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It seems i am back to where i started!

I've tried different places it seems i am right back in sunshine beach. Again i work for dolphins hostel........but i figure if somewhere is special to you why leave?

Photos - Click Below


Big Night Oout

These are some pictures of wonderful English girls and I.



I went here today so beautiful. it is in the hills just a little southeast of Noosa. Feilds pastures and lots of green


Dolphins beachhouse

where i am staying in sunshine beach


Sydney area

this is in and around sydney i spent most of my time at Manly beach


Sunshine Beach

this is where i am living now a quick walk to the beach

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Recent Messages

Hi Lynsay,just looked at your pictures, looks fantastic. lots of water. Australia is in the news lately. Have a wonderful day and stay safe. It is a rainy day here, rainy Easter, I am waiting for a sunny day to go home to pick some Mayflowers. LOVE you, Grandma
Response: thanx grandma
From Laura
Hey Lindsay!
Looks like your having a blast! Great pics! Wish I could be there LOL!
Love your cuz,
Response: aww thanks for the message laura i can't complain really! i have the feeling they are going to be kicking me out of the country at a later date.
From Melissa

Pictures are great, you need some with you in them, showing us how much fun your having. Stay outta trouble, and email me.
Response: ok ok i don't like having my picture taken but i will for you
From dave
OK i looked at your pictures and i have been to every place that u took pics of, it kida creepy. Keep up the travels and enjoy yourself.

Daveie Boi
Response: well i am glad i will have more soon
From dave
Response: haha no
From Mom
Hi Lyns: I looked up the Rhino Beetle and it was horrid looking - is it really as big as the photo seemed to show? Yuck!
Response: yes it is that big but it's so neat looking it's intresting.
From Sharon
Hi Lynsay! Wow..the beaches and the scenery are amazing. Did I mention that I'm turning an unattractive shade of green? :-) Where exactly is the Sunshine Beach area located...and the everglades? Have you seen any koalas or roos yet? I see you've encountered some friendly reptlies! Hope you're enjoying things so far...I could handle a bit of that sunshine! Take Care..Sharon
well i have encountered a lot of bugs had the pleasure of meeting a rino beetle the other day. i haven't seen many snakes yet lots of lizzards and some pretty birds. everything in australia is way bigger cause of the heat. Sunshine beach is up the east coast not far from a city called brisbane. i am tanned and unusally happy. I work 4 days a week two days in a bristo and two nights bartending in a club. great fun. i will have more pictures tomorrow i will be spending my day down the coast at a little market. should be great. thanks for the note. :)
From Paul
These are pretty good pics ... It looks like you have an eye for taking pictures ... some poeple just put the subject in the middle and snap it but you bring in several things from the surrounding area ...
Response: thanks paul i have more that i am going to put on soon of where i am staying right now. i am going to camp in the everglades soon to.
From Mom
Great pics Lyns!!!