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Loz and H's big move to the UK!

Well, the time has finally arrived and after years of planning we have relocated to the UK for work, travel and drinking opportunities. Please visit our page to keep up to date with our travels and experiences in our new life in the UK- this page will also have heaps of video's and photo's of our crazy adventures, so make sure you check them out.... also please leave us a message so we don't get too homesick.. Loz and H

Diary Entries

Sunday, 09 December 2007

Location: Paris, Rome, England!, Europe

Apologies everyone for not having updated our diary for way too long. We have been very busy and a little bit lazy… but here is a bit of an update of what we have been up to over the past month or so. Since the last diary entry we have been to Rome and Paris, and spent a weekend with my distant cousin Roger.

H… [Paris] November 17-18

Bonjour. On the weekend of the 17-18th of November we ventured across the English channel to the city of love - Paris. Our journey began on the Friday night after work, catching the Eurostar train from central London to central Paris. The train was fantastic (as opposed to flying) as it was more comfortable, more relaxed (no need for metal detectors or baggage check-ins) and eliminated the hassle of getting to and from the airports. Anyway, onto Paris. Our hotel was a stones throw from the Eiffel Tower, so first thing Saturday morning we wandered over to check it out. It was fantastic, and definitely our highlight. After admiring its beauty from a distance we ventured inside, walking up about 20 flights of stairs and then catching a lift to the top. A clear blue sky allowed us to view the Paris landscape which was really good. The rest of Saturday we spent getting sore feet as we wandered our the streets – admiring the beauty of the Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees and the concorde… eating yummy pastries and chocolate tarts… and simply enjoying the beautiful sunshine (apparently while we were enjoying great weather it was cold, windy, rainy and even some parts of greater London were getting snow). On Sunday we found our way to the Louvre (a massive art gallery) where we spent a few hours admiring some of the most famous art pieces in the world (including the Mona Lisa). Lunch then allowed us to experience the nicest baguette and nutella crepe known to man! After that we made a quick stop in at the Sacre Couer (a well known church in the heart of Paris), before we jumped back on the Eurostar and back to reality! Au revoir.

H… [Rome] November 30-December 3

Boungiorno. Following on from our fantastic trip to Paris, there was a lot of expectation to live up to. Thankfully, Rome was by the far the highlight of our adventure so far. This time round we opted to use some of our annual leave and make a real go of it - having a 4-day weekend, Friday – Monday. So, on Thursday night after work we caught the plane to Rome. After arriving at Leonardo Da Vinci airport at around midnight we then proceeded to have the most terrifying experience of our lives. We caught a taxi in Rome… it was raining, the roads were slippery and we were in a beat up piece of junk that the driver obviously thought was a rally car. We sat in the back and watched as the driver drove at speeds of 160+km without bothering to slow for the corners! I wasn’t quiet sure I was going to live to see my 27th birthday!

Friday was spent walking around and seeing many of the main tourist attractions, including the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, St Peters Basilica and numerous piazza’s. Saturday we did a fantastic 3½ hour tour of the Vatican, Sistine Chapel and St Peters Basilica, then trekked across town to the Spanish Steps (and quickly leaving after witnessing an attempted pick-pocketing incident!). Sunday was a day trip to the preserved ancient city of Pompeii. A city that was eliminated after a neighbouring volcano exploded. It was preserved for many years by tonnes of ash and therefore is extremely fascinating. Monday was spent enjoying the enormity and greatness of the most famous and celebrated stadium in history – the Colosseum! My favourite movie of all time is Gladiator so you can imagine I found it quite astounding and breathtaking.

In addition to the tourist attractions we also had some fantastic experiences of both the Italian food and culture – we tried to put our Italian lessons to good use. (1) [Alfredo & Ada] On the Friday night we went to a tiny Italian restaurant run by a couple of lovely old ladies and their son/nephew/grandson (we were not quite sure). Here there was no need for menus; you simply received whatever was being cooked that night – truly Italian cuisine – and this was also our first of several experiences of drinking wine from water glasses. (2) [Pizzeria Bafferto] Saturday dinner we went searching for a nice place and stopped at a tiny pizzeria down one of the little laneways. We new it was good cos there was a line of people waiting that extended out the door. When we finally got in we were bundled onto a table with 4 older male Italians. We then proceeded to have cheap, delicious pizza while we enjoyed and tried to converse with the locals! (3) The other interesting encounter occurred at a charming little bar on Friday night. We were the only ones in there, and after a little while the staff took an interest in us. We then proceeded to try and have a conversation with them using only Italian (as they new very little, if any English).

H… [Rog’s in Southampton] December 8-9

This weekend we finally made it down to visit our distant cuz, Roger, in his hometown of Southampton (this is where the infamous Titanic left from on its fateful maiden voyage). We arrived in the middle of a down pour, and apart from a few sunny breaks we endured true British weather all weekend. However, that didn’t dampen our spirits as we managed to see the sites and enjoy some of the local ales. We began the weekend with a delicious English feed at a traditional English pub (The Jolly Sailor – Jim R we tend to agree with you… the best pub we’ve been to so far)! We then went into Southampton and managed to see the Queen Victoria, which had dropped in (obviously this area has an abundance of large famous boats). After dropping in at Rog’s pad and checking out his extremely large TV (the pride of his house) we ducked back out and visited Winchester (the Toorak [or Dalmuir Court!] of South England). Sunday brought another traditional lunch – this time a Sunday carvery, a trip through the New Forest (which extraordinarily has very few trees but many horses freely grazing) and then a drive to Portsmouth. Our appetite has now been sufficiently whetted, so come summer we know where to go to enjoy what sunshine comes our way!

Monday, 12 November 2007

Location: London, UK

Loz..... Well, it is now officially freezing cold here! Therefore another lesson learned yesterday- never go out in London without your scarf, umbrella and gloves! We trekked into the city for a spot of Xmas shopping yesterday.... it was quiet mild at home, however a 30 min train journey into town makes a big difference in terms of temperature, with it being around 6 degrees in the city.... we spent some time in the British Museum trying to warm up and learn something about ancient history- we saw some interesting mummies and old artifacts (boomerangs even!), however after an hour we were quiet bored, so gave up and rushed home to turn the heaters on! No loss though as it is free to enter most of the museums in London-yes, some things in this town are cheap!

We have now been here for 3 months.... the homesickness hasn't kicked in yet thank goodness, although that could have something to do with lot's of webcam action and Skype chat's on the weekend..... we are also really getting into our Italian, with our Rome trip now booked for H's birthday..... 4 sleeps until we go to Paris- yay!

Sunday, 04 November 2007

Location: London, UK

Loz… Well, we first must apologise to all of you who have checked out our page lately and seen that we have done nothing! To be honest, we haven’t really done much over the past couple of weeks that warranted a diary entry- we are busy trying to save our money for a number of European trips planned for the next couple of months!

Having said that however, the beers have continued to flow, and dinners out are now a regular event. Work is going well for both of us; H is working quiet long hours as his project at work gets well underway. We have continued to check out the sights of London, visiting Portobello Road market (lots of antiques and food stalls), and dinner out in Brick Lane (a multitude of Indian restaurants on one street). This weekend was the annual fireworks and bonfire event, so we took a trip up to Primrose Hill, just north of London to view the fireworks over the city skyline- great views!

We are currently enjoying very mild Autumn weather, loving the sunshine while it is out as it is now getting dark by 5pm! The parks are beautiful this time of the year with golden tree leaves everywhere..... getting a bit worried about the diminishing sunlight though!

Our Italian lessons are going very well, with a waiter actually asking us if we spoke Italian after we ordered some coffees- quiet an amusing concept, a couple of aussies living in London learning Italian! We are going to do lots of homework before our trip to Rome for H’s birthday…… apart from that there is no other goss, we are basically just enjoying not studying by watching a heap of TV (we are addicted to ‘Friends’ at the moment), beers on a Sunday arvo and pubs crawls through random towns! Again, sorry for delay, and hopefully you are still enjoying our adventures- lots of exciting things coming soon!

Monday, 15 October 2007

Location: Belgium

Loz….. we have just spent a fabulous weekend in Belgium, our first trip to Europe. We were up and raring to go at 4am for our bus trip to Dover. From there it was a 90 minute ferry ride to Calais, France, where we hopped back on the bus for about 2hr trip to our hotel in Ostend, Belgium. This is a nice little beachside resort town- lots of beachside restaurants, people with little dogs and people riding tandem bikes! We had brushed up on our French, only to arrive and realise that they don’t speak French, but Flemish, a weird language that sounds Dutch- lucky for us a lot of people speak English, so we really didn’t have any troubles ordering food and beer! Speaking of beer, our Saturday evening was spent at a place called Diksmuide, for their annual beer festival. The night consisted of beer (of course! I loved the cherry beer, which H hated!), dancing, crazy wigs, more beer, crazy hats, more beer- the photo’s really speak for themselves! Needless to say our coach had one massive hangover Sunday morning!

Sunday was spent in Brugge, a large city in Belgium about 45mins from our hotel. Brugge is an absolutely beautiful place, known as the Venice of the north for its many canal’s. The weather was perfect- clear skies and sun, which was nice after a few weeks of dreary overcast London. We did all of the Belgium touristy things here in the space of 4 hours- a canal ride, ate pomme frites with mayo, Belgium waffles, chocolates, lace……We took so many photo’s, it really is a postcard place! Let’s just say that the atmosphere and culture of Brugge got H through his hangover with a smile! Back on the bus/ferry/bus, and home just after 10pm…. Although it sound’s like a full-on trip it was actually really relaxing, we are so lucky that we can have an overseas holiday without taking any time off work!

Monday, 01 October 2007

Location: Cornwall, UK

Loz…. Ciao everyone! We started our Italian lessons this week, so have been madly learning the Italian numbers and basic greetings. Was a great class; however of the 16 or so students we and another girl are the only one’s not to have visited Italy. Needless to say we have started planning our trip!

We have just returned from a weekend away in Cornwall, on the southwest coast of England. We hired a car and set on our merry way at 5.30am on Saturday for our 6 hr drive to Truro, a main town in Cornwall. On our way we drove past Stonehenge, however we were too early to go in. We decided that we would stop there on our way home and take some pics, however were too late coming home and was dark! Oh well, another day trip to plan! Our main reason for visiting Truro was the lure of a Food and Drink festival, however this turned out to be a fairly dreary event, with hardly any exhibitors and heaps of people… we stayed in a really lovely B&B, literally a room on the top floor of someone’s house! They were a lovely couple though, however a little too chatty for H at breakfast!

The highlight of the weekend was lunch at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant Fifteen, in Newquay, about 20mins drive from Truro. Had a fab lunch with awesome views of the beach… I had a three-course lunch (24.50 pounds mind you, much to H’s disgust but let me tell you it was worth every penny!)…. I was in my element was worth the drive…. We had a great drive home along the coast, before getting lost when I was driving and then hitting really bad traffic driving back past Stonehenge in the dark… let’s just say we have now gotten the driving bug out of our system and looking forward to catching the train somewhere!

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Location: Bath, UK

Loz...The highlight of this weekend was our trip to Bath, approx 2hrs drive from our place. We hired a car with friends Brendan and Elaine (was even just exciting being in a car after almost 2 months!)… Bath is an absolutely beautiful place- so much history. Most of our afternoon was spent at the Roman Baths- we followed an audio tour through the ancient baths, it’s just amazing that they have been there since Roman times. Check out the pics, they really do the place justice. The rest of the day was spent walking around the streets, amazed by the size of the Bath Abbey and beautiful river and bridges. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to have a guided tour of the town, so will no doubt return for another trip.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Location: UK

(H) – This week has been the most uneventful to date. I guess that means we are really starting to settle in. We spent Saturday at the pub to watch the Hawks. The only good thing that came out of that game is that we will now be able to get away from London on the weekends and do some of those trips we’ve been planning. On Sunday we went and checked out Colliers Wood… a little suburb 10mins walk away. The place itself was pretty unexciting, however Loz did manage to find a little market. Obviously it didn’t compete with the Borough Market… there wasn’t any food at this one!
What else is news… we have booked ourselves in to an Italian language course, and I have a new job, a 6 month contract at Birds Eye, which starts on Monday.

Monday, 10 September 2007

Location: UK

(Loz)- well we have really settled into our new life- commuting to work, working and commuting home from work (and getting very fit along the way with all the walking we are doing to the train station)! Have done some sightseeing over past couple of weekends- went to Borough Market, I was in food heaven, it’s like the Queen Vic market but 100 times better.. Apparently Jamie Oliver shops there, so I had a smile from ear to ear there. We have done a tour of the Tower of London, and went to the London Dungeon with Brendan and Elaine- was quiet scary, very dark and things popping out to scare you! Had a free fall drop ride which was really fun… we have spent quiet a bit of time at the “Australian Shop”, buying cheezels and green cordial (H was so desperate for green cordial that he carried 2 big bottles around all day in London, mind you he paid for it doubly, as it costs 6pound per bottle, he tells me it is worth it!).

During last week there was a massive Tube strike, basically most of the underline train lines went down for 3 days… luckily for H he catches the overland train, and I was able to catch my line into work… but it really stuffed up a lot of people, there were huge lines for buses and even some fights with people squashed in buses… great fun! We really couldn’t believe the unions have enough power to basically shut down the whole system.

On Saturday we did a tour through Buckingham Palace (that was after h got out of bed at 4.30am to listen to the Hawks game- was well worth the effort!)- over August and September the public are allowed into the palace while the Queen is on holidays (like she does work any other time of the year!)- was very interesting, really extravagant as you can imagine. We saw the Queen’s wedding dress and jewellery, and an original Rembrandt painting… you wear a headset and listen to audio commentary, so basically go at your own pace. The rest of the weekend was spent in Wimbledon relaxing…

Work is going quiet well for both of us, we have both had our temp contracts extended- H is currently in high demand, getting two calls today with job offers/interviews. And finally- the Chaser boys rock! They have made news over here, in both the newspaper and BBC news website- got a massive laugh out of it!

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From Peta
Hi Loz & H
How is your new house?
What is your job like?
Are there videos coming soon? Have you been having fun?Where do you work?
Does Hadyen like his job?
What colour is your house?
James, Danny and I have a moterbike
Response: Hi Peta! Our house is great, and jobs are going well, paying the bills and holidays which is the main thing! H really likes his job, and our house is yellow! You have a motorbike- that's awesome! Thanks for the message, love us xo
From Gai
Hi Lauren & Hayden
Loved your photos of Bath isn't it the most wonderful place. It is not far from where my brother Alan & Nicola live..
Enjoying your emails
Gai & Bob
Response: Hi Gai and Bob- we loved Bath, are definately going back to see the whole town... can't wait for Jayne and Damo to arrrive! Love us xo
From Peta
Hi Loz and H
I am a flower girl in Kristin and Brett's wedding
It is on the 16th of feb 2008
On Sunday we are having a party for David & Dad they are both 40.
Grandma says '"HELLO"'
from Peta.
Response: Hi Peta- You're going to be a flowergirl for Kristin and Brett? That is SO great!!! Wow, we are so happy for you, you must be really excited! Say a big happy birthday to Dad and David from us... we a sorry we will miss the party, so make sure you say 'hi' to everyone from us.... love H and Loz xo
From Shell
Hey guys!
Still sounds like you's are having a blast! Brenton won his grand final so he is pretty chuffed! Pity about the hawks though...fancy getting beaten by the kangas!! =) You should barrack for a good team (Geelong!) Hopefully we get into the grand final tonight! Good luck with the jobs and the Italian!
Love Shell x
Response: Hey Shell! Go Brenton... he rocks! Carn the cats, so wrapt they just got over the pies... let's hope its kanga's vs cat's in grannie and you flog them! Jeez there will have to be a massive party at your place for that! :)
From Mikayla
Dear H anty and Loz uncl

Hope you'er having a grate time. Tomorow we are going to go to the show with a Girl that Daddy dancers with and she loves show bags

Response: Hi Mixy, sounds like you had a great time at the show and got heaps of showbags- you are so lucky! Love us
From Andrea
Hi Guys!!
Sounds like you're having a wonderful adventure - great to hear!! I'm sure you'll both be CEO's of the companies you work for in no time! All is well with the newly weds - been fixing up the house and saving for the OS thing which is 2009 at this stage!! Will you still be around? ;) Lots of love - keep having a ball! x P.S. Bummer about the Hawks H, but last Saturday against the Crows did them proud - 2008 for the flag!!
Response: Hey hun, great to hear from you! You would really love it over here, so much history and wonderful things to see and do... not too sure if will still be around in 09, depends on cashflow! Boo about the Hawks, but they gave it a good crack! Love you, hi to tom from us!
From Mikayla
Dear Anty H and uncl Los,
hope you are having
a grate TIME EVER!!!!!!!!

Love From MIKAYLA!!!!!!!!
Response: Hey mixy- who is anty H and uncl los???????? We are having the best time, but we miss you and your cheeky sis Georgia HEAPS!!!!!!!!!!! Love you heaps, UNCLE H and AUNTY LOZ!
From Janno and Shell
Congrats Loz and H on getting jobs. Sounds like you're having an awesome time! Photos of your flat looks good. Brenton won today by 51 points and are straight into the grand final in 2 weeks. He hurt his knee in the last 30 secs of the match. Go cats!
Love Janno and Shell x
Response: Go Brenton- wish him luck for his grand final and let us know the result! Cats VS Hawks grand final! Go Hawks!
From Jayne and Damo
Hi Loz and H,
So glad to see you have both got jobs and a great flat!! We will have to take the offer of a sleepover! Any plans to go to Oktoberfest? We will be in Munich for the start of the fest from the 22nd Sep.... We are staying with Daniela in Innsbruck at the moment. Enjoy ! xo
Response: You must def stay! Think we are going to book in Octoberfest for next year... we are a little too late to organise this year, and a bit early to take time off work!
From Kristin and Brett
Hi Guys!
Your photos are great. Looks like you are having a ball. Best of luck for your adventures. And keep the pictures coming!
Much Love
Kristin and Brett
Response: Thanks guys! Hope the wedding plans are coming along well!
From Ruth Haw
Hi L&H Guess what! it is dear old Aunty Ruth Loved reading your experiences and seeing the pics . Wish I was there Good luck and best wishes Love Ruth and Russell
Response: Hi! We wish everyone could be here to share this with us, thanks for the message.. :)
From Bro JO
Congratulations on the house (Loz) and the job (H) !!!!
You guys are clearly blitz'n over there. So have you planned your first European weekender yet? Georgie wants to know if you'll be home for her birthday?
Response: Thanks! Once we get the internet we will most definately be making travel plans- apologies to georgia, don't think we will make it :( you're making us homesick!
From Peta Rhodes
Hi Loz & H
The pictures that you are sending are real cool.

See ya Peta
Response: Glad you are loving the pics- there will be videos coming soon!
From Jayne and Damo
Hi Loz and H,
Love your ironing pics! Good to hear H has got work. We are starting to look at jobs in England now also. We're in Rome now avoiding the heat in an internet cafe. Cheers, Jayne and Damo
Response: Hey guys! Can't wait to see you here- def start looking for jobs now, can take some time as i (loz) am finding out! You're pics of Croatia are awesome, def going there!
From Kate
I am embarking on my second weekend without my coffee buddies!!!! :( Best of luck with the move to your new place today.. Hope all went well.. Can't wait to talk to you again. Forever, your mece xo
Response: Oh mece! Move went well, I think we had a very late Sat coffee- around 5pm... just not the same.... miss ya!
From Shell
Hey Guys!
Having fun over there? Love the photos! Mum just said that you's have found a place in Wimbeldon! Hope it's awesome! Good luck with looking for jobs!
Love Shell xx
Response: Hey Shell, great to hear from you! Say hi to that crazy fams of yours! We are having a ball, living in South Wimbledon so good to go for the tennis! Hope your great!
From Peta Rhodes!!!
Hi Loz & H!!!
Has Hayden got a job yet?
How is the wether?
Are you having fun?
I like the pictures you sent.
Wright back soon.
Response: Hi Peta, yes Hayden does have a job now. He was able to get a 6 week contract that starts on Monday. The weather has been a bit wet lately, however today is nice and sunny, and we are having heaps of fun!!
From Narelle and Mark
Hey Guys, Its great hearing the updates on your Trip and we hope you find a place to stay soon. The Photos look amazing and you both seem to be having a great time. Lauren is even smiling as shes doing the Ironing!!! I guess London agrees with you both.
Response: Hi guys! Any news with the twins? Have been thinking about you- we are loving it here! Good luck!
From Nicole, Jeremy & Ele
Hi Guys,
Love the photos from the Eye, great to see you never miss an opportunity for a bevie! Hope you're enjoying the pommy life, best of luck with the job hunting.
Hugs & Kisses
Nic,Jem & Eleanor

Response: They drink soo much here! There are pubs everywhere and they are alway's busy! It's nuts, we are just trying to fit in!
From Gai & Bob
Great to see your photos of London Lauren & Hayden They bring back the greatest memories. There is just so much history everywhere
Response: This place is fabulous- no wonder you raved about it!
From Carly and Rob
Steve and Shar have sent your Blog address. Hope you don't mind us following your travels. What a fantastic experience...we are very envious! Enjoy every minute
Response: Hi- great to hear from you! Loving it so far, we really appreciate your interest in our adventure :)
From Andrew & Kamila
Hi Guys,
Sound like your having a ball. Photos look great, they are such a tease. Can't wait to get out of this shit hole (Waterwheel) and head down your end of the world at Christmas. Good luck with the Interviews. Love Andrew, Kamila & Ethan
Response: Hi guys- great to hear from you, and hope Ethan is doing well... can't wait to see you guys as well in December!
From Dusk
Hello!!! Luv the blog and the pics, looks like you are having an absolute ball already!
Response: Hi Dusk! We love this place, so much to see and do! Hope you're well xo
From Jayne and Damo
Hi Loz and H!
You're here!!! How exciting, enjoy your time in London. Hope everything gets sorted smoothly. Go to Brick Lane for great curries. See you soon. xoxo
Response: Hi guys- yay, we finally made it- loving this place, can't wait to catch up with you both soon!
From Jim
Hey guys,
All the best for the big trip!! Hope you have a great time and make sure you have a pint of Timothy Taylor's Landlord beer at first opportunity, (I accept no excuses in relation to the time of day). And big hi to Rog and Treece for me.
Response: We had a Grolsh at 11.30am today- does this count? Thanks for the tip, any more beer advice highly appreciated!