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Welcome to Lauren + Adam's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Friday, 27 July 2007

Location: London, UK

Hi Everybody! Yes I know that it's been a while, but life goes on and we have been even busier here than at home if that is possible. But I had to post today, because it is our last night in London!! Boy has time flown. Since last posting about seven weeks ago we have been on quite a few day trips and tried to see as much as we can around London. We headed into the countryside to visit the 100 aker wood, vist Pooh and throw sticks off the pooh bridge. We went on a day outing with Jeremy and Alannah to the beautiful town of Canterbury where we visited the cathedral and then went to Leeds Castle. We headed out of London to the Cotswolds with Alannah where Adam got enjoy yet another maze and we wandered around beautiful little English villages. We have been to see a number of theatre shows - Avenue Q and Wicked to name our favourites and we even lined up in a 1/2 mile long line in the freezing cold to be one of the first 200,000 to buy the first Harry Potter book. To say we have had a ball would be an understatement! We have loved our time in London and are a little sad to be saying goodbye, but we have a feeling we will be back some day. Well we are ready to start the next adventure. Adam has scored himself a fab job as a co-teacher at one of the top international schools in Hong Kong. I have a year one class and will also be Year One co-ordinator for 4 months of the year as the principal wants to give us all a go so we can see is that is an avenue we would like to pursue. It is all exciting and a little scary too. We send you all our love and hope everyone is well. The school puts us up in a hotel whilst we find a house to live, so I will post again as soon as I know our new address. Big hugs to everyone!!

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Location: Oxford, UK

It is half term and Adam and I haven't got a lot of money so instead of heading off to somewhere in Europe for the week we decided to stay in London and visit some places closer to home. So we went to Oxford for the day, another city we didn't get to last time, but had always wanted to visit. So we hoped on the bus to Oxford and slept (or rather I did) for the hour journey there. Unfortunately the weather was awful but it didn't dampen our spirits as we popped on our waterproof jackets and took in the beautiful sites of Oxford. Unlike London which is becoming quite modernised, Oxford is what you imagine England to be like. Quaint cobbled streets, beautiful churches and stunning buildings. We did a walking tour with a very knowledgable man who took us around and showed us into some of the University buildings, Harry Potter film sites and told us some of the history of this stunning city. There is actually only one university in the city - Oxford University, but the university is made up of 39 different colleges - each with their own campus and chapel where the students live, study and eat. As you probably know many famous people have been educated at Oxford - CS Lewis, Lewis Carroll, many world leaders including Tony Blair, KIm Beasley and Bob Hawke who still holds the record for drinking 2.5 pints of beer in 11 seconds. He still holds this record today. We had a lovely, but rather wet day and the rain jackets came in very handy! Adam was in his element when he found a cafe that sold over 200 flavours of milkshakes. He had a turkish delight one and I had an After Eight (those yummy dinner mint chocies). Delicious!!

Friday, 25 May 2007

Location: Chelsea Flower Show, UK

Just a quick entry as I don't really have a lot to write about the Chelsea Flower Show, but you will see the photos and it is famous worldwide, so I guess it deserves a diary entry. Our friends were going, Mum told me it that Better Homes and Gardens was doing there show from there, so we forked out the money for the very expensive tickets and after work headed to Slone Square in London for the Chelsea Flower Show. It was absolutely packed with people and well gardens and little shops selling all things garden. We had a loovely time and even saw the Australian designed garden and it was great to talk to the Aussie who stood out the front even though he thought Melbourne was a rubbish city to live in??

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Location: UK

13 Aussies & Kiwis and 1 English want a be Aussie, took a Minnie bus to the greatest place in England, Alton Towers - rides set in the grounds of an old Estate with a Castle and huge gardens.
Loz's favorite ride was a rollercoaster called Air, were you face the ground like your flying. Mine would have to be the oblivion, were you free fall face forward straight down through the ground.
We were able to buy a ticket that let us jump the queue on 4 of the most popular rides. You take a lot of satisfaction in walking past the people waiting at the 1 hour mark as you take your position at the front.

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Location: Great Missenden, UK

We had such a great day today, although it poured and poured the whole day. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a big big fan of the late Roald Dahl and his wonderful stories. After doing a nd internet search the other day I found that in the town where he lived they have set up a museum in his honour which houses many of his personal possessions including photos, writings etc. So being such a big fan we decided to head out of London for the day and go to the town of Great Missenden. It was only a 40 minute train ride away and after all this time Adam and I are only just beginning to realise how much there is to do in this country and nothing is that far away.
I had a lovely time at the museum looking at the many things that the family of Roald Dahl have donated to help preserve the memory of him. He really did lead a fasinating life as a pilot in his younger days to settling down in his home town of Great Missenden to write. He built a little shed in his backyard where he did all his writing. He had his favourite chair, a thermos of tea and the pencils and yellow paged notebooks that he used to write his stories in. They even have a little shed set up in the museum just like Roald Dahl's would have looked. Unfortunately we didn't have the chance to visit his grave as it was pouring with rain and we were going to miss the train, but it really was a super and interesting day out. He may now be gone but he certainly lives on through his stories.

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Location: London, UK

A bit of a randon day today. We started off by visiting Madame Tussauds, one of the most visitied London attractions. It is very expensive, but we had a buy one get one free ticket so that was probably the only reason why we were going. We actually went last time we were here, but they do have different faces to see and some parts have changed. We enjoyed having our photos taken with many famous faces although for some reason they just wouldn't talk back!! Adam enjoyed the one ride but wanted it to go for longer - doesn't he always!! We left Madame Tussaud's and headed across to the Sherlock Holme's museum. Unfortunatley it was pouring with rain so we didn't get any photos. After that he went to the British Museum for a couple of hours, which you think would be plenty of time but we didn't even see one floor. This place is huge and we got to see my favourites - the Egyptian exhibit and we also hunted out the pieces that are kept here from the Acropolis in Greece. This is a bit of a touchy point between the British and the Greeks. The Greeks think that the British shouldn't have the relics they should and the Brits think they can look after them better! It was great to see them having just visited Greece. We also go to the Rosetta Stone which is on show at the moment - I love to see things that I learnt about at school!! Well it was quite a busy day but we are really trying to see as much as we can before heading to Hong Kong.

Monday, 07 May 2007

Location: The Lakes District, UK

I couldn't wait to get going this morning as we were heading to the town where the Beatrix Potter museum is. So after about another hours drive we arrived in the town of Hawkshead which is very closw to where Beatrix Potter's house was and were her museum is now situated. You can actually go and visit her house, but unfortunately because we were only in the town for an hour and it took 50 minutes to walk there we had to settle with the museum instead. The museum is actually situated in the office in which her husband had his lawyer's firm. The museum holds original drawings and writings from many of Beatrix's famous books and photos of her pets and the animals that used to live at Hilltop (her home) and she based many of her books. We then headed back to the town of Windermere where we had just had time for a bite of lunch and a visit to The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction. Basically this is a lovely place for kids to go and see the stories of Beatrix Potter come to life, but it was equally enjoyable for big kids. We then got back in the coach ready to sleep for the 4-5 hour journey back to London. We had a lovely weekend and it was really nice to get out of London and to see so may things.

Sunday, 06 May 2007

Location: The Lakes District, UK

We got up fairly early today as we had an hour journey to our first stop for the day, the town of Keswick. Here we visited the site of the Derwent Pencil factory which certainly bought back memories of the precious pencils I recieved for Christmas one year. Legend has it that in the early 1500s, a violent storm in the Borrowdale area of Cumberland led to trees being uprooted and the discovery of a strange black material underneath. This material turned out to be graphite, and shepherds began using it to mark their sheep.A cottage industry of pencil making soon developed, culminating in the formation of the UK’s first pencil factory in 1832. We toured the factory finding out how pencils are made and even got some pencils made with our names on them. It was fasinating. Next we headed to the Cars of the Stars exhibition. It was great! We saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Bat Mobile (new and old), Mr Bean's Mini, The Dukes of Hazard car, one of the cars from 007, Kit from Nightrider and my favourite - Herbie the Love Bug. Unfortunately we couldn't take photos due to copyright reasons. After lunch we headed to the town of Gramere, where we visited the home of William Wordsworth and also found the Grasmere gingerbread shop which is world famous. The gingerbread was first made in 1854 using a secret recipe and it is acknowledged by food critics as 'the best gingerbread in the world'. After that we headed to the nearby town of Ambleside famous for it's house on the bridge (look in our photos). Then after a long and busy day we headed back to the hotel for a much needed feed and rest.

Saturday, 05 May 2007

Location: The Lakes District, UK

Another part of England that we really wanted to visit the last time we were here but didn't get too was The Lakes District, which is meant to be one of the most picturesque parts. So Adam and I headed about 4 hours out on London with a bus load of others to visit this area famous for it's lakes and famous writers. William Wordworth was born and lived in one of the areas small villages and Beatrix Potter loved this area so much that she bought a house and wrote many of her famous stories here.
We started our trip by visiting the biggest lake Windermere. We took a cruise on the lake and had a look around the beautiful little town before heading to were we were going to stay for the night.

Saturday, 28 April 2007

Location: Hampton Court Palace, UK

Adam and I headed out of London to visit the beautiful Hampton Court Palace, once home to Henry the Eighth and famous for it's beautiful gardens. We had always wanted to go especially Adam because of the famous maze. We didn't realise it was quite so close to London - it only took us abotu an hour to get there. We had a lovely day. As you can see in the photos the sun is shining and it is quite a warm day. We enjoyed looking around the many rooms of the castle decorated in the style of years gone by. The gardens we just beautiful and we cracked the maze in uder 15 minutes. Adam was a little disappointed with the maze - apparently it used to be alot bigger. We went out for dinner in the nearby town of Richmond which is on the outskirts of London. It is set right on the river Thames and we had a lovely wander along the river. Everyone had come out to sit in the sun on the bank of the river to drink and have picnics. It really was a lovely sight to see.

Monday, 23 April 2007

Location: London, UK


Adam Crowe, to be part of the worlds largest coconut orchestra , red no blue aahhhhhhhh.
The challenge was set, the Yanks had put on their own coconut orchestra with the current World record of 1,800 people playing their two half coconuts, while conducted simultaneously in one place.
The poms were used to being beaten at their own game, but this is Monty Python!
So with the two Terry’s who directed, wrote & starred in The Holy Grail, the cast and Musical Director of Spamalot (the Monty Python musical in the west end) and the Mayor of London, we gathered in Trafalgar Square. They had 5,000 coconuts halves to give out ( the migrant swallows had been busy) and I am happy to say they ran out.
So 5,000 of us armed with our coconuts were conducted to the song “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”. To make the record book the conductor had to stop and start us and keep us together –yes there are rules to this sort of thing. Had to be one of the funniest thing I’ve ever done!
There’s one thing more I love than beating the Pom’s it’s beating the Yanks!
Afterwards they played the Holy Grail on a large screen, so 5,000 of us sat around Trafalgar Square and watched it.
P.S don’t think I’ll be writing again, that’s what’s Loz is for!

Monday, 16 April 2007

Location: London, England

Today I possibly had one of the funniest moments of my life. Whilst heading home on the train the other night from the airport I happened to be reading in the paper about how an attempt was to be made of the weekend to break the Guinness World record for the number of people bouncing on Space Hoppers together at one time. The invitation was open to all and we decided that this was something we had to be apart of. So early this morning, Jeremy, Alannah, Adam and I headed down to the Millennium Bridge in London to register and receive our free space hopper. I am proud to say that at 10.30 am London time 600 people (the previous record was 545 people) bounced on the Millennium Bridge in London for a total of one minute. We will now be in the next addition of the Guinness Book of Records – will definitely be buying that one for the coffee table. I had not been on a space hopper since I was a child and I had forgotten how much fun it was and looking at the other 599 smiling and laughing faces around me I guess they had forgotten too. Definitely a story to tell the grandkids. A proud day!

Friday, 13 April 2007

Location: Athens, Greece

Day 10 – Athens
We enjoyed our last day in Athens by catching up on souvenir shopping. The boys decided that they were over following us around the shops so they took this time to go and look around Olympic Stadium that was built for the 2004 Olympics. They had a great time looking around the stadium and were even given exclusive access by one of the security guards. We all met up, bought the last minute souvenirs and headed out to the airport for the journey back to London.
We all had a fantastic holiday – lots of fun, delicious food, good friendships and exploring another part of this amazing world. It’s back to reality now. Unfortunately my time at the Nursery has come to an end so who knows where I will be working this week. Let’s hope they go easy on me!!

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Location: Naxos, Greece

Days 8 & 9 – Naxos
Even though we only visited 3 islands we couldn’t believe how different and lovely they all were. Naxos is very much a fishing sort of island. The town was not set on a cliff face as the other islands. We arrived mid afternoon, walked into town and had a late lunch. We were all a little exhausted so we went back to the place were we were staying and had an afternoon nap. We headed out fairly late that night to have dinner.
We got up early the next morning to for fill Jeremy’s dream – to hire a scooter for the day. Initially Alannah and I were going to ride of the back of Jeremy’s and Adam’s bikes and Jess was going to get a bike of her own, but on the way to pick up the scooters Jess laid her eyes on a green little convertible so it was decided that the girls would explore the island in that. We had a simply wonderful day touring around the beautiful island of Naxos on scooters and in a convertible. We had a few hairy moments in the convertible – a mixture of Jess’s first time driving a left hand drive car, driving on the opposite side of the road, very small streets were cars just park anywhere and the Greeks being scary drivers. But Jess did a wonderful job and we returned the car (much to the hire car mans delight) unharmed. We were all exhausted after busy day - had another delicious dinner, grabbed Snickers gelato (now Adam’s and Jeremy’s favourite!!!) and had an early night.
We got up fairly early the next morning in order to catch the ferry back to Athens. We were lucky to be leaving that day as the weather had suddenly turned cold and windy. Lets just say our journey back to Athens was very rocky and took 4 and a half hours instead of three. We all felt pretty sick and tried to sleep most of the way. We were very pleased to be back on solid ground in Athens!!

Monday, 09 April 2007

Location: Ios, Greece

Day 7 – Ios
Ios was just gorgeous and I think we were all disappointed that we weren’t spending more time there. We arrived about 1 in the afternoon after enjoying a one hour ferry. We walked the 20 minute journey to the beach and took a wrong turn so it ended up taking about an hour. The weather was lovely, but the water was still freezing so the boys swum and the girls sunbathed.
We headed back to the town on the bus and enjoyed a lovely dinner at a little Italian restaurant – we needed a break from Greek salad.
The next day we got up fairly early so that we could get some shopping in before we had to catch our next ferry to the island of Naxos where we were spending 2 nights.

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From Rachel
Hey guys! We haven't heard from you in ages. Life has been busy. Uni is over for the year, only 2 more years to go. Yeah! Brett and I bought our first home and have moved in which is great. Brooke had a baby boy named Mason who is now 2 months old and absolutely gorgeous. We will have to catch up when you get home. We miss you lots and lots, Vacation Care just hasn't been the same without you. Well hopefully we will all see you soon!
Response: Hi Rachel,
I can't believe Brooke has had a baby!!! Nobody told me she was pregnant - have I really been away that long because it doesn't feel like it! I hope to catch up with you guys too. Maybe I will all into vacation care. Have a lovely Christmas. Love Lauren
From Kaye & Val
Just logged into your web page for the first time. Very impressive. Makes us envious. Wish we could join you on some of the touring you have done. Love the photos though haven't had time to look at all of them yet.

Look at your email. Have sent photos of Katana and Julie.

Have a wonderful Xmas which will be upon us very soon. Do you have any time off for the season?
Has anyone mentioned that Halee L. has had a TV special done on her - 'The Gift' about organ transplants. They filmed at the school and Julian and Ann-Marie had wigs on tried to get in on the act.
Lets know if you get this. What a great idea for everyone to keep in touch.
Response: Hi Guys,
Glad you liked it! I can't believe that it has nearly been a year ago that we left and the many things that we have done this year. We are home in two weeks time for a holiday so I hope than we can catch up than. Hope you are well!
From Jacinta
Thanks so much for the gorgeous outfits. Lewis loves his and it won't be long before Pallas fits into hers. Hope you guys are having a great time in Hong Kong.
Response: Hi Jacinta,
I have been so slack with our website, but we have just been so busy. I have something on at work most nights and the hour travel to and from work is also tiring. I am gald the kids like their outfits. We are home this time in two weeks and we can't wait - it has been a long term!!
Hope you and the family are well!
Gee you guys are hard to track down! I'd make a terrible stalker I reckon! How are you? What are you up to? Hope that things are going great and that you're really happy over there.
Hopefully I'll speak with you soon.
Lotsa love,
Response: I Lan! We have only just got the internet on and work for both of us has been crazy!! Hong Kong is great and we hope to post some photos soon. The shopping is awesome. We want to ring you in Bendigo so email us and let us know your phone number. Lots and lots of love. US
From Sally
Just finished looking at your photos. They are great - thanks. Well - you will both have started work and settled into your new apartment now. I am very envious. Hope all is going well. Love to you both Sally
Response: Hi Sal,
Thanks for the message!! We have just got the internet on so I will be posting an entry soon. School started 2 weeks ago and I have never been so busy in my life. I don't even have time to check my emails!!!! We are both enjoying Hong Kong, but the days are very long - up at 5.45 (school starts at 8.30 and it takes an hour for me to get to work) and I often don't get home until 6. My love to everyone and I will be in touch soon. Lauren
From Jacinta
Hello Lauren,
How is Hong Kong. Tony and I have a brand new baby girl called Pallas and she is absolutely gorgeous and keeping us very busy. I hope all has gone well with your big move.
Response: I am am sooooo happy to hear that you have a beautiful new baby girl!! I have been thinking about you and wondering when you were due. I bet you are busy! We are too - but not as busy as you I guess. In the 8 days we have been here we have managed to find and rent a brand new apartment. Today we bought bedding, kitchen stuff and other things we will need. Work starts on Monday and the kids return to school the Monday after that. Expecting it to be a scary and exciting time. My congratulations to you and your beautiful family. Take care and I will be in touch soon. Lots of Love, Lauren
From Elliott
Looks like u guys are having the time of your life... AGAIN! :) Good luck in Hong Kong, I wish you both alllll the best!! I'm working up @ Hotham at the mo, its pretty exciting, I might come visit you both in HK, never been there before!! Talk soon,

Response: Good to hear from you Smelliot. Sounds like you are having fun too. We would love to see you in Hong Kong. It is very hot and busy and the shopping is amazing! Lots of love. Loz and Ad
From zoe
hi lauren and adam
really did not have time to say goodbye at school hope you are safe and well in hong kong and finding your feet. just had a week at the sea side with the family ( buckets and spades )
will miss you loads
have a great time
love zoe xxxxxxxx
Response: Hi Zoe, I am so sorry we didn't get to say goodbye properly! I came down to see you at the end of school, but you had already gone :-( Oh well I will just have to come back to visit. I am glad you got away for a holiday - enjoy the rest of them. Love Lauren
From CJ
Hi Guys,
Just caught up on what you've been doing over the last three months! Brings back so many memories! It made me laugh seeing that you went to the Cotswolds again....hehe - do you remember our last visit?
I've got my copy of Harry potter too!! :)
Hope you are enjoying Hong Kong. There might be a bit of culture shock at first...but the shopping is awesome!!
Take care,
Response: Hi CJ,
Great to hear from you! The Cotswolds was a trip down memory lane for us as well. We went back to the maze and talked lots about when we had been their together - especially how grumpy someone was!! We are liking Hong Kong so far. Very hot and humid but looks like we have found a really nice apartment and we are enjoying the food and shopping. Adam found BBQ shapes in a supermarket today so he is happy!! Take care. Loz
From joy
hi Lauren,
Just checked out your latest photos and notes. Sounds like a wonderful adventure..good luck for Hong Kong.. keep the news and stories coming.. we have green lawn in Bendigo now!! Cheers Joy
Response: Lovely to hear from you Joy. Have you anymore travel plans for the near future? It was lovely catching up with Jim the other week! Didn't make home feel like so far away. Hope you are well.
From Adam Lyon
hi there beautiful people i am shamed to confess this is my first visit to your site :)
great to know its going well :)

Love from bendigo

Response: Shame on you!!! Did you enjoy the photos of Yours and Mark's Big Day Out? How is Bendigo? Any news? Hope you are well!
From Cam
Hi Loz, Mum and I are looking at the pics! Haha Little Loddy Crowe. Love Mum and Cam
Response: So glad you finally were able to have a look! Great to hear from you. Speak to you on the weekend.
Lots of Love, Loz
From Sarah
Love the picture of Adam in the maze!!! Made me laugh as i know how excited he gets about mazes!!!!!
Also, Adam with the milkshake - that's gold!!!!
Love Sarah
Response: Yes it doesn't take Adam a lot to get excited!! Hope you're well and having fun! Love Loz
From sally
Hey Lauren you went to Ambleside that's got a primary school that has great websites for the IWB - have you stolen any ideas for me. Love the pictures - hate you both !!!!!!!! Your best friend XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx
Response: Hi Sal,
Unfortunately the school wasn't open when we went there. I have been using their site for a few years now - I think I showed you their look, cover, write, check for the IWB. Thanks for the resources too!! Will write soon. Me Lub You!
Oh and please pass on my joy to Lisa and Nick on the birth of Sophie if you see them. Katie emailed me the good news.
Lots of Love
From Sarah
Hey guys - sounds like you're having an absolute blast! Loved your photos, especially Pudding Lane (thanks!) and Adam eating gelato - and of course, the pics of Greece! So envious! Maybe i'll have to come and visit you when you are in Hong Kong (or as I recall Adam saying once, King Kong...)
Response: Hi Sars (how do you spell that without sounding like the disease??),
Having a fantastic time! We miss everyone at home though. The time is just flying. We have only about 10 weeks left in London so we are trying to see and do as much as we can. Went to see Avenue Q last week. You cou;dn't wipe the smile from Adam's face!! Thanks so much for the message. Say hi to everyone for us.
From Matt Springer
hey hey you two crazy kids. hope you are having a ball. if you two happen to do anymore travelling around italy and make your way to verona, then you need to rub juliets right boob. it is good luck.
take care
Response: I did rub a Juliet's boob but it didn't give me good luck just a night in the slammer! Don't think we'll be doing to much overseas traveling before Hong Kong, finances not permitting, I think I'm going to have to sell my body to science again. About time you contacted us, if you've got email address let us know. Say hi to everyone for me.
P.S You are!
From sandy
I have sent you a message to say congrats on getting a position in Hong Kong, dont know whether you got it. Love the story about the space hoppers, and pictures of your travels. I think your IT skills are amazing. Love Sandy
Response: Hi Sandy,
Never go the message of congratulations from you - must have got lost in cyber space! Thanks so much for the email. I love hearing about what is going on at home! Sounds like Speci Hill is busy. Take care,
From Timmy
Ok, so i just read Gonks and got my question answered for me. But you can answer it again if you want.
Love you guys.
Response: Hey Timmy, hope life's treating you well & little mans doing well, he's definately a young. Is he giving Sue attitude if so check the back of his cupboard in case his bent on world domination.
Talk soon.
From Jacinta
Wow, looks like you guys are having a fantastic time creating memories that you can look back and that will last forever. I am well and getting bigger every day. I'm sure you're excited about Hong Kong.
Response: Hi Jacinta,
So pleased you are well! When do you finish up at work? Isn't time flying - I am sure you are finding that more and more with another bub on the way.
Take care and great to hear from you!
From YoungDogg
Response: Hi to you too!
Love Loz
From Gonk
looks like fun. did you guys get to keep the space hoppers?
Response: Yeah we did get to keep them. We are now using them as lounge chairs as we do not have a couch.
From Di Lyndon
Hi Loz and Adam,
I've finally had time to sit and look at your website.
The photo's are great and it looks like your having a great time.
Term 2 starts tomorrow I have picked up a few hours work at white hills primary as well as doing after school care at violet st so it's keeping me quite busy. Keep those emails coming, I'll write back soon.
Love to you both Di
Response: Great to hear from you Di! We just got back from our 10 day holiday in Greece so I will be updating the site soon with some pictures. Glad to hear that you are getting work. Say hi to everyone for me.
From Sally
Yay !!!! You've done it. I don't believe that story about trouble with the internet - you're just too busy eating gelati and touring around. Can't fool me !!! Great photos - keep it up. Stay happy and healthy you two.
Response: Ever the cheeky one! I miss you heaps Sal!! Just got back from our holiday in Greece. Back to supply teaching this week as my 6 week stint at the Nursery is now over. Lets just say I am feeling a little professionly bored - I miss planning and thinking up fun activities to do with the kids. Bring on Hong Kong!! A big hi to everyone for me and I hope you had a great Easter break!!
Hi Loz and Adam,
Happy easter to you both , where is it.. Rome or Greece? Have a great time! Cheers Joy
Response: We head to Greece on Tuesday for ten days. Looking forward to a relax and sunshine!! Spend a few days in Athens and then go to a couple of the islands. Will update site soon - the 3 year olds are really tiring me out!! Hope you are well!
From Sally
C'mon slackos where are you and what's happening??!! Life here is busy - doing lots of planning with Kylie - using idesa from you (and Kurwonbah !!!) Thinking of you. Sally
Response: I know I am so slack!! | have a job teaching in a nursery (3 year olds!!!) for four weeks. I am soooo happy to be planning again. Doing lots of fun hands on things. Very very busy. Will write and tell you all about Rome soon and may even post some photos.
Miss you all heaps. Lauren