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Lucy's Travel Adventures 2010

I'm heading over to the UK & USA for 8 months all up to live, work and travel!! Something I've wanted to do for a lonnnng time! This blog is for you to see what I'm up to at your leisure without me bothering you busy people with a group email.

Diary Entries

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Location: Tuscany, Italy

Well, I arrived back last night from a week in Tuscany with Dad and Andrew. I wish it didn't have to end! Sooo beautiful there!

We had lots and lots of lovely meals, saw some amazing places and had a lovely time!

Long day for me yesterday, flight was delayed and had to wait around Rome airport for 8 hours! oh dear!

Andrew and Dad continued on to New York and then to Ohio to see Ruth & Dick.

This weekend Ed and I are off to Copenhagen just from Friday night until Sunday.

Next Thursday I'm jumping on a plane to Athens where I'll meet Rach, on Friday and we start our tour of Eastern Europe!! Can't wait.

Will write again when all of those travels are over!

Lex and I had a ball in Amsterdam, some photos are up!


Wednesday, 05 May 2010

Location: UK

I\'m back!

I\'ve been working for about a month now! That went VERY quickly. I can\\\'t believe it\'s May already.

My job is very different to what I\'m used to but it\'s good experience for me and I\\\\\\\'m glad to be amongst the British culture! I\\\'m the only Aussie so it\'s a bit of a novelty for them and me. They love Tim Tams and laugh at how much tea they drink!

I\\\'ve been exploring the many markets of London, Portobello, Spitafields and Borough Markets so far. I love market shopping so much!

Marg & Jeff were over here for a week in London which was great seeing them. They stayed with Ed & I in our apartment. I got to see a bit more of London while they were here. They are now with Ed in Rome for a week!!

Lee and Richard (Hunter\'s parents) have just passed through London too, they were in London for only three days after being in Europe for a month or more. On the Friday night, Sar (Hunt\'s cousin) and I took a train to Colchester where we met Lee & Richard and Bill & Naz (Hunter\'s aunty and uncle) they live in Colchester. We then drove to Southwold where they have a holiday house on the coast. Was great fun, we went bike riding, played cards (I learned a new card game called \'Oh Hell\'\' and relaxed. We came back to London on Sunday. Sunday night we had dinner at Lee & Richard\\\'s apartment with Tariq (Sar\\\\\\\'s brother in law to be), Sar, Lee & Richard and Hamish (Georgie Steele\\\\\\\'s brother) his girlfriend, Fleur (sooo confusing to the outside eye!). On Monday - public holiday, I went and met Lee and Richard at Harrods for the day - was lots of fun. I had never been there before so was a new experience!

So I have REALLY enjoyed having family over here visiting! It\\\'s quite amazing really, I have come at the best time, everyone seems to be travelling this year!

Have been seeing Alexis, Braden, Euan and Hugh for dinner every now and then. Alexis and I saw Legally Blonde the musical the other night which was great fun!

Lex & I have just booked a trip to Amsterdam on the last weekend in May, which is a long weekend. We are both looking forward to that. I have been there before but I LOVED it and really want to go again and I\\\'m sure Lex will love it too.

THEN I meet Andrew and Dadda in Rome to go to Tuscany on 13 June!! THEN I meet Rach in Athens on 1 July to do our Tour of Eastern Europe - very excited for that!! NEW COUNTRIES to explore!

Unfortunately we have lost one of our travel buddies on our tour of Europe. Coles isn\'t able to come anymore due to work committments. SAD! Hoping she will come over at another time while I\'m still here.

I\\\'m not very well at the moment actually, I\'ve got a cold and had today off work - my first sick day, was hoping to have none but what can you do!

I have discovered, thanks to Tariq that I quite enjoy playing badminton!!! I\\\'ve only played once but I\\\'m hoping to play a bit more now.

All aside, I\'m really starting to enjoy myself here in London, very glad I came over. I obviously miss my Huntly very much but we\'ll be together again in no time, if the time goes as quickly as it has gone already!

Lots of love to you all - to the ones who actually still read this! THANKS for checking on me xxxx

Until next time....

Friday, 26 March 2010

Location: London, UK

I just landed myself a job which is exciting! I start on 6 April.

It's with an Employee Benefits Company, so no more legal secretarial for a while!

I haven't been doing much exciting lately, just been interviewing mainly and sorting that side of my life out!

Now that it's all sorted - I can relax and play!

Monday, 08 March 2010

Location: London, England

Sooo last night Hunter left for home! Was very sad..
We had an amazing time in Ireland - would love to do it again in 30 years just to see what's changed!

We spent the last 4 days in London hanging out with Edwina and Tariq and just exploring London! Went to see Sister Act the musical which was great!

I am moving in with Ed in Islington as her flatmate is moving out sometime soon with some friends so that was lucky and good timing really.

Tomorrow Ed, one of her friends and I are taking a trip to Oxford! I'm looking forward to that.

Wednesday is job day so hopefully by next week I'll be working and keeping busy.

I'm overwhelmed at how much there is to do in London and how many people are here - it's crazy!!

That's all for now...
Love to all!


Monday, 01 March 2010

Location: Derry (Lononderry), Ireland

Top of the morning to ya!

We haven't had any access to internet so far (which is kind of nice to be honest!!)...We have a small chance now at the place we are staying. I don't have long to write this though as we are leaving soon.

Arrived in London and it was snowing!!!!! Was soooo cold but I was excited that it snowed!!

After staying a night with Ed in Islington, we hopped on a plane for Dublin...We've travelled from Dublin down to Waterford, across to Cork, Kenmare, around the Ring of Kerry and up throuh Galway and are now in a little place called Moville just north of Derry (Londonderry).

We've driven about 1200 kms so far. Have had plenty of pub meals, lots of beer and cidar and lots of early nights!

We have see a lot of country side and loved it all.

We've been lucky with the weather, it's been freeeezing but the days have been blue and sunny so it makes everything look beautiful!

On to Belfast today via The Giants Causeway...we're running ahead of time so we might stay a couple of nights around Belfast.

Hope you are all well! Will write again when back in London.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Location: Singapore

Day 1 of Singapore

Hunter and I flew in to Singapore last night. We were very tired.
Got to Andrew's apartment in Geylang, chatted for a while but then went to sleeeep :)

Today we had a bit of a sleep in and then went and had breakfast down at East Coast. We then went to Changi Gaol which was very interesting. After that we took a trip to Orchard Rd and did a small bit of shopping. Now we're back at Andrew's apartment for a bit of relaxation before we head out for dinner with Bec and Adam (Hunter's sister & her husband) down to Dempsey Road.

Photos - Click Below

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Recent Messages

From Dicky & Barb
Hey there Luce! Barb just voted and we're off to Broadbeach to check out Andrew's apartment; lunch at the revolving restaurant at Crowne Plaza, Gold Coast - wondering what you're up to?? Would LOVE to read an update of ALL your latest travels/adventures over last 2 months... lots of love xxx
From Barb
Oo-la-la Luce - in Paris for your birthday on Monday - what a thrill! Can't wait to hear about your adventure in Eastern Europe with Rachael + checking out the photos. So, Bordeaux this week and back to work in London next week ... what a life! Enjoy the summer warmth while we're freezing back here... Lots of love, Barb XXX
From Liz Allen
Hi Lucy,
Happy Birthday.

It sounds like you are having a great time. Isn't Tuscany heaven! It is just so full of interesting places - the hilltop villages, the vineyards, wonderful red wine that is light and doesn't leave you with a headache the next day.

We all miss you so much - I check with Heidi to see how you are going. Hope you continue to have lots of fun and look forward to all your stories when you return,

take care,

lots of love,

Liz xx00
Response: Liz!! So lovely to hear from you!! Am having a lovely time! Spent my birthday in Paris after 2 weeks touring around Eastern Europe! Was magic!! xxx Hope you're well!! x
From Barb
Oh Luce! The "holiday part" has started, and you're on a roll . . . love the pics of your time in Tuscany & Amsterdam - looks like the weather has been kind to you, particularly with Dad & Andrew in Tuscany. You're over the hump and just past the half-way mark of your adventure - I bet it flies from now on...
Take care and keep safe. Lots of love, Barb XXX
From Barb
Hi L-G - I love reading all your news, and of course all the photos are just great - to see who you're with and what you're up to...! Looking forward to more pics after Amsterdam with Alexis this L-O-N-G w'end, and then Tuscany with Dad and Andrew; then Eastern Europe in July - SO many countries, so much to see and do and so little time, but you'll cope!! Keep safe, and happy days ahead. Lots of love, Barb XXXX
From Rach
Moose!!! The last time you wrote was over a month ago :) Fill us in!

Just over 8 weeks till our Europe trip!! YAY
Response: You\\\'re right! I\'ll do an update now! I didn\'t think anyone still read this thing! x
From Barb
Hi Luce, the working girl . . . hope you\'re not being smothered with volcanic ash from the Icelandic eruption; what about your previous and imminent visitors getting around Europe? Lots of travel plans are in disarray . . . hope it\'s well and truly cleared up by mid-June for your rendez-vous in Rome/Tuscany with Dad and Andrew! Autumn is slowly arriving here and your spring must be sprung by now??
Lots of love, Barb XX
Hi Barb!! There have been a few disruptions with Lee and Richard but nothing too major. Marg and Jeff have been smooth sailing so far. Although only yesterday they have announced more volcanic ash and have closed Northern Ireland and Scotland!!! xx
From snape
hey luce! Great news about the job! Good to see you settling in! You would've started work now right? How's it going?

Hope you're enjoying yourself!

Snape x
Hi Snape!! Ohh it\'s been a while since i\'ve been to my travel page - how time flies! I\'ve now done an update yay!! Thanks for writing to me xxx
From Lee
Leaving Bathurst today and will have tonight with Hunter at OT. We fly out tomorrow morning for Singapore for 4 days, then to Vienna for 4 days before joining River cruise down to Bucharest and Turkey.
We'll see you in London on Sunday 2nd. Take care, enjoy your adventure and we'll see you very soon.
With love Lee and Richard xxxxx
From Barb
Just great to read about your adventures, Luce - with lovely photos too! You and Hunter certainly picked a "cool" time to travel in Ireland . . . but it's just as one imagines it to be; also with Edwina in Oxford . . . You sure are getting around! How's the job situation - anything lurking??
Helen's Heroes "Shave" is on, and you're not here to cut off those gorgeous locks again . . . maybe next time?! Dad, Andrew & Co. will brave it again... Missing you in Oz. Lots of love, Barb XXX
From Lee
Nice to see Singapore photos - I bet it was hotter there than in Ireland!! Hope you enjoyed the Giant's Causeway - I loved seeing that. Nature is quite amazing.
I guess you are back in London for the weekend now - is it still snowing?
Lots of love to you both. We miss you.
From Kelly
Hi Luc,

Looks and sounds like you are having so much fun :)
Missing you here :(
No news here, except Lex has gone, Hai got a new car, It has been cold the past few days.
Say hi to B bear for me.

Talk soon

From Amy
Hey Luce

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time, look fwd to seeing more pics. I know Ed is looking fwd to seeing you & catching up. Speak soon

From Chantelle
Just checked out your pics LC, you look so fresh and relaxed ! I think I need those fish to come nibble my feet :)
Ahhhh work is killing me, really not the same without you here. Keep us all updated x x x x x Wah Wah Wah What did she say ?
From Heidi
Laaaaazy Luuuuucyyyyyy XO
From Barb
You're on your way at last, Luce - what a thrill! Enjoy hot Singapore with Andrew, Bec & Adam, 'cause it'll be cooler in London/Ireland - Hunter can keep you warm tho'!... Keep safe. Lots of love XXXX
From Ollie
I can't believe you are there. Hope your having fun. Miss you and Hunt XOXXOXO
From Em Williams
I can't believe mum beat me to messaging you!!! Great travel page Luce! Have a wonderful time! Make the most of the opportunities (I know you will) and I can't wait to hear and read all about your amazing adventures!
Lots of Love
Em xoxoxo
From Jenny Williams
Hi Luce,
Bon Voyage - meant to call you before you left but left it too late! I know you will have a wonderful time away - new experiences, new places to see! Love to Shorty and love to you!
Have fun x x x x
From Robbo
Good Luck Loocie!

Hope you have fun, I'll see you around May.

Love Robbo!
From Dicky
Can't wait to see you tonight Choofy!!! xxoo
From Sammie
Safe travels Luce! Can't wait to read what you've been getting up to! Miss you already xxx
From NJM
Safe Travels.... W...A...V..E...D!
From Dadda
Hi Darl - have a wonderfull time - see ya in June - talk to you on skyp every other day - luv you - miss you - Dadda xxxooo
PS. Will pick you up for lunch & Airport.
From Rach