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Katelynd's adventures & misadventures in Oz...

Hello...Welcome to my half-assed travel page. If i have time, between all the debauchery and discovery going on Down Under, i will try to keep those missing lil' ol' me informed with the lurid details of my travels...
Hugs and tounge kisses.

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 21 September 2004

Location: vancouver, Canada

Alrighty, 3 more sleeps and im off. It's weird. And exciting. And actually quite intimidating, to know that i wont actually know whats in store for me down under...But i think, that that's all part of the reason that i am doing this. Wish me luck...

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Recent Messages

From mom
i love you soooooo much and miss you with allmy heart.please start writeing in here so i can share with pepole when they ask how you are doing. this is really cool.loveya my girl mom
From Brynne
hello my dear, hope your doing well on the other end of the earth i'm just sitting on quad waiting for some turkey. I'm guessing you hav'nt had time to mess around with this page as your out having a crap load of fun. anyhoo don't spit into the wind.
From kate
thanx ry i luff you too.
From ryan
Hi Kate. I luff you.