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Loz and Tys SA Trip

Welcome to loz and ty's Travel Page. This is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave us messages!

Diary Entries

Monday, 08 January 2007

Location: The Amazon, Peru

So today we set off for our Amazon experience! A short flight from Cuzco to Puerto Maldonado and we were there.... well nearly!!

We then took a 5hr boat ride up the river to the Heath River Lodge, which was a beautiful eco lodge that was built in amongs the Amazon forrest. The rooms were amazing totally open with fly wire walls, modern bathrooms all with 360 degree views of the forrest!

Our group was fairly small 7 aussies in total, one of which was famous author Bryce Courtney and two of his friends which was pretty cool! ( We are all hoping we made a good enough impression to get into his new book!!!! - Dad might but not in a good way!! ha ha)

We did plenty of treks through the forrest and trips in the boat, we saw howler monkeys, squirell monkeys. macaws! Ann and i nearly tripped over a drop snake on the way back to our room!!! (frightening!!)
Ty got to hold a baby cayman and we saw NO triantulars which was the highlight for me!!

Unfortunatly no pumas or anacondas much to everyone else´s dissapointment (again not mine!!)

Overall we had a great time, the group was great, we ate and slept like kings!

So we survived the Amazon with no need for anti venhom, no malaria and all limbs!!!! phhhhhew

Tuesday, 02 January 2007

Location: Machu Picchu, Peru

So we began our 4 days three night trek to Machu Picchu a couple days into the new year!!

The first day was fairly easy as we followed the river into the Sacred Valley! We had porters to carry all our gear which was great, our tents were set up when we arrived at camp and locals were there selling ice cold beer………..all a little too easy!!!!

Well we made up for it on our second day we wound around the trail up into the clouds our highest point was 4,250 metres!! It was such a steep climb together with the altitude it was quite a challenge (I still cant believe I made it!!) The views and the scenery are so spectacular that you forget how sore your legs were and how much your lungs burn…well almost!!!

The third day was also quite hard it was such a long day with steep inclines and even steeper declines, but the scenery was so different from the previous day it was really enjoyable. We camped that night on the side of the mountain in a place called “City above the clouds”” which was just that!!!

The last day we had an early start to race to Machu Picchu “The Lost City” and visit the ancient ruins before all the tourists arrived!!

It is just as amazing as all the photos you see!! The Incas were unbelievable people there technology and way of life was way beyond there years! It is such a spiritual place with so much history and tradition!!

Just as everyone says it is something that you just have to do, the journey to get there and the lost City itself was absolutely amazing such a rewarding and satisfying experience! Ha and that’s coming from someone that circles Chadstone for half an hour to get a park right out that front!!!!!!

Sunday, 31 December 2006

Location: Cuzco, Peru

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!

Well i can definatley say that our Nye went off with a bang!!! Cuzco was crazy!!! We went out to dinner at a nice restaurant that had a verander overlooking the main square, where all the fireworks were to take place!! The streets were a frenzy of people stocking up on fireworks, crackers, and anything yellow!! (good luck colour for the new year!)

We had a huge feast of Peruvian dishes and then went down to the square for the countdown! We had brought a few crackers and fireworks that Ty let off randomly into the crowd!!! It was sooo crazy there were things flying everywhere!! We met a guy later that night that got a firecracker in the face and left a nasty burn on his cheek ouch!!

It was a spectacular countdown people chanting and singing, street parades the whole bit, not so much a countdown but a big explosion at 12!!!

So then Ty and I tucked in the oldies and partied on till the next day!!

Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!!!

Well Ty and i have seen a lot more of the country since we last updated our site!

We hired a car in Baraloche and went driving through the lake district, which was really spectacular, as you will see from the photos! The water was the clearest i have ever seen! even dad would find it hard not to catch any fish in these waters!!

We then headed up the coast, which unfortunatly was a little less spectacular... The weather was hot, but soo windy, and the sand was dark, i know winge winge winge we are too spoilt!!! but it was nice to just chill out and relax!

So then it was off to Buenos Aires for Chrissy!!

We pre booked our hostel on the internet as its soo busy here!! booking it on the basis that it had a 100% fun rating on one of the websites, cleanliness was down to 60% but nevermind that!!

We arrived on the 24th December just in time for the rooftop Christmas party!!

Argentinians celebrate Christmas the night of the 24th December, and continue through till the 25th (party animals!!)

So quite an international affair!! there were ozzies, dutch, swiss, ze Germans, Israelies, Canadians, Kiwis, Americans, and of course Argentinians!! all of which brought something different to the table! the funniest of which was the Israelis imput- letting off firecrackers under and around the table, abit of an on going joke!!! that they too were bringing a little bit of home to the party!!

Was a great night, the food was bbq meat and salad, we drank beer and wine all night and then at 12pm the champagne came out and there was a display of fireworks!! nice

So no big chrissy breakfast this year as the chef was up all night with us, we came down to find him passed out in the foyer!! hmmm so no breakie and no presents we definatly wont be missing Christmas at home next year!!!!!!

So thats about it for now, Dad and Anne arrive tommorow so no doubt there will be some funny instalments to come!!! xox

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Location: Pucon, Chile

So we finally made it to South America.....

Our flight was a little long winded as we had to go London, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and finally Santiago!!!!
We arrived very very green Fresh off the boat green, no spanish no idea of currency conversions, and pastie white english skin......

But have settled in now we had a great time in Santiago we went on the cable cars up to Parque Metropolitano a national park with an amazing lookout over the city, visited the markets and lazed by the pool!!!

We then took a bus down to Pucon, south of Santiago in the lake district. Beautiful little town nestled between a snow capped volcanoe and surrounded by amazing forrests and picture perfect lake. This place is unbelievable beautiful!!!!

We stayed in a little log cabin with views from our window of the volcano and walking distance to the lake.

We the decided to get a little more adventurist and climb the volcanoe (as you do) wow it was the hardest, but one of the most rewarding things we have ever done!! The weather was not exactly perfect visability was about 10 metres most of the way we were surrounded by clouds. Our group was the only one that didnt turn back as conditions were pretty tough!!! ice ice cold winds and soft snow not ideal. But we managed to make it to summit in record time 3hrs! (i know i had to put pictures with this email so you would beleive me!!) It was all worth while once we broke through the clouds the view was breathtaking and so was the altitude!! Unfortunatly there was no red hot lava as i expected only a lung full of sulphur yuk!! Ty snowboarded down and said it was some of the best powder he has boarded on! I on the other hand took the elegant option to slide tabogon style on my bum, it definatly beats walking!!!
I still cant beleive we did it, im still hurting and i cant look at the volcanoe the same way!!!

Our group was pretty tight after such an amazing day, so we decided to all travel together to the hot springs about an hour out of town, perfect way to rest our aching bodies and drink away the pain!!! There were four different springs and you start at the bottom and work your way up in temperature, was great fun, the last spring was sooooo hot you could only stay in for a few minutes!! Was a really great way to finish the day!!

The next day we travelled through the lake district and over the Andes to cross the Argentina border, wow have we been spoilt with scenery snow capped mountains surrounded by the clearest blue lakes and green forrests, wattle and abundances of wild flowers, the photos will really not do it justice. The 9 hour bus ride seemed to go in minutes.

We have arrived in Baraloche, once again in the lake district but on the Argentina side. Have decided to hire a car for a couple of days and do a popular trip to the seven lakes. They drive on the wrong side of the road here and might be a little crazy at first im sure Ty and i will have our first fight over the map reading, but this trip is meant to be yet again amazing!!!

Our Spanish is still, pretty crap although Ty as managed to have the food part down pat!!! We plan to head to Buenos Aires early to do a much needed Spanish course!

So as you can probably tell we are having a great time, Cant beleive we have only been away a week!!

Hope everyone is well and Merry Christmas to those of you we may not speak too!!! xoxox

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Hello, love the photo's but i have seen you look nicer the jacket does look atractive!!!!
missing you heaps. cant wait for the next update. sounds like your have a super time.
love you both lots and have a great xmas and a super new year. Vince said Hi.
love you xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Response: Yeah how hot do i look!!! ha ha i thought you would like my fashion statement!!! love & miss you both merry christmas xox