside drinking champers, very nice too. Then boxing day, Paul & Lisa left on their travels & Kevin, Rachel & their two girls arrived. It was so lovely to see them, my nieces are just gorgeous.

My NY was very quite, and for the first time in a very long time I was completely sober! Dale & I went to Wanaka in the day time to see my brother & his family which was good, it was a scorching hot sunny day & some of us played on the jet ski, then we went back to Dales parents house. We couldn’t decide whether to go into Queentown or not for the fireworks & bands they had on stage ( - it would have been packed out in town, huge queues to buy a drink in any bar & there was an alcohol ban in all public places so would have got arrested if we’d taken our own alcohol!), so in the end we just stayed home with his family & woke up on 1st January without a hangover - a great start to the NY!

Dale left New Zealand on 4th Jan to go to Thailand for 2 weeks then onto England. Of course I'm missing him already, he has afterall been my best mate ever since I arrive in Queenstown 6 months ago, but I am fairly certain that we will be meeting up in the future.

Since he left I've been keeping busy going out with girlfriends - I went to the Glenorcy races last Saturday, that was funny, a real hillbilly locals drink up, no proper race horses involved!

This weekend is the NZ Rugby 7's. Teams from all over NZ come to take part in this tournament, so a few of us girls will be taking a blanket & a stock of alcohol to sit & be groupies (i.e. check out all the fit guys in shorts!). (Tana Umanga will be making a guest appearance whilst here on holiday with his family).

So that's it from me for now. Thank you to all that sent me cards / pressies / emails / festive greatings, your thoughts are always greatly appreciated when I'm so far from home. Wishing you all the very best for 2006.

Lou xxx

Friday, 25 November 2005

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Hi Everyone, just another wee update to tell you what a beautiful day it is outside. I finnish work shortly & am heading straight to the nearest bar with a few co-workers to enjoy the sunshine & make the most of Happy Hour at the afore mentioned bar! I'm starting to get ready for Xmas & have posted most of my cards now so I hope they arrive with y'all in time. Have just bought some wrapping paper so will be starting on wrapping pressies over the weekend.

Not much planned for this w.end, just sunbathing & chilling out. Its our big Xmas Staff Party next Saturday so that'll be interesting. We have a buffet meal up the gondala in which has an amazing view and I'm guessing it'll get pretty drunkard as the evening goes on! (nothing like a good office xmas do ay, and yes the lovely Dale will be accompanying me).

Thats it for now xxx

Thursday, 03 November 2005

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Updated pictures, have a look, enjoy & WRITE SOON. Oh yes, and my address for anyone that wants it is:
15B Thorn Crescent
New Zealand.

Friday, 14 October 2005

Location: At Work - Queenstown, New Zealand

G'day G'day,

Just a little note to say hi to everyone who is still reading my website (even I've given up on it, so I'm amazed some people are still loggin on!! Ha ha, not really, I will update more soon & will even try posing some pictures so you can see what Queenstown looks like ... for those of you in EG and who know Mum & Dad, they have a load of photos which I've sent back, so feel free to pop in & see Ma & Pa Gruff & check out my photos, I'm sure they'd luv a visit from any of my pals).

So anyway, all is still going good with me. Dale & I are going up to Christchurch next weekend (Bank Holiday - Labour day). Be great to see Claire, Don & the Kids.

I haven't been up to anything majorly exciting, went to a charity do last Friday with my boss at one of the hotels, that was good fun & everyone from the do ended up drinking & dancing in the early hours. Sunday, Dale & I took a drive up to the Remarkables ski field, just to have a look & check out the views, (which were outstanding by the way). Amazed to still see people actually skiing & boarding on a bright warm sunny day! Think the ski fields close sometime in October.

Going to an Art Gallery / Cafe opening on Saturday night so that should be good (how civalised!)

Work is going well, really busy but work is work so I wont bore you any more than that.

Still miss all my mates heaps & luv hearing from people on email / by phone / letters - however you wish to contact me - just keep in touch!

Lots of luv

Lou x

Tuesday, 23 August 2005

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Hi All,

Just tried to look at my own website from work ... and it's blocked as being 'offensive'!!!! Ha ha. They're pretty tight on things here, not sure what is so offensive about my travel page tho.

Just thought I'd log in & update, although not much news my end. Had my hair done the other day & have gone brunette for a change! Am enjoying earning some money & being able to go shopping.

Oh yes, and I've got a new beautiful bouncing baby niece, called Maisey Isabelle. Shes gorgeous & I cant wait to see her at Xmas when my brother comes over here with his family.

Hope to hear from some of you soon. x

Thursday, 04 August 2005

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Yes, sorry - it's been a few weeks since I've had a chance to get on the internet, send emails & update web site. Have only just recieved my first proper pay cheque, so at last have some dosh & can afford to buy food & pay rent ... ha ha, no it wasn't quite that bad.

Work is going well. I'm working for a company called AWS Legal, apparently the biggest law firm in the South Island .... but I think it only has about 60 or so employees at various offices around the Southlands ... not even nearly as big a Rydon then I hear you say! (come on, this is NZ!). The work is varied & we have plush new offices in the centre of Queenstown. We entertain clients on Thursday evenings with wine & nibbles, then have more staff wine & nibbles on Fridays! Not bad eh.

Have met a rather lovely local lad called Dale who I've been spending a lot of time with. We drove to Wanaka last weekend which was good, beautiful scenery all the way there so lots of photo stops, and Wanaka itself is a stunning place. This weekend were heading to Glenorchy, more beaut scenery. Think were gonna have a weekend in Dunedin soon too, get out to the big city & do some shopping.

Oh yes, and I've got a ski lesson on Saturday! Went to an 80's party last Saturday & met someone whose gonna give me some free lessons, I cant wait to get going!

So thats about it for now. All is really great with me & I'm really happy here at the mo .... of course I do still think of home, family & friends - I miss the familiarity of home terribly sometimes, but hey, as a very wise friend of mine said "life begins when you leave your comfort zone".

Lots of luv

Lou xx

Friday, 15 July 2005

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

I've got a Job!!! I start on Monday as a legal secretary for a growing law firm in Queenstown. They even have a good imigration solicitor .... so, not wanting to speak too soon - but who knows, I could be in with a chance of getting my NZ residency!!! Queenstown is great, its a young, vibrant, busling tourist town with lots of young people, lots of ski-ers & snowboarders. I've made a few friends & I'm really enjoying being there. Hopefully all will work out well. I've poped up to my Sis' in Chrischurch for a visit this weekend before I begin work. Have to say I'm really looking forward to settling into a job & home for a while x

Thursday, 07 July 2005

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Right-i-o. Long time no speak. Well, not sure who is still look at this site, and hey, I've been busy! Had an excellent birthday ta (thanks to those that remembered!), spent the weekend living it up in Auckland & staying at a hotel with my pal Jeanine. Drank way too much, 3 nights out on the trot - at 28 - had me feeling quite aged!

Very sad to leave my few good pals in Auckland, but arriving in Queenstown I knew I'd done the right thing to come down here for the winter. This place is beautiful. Stunning scenery - snow capped mountains around a huge lake with villages dotted around. Great to meet up with Ingrid & Rob (which also ment a 4th night in a row, out on the wine!). They did a good job of showing me round & even took me down to Invercargil to see George & the girls who also made me very welcome with a lovely home cooked meal.

Since I arrived its been the Queenstown Winter Festival, a festival to welcome in the Winter season. It goes on for 10 days & has the whole town buzzing. The opening night kicked off with stage performances & fireworks. Other days events have been a complete mixture; from a 'owner & pet parade' on stage, to local soap stars signing autographs (no, i had no idea who any of them were!), to an excellent music concert with 2 stages, various NZ bands playing (all of which were wicked, Z Dub & the Black Seeds) & everyone dancing in the streets, to a drag queen race which my new house mate, Chris, took part in! Very entertaining I can tell you!

Oh Yes, I 've moved into a flat - it's lovely. Really cosy & homely & my house mates are nice, one guy & one girl. I've got my own double room & I can even see the mountains from my bedroom window - perfect .... but I just need to find a job now. Proving harder than I thought, but I wont give up. Something will turn up soon I'm sure.

New Address is: 15 B Thorn Crescent, Fernhill, Queenstown, NZ.
Home tel no. 00 64 3442 4633.

Of course anyone is welcome to visit. Wish you could all see how beautiful this place is. Yes it's cold, but it's crisp blue skies, freshly snow capped mountains daily & its just amazing. Will send some piccies soon xxxx

Thursday, 02 June 2005

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Right, just uploaded heaps more piccies for you all to peruse.

Hope y'all like them. I think they're rather good, if I do say so myself!

Jeanine & Susannah's filming from Phi Phi was on national tv the other night. They used a lot of the words I'd written about how I felt whilst I was on Phi Phi & a load of my pictures, so that was quite exciting!

Am still working at the Bank this week, last day tomorrow. Bank holiday weekend here this w.end (they have Bank Hol for the Queens birthday??? Why dont we have that in UK???!). I start at a city law firm on Tuesday, temping for 3 weeks. Should be interesting.

Jeanine & I are out again tomorrow night, I'll be Lions spotting again. Must remember to take my camera this time!

Will book a flight down to Queenstown for the end of June, down to the snow & the slopes.

And yes, how did you guess!!!! It is my birthday quite soon - 24th June to be exact. I'll gladly be receiving any birthday messages from loved ones, unloved ones, anyone that cares enough to write. ha ha, love you all lots really xxx

Saturday, 28 May 2005

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

GUESS WHOS BEEN HANGING OUT WITH THE LIONS RUGBY PLAYERS!!!! Went to a few trendy bars down by the harbour last night & who should walk in but a whole load of Lions!!! (no Johnny Wilkinson tho, but hey, might see him next time!). Of course I introduced myself, had a chat & a few drinks with them all, Rob was made up (being a die hard Rugby boy himself). Its shameful that I didnt know who any of them were, or any of their names, but I'm sure I'll be learning them over the next month while they're here touring round - its a pretty huge tour out here & everyones talking about it. Just thought I'd quickly tell you all that & show off! xx

Thursday, 26 May 2005

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Hi everyone ...... anyone ..... anyone bored enough to be reading my web page regularly (thank you to those that are! stops me feeling like I'm talking to myself every time I write in here!)
Well, I had a lovely weekend down with the crowd I met in Phi Phi, Jeanine, Susannah & I went to visit Bob & Kev & their wifes down in Tauronga. They really looked after us & we ate lots of delicious home cooked food & drank lots of wine, until Jeanine & I were so tired we had to go to bed (so much for the oldies being the lightweights!). They showed us round where they live (which incidently has had lots of landslides recently due to heavy rain), and it was a beautiful place. I'll definately be back to visit in the summer coz the beach was beautiful & it was a really nice area.

Since I've been back in Auckland I went to visit Bob & Shirleys daughter (whos a recruitment consultant) & the very next day I had a two week temp job as a PA for HSBC bank (not what you know its who you know eh!). Earning pretty good money too so all is good. Jeanine & I have been meeting up most days & doing the coffee & emails on her lap top in Starbucks, as well as eating out & hanging out in the bright lights of Auckland. All in all, I'm having a great time! We're having a night out tomorrow (friday ), also meeting up with Rob Nicholson from EGRFC, so it'll be nice to see a familiar face.

Still missing everyone, but I realise that life is about making the most of everything - and nothing last forever .... so I'll stop missing you all for a short while & I'm gonna carry on enjoying myself!
Lots of luv & kisses xxx

Tuesday, 17 May 2005

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

Ah I love it when a plan comes together .... and yet again, my plans have changed as quickly as you can click your fingers. I had a call this morning from good old Bob (as in Bob & Kev, the Kiwis I met in Kho Phi Phi). Two of kiwi girls we met up with are going to visit them this weekend & they've very kindly invited me too! So I fly up to Auckland on Thursday, instead of going down to Queenstown (I've heard its real quiet down that way at the moment anyway). Excellent, I cant wait to see the gang again ... especially as I've been a wee bit homesick since arriving in NZ- it'll be good to meet up with the clan & have a bit of fun before I settle anywhere. Who knows, I might end up working in the north island instead ... oh the beauty of being able to change things at the drop of a hat. Leaves you so much more open to opportunities eh. And I know this weekend will be a blast! x

Saturday, 14 May 2005

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

What a great week I've had! I've now been on holiday for over 3 months - Not bad eh!

I'm still in Christchurch with my Sister & her family, this week I've been shopping, I've had my hair done at a top city salon, I've watched my nephew do his cross country running (quite funny watching all these kids cross the finish line with red faces, stiches in their sides & looking like they want to fall down & cry!). Last night we went to the Jade Stadium to watch a live Rugby match (excellent, I highly recommend it, just wish I could get hold of tickets to a Lions v All Blacks game) & today we've been to watch Don go cart racing! I feel so relaxed .... not sure I really want to start looking for work. I'd much rather be a lady of leisure!

I head down to Queenstown on Thursday after a few more days of being looked after here.

Weather is beautiful, clear blue skies every day, but it is cold ... and it's only gonna get colder as I move south. Bring on the snow & let me at those slopes!

Saturday, 07 May 2005

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

Just babysitting while Claire & Don go out for a meal. Kids are into Aladdin on the tv so I'm just going to babble on for a bit! We all went for a drive around Christchurch today, some beautiful scenery round here. Its pretty chilly as its well into Autumn now, but the sun has been out every day & its beautiful seeing snow topped mountains & tumbling hills next to the rugged beaches.

One thing that has struck me is how few people there are here! Claire & I 'did lunch' in the city on Thursday & there were so few people around, likewise today, walking along the coast, there was just no one around! I think it'll be a bit more bussling in Queenstown as it is the activity capital of NZ. (Maybe I'm a bit of a city girl & I never realised before). Claire & I did a bit of a photo shoot on the beach today so they'll be lots more piccies to load onto this site soon.

Missing friends, family & Rydonites lots xxx

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From e
hi lou , i hope you are still in n.z as i sent you an email for easter and it came back as it was ondeliverable so i just went to your web site and saw the first vacant spot i hope you are o.k. and hows life in general say hi to clair and fam all for now
Hi, I've just typed out a reply but it didn't save it. I'm still in NZ, all going great for me over here. My work email is
From Becks
hey hows it going. just got myself a laptop and i have decided to set up a web page for my millions of pictures. looks like you are having a really cool time just been reading up. Its mad when you were in Sieam Reap and that little boy came up to your table that happened to us wonder if it was the same little boy mad eh... so what is your plans are you going to try and stay in NZ we are saving like mad to try and get back over probably take till the end of the year. I have your elephant pics for you will have to try and send them to you. okay get in touch talk soon.
Response: Hey Becks, great to hear from you! I will reply by email from my other address x
From Kelly Mac
(Just incase the card didn't arrive in time). Hope your are well and have a great time x Hugs and kisses from kids xx
Response: Thank you! And a Happy New Year to you! Hope Santa visited the kids & left them lots of pressies. I got your lovely card & beautiful pictures in good time before Xmas thank you. They're growing up so fast. Lots of love xxx
From eileen
great to catch up with your web site, i am getting through each day as it comes ,but its going to be hard on the 29th as it will be jims b/day.all the family are well , and now the weather is picking up and the nights brighter for longer , looking foward to your mum & dad comming although it wont be for long , keep on being happy and enjoy life say hi to claire and family cheers eileenxx
Response: Hi Eileen, glad that you are being strong and taking each day as it comes. I will be thinking of you on 29th (an always). I cannot be easy after a lifetime spent together to now be feeling alone. I'm glad you have Helen & David and Julie & Gregg close by. Take care & love from me x
From Han
Hi Lou,
Great web site, i have enjoyed looking at your pics!!!!!! I was getting curious!!
Love you lots
Han xxxxx
From Gilly Brownsword
Hi Lou
We all want to come & join you, seeing that fantastic view!Gemma says not enough picis.
Love the shape of your house!
Thanks for email will reply soon.
love Gilly x
From Kelly Mac
Hello Lou, nice to see you are still updating your site. Glad you have settled and seem to be enjoying life. Will you ever want to leave?? Will write soon via e-mail and let you know how things are with your godson !! take care love Kelly x
Response: Hi Kels, Yep all is very good with me. I really couldn't be happier. Life is wonderful down here & I too wonder if I'll ever want to leave! We shall see. Dale flys over to the UK in January, so who knows, maybe I'll come back for a visit sometime next year ... Hope all is well with you & the family. Love to the kiddies from me xxx
From Mike Huggett
Just to let you know, we're still reading your website & keeping up to date with your goings on. Do you know about the Management Buy Out at Rydon? Hope Roddys well.
Response: Hi Mike, Ah, I'm so glad you guys have not completely forgotten me!! I have heard a few wispers about Rydon ... You must email me the latest! I like to be kept up to date, makes me feel not quite so far away from everyone. Roddy is doing well, afraid I've not taken many pictures of him recently, but I will. He sits in my room very happily these days, he loves the view from the house. He misses you & his pals very much tho! x
From Mum & Dad
Just to say Hi and great talking to you last week, keep up the great web site, still very interesting, will phone you soon.

Lots of Love, and have a lovely weekend with Claire, Don and children in Christchurch
Response: Thanks, weekend has been lovely with them all. Dale & I went out on Sat night & saw All Black Richy Mcall in one of the bars! Claire Don & Kids all really well. Going out to hit some golf balls around before a roast chicken dinner, then flying home to x
From Sabina
Louise, love your photos ...the scenery is just gorgeous and I' m so excited that you're diving !! That's always been something that I've wanted to here in Florida you'd think that I would have tried it...but I'm a little scared. Were you..??? Swimming has never been an issue but being submerged under water, breathing in a tube....leaves me a little nervous, not to mention - hyperventilating ! Looking forward to hearing how the experience was :)
Response: I was amazing, I highly recommend diving. The first go is a bit scary & takes some getting used to breathing through your mouth constantly, but its soooo cool. A completely different world under the water - definately give it a go! Talk soon xxx
From Warwick
Hello Lou
Glad you had a good birthday. Yes I have heard from Anthony,he's fine and he has got a new job.
He's working the nightshift in a home for vunerable single women- not really he is working in London for an estate agent in their land department. His Dad tells me he's let out his house and is living in their flat in Pimlico.
Anyway that's answered your question. Take care of yourself and good luck job hunting. Bye.
Response: Hi ya, thanks for that - glad to hear he is ok & getting on well. Hope you, Liza & the kids are well, and that everything back at Rydon is just dandy. I do think of you all often - Miss making all those cups of tea (not!). Ah, honestly, I miss the old office banter, the familiarity of friendly faces & the laughs at Peter Smith breaking the photocopier / printer (or forgetting my name!). Best wishes x
hi lou
delightrd with your diary entry;s we are waiting for jim to go into hosp to have a cancerous tumor removed , hopefully all will be well , all his prior tests have been o.k. keep saefe and enjoy n.z. will write to you at your new abode say hello to your sis and family cheers for now
jim and eileen xxxx
Response: Hi there, Great to hear from you and I'm so sorry to hear of Jim's forthcoming tests. I know Dad's been in contact & has kept me updated. I am thinking of you. I hope the rest of the family is well, love to you all. xxx
From Kelly mac
Hope you had a great birthday. How old are we now!!!! I am beginning to feel it too ! Keep having fun and keep us posted. Love ya xx
From warwick
Hi Lou
I don't get a chance to catch up with your site very often so thought I'd wish you an early happy birthday! Have a good one. Take care.
p.s. don't let Roddy drink to much!
Response: Ha Ha!! Hi Warwick, Good to hear from you! How is life back at Ranch Rydon? Yeah, Roddy does have a bit of an alcohol problem - but I'll be making sure he doesn't get too drunk on my birthday celebrations! Will write all about it on my website (well, the censored version that I can tell everyone, including my mother about!). Best wishes & hope your keeping well x p.s. have you heard from Anthony at all?? Hope he's doing ok.
From Gilly
Well its all very well telling us its your birthday, but how are you going to send us the cakes!
Sending you a seperate message.
Great to see more photos.
love Gilly x
Response: Ah, bless ya! I'll send them over from here ... how about some lamingtons or New Zealand muffins / fudge??? They do good ice cream here, but dont think it'll last very well.
From Kelly Mac
Hello, hello! I am still looking on this site to see where you are and what your up to, so dont be leaving anything out!! We need more pictures though !!
Got parcel. Thanks. Albie loves Evas rubbers! And Warren said no more dinners for you!! Only kidding x Keep having fun and stay safe. Hear from you soon. Kelly and the Gang xx
Response: Yeah, sorry Warren! It really wasn't intentional, I was just rushing to get Albies pressie to you for his Love to you all (about to put piccies on now)xxxx
From karlea
wish i had of known about this page earlier. Mayb we could have made contact some where along the line. How do i get one of these - its great. now we can all keep a track of u.

take care beautiful one
Response: Hi Karlea,
You can make up your own webpage on planet ranger - its free for travel diaries. Such a shame we couldn't meet up again in the beautiful Cape Tribulation, but I will be back there to visit again soon - no question about that one!
Take care x
From Karren
Thanks for the postcard - I'm not jealous (much). Ben is gorgeous and now weighs 13lb 10oz (he's a big pudding). ~Will get Kev to send some pics soon x
Response: Hi Kar,
Glad you liked the postcard. How you coping with motherhood??x
From Helen Gruff
Hey Lou, Welcome back. I just love your website it's fantastic. Great to see what you've been up to and the photo's look amazing. I really like your travelling companion Roddy, he is hilarious. It must be lovely catching up with Claire and family. Reading about all your travels and looking at the photos is giving us itchy feet and bringing back great memories as well. So have you got a year in NZ, maybe we will catch up with you sometime (over here or over there) it would be great to catch up with both you and Claire again. My sister Anne is currently OS visiting Ireland and France. Time didn't permit a visit to the UK. Hope all the family over there are well. Send everyone our love. Stay Happy
Loads of love, luck and laughter Helen & David xxx
PS: Looking forward to the next installment of Lou and Roddy's travels
Response: Hi Helen & David, Great to hear from you. Hope all is well with you guys. Are you still in Gelong? Be great to meet up with you again soon. Will keep you posted & hopefully see you soon xxxx
From Jean
What a wonderful web page have just spend half an hour catching up with your diary and it all makes good reading. Am sending you an e-mail any minute now to catch up with our little newsy chats.
lol Jean
Response: lots of luv to you too Jeany (will reply seperately) xxx
From julie mathews
Hi, Andrew has just got back from Bali and had a great time. I just got all excited cause we are heading north to Cairns later in May and I thought we could catch up but then I read your email properly and realised you will be in NZ never mind. Glad you are happy to be back It is a great place. Love Julie Greg And Boys
Response: Hi ya, ah shame I wont be here still (wish I could still be here in May!). I'd luv to stay & work & live here but damn those Ozzy visas wont allow. See how I go in NZ, if I stay long enough to get citizenship then I'll be back in Oz to live! Glad Andrew enjoyed his travells. Love to all the family xx
From Kelly Mac
Hello you, So glad to hear that you are enjoying being back in Oz. The web site has been great and the pictures look fantastic. Can't wait to hear it all from you in person......thats if you ever decide to come back. God only knows why you would want to !!!!! Take care Lou. Big kisses from kids XX
Response: Hi, ah - hugs & kisses back to you & kiddie winks. Hope your all well. Yeah, it's great to be back in Oz, wish I could stay longer. Will try give you a buz soon & have a chat on the phone xxx
From Karren
Lou - Brilliant pics ! Red ants for tea - eh not sure about that ! What did they taste like ??

Make sure you have some popcorn from the Mall in Cairns it's delicious :)
Response: The red ants wern't too bad surprisingly! Not sure I'd choose to eat them again tho.
Am back in Cape Trib at the mo so will try swing by the mall in Cairns when I'm next there. Hope you are well & baby is doing well xxxx
From Han
What's the story with Roddy?!?
Response: He's a gnome!
From jim &eileen
Hi Lou welcome back to aus see you soon jim&eileen
Response: Hi ya, thanks! Its soooo good to be back in Oz! Hope you are well xx