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Lucy & Craig Went Round The World, now Craig Milks

Well, it's all kinda come to an end now - Lucy is back in the UK pursuing an education in a career in teaching, and I am milking cows in Rotorua at the moment... So not really travelling, and not even together. Boo!

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Bye bye Lucy!! Today she has flown off back to the UK, and I've gotta work out what it is I'm doing out here...

I'm just off for a walk round to the SkyTower to take some night-time pics.

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Recent Messages

From jillian
Hi......whats happening now???
thanks for your postcard and emails.
are you still milking cows Craig? whats Lucy up to?
still same here just different people....hahaaha
Response: sorry for the slowness - we don't really use ol' planet ranger all that much any more...
From Reg Cooper
Knock knock. There's no year zero so centuries/milleniums start with 01, not 00. I will, of course, join in the party on the 00! Kakapo, yeah - that's the bugger. There's a funny clip on YouTube of one trying to mate with Stephen Fry's head. Something like that. Ch ch ch ch check it out. I'll keep all of May free so don't ruin my month.
Response: Yeah yeah - but the calendar never started at 00 or 01, they just started it at some year they decided was some time after Jebus 'passed on', so I guess it's neither here nor there...
I'll have to look it up - sounds amazing. Fry can consider himself very lucky - Kakapo are very fussy breeders.
Have a good May - Lucy is coming home, but I am staying out here a bit longer, so you'll have to make do with just her.
From R. Itch
Thankyou for your text on NYE, if it was from you. If it wasn't then forget it! Hope you had a merry Christmess and NY anyway. Mine was fattening. I've just discovered Iain listens to KELIS. I'm enjoying ribbing him somewhat but he's not biting. Yet.
Response: Keep working him, you know he'll flip eventually!!
I didn't know she was still going, or is he listening to the old stuff? I have one track that I think I got off him Milkshake, but that's because it's funny as much as anything.
Yeah text was me - ta for your reply, but I didn't have enough credit to text back, and then when I did it seemed to late on. 2010 is the next decade though, the 11th year of the new millennium, unless your're one of those annoying types that wouldn't aknowledge the turn till the end of 2000. Anyways, when I was waking up with the hangover, you were probably still working on yours! Hmm that's not that grea now is it?
Oh, that funny flightless forest parrot you were telling me about is a Kakapo and needless to say they are very rare - almost extinct infact.
Take care buddy-o - we may (or may not) be back in May of this year. Don't hold me to it tho. This is exclusive news. Sort of.
From mum
Love you and miss you both, merry christmas
It'll be lonley this christmas with out you to hold
Response: Aw, missing you too! Merry Christmas, give everyone big hugs from me! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From R Scooper
Craig, I saw loads of white dog poos the other day. I know how you like a nice white, sun-baked plop. Not sure of Lucy's opinion on this matter though.
Response: Very exciting find, Mr. R Scooper. Did you collect them all up and display them on your front lawn at home?
Lucy thinks they are disgusting, as she has no taste.
From mum
oh my darling girl, you made me cry again. i love you and miss you so much. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: I take it you got your birthday card?
love you lots!! will try and call again soon!
From The McWhinnie's
Happy birthday Lucy, love from us all xxxxxxxx
Response: Thank you very much! Had a ver nice, if a little chilly, birthday!
Craig got me a Leatherman, which is like a super-duper Swiss Army knife type thing with pliers, and Naomi made me a cake and a hat, which was lovely. All in all, very successful!
Love to you all xxx
From hellybelly
happy birthday my love i hope you are all having fun sorry its a bit late
Response: No worries my darling - I'm going to give you a call soon so we can have a chat. Lots of love to you and your brood xxx
From Na
You sound so sad about being home - I'm never going back! Just to piss you off, the sun sets here around 10. Yeah! It's great! Went out at 9.30 last night and it felt like 4pm! Hurry up and get out here! xx
Response: Shut up! home..... is......'s.....not Australia really thats about all. feeling better now the jet lag/cold has worn off tho. don't worry we are still very much planning to be with you asap darling! xxxxx
From Na
Response: Um, ok.
From Na
Bronywn - you will be sorely missed. All those days sat in the back knitting. Sat in the front, knitting. Pointing out huge expanses of nothing. Getting us to Margaret River and back. Robinvale, Mildura. You were a legend! get out here and buy a sister car for her ;-)
Response: Already dreaming about it! It's going to be sweet.
From cate toward
grandhild a day late now (lazy babe) you sound like your having a great time , dont 4get to come home xx
Response: I'll do my best!
From cate T
hi cate hope youre having a great time on hols,bet your missing us all at work? you have a great time there and ill see you when you get karen xx
Response: my but i hac\ve seen some stuff! we are now in albany and on our way to perth, all the way from sydney! thats a long way, we weven crossed a real live desert! quite amazing! how is your newest grand child? oh and i am having slight withdrawal symptoms!
From Angelene
Hi hope all is still very exciting! You've been away more than a week already - that's a third of your trip!!!!! We are still trying to dump 2/3 of a house full of STUFF - lucy we need you!! But it will all be done by the time you get back I'm afraid. See you all very soon
Response: oh dont worry you know you can do it sweetie! see you soon X
From janetajiz
hi cate
lovely to hear you are ok and had an interesting flight but most importantly did you get an upgrade and are joeys 8ft tall have a lovely time
best wishes
janet ajiz
see cate you fly halfway around the world to getaway from my dumb questions, didnt work did it
Response: oh dear, in the dumb questions department i can soooo out do you!! didn't get the up grade but the air bus was amazing!! long road trip but i think i can say that i have really seen the out back and bits in between!
From Na
Enjoyed yourself but didn't have fun?! I know exactly what you mean.....kinda like my 'date' the other night, except I had fun but didn't enjoy myself! How odd we are. Have loadsa fun on the road, I'm soooooo jealous! xxxx
Response: bless you my child.....miss you so very much xxxxx

From mum
er, sorry petals, but it's wednesday morning that i arrive! it's my fault. i forgot about time differences and stuff!
Response: no worries, it'll all be worked out! the joys of flexablility.
From Na
Wake up AND get up early?! My how times have changed ;-) Miss you!
Response: I know! On both counts.
Hope all is still going great guns for you - probably could just check your PR in a bit - and stay good!
From rich
i was going to tell you a joke but i can't think of any. good to see you're still alive. erm, right. that's that then.
Response: Cheers! I'm very glad to hear that you're still alive and that too!
From mum
hello dears, well by the time you read this you will have finished at the station and be on your merry way. i'm so glad you had an enjoyable time. Ah having a job you are still allowed to enjoy, what a concept! i'm now having mild panics that i'll get there and you'll be somewhere else! it's silly i know, but do think i'm allowed to panic a wee bit.
love you and see you soonXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Response: I guess you are allowed to be giving it all a bit of thought and all that, but panic? Nah, no need. We'll be in SYD no worries, and we reckon we'll have a nice place to stay all sorted out, and we should also be able to come and get you in the car as well, which will be a bit nice eh? Not long now!
From Na
You didn't change your 'litlle' spelling mistake ;-)
Response: Sorry, I forgot last time I was on, but it is sorted now. I liked your clever 'little' hint!
From matt
hey craig and lucy its matt here, from brooking springs.
i left brooking about a month after you guys did, i have since been at the pub working security. i am still in fitzroy, it is more like home to me now? i font have your email so if you guys can email me i would appreciate it.
safe travels
Response: Alright! Glad to hear you're still doing good and that! Palled up with that fella with the wonky tat? I'll send you an email in a bit!
Hey, hope you read this - tried to email you, and it returned the email as address invalid - I was using My email is, so if you want to email me on that, that'd be awesome!
From Na
I've just noticed a wee spelling woopsie at the top of your page.... ;-) How's things? xx
Response: No way! Trust you to spot it. I'll have a look in a min see if I can rectify it.
We're still good - only two more working weeks, and really not that long at all to go before we're heading home... Boo! We're gonna try and bell you later today/tomorrow, so that'll be nice!
From Di Statham
Have at last caught up with your news - have been out of communication for a while thanks to a new computer. A new programme to get used to etc etc etc. So glad all is going well and you are enjoying the challenge. Very pleased to see that Lucy's Mum has booked her ticket - the date is in my diary so have a wonderful time Cate. Will do a news email when I have time. Love to you both. G/Di
Response: Looking forwards to your email, and hope the new computer is behaving itself now! We'll try and call later, but if we can't get hold of you, I'll probably send an email as well - there is so much stuff that we've done that we've not mentioned! Updates to follow one day...
From mum
hello darlings, just to let you know, i have a ticket, insurance, eta (don't know what it stands for but it say's my passport is legal, i'm not a crim and almost healthy!) and sweet singapore airline are giving me a first time flyer guide!
how nice is that?
Response: Sounds awesome!! We have you're itinerary pretty much sussed - a bit of flexibility is inbuilt as well. Lucy will give you a call in a day or so, as we're in Townsville for a bit (long weekeend, woo!).