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Welcome to my travel page. This idea works for me, firslty i dont have to send e-mails as well i might actaully document some of my activities over here in lovely london town. Please enjoy!!

Diary Entries

Monday, 12 June 2006

Location: UK

hello there

been a while since i last updated. i dont have the internet at my disposal as much any more. the pub im working at is easy i have already chucked a sicky on the england game on sat, battersea club was far more important. just happend to be the most rammed day ever, oh well.
anyway im heading back home in two weeks!!! jonez hope ur ready for some drinking.
must go watch footaball

Wednesday, 24 May 2006

I have a new job!! its a pub around the corner in fulham, and well perfect for some extra cash while im here. working part time so i can spend more time drinking and doing what i enjoy!!!

other news - brook and i are apparently getting evicted as we have not paid rent. out of our hands and well we tried. so after all the panic and the advice of everyone were not paying it. f--k them silly asians have dug them self a massive hole. their dodgy, no rent book, not declaring it to the inland revenue nothing. we have them wrapped around our little finger. so yeah very interesting. sure to keep u posted on this.

my 21st soon so were hopefully going to some rave?!! no idea. im not too fussed, either way i probably wont remember what i do so thats cool.

hope ur all well.

Friday, 12 May 2006

Location: UK

Finally warmth has set in summer is here now and its great to be back in the sun.
Nothing new really happening in my life. living very healthy, eating well u know how it is.
its the fa cup final this weekend and then we battersea club and maybe after that go to the white house to see james zabiela. its such a hard life.

Friday, 05 May 2006

Location: UK

Summer is coming!!! its sunny the boathouse terrace was packed on wednesday night, summer is nearly here. we have one more cold snapp apparently this weekend then its gone forever!!!

hoping to have a great weekend, very interesting week though. the highlight was jack and harry in a hollly bush, giggling like Beavis and Butthead. so cute.

work just gets better and better. literally get paid for nothing.

Monday, 24 April 2006

Location: UK

well as you can see from the photos Easter was fantastic. Quite easilly the most expesive weekend of my life but one of the best. Rai had a great send off. As usual was not what anyone expected.

The weekend just gone was even just as stupid. Watching liverpool kick chelseas arse was the highlight. Having my bag stolen during the game was the lowest point, but Sol Campbell brother finding my passport was the biggest suprise.
yes i can see why i get called the struggler. i had onnly had my bank card for two days and then its stolen again. hopeless.

Saturday evening we spent with harry and jack, great night at jacks place drinking.

Thursday, 20 April 2006

Location: UK

So its finally Good Bye to Raimondo. He was sent off with a crazy weekend that succesfully summed up his life in London. Brook and I are now left with our selves and some crazy boys to spend our weekends with. See ya The Raimond. Enjoy the sun!!

Since last Wednesday I have been in a pub. Thursday night i ventured out with Jack on a mission. Involved getting into trouble with the new boathouse staff for nicking the keys, and Jack stealing a whole leg of beef for a bbq. silly.
friday Rai brook and i went to the walkabout in Putney it was Rai last time.
Saturday went to Portobello markets and then went to groove armada, average set along with rai whingeing made it unbearable. bus ride and getting home was grand. shoe box was tested to its full potential.
sunday the three of us and harry went to the crabtree and then later the george jacks and hays joined. we had a great night.. theres so many details and stories but i can venture into details, as im lazy

Monday, 03 April 2006

Location: UK

What a Rolllercoaster

Well Boat Race lived up to all the expectations of a good drinking day, if I had not been tangled up into working Im sure i would of had fun. Though I cant complain, i did get drunk. ella and i are quickly getting a reputation, even the dodgiest people in south west london struggled to hang around us yesterday.
Saturday was one of my most rewarding days since i have been in London and i cant believe it has taken me nealry 9 months to venture to Portobello markets. What a fantastic place and its so close to where we live. I also finally managed to have a hair cut..

Friday, 31 March 2006

Location: UK

Well today I should be finishing my job forever, but Im not. I have been kindly asked to stay yet another two weeks. I was orginally supposed to finsih at the end of February so I must be doing something right.

I have quite a plain weekend planned. Tonight I am going to meet Pitbull ( Eva) and hit the piss. She has constantly reminded me she has vodka and well the girl is charger completely above my standard. If I survive I will tell all.

Brook and I are working at the Boathouse running the outside Corona bars on Sunday, exciting. ..

Monday, 27 March 2006

Location: UK

Well what a week!!!

Work has been extremely boring and I cannot wait till Friday and be finally out of this place. I have literally spent the last two weeks walking around the office pretending to work. Any job that I end up doing is boring and I quite simply just dont do it. What are they going to do?? Please fire me and give me my money!!!!

As far as the weekend went the Boat House once again became the centre of it all. Firday night Boathouse, then Walkabout. Saturday Boathouse then Thai Square, and finally sunday was spent drinking ridiculous amounts of alchohol with Eva at the Boathouse.

I did have full intentions of going to the science museum but that didnt happen. I blame the bad influences in my life, they come in all shapes and forms and from all directions. I'll let your imagination run riot.

The new house is going fine. Apparently according to Ella I have started World War 3 with the upstairs neighbours while I was in a drunken rebellious state. Who Knows?? They attempted to throw toilet roll into our window. Well thats what Ella and I assume. Me coming home pissed on Sunday night didnt help at all. All I can say is bring it on!!

Not much planned for the up and coming week, apart from working Boat Race day and doing some drinking spending and H&M'ing on Friday!!!


Friday, 24 March 2006

Location: UK

Its friday again, life is getting so repetitive...

Have very little plans for this weekend, maybe go to some museum. all the free stuff that i need to do. Im not drinking or doing anything bad for me. shall be interesting.

This week i discoverd the wonders of buy one get one free. also that redwine is a guarentee head ache the next day, and i will never work for a solicitors ever again!!!



Monday, 20 March 2006

Location: London, UK

Well eventually we have moved house!!! were now living in Fulham and how lovely it is. ella and i have moved into a shoebox and easilly made it look lived in.
Now there are always good and bad aspects of new homes.
here are the good aspects:
*we have a shop right opposite our front door!!! its huge and sells everything u could ever need
* We have new flat mates
* we have a door in our room that leads to a back garden that has a lawn and barbecue and allows us to enter our room without going through the house.

Now for the bad aspects:
* the shop closes at 8pm everynight. why??
* one of our flatmates has a mullet that is greasy and he is scary
* the door doesnt open, no matter how hard we try.

i am learning so much over here. the main thing i have realised is; No matter how hard you try somethings are just not meant to be perfet. keeps our lives interesting though.

Thursday, 16 March 2006

Location: UK

Well tonight is the night that Ella and I move home. we dont have to leave rannoch rd till Saturday but where going to take some stuff over as tomorrow is st paddys day and might be unable to move as there is some important guiness drinking to be done.

Last night was our last night with the boys. great ending to a great era. smoking weed in ur bedroon with the occassional crazy kiwi popping in and out wondering if we had the phone, or anything that they have lost but immediatly blamed us.

Its been an eventful several months and now i can see so much light at the end. with my trip actually forming and a new home, there is as much to look forward to, as there is to be missed.

I have cleverly constructed a trip through europe during the world cup, its a loz style adventure, 'Fluke it through Europe'. the only sensible thing i have pre prepared is buying a busabout bus pass that takes me everywhere and a plane tickets to amsterdam, and another from barcelona to london so i can get my flight home, when i decide that is???? But apart from that, i am freeee to do whatever i want on my trip. So if i get caught up somewhere i can stay. it makes sense. I'll start in Amsterdam and make my way down to Barcelona.

Sunday, 12 March 2006

Location: London, UK

You know your life is quite silly when you refuse to stop drinking even if you simply dont have a penny to your name. Fortuante for Rai, Ella and I this dilemma doesnt cause much of an issue as we have the Boathouse for our alchoholic habits. We ought to call our selves the Three Desperado's. We purposely set bar tabs up knowing we cant pay for them. The best bit always is knowing that everything is going to be fine.
Managed to stumble home later on Sunday. Very very long weekend with no desire for it to end. We spent most of the time at Raimondo home, and Fabric was amazing. Kid Knobi was easilly the best of the night. The scariest part of the night for me was the full lazy eye. Now I dont know where this terrible feature comes from but it is not a very pleasent look. We all had our down points though, Ella complained of going in to a new reality, and well Rai was just his usual self, which is good enough.

Friday, 10 March 2006

Location: London, UK

Oh what a lovely day at work. I love Fridays no one ever feels like working and well especially me. Though today has really gone my way. One by one all the solicitors and everyone have left. So i get to do absolutely nothing and then leave early. I love this countrys work ethic.
Going to Fabric tonight to Eargasm. I am very excited. Rai Ella and Carlos are venturing with me. cant wait to tell all later.

Saturday, 04 March 2006

Location: Rannoch Road, UK

The weekend is here and we all go to the battersea club. have a fantastic night, and great send off for lisa. Hope u loved it missy.

Saturday, 04 February 2006

Location: London, UK

It was watangi day today, some thing to do with new zealand. as far as i can gather i think it was just an excuse to be dickheads cause australia day was the week before. what fun! trampled on in the tube, i think kiwi are the most barbaric nation in the western world. they are just odd.

Thursday, 02 February 2006

Location: London, UK

I managed to get a job in a Law Firm again!! wooohooo 9 till 5!

Sunday, 29 January 2006

Location: London, UK

Wooohooo Today is my last ever shift at the Boat House. I absolutely loved it as it was an absolute joke. 3 staff and about 20'000 customers. got a love it! eva and i lost control of food and spent the whole time pissing our selves laughing at customers complaints. PRICELESS DAY. even got an extra £20 for working so hard.
That night went out to dinner with eva and adam, got smashed

Sunday, 18 December 2005

Location: Barcelona, Spain


How exciting, rai lisa and I are off on an adventure. ..

Barcelona is the most beatiful city, and that is in all aspects. As we all arrived into the La Ramaba, the culture, arts, and beauty of this city coverd us. There was so much to see, so little time (as we soon discoverd), and so much drinking as well as shredding brains to be experienced. Though for the first 2hrs Rai dragged us up and down insistent that he knew where the backpackers were. '
'Nice work out bruv!'
Well we eventually found the backpackers though to be perfectly honest I was loving walking up and down looking at the statue people, they are quality entertainment. We checked in found our room and had a fight about who gets which bunk.
Rai once again - 'Nice one Bruv'

The first day was spent struggleing and roaming. That night we went down to some beer hall, too much lager shouting, no music what so ever. nice place to see though. On the friday we carried on some bus tour, very lovely. We saw lots of sights and other things. and i really really enjoyed it. I remember at one point we were trying to find some nice authentic Tapas. Off the beaten Tourist Trap was our mission and it did prove a struggle. i think we actually sat down in three different Tapas bars and then walked out straight away. Anyway it turns out that Pizza was good enough.
That Friday night we had some drinks down at the backpackers bar. they only selled litre heiniken so lisa had to break down her beer phobia. She did fantastic, whoolfing the gallons dowm! We actually ventured into this bar on the thursday night but we got harrased by some tight jeans, greasy, melbourne wanker. his enthusiasm was scary. So lisa and i met some aussie true bluers, and american boy called gabriel, from Hollywood. turned out that they could have a laugh, and headed off for night. whooo this is where we met Maul, he also took us to one of his bars, met some nice people, had a chat and so on. ... That Saturday morning as it was a nice day we went into La Ramba we had some food in a lovely resterant. Then we were back on the bus seeing more sights. great day!! it was our last day so we were loving it. I was a wee bit stressed over work (long story) but once I called them we were fine. That night it was our last so we did have a high expectations at the least. we headed off to some bar and had some drinks. When the bar closed rai lisa and i casually walked for a while deciding where to go, we headed back to the backpackers where rai decided to light up a ciggeratte. we had no lighter as usual so he kindly asks a guy, jonny. We ended up going back to his spanish apartment, it was so beautiful. Jonny was a fantastic artist, and his home was so beautiful. I really really treasured that moment. we all signed his wall, and left. nearly 2 in the morning so we think we should head off to the back packers.
We were in some side ally in Barcelona, no idea where we were. Though the dodgy fellas selling beer are hanging around on the corners were around so we get some beer!! Then the strangest thing then happend, Maul appeared. we get chatting then he takes us back to his place which is a backpackers. more like a home. We had a very big night with maul. great fun, we all enjoyed it very much. and well before we knew it was 8am in the morning, and time to go, but not one of us could get up. we wanted to stay another night. we didnt have feel like leaving even though then we were fully aware of the concequences. Yep we f--ked our flight off. and stayed at maul backpackers. while we were there we ment some amazing individuals and it really showed all three of us so much. I know i gained so much from those people.
Anyway the whole guilt and worrying made us book a flight on the monday which was so expensive. but we had to head home. On the final night we sat around and got a wee bit messy cause of one particular drug. priceless.

It was an emotional rollercoaster on the way home but the trip was amazing. thanks so much lisa and Rai for that. I had a great time, and i spent it with some great friends. I know we'll laugh for years to come at this.


Monday, 21 November 2005

Location: UK

Ok its a monday, its lisa and nicks birthday - Of course were going to celebrate!

cam and i bought some cakes, i made sure we had some bucksfizz, u know the whole class no arse image happening. £2 a bottle cant complain, and lisa loved it! i know she trys to be the whole H&M but its the little things that let her down :-).

we had some drinks and some more, bit of cake, some celebrations like you do. went to the puzzle had roughly 36 shots in less than 10mins between 6 of us. thanks boys. i threw up in the middle of the puzzle, very very classy! headed back home and once again trashed the house. easilly one of the best nights ever!! thanks everyone. we may of broken the tv and caused some serious issues with the neighbours but it was worth it. and the coffee table is now our dance floor!! i have bruises all over my arms from sharing tooo much love on that table. Happy birthday lisa and Nick. i hope u had a good day and all the best for the up and coming year.

Saturday, 19 November 2005

Location: UK

This has been my first ever saturday off since starting at the luuurve boat house. as it is lisa and nicks birthday on monday we all decided to have a kind of party thing. basically that means me lisa and ela sitting in a lounge full of kiwis and rugby on the tv. we should of known then absolute recipe for disaster!
so we all drank and drank and drank. really struggle to remember details. all i know is by about 6pm ela had fallen down the stairs with lisa, fallen in the doorway some how with lisa, as well as breaking a bed with leitch? we successfully trashed our own home, just the residents not the guests. it was an absolute free for all.
later on we headed down to the local puzzwahhh for some drinks. gotta love it, some how i scabbed half a pizza off this guy. lisa reackons she was horrifed but not anough to help me eat it. so i think we were a bit over the puzzle and went home to then decide that the slut and legless was a better venue for us. hmmmm definatly the remixed trance bop bop version of country road was the hightlight. wicked day!

Friday, 18 November 2005

Location: UK

hello everyone

the weekend looming and i have tomorrow off work. very excited as its a saturday!!

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errr geeez! i don't know Loz. U mean u want me to drink beer and watch football with you when u get home!? Well it's so out of character of me but i guess i can make an exception. Just this once.
Response: its all about the football. nothing else matters. may the best teas win.
From Lis
Pub again....Loz Loz Loz!! I cant believe your going to be home soon. I bet your parents are looking forward to it. So any idea when?
Well chicky speak to you soon. And yay your nearly 21...woohoo!!
Response: Back in a pub, its great. Free food and shots!!!
From Jonesz
Love your work Loz.. upsetting the natives and getting urself evicted! 'A' for effort. Im so proud.
14 days to go! woohoooo!

xxx A
Response: Come on England!!!
From Lis
I am doing it very tuff Loz. And it is hard work i tell ya. So what's been happening dude? Nothing much here but enjoying every minute by being home. Loving life actually and thanks to Andrew.

Bye bye sweets!!
Response: ahh lisa, i just sent u an e-mail!!! crazy crazy. im well life is very entertaining to say the least. my family are so excited to see me that there all coming to melbourne. going to be very interesting when im home. of course ur loving life ur a princess. anyway i'll be seeing u crazy people soon and well i have to prepare my self for that!!
take care bushpig
From Jonesz
Well done good to see u have shown Ella the light!
Still cant imagine her actually going down the park to have a kick. Lisa is doing it tuff at the moment. She gets home at 7pm and is asleep by 8:30pm. I think its been too long since she's had to work.
How is England going to win the world cup without a striker?????
Response: Well according to bbc today rooney will be fine. lovely!! anyway Jonez come on now who needs rooney when we have Gerrard!!! oh lisa doing it tuff, its hard working life is hard. yeah ella was good at kicking the ball as well. she is real talent i think
From Jonesz
Geez Loz i had actually given up on looking at your site coz of extended periods of nothingness. But havent we been a busy girl! Or is it just coz ur job requires u to do absolutely fuk all?
Off to the Hunter this weekend with Lis. Cant believe it been a year already.
Was hoping to checkout your photos but am experiencing technical difficulties. Will try again later.
get stuffed luv Jonesz
P.S Go on u Devils.....
Response: Yes I have been really busy as one can see, but as you can tell there really isnt very much interesting activities happeing. hope ur well and congratulations for the 1year!! oh and i forgot 1 point ahead my son, no rooney!!! i told you that man u would drop points!!! COME ON LIVERPOOL!!!
From Ray
i can't believe you've attacked my ego, who does that?

went for a surf at the pass in byron today, was pumping, at least soemthings are good :)
Response: I'm not attacking ur ego, i miss it. cant be that bad to have something missed by ur friends?
Beautiful beaches thats all u need in life. My advice - become as island, ibiza, malta are gone but all others are there for the claiming.
From Ray
loz you've had an absolute shocker, i can't believe your bankcard was stolen- you really don't have much luck with the old barclaycard- i wish i was there to give you shit about it! i'm missing london so much... its just so boring over here, once you've had surf, bit into some juicy king prawns and seen the dogs, it's really not that spectacular... especially when it's windy and rainy! anyway enough whinging enjoy the summer and f--k i miss everyone, now i have to go find a job and set up my room, ahhhhh i'm struggling loz!!!!
Response: Of course your a struggler Rai, always. remember like minded people seek like minded ways. so on we struggle.
Im sure home will grow and grow on you, well i hope it does cause i have it all to deal with soon. missing u loads and loads especially ur ego and whinging. now get a job! :-)
From Jonesz
Your going to love me so much, i have already put an order in for the new socceroos strip for you. You may aswell wear a winners jersey.
Response: Really doesnt make that much sense, shouldnt you be buying a brazil shirt in that case?? ;-)
From H & M
Hi Darl,

Well i have finally arrived back in Oz and missing you very much. Hope your not struggling without me and Ella is behaving herself. Its nice to see you have included photos...well done. Anyway the weather here is bloody fantastic, skirt and a singlet for me. Hahahaha, so what you wearing?
Response: your clothes. silly silly question H&M, seriously stay with us.
Glad to know ur arrived home nice and safe. now go and burn
From Jonesz
Geez Loz u better slow down. With all the exciting adventures and diary entries it's no wonder the 19th of January was so huge. Cant wait to see the photos from that day. Glad to see u have finally worked out Kiwis.
Response: i am trying to slow down, just too much going on . . what am i going to do?
From Ella
So I guess nothing has happened since the 21 Nov...
I must say I am impressed that you started this, although I think we all knew that you wouldn't keep it up.
Hope every1 else who reads your website has enjoyed reading about what you did in November as much as I have. Keep up the good work.
Merry Xmas & Happy NY
Response: Thanxs Ella

as u should know, my life is hard, and very very complicated. i just cant seem to find the time to update the diary things. plus its quite a challenging task writing about my own adventures, as im sure u can understand. i'll keep trying.
From H&M and Boots
Get a mullet up ya
Response: what??? strange strange girls
From H&M
I thought i could here you two giggling about my website....biaatch. Thanks for the copyright Loz style.
Love you long time, H&M!!
Response: ahhh H&M, wot would we do without you?? we would have nothing to laugh at :-0 . love ya to
From Ella
Only you would have a travel page without any entries or photos... seriously Loz.
Response: yes ella. as u will soon see i have a very busy life. my limb is bloody hard - u know what i mean?