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There and Back Again

A Hudnall's tale by Luke Slaughter

Diary Entries

Thursday, 06 July 2006

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

In Amsterdam. Again. me and David are recently alone and broke, we are going to stay in amsterdam a few days and then to Frankfurt to fly home the tenth. This will probably be my last post on the trip, the internet is no longer in my budget, but when I get back I will update and definitely put some pictures. See everybody soon.

Monday, 03 July 2006

Location: Interlaken, Switzerland

For those moms who may be worried we made it, we lived, it was incredible.

Monday, 03 July 2006

Location: Interlaken, Switzerland

We stayed two nights in Munich we took a train to Prague where I met Sharon at the airport, we Stayed with Convy´sboy and his boys who are all now my boys, Pat took us to a sweet club the first night where it happened to be gay night, the next night we did some sightseeing and climbed 287 steps in a church, the brothers Neihoff arrived the next day with Laura and we went to an awesome sleazy club stayed out til five and took a train to Budapest at six thirty, we went to an outdoor club on the Buda side and at around five I left and climbed a large hill with some statues formerly celebrating communism and now celebrating freedom on top in time to catch a great sunrise over the Elizabeth Bridge, the next night I was not in a great mood because the conversation I overheard at dinner was nothing less than excrutiating, Chris dragged us into a bar called The Table Dance Bar to chear us up, A lap dance was bought for Dave and I spent my time telling the stripper that she should come to America and marry me and I would take her away from the mean streets of Budapest, she said it was her dream and I think she was crying when we left, we went to the Turkish Baths the next day to discover that baths in Europe just mean pools, it was nice, Chris left our group to go back to Frankfurt then the States we all cried, we got on a train to Vienna, I dont remember if we even did anything there except that we met two Austrians who I couldn't stand and Dave fell in love with one of them, Next was Salzburg, we did some stuff there, not much but some, Dave left me and Shaon to go to Germany while we went to Venice to hit the beach, I can't remember ever being so burned, we went out in the city and watched the matches, we drank several pints of beer Sharon fell in love with my boy Ballack and then we stole three liter sized Heineken glasses, we took a train to Interlaken where we are about to get on a bus then a plane and then jump out, tomorrow we go to Amsterdam meet Dave and probably not do any of the things I lied about doing earier in Amsterdam, then probably Germany for the Finals of the Cup.

Monday, 19 June 2006

Location: Munich, Germany

Ok, havent logged anything for a while, so I am going to give a short synopsis and maybe elaborate later, maybe not, we'll see.

Left Turkey flew to Eindhoven, took a train to Amsterdam. Amsterdam was amazing. We got off the train and went straight to the red light district. We all went to a different girl and I don't know what the other guys did, but I paid her 50€ to hold me for a half an hour, it was nice, her name was Sparkles. Then we went to the coffe shop (Weed Bar) and picked up a bag of the best sticky we could find. We were pretty tired from being up all night so we thought it better to go get some real drugs first then smoke. Dave and Chris got an 8 ball from some dude to stay awake and keep partying, I am not that into blow so I picked up a few Oxy´s and a couple Dilaudid´s, I find opiates keep me up just fine with a better high than coke anyway. So we did that and walked the streets for a while, got food and thought about smoking that weed but instead Dave wanted to do some shrooms. Back to the RLD, we saw a sex show, which was really trippy at the time, but pretty fun. More hookers then we partied for a few more hours and went back to the hotel. Got blazed, passed out, then woke up at around 5 and did pretty much the same thing the next night. Two nights in Amsterdam was enough.

Next we took a train from Amsterdam to Frankfurt to meet the brothers Neihoff.

The next day, June 17th, we took a train to Kaiserslautern for the US Italy game. It was incredible. Took another train back to Frankfurt afterwards. Stayed one more night, layed around pretty much. The daily show global edition was on CNN in the hotel room.

Took a train from Frankfurt to Munich today.

Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

We made it to Istanbul, this is our 3rd day here and it might be one of my favorite places. It really helps having someone here to show you around and speak the language. Asli has helped us not get taken advantage of numerous times. The hotel we are staying at has prices posted in English and a triple room was listed at about 190 euro a night. The second they knew Asli spoke Turkish they went to 120 and after a few minutes of haggling she got us the place for 70 euro a night. Things like that kinda make me think we might have gotten screwed in the past. Anyway Istanbul is pretty amazing, it`s huge for one thing, I think I heard 25 million, but its actually one of the most normal places we have been, things seem to be where they should be, everything tends to run smoothly. The first night we were there we went to the "hot spot" in Istanbut, seriously we did not belon there it was so cool. indescribable really, an outdoor club with like 6 restaurants on the sea, basically way too cool for me. We went to this place called miniaturk yesterday where they have all the famous landmarks and buildings in Turkey there, only smaller, it was actually more fun than it sounds I just can`t explain it that well. Yesterday we had easliy the best meal of the trip, and the other meals we have had have been right up there. All of this can most likely be attributed to Asli; knowi;ng where to go and what to get. I am sure none of us would have tried anything that we did without her. Asli; left last night to head back to Como, so it will be interesting to see if we feel the same way about the place now that we are on our own.

We booked a flight to Amsterdam today. The flight leaves tomorrow at 4:45 in the morning. It might be a hassle we have to leave the city probably around 1 so we kinda get screwed out or one night in the hotel. We got the flight for 19 euros each, whiiunder 100 a piece. Still we cover a lot of ground pretty quickly so it i definitely worth it.

Amsterdam 2 or 3 nights, then off to Kaiserslautern for the US v. Italy game, it should be amazing. Hopefully we do better than we did yesterday, that was pretty horrible.

Saturday, 10 June 2006

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

Ok, so we were just illin' in Santorini and we decided to try to get to Istanbul and visit Asli. Actually, this had been a plan for quite a while but we just kinda figured, "no big deal it isnt that far, shouldn't be too tough to get to", or something like that. So the plan was to be in Turkey the 8th stay for a few days and make it out for the Cup. Well, after an extra day in Myconos the 8th came around and we decided we better leave the next day. Getting to Istanbul from Greece is apparently a little more complicated than we first imagined. After trying to figure something out mainly involving ferrys and planes we gave up because it would cost too much and take too long. The morning of the 9th I thought about it and figured that if we hop on the 3:30 ferry to Athens, take an overnight train to Thessaloniki, then the express train to Istanbul we could be there by the night of the tenth (today). It sounded like a good plan, however everything needed to go exactly right. It didn't. We missed our train to Thessaloniki and had to stay the night in Athens. However as our new motto would indicate "We weren't sweatin' it". We took the morning train here (and I mean morning, 6:50, earliest we have been up this whole trip, it was not easy) and now we have an overnight train to Istanbul tonight. 3 nights in Turkey then we leave on the 14th hoping to make it to the game in Kaiserslautern on the 17th, how we are gonna do this we do not know yet, but I think we're gonna be OK.

It kinda feels good to be back on the move. The Islands and the relaxation was great, but I think we were all getting a little bored and complacent. This is a group of action, we live for the hustle and bustle. Life doesnt come fast enough for any of us. We have to keep moving, never settle, get things done. Ok, so thats not exactly true, Chris is in between on the "nice to be on the move issue" and Dave I am pretty sure could stay in one place this whole trip and be fine with it. Not that Dave isn't a good sport about it, He is always down for our little no plan "adventures" but I don't think he is too hot on the backpack carrying, walking around, riding on trains all day thing.

I hope this post suits Megan as I am almost completely sober and I have tried to pay close attention to both grammar and spelling.

Wednesday, 07 June 2006

Location: Santorini, Greece

On the island of Santorini, It is unbelievable, probably the best place we have been. Just straight relaxin and bustin hangs left and right. I think we're gonna like it here. I think we are gonna stay here for a few more days before possibly heading to Turkey, hopefully we can make it in and out of Istanbul without too much difficulty, it may prove to be to big an obstacle to overcome. I'm not sweatin' it yet, but if not we may stay in Santorini for a while. I really have nothing to say, just 10 minutes of internet time left to kill. So uhhh, yeah Europe's sweet, I think we're gonna like it here, we're not sweatin it, Soco blasters, I think we're gonna be OK, Como Como Como. I saw this sign today for volcano tours with hot springs and mudbaths, that sounds kinda cool, maybe we'll get involved. University webmail isnt working right now, it's not very reliable, I might switch internet service providers. Chris and Dave say gmail is the way to go, I am pretty much out on aol mail too, I hope its not too big a hassle to switch all that stuff, I mean no one emails me at aol anyway, it'll probably be fine.

Monday, 05 June 2006

Location: Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is Legit!!!

Friday, 02 June 2006

Location: Athens, Greece

I wiped out on a scooter today. It was both embarrassing and terrifying. Kinda scraped up but no big deal, I mean, it kinda hurts, but I am a man and all so I'm not sweatin' it.

Saturday, 27 May 2006

Location: Pisa, Italy

Well, we left Bergamo yesterday heading for Florence with no plan yet again. After calling several hotels and tourist offices it became clear there was not one bed available in Florence, who would have thought that looking for a hotel or hostel that friday afternoon wouldnt produce results. So we hopped back on the train and went to Pisa. Pisa is a strange town, you could think of it as kind of cool how in the middle of a completely unimpressive place there is a square with 3 amazing buildings, I tend to think of it as weird because around 3 amazing buildings stands a completely unimpressive city. I guess it's a glass is half full kinda thing. Chris described it as like putting the Statue of Liberty in Moberly. That being said the tower and the Duomo were cool, and we did find a place to sleep, not entirely cheap, but we figure italy will be our most expensive leg of this thing so we're not sweatin it yet. We are about to head back to Florence where we now have beds booked and tomorrow afternoon we are heading to Rome, I hear the pizza there is incredible. We have eaten pizza probably a dozen times thus far with no complaints from me, it's justa shame it took us until 2 days ago to figure out the italian word for pepperoni. In fact Chris and Dave are just as picky eaters as me so it works out great, It has been said that one adventerous person could ruin this trip for us. Yeah yeah, "you have to try the local cuisine." whatever, pizza is local in Italy. We are all very afraid of what we may have to eat when we get to Greece.

Thursday, 25 May 2006

Location: Milan, Italy

In Milan right now, missed our train to Bergamo by about 15 seconds so an hour or so until the next one. Hung out in Como (Como Como) today and last night. You gots to get to Como. Florence tomorrow I think. Big gulps huh, Welp see ya later.

Sunday, 21 May 2006

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Chris shaved his chest yesterday. He will try to tell everyone that it was my doing, but I am pretty sure he wanted it.

Sunday, 21 May 2006

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Just hangin at the internet place here. 2 minutes left on my time. We just booked the partiest hostel in Rome for sometime coming up I don´t know, I hope there is a pub crawl there. Actually I think a girl last night mentioned one, so that should be pretty cool. A different girl last night was selling Croatia to us and described it as Minith Tirith like, another claimed to have a LOTR Risk game. It was a pretty succesful night.

Sunday, 21 May 2006

Location: Barcelona, Spain

It´s our third day in Barcelona we are hanging out near the train station waiting to get on an overnight train to Nice, we hear its really cool there, even better than polite or friendly. That joke is courtesy of your boy C-World. We have spent the past two days pretty much exclusively on the beach, which was amazing. Oh and if you´re ever in Barcelona be sure to get involved in a pub crawl, I am talking almost an hour of free beer followed by strictly regimented walks to at least 2 other bars with one free shot of tequila or vodka, and all that leading up to going to the bar and 2 clubs on the top floor of the mall. It´s a pretty sweet deal partyin in the mall, they have a speakeasy in the back of the gap where its buy 2 shots get a free pocket tee, and if you sign up for an express card you get 15% off all Soco blasters for the rest of the night. All in all, it was a pretty good time, and our hostel was nice as well, lets just say their motto is "if you came here to sleep, go to another hostel." They did not count on the three of us however, we play by our own rules. If we want to come home alone after we get done at the mall and sleep until 1 or 2 the next day then that´s exactly what we will do.

Thursday, 18 May 2006

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Ok, just arrived in Barcelona off the long train from Paris. We couldn´t get on the TGV (Bullet Train) in London due to the vast amounts of Arsenal fans flooding to Paris for the Champions League final. Instead we decided to take the first train out of London to Dover where we got on a ferry across the Channel and stayed the night in Calais. We woke up in Calais yesterday and hopped on a train to Paris that arrived about 5 hours before we were supposed to be off to Barcelona. We saw as much as we could in Paris and after a pretty uneventful night in a sleeping car with 3 strangers, including a semi-creepy old guy. We are in Barcelona on time and for the second time thus far we know where we are sleeping tonight. We all agree the trip starts today.

Sunday, 14 May 2006

Location: London, UK

We arrived in London this morning around 10 GMT, so in exception to an hour or so on the plane non of us have slept for a couple days so this might not be my best work. London is amazing all we have done so far is walk around but the shops and buildings are all really interesting, in an old historic sort of way. We are here for tonight and tomorrow night, so it looks like tomorrow will be the day we go see the touristy stuff; Big Ben, Parliament, Big Ben, Parliament that old stuff. As of now the trip motto is:

- " I think I'm gonna like this place."
- " uh yeah"

but thats subject to change, we dont have a group name yet, but I think thats something that just has to happen, I'll let ya know.

Another thought was "The Soco Blaster Tour 2006"

Anyway, more from Paris in a couple days, hopefully coupled with some pictures.

Sunday, 07 May 2006

Location: Columbia, USA

For anyone who didn't know and cares to know, I am embarking on a 2 month European adventure this week. As of now i am still in Como getting ready for our trip. David Hudnall, Chris Convy and I will be departing from Chicago on Sat. the 13th for London. I am unsure how the progression of how this site will go. I hear there are as many internet cafes in every city in Europe as there are underage girls at big 12 on Wednesday nights, so I should be able to update on a regular basis. My plan is to try to get on here every few days and add an entry and some pictures for anyone who cares to know what I am doing, I am convincing myself that tons of people are interested in everything that will be happening during every phase of this trip (I wonder if this site has a counter to tell me how many people are viewing this page, that could put a damper on this whole thing.) Anyway, I will be in London for a few days and then down to Paris for a couple more, so next week I will update this thing and let everyone know how the trip is starting out.

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Luke, can`t wait to hear all the stories....well, I probably won`t get them all. Enjoy your last few days there.
Response: I promise to tell you them all, uncencored.
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Luke, you are an animal.....I'm proud to be your cousin!
Response: Yes I am and that animal is man. Well almost man .... soon to be man hopefully.
From cin
Hey Luke, did you get a video of your skydiving? we have a collection started! good to know that you survived. Glad you are back on line, we might get more description if you got a little more sleep!! Can't wait for you to be home!
love ya
Response: Yes Yes and Yes, love you too.
From Molly Moran
Luke!! You crazy man! Sounds like you're having an awesome time. Bring me back something really good, ok?! j/k By the way, when do you get back?
Response: I love you like the dickens, I will be back July 10.
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hank says f you too.
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Luke, whats up ther lad? I enjoyed reading your postings. Hope you guys are doing well. I am leaving tonight for London. I will be there for a couple of days before I go to Paris then Asterdam. I then fly to Prague. We are gonna go to Berlin to catch some World Cup action. Then we are going to go to Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey and some other places. Good luck and cheers Joe Saunders
Response: I emailed Bo with our tentative plan, hopefully we can meet up somewhere.
From Aunt Caroline's Frie
Good God, Luke, don't take Sharon to Amsterdam!! Caroline will have a stroke.
Response: If I do it is Sharons idea.
From jimmy
Did you seriously just spend ten lines describing drugs and hookers and three simple words on watching in person the US tie Italy. Alright bro well thanks for the box o' culture, i took care of that class for you, holla at ya boy.
Response: You are the man, and hookers and drugs are easy to describe, a match like that you just have to be there. I like that box o culture thing by the way.
From sharon`s mom
Luke, babe, did sharon make it there ok/
she was to call and let me know
sign me in: still overprotective momma
Response: Sharon is here, she is fine. I am taking extra good care of her. I promise.
From cIN
Hey Luke,
I agree it is TIME for you to come home!! I know you are missing me! Have fun the rest of the way and be careful
love ya mom
Response: I lkove you too.
From Danielle
hey 'cuz!
Take care of my sister now - I hear you are the responsible one on this trip, which makes me nervous. Also, I gave Sharon a bottle of rubbing alcohol to use on you before she gives you a hug - sounds like you need it after Amsterdam! Have fun! D.
Response: Don´t worry about our girl Sharon, she will be in good hands.
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Sharon`s on her way. take good care of my girl and don`t take her to the coffee shop
Response: Don´t worry Caroline, I will take care of her. And if any creepy Europeans look her in the eyes I will kill them.
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That' sweet you guys got to see the Itlay vs. USA game. I'm sure your moms loves hearing about all the good things Amsterdam has to offer. Keep up the good work!
Response: Yes, she is very proud.
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seriously luke when are you getting back to CoMo.. this is getting slightly rediculous.
Response: I will be in Como soon, not soon enough, but soon.
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You gots ta get to KoMO!!!
Response: Oh you know I gots ta get to KOMO!!
From Jess & Kiely
we miss our boys!
Glad your having so much fun!...just know, since your departure our lives have become humorless, loveless and barely livable without you, some days we can't even get out of bed. Come home already.
xoxoxxx (with a little tongue)
your girls
Response: I love you so much. I wish you meant half of what you say.
From cin
Hi, glad you guys hooked up with Asli, Weird email, for every i, it is 8#305, (probably some kind of virus) anyway glad you are having fun, it is great to hear from you so I know everything is ok. End of Message, what was pretty horrible, Your trip to get to Istanbul?? anyway just a reminder your dad is turning 50 tomorrow, keep in touch, let me know if there is anything else to send with Sharon.Love ya mom
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Response: Ceaumeaux!
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Your messages are fabulous. I say go for the gmail account!
Response: You would never steer me wrong. I'm gonna do it.
From Meg
Are you wasted 24 hours a day, or just when you decide to post a message? Glad you're having fun.
Response: Yeah 24 hours a day sounds about right, and are you trying to say my messages are sub-par or something? this is really disheartening.
From cin
No more scooters!!!!!!!!!!
You are making me nervous.
I didn't know Sharon was coming! PLEASE BE CAREFUL!
Hello to the guys,
Response: PSYCH!!! Scooters are Legit!
From Marbelous
Hey you fellas needs ta be gettin to Amsterdam so you can gets all STOOOONNNAAAYYY! And then head back to England and take a trip to Stamford Bridge and deliver a message to our boy Roman Ambromovich. You tell him I says...."What the f--k?" I miss you guys, probably not Hudnall as much because of his inabilty to stay away from the most evil of persons. Marbles likes this blog. You will see him again. LLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTEEEEE- EEEE!
Response: I care about you a lot. You are my boy. We are friends, I miss you.