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Love and Acceptance Tour

Since writing the intro below in March, the summer tour and other things I wanted have manifested, but in ways I hadn't imagined at the time I wrote it. I am going to keep the original intro so as to document my experience and the process of creating what I want for my self and my life. I invite you to join me on this adventure, to share this journey of life with me by visiting the Love and Acceptance Tour page to read the journal entries, look at the photos or leave messages as you are inspired to do so.

Peace, love and acceptance,
Tatiana June 28, 2004 Kelowna, BC

Original Intro written in March 2004:

Over the past two years I have been going through a major transformation, realigning my lifestyle, core beliefs and values with who I truly am. This lead to a recent trip to Mexico where I had plenty of time to think and grow, stripping away layers to reveal Me, and to begin living the life I was born to live.

Over the course of this time, I made a conscious choice to tune in to and listen to my intuition more acutely, developing trust in My Self and my inner voice. In doing this, I continue to experience new levels of awareness, insights, thoughts and ideas which guide me to make choices for my life and myself. I have discovered that the more true to My Self I am, so is my experience of life - of peace, love, clarity and joy. And most importantly, the closer I am to living my purpose on Earth.

Which brings me to the reason you are reading this.

The personal growth and spiritual work I have been doing has guided me to move my “home” base back to Ottawa after 13 years in Vancouver. During a quiet moment in the car with my roommate two weeks back, I thought about the logistics of moving my belongings across the country. I received a message (from my inner voice) and it became obviously clear that I should ride my bike home - right across the country. I have travelled many countries, but my own less than any! What a perfect way to get to know the people and places of my homeland, spend time outdoors, and to honour the athlete and the adventurer in me. And so, the Love and Acceptance Tour was born.

Why the name Love and Acceptance? In its essence the idea stems from a desire for a more peaceful, loving and accepting world and to spread love and acceptance by Being this. It also references an essay I wrote in grade 9 regarding my thoughts on World Peace. You can read the first entry below for more thoughts about love and acceptance.

The tour is in the early planning stages and with the help and advice of a few angels, I should be ready to begin the journey in early June. Although it could take as little as a month and a half, I have no idea how long it will take me as I am not planning a rigorous schedule, but more a live life moment to moment and see where it takes me attitude. I will share my thoughts, lessons, insights and experiences with you by keeping a journal right here. Hopefully I will have a digital camera by then so that I will easily be able to upload photos to accompany my writing.

Thank you for visiting my page, and for Being a part of my life.

Live your dream.

Peace out,
Tatiana Vancouver, BC March 2004

Note January 19, 2007: Once you have browsed through this page feel free to check out ( ) for info on my latest endeavour - through my participation in Team Diabetes I am raising funds for the Canadian Diabetes Association.

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

As this IS my travel page I thought it important that I note that I went to Nova Scotia and P.E.I. in June and that I am just back from Ireland having attended the oxegen festival with Amnesty International gathering messages of support for Small Places from artists performing at the festival. Over 30 artists were filmed including Michael Stipe of R.E.M. and Eddy Grant.

A PSA (Public Service Announcement) featuring Michael Stipe has been cut and will be released soon - stay tuned!

One of my photos appears in a news item on the R.E.M. site along with information for Small Places

U2 gave Small Places space on their web site too.

You can participate in Small Places too. Visit and for more info.

And P.E.I. and Nova Scotia are both beautiful places! The people are super friendly, the food incredible and the landscape breathtaking. We road tripped around for a week stopping as inspired and stayed in bed and breakfasts to rest. We fit in a couple of wine tours and visits to cheese making farms and ate very well.


Tuesday, 01 July 2008

Location: Gatineau (Hull) Quebec, Canada

Happy Canada Day!

As you can see I am not living online much of late - at least not for pleasure however, I did recently join Facebook - yes FINALLY - but I am not on it all the time.

If you would like to connect with me sooner than later I suggest you go there as I am afraid I haven't been checking in here much for the past, well, almost year! I can't believe it. In fact, it is exactly one year ago today that Terry and I returned home from Brazil and that I ran the Rio half marathon with Team Diabetes.

Since then I have purchased a house, have 3 more nieces (Abby) and nephews (Noah & Liam) which makes 5 with Zoë and Austin, am teaching lots of yoga, am working for Amnesty International on a super cool project called Small Places ( and (, am helping to found and am working on the yoga crew for the Ottawa Folk Fest ( , am working at Bluesfest this week and also continue to help Sheila at Windhorse Yoga ( .

I attended NXNE ( for the first time in a few years and we are just back from the East Coast where we road tripped through P.E.I and Nova Scotia and finally, I am in the midst of planning my 40th birthday celebration in Hawaii in January - you are welcome to join.

We are doing a one week bike tour with Common Circle Expeditions ( and then to Maui for a few days to chill on the beach before coming home.

Suffice to say life is busy and as always, an adventure.

So that's it for now. Again, I will post here when I can (read: have time) and in the meantime can be found on FB. I hope to keep some of my travels documented here but just never know when I will have the chance to post photos and entries. Fingers crossed I find a bit more balance so I can continue to write here.

Wishing you well and look forward to hearing from you.

xo Tatiana

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Location: Gatineau (Hull), Canada

I woke up this morning to my wonderful Valentine wishing me a Happy Day - and it has been. Upon opening the curtains this morning a gorgeous winter scene was unveiled. I took a few photos and posted them for you; I was out there in my leopard print bathrobe, bare legs, Sorels and a hat taking photo after photo of the winter wonderland before me that is my yard and neighbours yard.

Fresh fluffy snow drifted and crispy icicles hung from the trees while the sunshine shone through making for the most magical surroundings. I stayed out until my fingers froze, adjusting the camera controls until I had just the right exposure (or the best I could get under the circumstances), all the while wondering if any of my neighbours saw me - the new neighbour outside - in her bath robe in awe at our home.

So far several friends have come by for tea and I look forward to hosting more - so please come and visit.

Happy Valentine's Day. May your day be filled with rays of love and sunshine.

xo Tatiana Ishwari

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Location: Hintonburg, Ottawa, Canada

I have been up since 3:45 am! I guess I am excited as we take possession of the house this afternoon and move in tomorrow morning!! I have been packing and packing and am ALMOST ready to move. Thankfully my mom and my friend Lynn are coming to help me clean the apartment this afternoon and maybe even the new house too.

I have dreamt about owning a home for a long time, somewhere where I can put my energy into and know that I am not moving and can't believe it is happening.

It makes me smile to know that I have a place to host friends and family, and that I have somewhere to come back to when I travel (and I don't have to pack it up each time I go away!). I am SUPER looking forward to spending time in our home, to making it a home with Terry and to having a house warming at some point in the not so distant future.

xo Tatiana

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Location: Hintonburg, Ottawa, Canada

In just 6 days we will be in our new home!!! (photos of which are finally uploaded). I am so excited that I have woken (is that a word?) up early two days in a row to pack and prepare. The apartment is looking a bit box-y now with most everything not in cupboards pack up. Today I attempt to get the office and some of the kitchen done.

Terry is off to an all day Photography Composition workshop (my Christmas gift to him) and although he felt badly not being here for the packing today, I am so glad he is going to be away having fun while I can practice my anal retentive packing measures on my own lol! I actually LIKE packing. I enjoy organizing and categorizing and playing Tetris with all the stuff, trying to fit it into the boxes. It's good therapy when heading into the unknown - a way of being in control when I don't feel like I am lol.

On that note, holy mackerel do I feel that there is alot going on lately and also that the Universal energy is quite frenetic. With the full moon earlier this week and Mercury going retrograde on Monday (the effects of which are already being felt), things have been kinda crazy. So far I have been able to laugh it off even though there have been moments of frustration and I hope that I am able to maintain this attitude over the next while, especially during the move.

I started a dance class this week. A technique called NIA which blends dance, martial arts and body integration therapies. It is both choreographed and free form, and works with flexibility, mobility, agility, stability and strength and energy, and is a nice compliment to yoga where we stay on the mat. I am actually interested in studying it and becoming certified so that I may teach it.

OK, a part of me wants to continue writing and getting to the "good" stuff - the deeper stuff - however I am also anxious to get packing.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day. Let us Be present to every moment.

xo Tatiana

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Location: Hintonburg Ottawa, Canada

It's January 22 and so much happening man!

A couple of squirrels have moved onto our roof and have taken to sunning themselves on the flower shelf outside our bedroom window. Yesterday morning as we lay in bed listening to their mating calls I wondered if grey squirrels mate with the black ones. I'll have to google that.

We are moving to our new home next Thursday!!! I am slowly packing a few boxes at a time as we haven't much room here to put boxes. Every day is like a life sized game of Tetris and we are making do. I am SO looking forward to having S P A C E and to hosting this and that; dinners, parties, BBQ's, games of Risk, family gatherings, holidays, guests from out of town ;)

On top of this things are quite busy with work and it never seems as though there is enough time in the day. You'd think that having a career as a yoga teacher things would be all calm and balanced but it ain't so. You have got to prepare for the class and then get there, teach, then get to the next class and somewhere in between eat and rest and get in a little time for yourself and if possible - practice yoga :))

But I am learning much and am growing and like it alot. I am surrounded by mentors from whom I am learning and by whom I am inspired and my daily practice accepting where I am at as perfect and reminding myself that I am SHARING what I know and as I learn more I have more to share but also to lessen my expectations on my Self. When I do this I feel peace. I am peace.

What else, well, I turn 39 next Monday and in between everything else I am taking time to dine with friends at a favourite local spot ( ) after next week's Akhanda for Runner's yoga class. I SO look forward to seeing everyone and to spending time together.

I am off to a massage and chiro appointment -- the first of the year - so I best get going. I am so glad I took the few minutes to connect today and look forward to the next.

Be well.

Shanti, peace.
xo Tatiana

Monday, 03 December 2007

On this "30 cm of snow" wintery Ottawa day I'd like to announce that Ishwari Yoga officially launched today!

Please visit ( to find out about more about Ishwari Yoga and classes offered.

Hari om!
Tatiana Ishwari

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Good morning! It is the first snow of the season in Ottawa today! It came on a little more gently than last year.
Life is god. It's busy - I taught 4 classes (6 hours) of yoga yesterday and have been working full time at Windhorse Yoga ( helping owner Sheila get it up and running. I am enjoying my work there very much and soon the hours will level out which will allow me to focus on writing proposals to teach corporate and private yoga classes.

I have not been writing much here due to lack of down and personal time however I find the daily "Questions & Reflections" email helpful in getting me to take 2 minutes to myself almost daily. You can check some of the questions and responses here (

The search for a house continues and today we go to see a house for the second time - my favourite so far - in a wonderful location but slightly out of our price range - and then another which would be a huge fixer upper project in the almost up and coming area - but isn’t quite yet.

It really feels like Christmas is coming. I have that feeling of excitement inside. This has nothing to do with presents but with the fact that for my family this is a time when we all get together and eat and laugh and I look forward to this time.

Oh man I have some time “off” today and am SO looking forward to it. I need groceries and winter boots and to pay bills lol! Time to take care of me. Wishing you the time to do so in whatever manner you need.

Hugs and kisses,

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

I am happy to say that I journaled almost every day last week - for the first time in almost two years. As you can see I did not include the entries here. One morning while lying in bed I realized this and thought about why I had not posted lately. I thought about when I first began this page and was sharing alot of myself, all of myself - my experience, my feelings, my mistakes, my struggle and my adventures.

In considering this I came to a couple of conclusions regarding why my postings (and journaling) have been so far and few between since the fall of 2005; 1. I have been so busy that I let this way of loving myself slide. The years were consumed by the transition of moving to Ottawa, then France, the ship, then training, fundraising, securing work and then working. 2. Many things I wrote about or shared in the past did not happen the way I thought they would and so began to wait until certain things solidified before writing about them and so 3. I set some boundaries to allow myself to move through stuff before sharing when I wasn't clear or ready.

Oddly enough in the next paragraph (now replaced with this paragraph), I began to summarize all I had been through over the past four years and realized that wow, I need to take a look at it myself before sharing so have pasted into a word doc and will continue it as a journal entry.

All I can say at this moment is that man, I have never made it easy on myself, but that I wouldn't change the choices I have made or the life I've had for a thing. I have an abundance of love, of laughter, of friends, family and community, of incredible experiences and accomplishments, arts, culture and travel and admittedly I have experienced struggle, or tapas (not Spanish snacks in this case (although I have had those too) but a Sanskrit word for “that which generates heat or energy”).

In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali speaks of tapas as "the practice of conserving energy and directing it toward the goal of Yoga, toward union with the Atman." (the Universal Soul or Spirit) I am not sure if I conserved my energy in the zig zag path I have chosen however most certainly the heat I experienced - and the way I have dealt with it - has lead me to My Self and closer to union with the Atman. In everyday terms I could say that the choices I have made so far have left me with a nice tan and not a sunburn lol!
Although it may take me some time to realize and accept a challenge or struggle, I am aware that they are gifts and look upon them as opportunity for growth, to let go of something and to create room to experience more love, more joy, more peace, and light. I am also aware that the struggle is created by the resistance to grow or accept, whereas life flows when we are able to trust and surrender.

Just last week I was feeling stagnant, as if I had not “grown” or learned in a while and so I thought I needed a teacher, some guidance and I talked to God about this. Lo and behold I have been presented with several situations which provided me with the opportunity to either defend, or expand. I have had moments of resistance but am choosing expansion and in doing so am faced with the need to take stock of - and responsibility for certain ways of being, the impact they have on my life and those around me and the willingness to see that perhaps they no longer serve me and to let them go.

With awareness and willingness comes transformation and one step closer to bliss. Although if truly present each moment IS Bliss isn’t it? Yes, Tan it is. I know this and go forward into the day doing my very best to be present to each moment of Bliss, and aware of when I am not.

Deep breath. Oh yeah, I am on a journey, moving through something which will no doubt bring me somewhere, which I believe is peace, love and acceptance.

As usual on this trip, I am not quite clear, but I am getting there – to the heart of my Self.

Tatiana Ishwari

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From Aviva Cohen
Wow Tatiana - You certainly know how to live!
Response: Thanks Aviva! I see that you do too and are raring to do so more adventurously. I am here to see you do so :)
From heidi
hey tan tan,

i have a present to send you. can you e-mail me your address?

xoxoxoxo heidi
p.s. new e-mail at: mylastname.firstname at gmail. but i still check the hotmail
Response: Hi Heidi!!!! I have sent you a few emails but will do so to the new email.
Can't wait to see the pressie :)) Made with love by Heidi! xoxoxo Tan
Response: WHOOO WHOOO you crazy woman! 10 months!! Congratulations! Where are you off to now?
I am great. Preparing to move to the new house next week where I look forward to hosting you and many other loved ones.
xoxo Tatiana
From Juliana
hey, beautiful!! great to see us all here!! miss you, hon! it was good to remember the days you've spent here!!
I will write more sooner than later, want to send you some photos too!! I'm glad to hear your news, soon I'll be telling you about mine!!
lots of kisses and hugs and love to you and terrific Terry!!
Response: Juliana!!!!!! I got your photos - GORGEOUS! LOVE that waterfall.
I read and re-read you emails all the time imagining you saying the words in excellent English with your lovely Brazilian accent :)
I hope that your plans include a trip to Canada soon - I feel they do. I look forward to seeing those eyes and that smile in person.
Sending you and Carol lots and lots of love. Saudade.
xo mouah!
From Heidi
Hello Tan - i just looked at your Ishwari Yoga site - how fantastic!!! congratulations, and the site itself is just gorgeous. nice work with the design, and i assume the graphic is one of your tattoos? so awesome and so exciting!!! i miss you my tan, and look forward to having some heidi-tan-time, whenever that might be.

love, love, love, and namaste.

oxox heidi
Response: Namaste Heidi!
Just checking this today - New Years! Thanks so much and yes - it IS one of my tattoos. My girlfriend Lissa came up with the idea and designed the logo. Another girlfriend, Theosophia did the site. I am very happy with both.
Just sent you an email this morning with more good news - we bought a house! Lots of room for you and Gwen to come & visit :)!
Sending you lots of love and also looking forward to Heidi-Tan time.

xox to you and Gwen
From Fab
Hi Tan. Thinking of you, been on your site. One word to resume my thoughs reading your news : GREAT!!! I am so proud for you, to know you and so happy for your family expecting twins. Give them big hugs. Here in France, so much news... I will send you an update email. Kisses to Terry, lucky guy ;-)
A très bientôt
Response: Hi Fab! Big smile knowing that you checked in and are doing well. Can't wait to hear the so much news from you. MAY see you sooner than later as we are planning a trip to Egypt in January and may come through France or at least fly home from Paris.
xoxo to the family and big hugs,
From Wig
You are a force of nature! Nothing, no one, least of all yo' self, can hold you back. Cheers and good luck to you!

Response: Thanks Colin! Having fun celebrating life in Rio - WHAT a city! It has everything here - and the exploration has just begun.
xo Tan
From juliana
hey, dear!! you're almost coming!!! can't wait to see you!!! i'm on the rig, everything just fine so far, despite being far from my one... but i'm doing well, people are kind and helpful, found no trouble up to now... hope you're fine, talk to you soon...
bye, take care!!
Response: I KNOW! I am getting excited now - I am glad that you will be there for the race to get us "settled" into Rio.
Can't wait to hear about life on the rig - how interesting to be working there - and glad you are being well taken care of.

big kisses and hugs Juliana.
From Ada
Ciao bella,
next week i am going back to the shipslife again...after a break from 6 months!! I'll gonne follow your stories from internetcafé's in Norway. Wish you already a succesful time in RIO. Go for it girl! Baci xxx Ada
Response: Ciao Ada! I was JUST thinking ab out you last night but did not see this till today. Are you back with Costa or abother company?
Thanks for the wishes for Rio - sending you all the best. Many hugs and kisses!
Response: Hi Liana! GREAT gig - ahh St. Maarten. Happy to hear from you. Life is so busy but different busy than yours. I head to Rio soon and will see Juliana - Photographer from Atlantica. I look forward to traveling too.
Take care beautiful and thank you for staying in touch.
xo Tatiana
From Fiona
Could'nt help but tear up whn I read your April 5/07 entry, I realized just how much I regretted not meeting you earlier, suppose that's just my selfish side coming out. Can't wait to see you. Love & kisses.
Response: :)))

I had a wonderful time with you Fiona. Loved our tea time especially.

Just home now and going to rest from the superwhirlwind trip. Good times!
kisses and hugs and lots of love.
You are beautiful,
From Fawn
Hi Tatiana - Your headache could be due to your running - you may be dehydrated or electrolytes may be imbalanced.... don't forget to fuel the machine!
Response: Thanks for the tip Fawn.

See you real soon. And will send plans for the trip soon too.

xo Tatiana
From juliana
hey you there!!
just arrived, will mail you soon with the news of last season!!
Response: SO HAPPY to hear from you!!

Have been thinking about you - I can't believe I am going to see you soon - in just 3 months I will be in Rio!!!!

Hope the season went well and looking forward to hearing from you.

love love love,
From liana
bella how are you? i am in italy for a wile but leaving soon i let you know...mmmm i have some news... kisses liana
Response: News! What news?! I can't wait to hear.

ciao bella!
From Sasha :)
Heeeeeeey baby!

Bella, thanks so much for your email, really glad 2 hear from u :)...first I must say U look great, you're real hottie on all pics posted here and I see your doing fine...I'm now on Royal carrebian ships-'s been much better comparing to Costa, much more liberal for crew in many ways...also working in shop can't compare to Spa...we have much more free time and better money :)...yeah, never again cruising Italian style 4 me...he,he,he...i'll send u email soon and please keep in contact.KISSEs& HUGS and I just love your site....great work!
Lov yaa and all the best 4 U and your loved ones :)

P.S Picking poppies in the sky
Dripping as the world went by
Licking lollies in the sun
Life is just a lullaby
Response: Hi Sasha!
I was JUST looking at a gorgeous sexy photo of you yesterday as I got a link from you for some site.
I am SO happy to hear that you are happy and enjoying your new work and am glad that we remain in touch. I hope to host you here in Canada some day and also to visit you too.
Thanks for the fun little poem.
xoxo Tatiana
From Dani
Hi Tatiana,
Happy B-day. Hope the evening was all you hoped for. I'm sorry I could not be there but I've been working late just about every nite for the past couple weeks.
And so I offer you all my best wishes for this day. Bye.

Response: Thank you for the birthday wishes Dani!
Hopefully we'll see you at one of the upcoming events or for Friday night drinks.
Take good care,
xo Tatiana
Response: Hi Liana.
So nice to hear from you. I hear how you are feeling about the ship and life. Follow your heart and your inner voice (intuition) sweetie, and it will let you know what to do. Truth is no matter what choice you make it is the right one. You are on your path and will "get" where you are going. In fact you are already there :)
Love youself.
xo Tatiana
From Claude
Looked at all your photos great sunsets and photos. It looked like you had a fantastic time. You took a lot of time putting all this together I enjoyed reading all the little comments under the photos.
(And whats wrong with the swimming pools!)
Thanks for sharing your trip with me. Take Care,
Response: :) Thanks Claude. If you search the site closely you will see that you are featured on it...think Halloween.
See you soon,
From juliana
Response: lol! :)))) ;)

From Sarah
To Tatiana and all the fine people who meet here...
M e r r y C h r i s t m a s
Response: And to you.

Thank you Sarah.
From Jenn Naiman (Carter)
Hey Doll,

Just a quick note to say hi. I love reading about your life and everything you are up to. We are planning a trip to Ottawa in February - would love to hook up. Have an awesome and safe time in Costa Rica - I heard the beaches are beautiful. I look forward to hearing all about it. Gone are the days of the big blue box (thank god!!) Keep in touch T.

Response: Hi Jenn!!! Naiman :)))
Yes, please call me when you are here - I would love to get together and to meet Mr. Naiman.
Call me when you come. My number is at the bottom of my email. And I will send you my work number too.
Happy holidays beautiful! Please send my best wishes to your folks.
From Amanda Putz
Hi Tatiana, I'm not sure we ever met, but I just wanted to let you know I found your site in my travels thru the Internet. Sounds like you're my kind of people. I hope your travels bring you to Hong Kong, where I'm living for a while, and we can meet (again?). --Amanda (of CBC Fuse)
Response: Whoa Amanda that is trippy lol! No, we have never met although I have come to the studio for a recording or two (and was recently wondering where you were when you weren't the hostess with the mostess at the last recording I attended) I also saw you host Westfest and the respect is mutual - really happy to meet you. I just came back to the site to say that that after a chat with Teertha ( my spiritual teacher) I was in a much better space and here you are. Nice surprise.
Thank you for the invite. God only knows when I will make it to Hong Kong (I've never been) but am open to traveling pretty much everywhere. OK this is a conversation now and not a reply. I will email you soon to say hello - curious to hear what you are up to in Hong Kong and life in general.
Thanks so much for dropping a line and best wishes on your journey.

(former CBC R3'r)

PS I love the skirt you wore at Westfest.
From Mair
Ive just come across your diary. Your journey sounds amazing. I wanted to acknowledge your huge amount of courage to follow your own path and your openness to experience whatever that is. Congratulations! Inspiring !
Response: Thank you SO much Mair. Thank you.

Wishing you all that you desire and deserve.
Peace, love and light,
From liana
ciao bella thank you for you letter .. you so nice ...i wanna see you ...come to tenerife is amazing here and really hot... kisses love liana
Response: Thanks honey. I was there about this time last year when we did the transatlantic on the Atlantica.
I head to Costa Rica for a short trip soon and I am REALLY looking forward to it.
kisses and hugs beautiful,
From Woxo
WTF? Burt Harris died? Of cancer? Cancer??!! f--k me, that's brutal. I knew Burt and he was an awesome man - full of courage, strong intellect, good humour and he was a helluva musician too. Jesus Christ, that's tough news to swallow on Saturday morning. My best wishes to his family and friends, and of course you too, Tan. I am so f--king sad to hear about this news. f--k me... tears flowing.
Response: Hi Colin,
Thank you for the note. Sigh. Yes. So let us continue to live life to the fullest yes?
I was thinking about you this week - am going to send you Alex Mortimer's book "The Quitter" when I finish it cause I think you will like & appreciate it. Did you ever know him when you were here? I thought you may as he was in the Whirleygigs...
Anyway Col, it is 9 pm and after an evening of working is time for me to have some relaxing Sunday night time.
kisses and hugs to you.
Be well,