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Monday, 11 June 2007

Location: chesterfiels

hello people!!! well I'm abck in england now after being home for a month and thats right its only taken me over a year but I have finally put some pictures on the page for you..... now don't fain't will ya's.

anyway still havin a fab time love ya all loads

lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Location: Chesterfield, UK

Hi every one yes thats right I'm extremely slack and still have now photo's on here!!!! OOOps oh well.

Well I have had a fab xmas and new year as I hope you all have as well, Drinking heaps and eating lots as we all do at this time of the year.

Anyway the computers flashin at me so times up................

Till next time love ya's all

Love Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 11 September 2006

Location: Chesterfield, UK

Well people I'm still in chesterfield and today I started my new job in a really cool bar called the Gardeners, Nothing as yet to tell you but as soon as I can I will put some photo's on my page ( not that anyone visits accept jacqui) Thanks jacqui least you want see me!
Catch you all later talk soon

Tuesday, 05 September 2006

Location: Chesterfield, UK

Hello all of my precious little people!!

I have just spent ther weekend in Edinburgh with our little friend Ilena, And we had a fabulous time we also met a couple of lovely boy from Ireland they where nice!!
My punctuation is'nt really that good so get over it!!
I am now in chesterfield with my friends Simon and Linda they have teaken over management in a pub called the White hart Inn.
And have said I can stay for as long as I want but cant give me a job as it's not busy enough yet! So I am at this stage just gunna chill out there for a while and figure out what I'm going to to do next.
I make plans and change then the very netx day so until I report back that i've done somthin don't take what I say for gosble!!

Till next time love you all miss you heaps xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 15 July 2006

Location: Skye, UK

Hi friends, not a great deal to say???! I'm currently at work in reception with nothing to do so I though that I would make one of these travel thingies for you all to look at. But at this stage there is nothing to look at because it has just started.
So anyway I'm on skye working in Greshornish House Hotel if you want to see it the website is It is a very small Place with not many people and not a great deal to do unless you enjoy the piece and quiet or wlking by the water looking for otters and sea eagles, you can also do a spot of 'bush' walking if you like. But not me i'm far to lazy for that so I just laze about in the sun on the sunny days and read a magazine!

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Recent Messages

From Jax
Hey beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful christmas and will chat soon. Love you heaps. Kids and I miss you

Hugs and Kisses

Response: love you to jaxx and the kids. Had a fab xmas and new year. now I'm sick tired and need a holiday. But It looks like I'll have to stop drinkin for a bit to save some cash for the trip!!

LOve ya's loads miss ya's heaps send me an email and fill me in on all the gossip!!!

LOve lucy xxxxxooooo
From Bessy
Hey Cinda Sue,
I came to have a look at your page! Hurry up about putting some photos on it for me!!
Hope you are having a good time. Talk soon
Love Bessy
Response: I' do some this week I promise!!
Am Havin a good time. Making new friends and all that jaz. Are you getting sick yet?
Talk soon love

Cinda sue
From Jacqui
Hey, visited again and still waiting for the photos. Saw you on Ilena's thingy though. You look fab and the boys from Ireland dont look to bad either. Hope all is still great and you had a good birthday.

Hugs n kisses and lots of love

Response: Had a great time ( with the toilet bowl) he he!!

But had a reall good hang over the next day I think thats a sign of getting older because I never felt as bad as i did that morning!!! Took me 1 hour at 11am to fold 30 napkins for the wedding we had in the pub where I live that day, thats normally about a ten minute job! Could'nt see very well and the hane where real shakie. ohh well you get that don't you!! Talk to you soon HUG n KISSES to you all aswell....... Miss ya's heaps!
From Jacqui
Hello Pumpkin. Look at what I can do. Start putting photos on this bloody thing so I can see you. Hope your Irish boy is the bomb. Lots to chat about. I tell you when you hot your hot. Not gettin any though. Kids are terrific. Took them to Buller skiing yesterday. had a blast.

Love and Kisses. Miss you heaps.

Love Me. Jax
Response: good to see that you've been loking for me on the net talk soon love ya's.