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Lauren & Georgia's Tantalising Travels

We are two sisters who have decided to backpack around Europe, Malaysia and Indonesia for ten weeks! We have given up everything to do nothing! Euphoria!

Diary Entries

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Location: Dublin, Ireland

The trip from Lagos to Dublin went smoothly. We woke up at 6.00am to catch the taxi to the airport which was an hour away. I hadn’t done all the research and we were shocked when we discovered this the night before. I jumped online and luckily we were able to book a cab. Whilst in Portugal our credit cards wouldn’t work at the ATMs for some reason so were stuck with little cash most of the time. The taxi driver was meant to give us one euro change – usually we would tip them their change but it isn’t necessary and we really needed every cent we could get. Unfortunately the taxi driver decided not to offer us our change. We were pretty cranky but carried on with checking in, etc. Later on we went to pay for some breakfast when Georgia magically found a 20 euro note in her wallet. She had accidentally short changed the driver! We felt a little bit guilty but it was an accident and we really needed the money.

Once arriving in Dublin we made our way to an ATM and felt joyous when we heard the machine dispensing cold hard cash. We got the airport bus into the city and eventually found our hostel after walking down half of Temple Lane with our backpacks on! Losers! We were pretty hungry and after checking in went and enjoyed a pub lunch as well as a pint. On the walk home we stopped in at two more pubs including the famous Temple Bar. We ended up going back a little later on and enjoyed listening to the Irish music. It was a lot of fun and we also ended up making friends with a few of the Turkish Football Team! We are about to head back down there shortly as a musician has just started to perform for 100 hours to break the Guinness World Record. It will be interesting to see him today and then the difference when we come back on Wednesday night to see how he is going.

Today we didn’t get up to much – it is very cold and rainy here. We caught a local bus to the Guinness Storehouse and did a tour. Our ticket also included a pint of Guinness at the end which we were able to pour ourselves. I can’t say I am a fan though, it tasted as if I was drinking a glass of soy sauce. It was definitely interesting to learn about the history behind Guinness.

Tomorrow morning we are setting off for our Paddy Wagon Tour. It is a tour of Southern Ireland and will last for two nights. I will try to keep you updated where I can. Don’t forget to check out my photos! I must go now, the pub is calling!

Lauren x

Friday, 10 June 2011

Location: Lagos, Portugal

Things have been pretty quiet since my last entry. We haven’t done a whole lot except lay at the beach most of the day. Last night we had a few drinks at the hostel then decided to explore the town. I somehow managed to start talking to an old guy who is a fire fighter. He invited us in to the station and gave us a tour; we even managed to get in one of the ambulances for a photo. Talk about random. We walked down to the beach and had a few wines while looking at the stars. Unfortunately most people at this hostel are Australian and remind me why I choose not to have many friends back home – I don’t know if I have ever met anyone so obnoxious compared to a few people staying here. It is such a pity as Lagos is such a beautiful town but overrun with immature party animals.

We have to get a lift to the airport at 6.45am in the morning so we will definitely be having an early one tonight. I didn’t realise when booking our flights that the airport is an hour away so our budget will be blown for tomorrow, luckily we had a very cheap day today. Georgia and I can’t wait to be in Dublin this time tomorrow! I’ll be sure to keep you updated and take many photos.

Lauren x

Thursday, 09 June 2011

Location: Lagos, Portugal

So we did end up going back to my favourite Portuguese restaurant for dinner with Rosie and Henry, as well as a Brazilian girl by the name of Lilianna. Unfortunately they did not have any squid which I was really looking forward to but settled for a special type of calamari. I was not disappointed! The others shared a plate of steaks, fish and calamari. It was such a nice day. Before we headed off for dinner we had a few wines on the big grassed area of the hostel and watched the sunset.

We woke up early the next morning as we had to pack our bags and get ready to check out. We decided that we would catch the 6.30pm bus to Lagos so we could spend the day doing a little bit more sightseeing. We walked to Rosie and Henry’s hostel which took us 30 minutes as we walked about six streets to far where we then caught Tram 28. This tram is recommended for tourists as it takes you from one side of the city to the other. At one end we explored an impressive Basilica and also a big park. I ran for my life as six or so massive geese started to chase us. I had an ice-cream and we walked around for a bit before getting back on the tram.

At the other end of the city we decided we could walk back to the hostel from the stop. On the way we passed one of Lisbon’s famous bakeries and bought a few treats. We stopped for some groceries on the way home and made salad sandwiches on the terrace before we had to get a taxi to the bus terminal. We were a little bit worried that the taxi driver had taken us to the wrong terminal but were relieved to see our bus around the corner.

The bus journey from Lisbon to Lagos took four hours but wasn’t too bad as we managed to get a few hours’ sleep in on the way. Once arriving at our hostel, the “Rising Cock” we discovered that half of Australia is also staying here. We had a beer with a few people upstairs before heading to bed while they all headed out. We had a nice breakfast this morning down the road for less than 5 euro for the both of us. Things seem very cheap here! We spent a few hours today working on our tans, as well as going for a swim. The beaches are very beautiful here and I can’t wait to explore more of them!

Lauren x

Tuesday, 07 June 2011

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

I have fallen back in to my old ways of not updating my blog on a regular basis! I am hoping to change that.

Our last day in Madrid was relaxing. We didn’t do too much – went to the food markets and bought some fresh tapas as well as a few churros (donut sticks filled with caramel, chocolate or cream) on the way home. We had to leave after lunch as we had an afternoon flight to Lisbon. The flight was the shortest of my life, 55 minutes to be exact, but it was definitely the most turbulent! We caught the Aerobus into the city and found our hostel pretty easily, although we hadn’t realised that Lisbon is the “City of Hills” or something along those lines. They are everywhere and they are steep! Our hostel is absolutely beautiful; it is only six months old and was previously a music school. I love having a wine out on the terrace overlooking the water. We went out for dinner on our first night to a beautiful Portuguese restaurant up the street. It was very cheap and the food was amazing.

Yesterday we decided we would do a day trip out to the historic town of Sintra, 40 minutes away. We had a little bit of trouble finding the train station but got to see a few of the streets on the way. Once we arrived in Sintra we decided to have some lunch. We stopped in at a cute little café that sold beautiful, cheap food. Once lunch was finished we continued on foot into the historic centre of the town. It took around 20 minutes to walk and we did some exploring once we got there. We even managed to visit one of the many palaces, however we ran out of time to see any of the castles. We were feeling very tired and decided to catch the tourist train back to the train station. After waiting half an hour for the train to turn up, we paid our 5 euro each and waited for it to leave. Just as we were about to disembark we found out that the train was a circuit train and had no stops. We wasted about an hour of the day and 10 euros. Once returning to the historic centre we had to invest in two raincoats as it started to pour and it was freezing. It was a little hard to enjoy the day with weather like that. We bought a few groceries and had dinner at the hostel.

Today we met up with Rosie, one of our friends we made in Madrid, as well as her brother. We caught another train out to Cascais – a beautiful beach town. We hired free push bikes for the day and did a lot of exploring. It was so much fun riding around and Cascais was the perfect place to do it. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best but the sun did manage to shine for an hour or two. The four of us are going to have a few drinks at our hostel tonight before going out to dinner, we have planned to go back to the yummy Portuguese restaurant. I can’t wait!

Lauren x

Sunday, 05 June 2011

Location: Madrid, Spain

We haven’t done much sightseeing whilst in Madrid but I have fallen in love with one of the beautiful parks. It all started with our picnic on Friday. I did end up going to the supermarket and making a few salad baguettes to enjoy with our bottle of wine. We found a nice grass hill to picnic on and sat in the sun for several hours, it was very relaxing. After a while we decided to walk and explore the park. I think it took us over an hour to find the lake, just proves how big this place is! Once we found the lake we hired a row boat for an hour and paddled around. It was a lot of fun.

That night we went out with about 50 other people from our hostel as well as another for tapas, more like a bar/pub crawl. It was a rip off but fun. We found an Irish pub afterwards and we had four euro pints with a free shot of whatever you wanted. Things got pretty messy and we didn’t end up getting home until 6am.

We slept in til after midday yesterday to recover. I decided that I was taking our new friends, Blake and Mike from USA and Rosie from England to the park. I loved it there! I made some food for us and off we headed with our three bottles of wine. We did the whole grass hill thing as well as the row boats; we got two as the five of us wouldn’t fit in one. We rowed out in to the middle of the lake and drifted around for an hour or so. Unfortunately on our walk home it started to pour with rain. We didn’t let it ruin our day and had a lot of fun while getting absolutely saturated!

Last night was our last night in Madrid sadly. The five of us went to a beautiful tapas bar and enjoyed our first paella and some sangria. We didn’t have a big night, going to bed at 3am, well I did, I am not sure what time the others did as they are all still in bed! We are off to Lisbon, Portugal later today. Rosie is also heading that way so we are hoping to catch up again soon. I think today we will go on the walking tour and to the food markets for lunch before we head off.

Lauren x

Friday, 03 June 2011

Location: Madrid, Spain

So I was right about not having a big day yesterday. We started the day around 11.00am with a trip to the Reina Sofia – a museum. Maybe I have seen enough art to last me a lifetime but I don’t really understand what the fuss is all about. I don’t understand why half of what I saw yesterday is famous and worth so much? I am sure there is logic behind it and I am sure my statements have probably offended a few people but I guess it’s just my point of view. So you can probably guess that the visit to the museum didn’t last long, after three hours and only half covered we decided to call the quits. Being tired and hung over didn’t help the case either.

We went to the supermarket and bought a few groceries for lunch and dinner. Please don’t be alarmed but I have been consuming large quantities of fruit and vegetables from SPAIN! Watch out! I haven’t tried a cucumber yet though. It is funny how big of a news story it is back in Australia yet I have not spoken to one person over here that knew of the outbreak. I thought I better look more into the story none the less and it appears that they have no idea where the outbreak originated but have proved it wasn’t Spanish cucumbers! Plus it is only people from Germany that have been affected and we are staying well away from that place.

We had a few bottles of wine with dinner last night and hadn’t planned on going out but unfortunately we all got told to go to bed or go out at 11.30pm. Usually this is just as we are starting to have fun so sure enough we usually go out. I didn’t make it to bed until 3.00am again but Georgia holds the record with 6.00am. I am sure she would be happy to sleep all day but I am about to go down to the supermarket and grab a few things for a picnic and wake her to go to a park for lunch. No doubt tonight will be another big one as it is Friday. We are all planning on going to tapas for dinner then out afterwards. I will let you know how it goes.

Lauren x

Thursday, 02 June 2011

Location: Madrid, Spain

So I have been a little slack and haven’t been updating my blog daily. Truth is that there isn’t much to tell. It rained a lot in Ibiza so that dampened our plans of discovering a beautiful beach! We didn’t do too much more partying after the opening of Space as that blew our minds as well as our budget.

We were able to pay for a late checkout from our apartment which was lucky considering the weather we experienced. We made it to the airport on time and our second flight with RyanAir went well. Everyone cheered once the plane landed, I assume they were happy that the plane didn’t crash, etc as I guess RyanAir have a bad reputation.

After catching three trains we safely arrived at our hostel in Madrid and am so far extremely impressed. After checking in we decided to go for a walk to the supermarket to buy some toothpaste. While we were there hot, fresh baguettes came out of the oven. We ended up buying one and some cream cheese, along with a bottle of wine and having that for dinner. It was nice making some friends in the kitchen while we ate and then a group of us went out to a pub down the road for one euro beers. I liked the fact that when the pub closes they give you plastic cups to take your beer with you!

We are a little bit hungover this morning but just had our free breakfast which consisted of toast with Nutella, it seems to be curing it so far. I don’t think we will have a big day today but am planning on doing a little bit of sightseeing with a few of our new friends.

Lauren x

Monday, 30 May 2011

Location: Ibiza, Spain

Wow. Last night was crazy. We went to the Space Opening Fiesta. I wasn’t sure what to expect. We had bought our tickets during the day and had opted with the choice of turning up whenever we wanted. Cheaper tickets were available but you had to arrive prior to 6.00pm, etc. After drinking a bottle of vodka in our apartment we decided we would head in around 11.30pm. Luckily we had learnt that the club was only a five minute walk down the street. I cannot believe the size of that place. It was like being at a music festival. There were six different rooms with different dj’s playing – I loved the rooftop. There were people everywhere, thousands of them, a lot of them were English but I am yet to hear another Australian accent! We partied the night away and it wouldn’t have been complete without a pizza on the way home.

We slept most of the day away today as we experienced our first day of bad weather in just less than four weeks! A massive thunder storm rolled in and it poured for a few hours. Things appear as they are starting to clear up outside at the moment, just in time to get ready and go out for a few drinks and dinner. I am hoping for sunshine tomorrow so we can explore some of the beautiful beaches on this island!

Lauren x

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From Yvonne
Maybe you should apologise to all your Aussie readers who you insulted on your Lagos update! Maybe that's why you've dropped out of the top 5 - they've all stopped reading your blog!
Response: They deserve it!
From Anne
Thinking of you both in Dublin - a great place. I remember seeing the Temple Bar. Baggot Street is where the first Sisters of Mercy began. Realise your time is limited but would have been good to see. Hope you enjoy your tour also. Had lunch with Yvonne and Russell and Ma and Pa yesterday at Gold Coast and missed you both. A flying visit.
Love, Anne
Response: Hi Anne. If we have time we will try to fit it in but we are off to Cork once we return to Dublin x
From Yvonne
Check your messages for details of our Irish connections!
Response: Thanks for the five million messages. I will have a look tomorrow when I am sober x
From Yvonne
You've dropped back to number 5. You're right, you are getting slack at updating it.
Response: I know, I know.
From Anne
Thinking of you both and hoping that you are now having lots of fun in Portugal. The days seem to go so quickly. Sydney is quite cold this week so enjoy the sunshine over there. lLots of love.
From Yvonne
Sounds like Madrid was so much fun!
Response: It was, I miss it already.
From Yvonne Maher
Hope you don't have to come home early cos you've run out of money. Dad and I are enjoying being home alone! But we do miss you. xx
From Cassandra
Hello Lozzie & Georgia,
Love reading your blog. Feels like I'm there with you. So very jealous. Really glad your having a wonderful time. Miss you heaps. Love your photos. It's not the cucumbers, they say it's the lettuce's and tomatoes. Please be careful. Love from Cass xx
From Maureen
well blogged, Lauren....xxxx
Response: Thanks Maureen x
From Aj
Yaaaay for the block of galaxy chocolate and hob nobs! get some pot noodles into ya girl... sounds like you are havng a ball! miss ya x
Response: Yeah they sold them in Ibiza but I am saving them for when I am back in London!
From Anne
Hi again Lauren and Georgia. What a big night you had out! Hope the weather stays fine so that you can get to the beaches as I'm sure there will be lots to see. Thinking of you both and saying a special prayer you will be safe and happy in your travels. Lots of love.
Response: Thanks Anne. Unfortunately it stormed again today so hopefully we will get a chance tomorrow morning before we fly to Madrid. I am sure there are plenty of other beaches to see before our holiday ends!
From Anne
Have only just got on to your website so have spent lots of time reading your blog and looking at the photos. Have so enjoyed your blog Lauren. Well done! Sounds like you and Georgia will continue to have a ball without your parents! Am sure Yvonne and Russell have had a great time also. Love you all. Anne
From Yvonne Maher
Still in Kl. Did a tour this morning but because it was raining didn't see much from the towers we went to. Came back aand had a big sleep. Off to Chinatown tonight.
Response: Buy me lots of present x
From Bode Burnout
You went to La Feyette!!! How awesome! Was he gay and black?
Response: Haha that's all I could think of.
From Mary
Hey everyone. Thoroughly enjoying the trip with you. Great job you're doing Lauren. Yvonne and Russell will be home by now; hope you girls enjoy your forthcoming adventure. State of Origin tonight ... hot dogs and home brew here!!
Mary, Drew and Co.
From Yvonne Maher
I do not like your comments about your parents' driving. I think you should delete them! Next time you can bloody well walk and we'll meet you there! Love Mum
Response: boo hoo
From Ashley
When do you arrive in Ibiza girl!! Dont forget to check out Bora Bora & also Pacha!! Make sure you go to Ibiza town on the Saturday night whilst your their. Let me know how you go as well, & dont go out to Pacha before mid night!!
Response: Hey Ashley! Thanks for the advice. Am off to Barcelona tomorrow morning then to Ibiza on 28 May. Will let you know how it goes :)
From Aj
Yo! We are now up to $67 in the betting account! thats right... who's ya daddy!
Response: Nice work AJ, was about time you made some money!
From Aimee
Hey Lauren, just caught up with you last few posts. Great read! I probably should learn to read your stuff just before a meal and not after, because hearing about all the nice food always makes me so bloody hungry! Talk to you soon xox
Response: Hi Aimee. I have been a little bit slack with the updates, it is hard finding time! I am just uploading some more pictures now! x
From Jayne
Hi Lauren. Your trip sounds amazing. I love the photos too. Have been thinking of you all. Sending our love to you all. Safe travels, Jayne, Wes, Lucy and Charlie xxxx
Response: Hi Jayne. Nice to hear from you. Hope you are all well. Am sad that I will be missing out on Charlie's birthday party at the Marbug Pub x
From Aj
I lost another bet - because of the Titans again ha ha... only $3.00. Ill try and pull my socks up for when you get back. KL looks awesome btw!
Response: That's it, you are sacked.
From Dan
How's the trip going Lozenger? Need an update!
Response: Trip is going good Dan. I have been on a cruise and haven't had any internet access! Am sitting at the airport now, will post a few updates and photos.
From Carmel
Bonjour les Mahers
Have just read your Paris blog. Many of the things you have done brought back memories of when Rod and I first went to Paris then second time around with Matt. Can't wait to hear about your cruise especially Turkey. Glad you are all having fun. Au revoir Carmel
Response: Hi Carmel. Unfortunately internet was very expensive and slow on the cruise so I haven't had a chance to upload any photos. Turkey was amazing. Missing you x
From Jessie Gates
Hi all, sounds like you are having a fantastic time, so glad you are enjoying yourselves, take care, Jessie, Steve and Benji xxx
Response: Hi Jessie. Congratulations on the news. So happy that Benji will have a little brother x
From Sharon
Hi Lauren - am really enjoying reading about your adventures. You had a hard act to follow in Yvonne but you've more than held your own. Look forward to the next instalment. Hi to Yvonne, Russell and Georgia. x
Response: Hi Sharon. Thanks for the encouragement. Hoping to catch up with you in Bali x