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Yvonne & Russell, Lauren & Georgia and Dot

The Mahers are on their way! Hope you will log in here regularly to see what we're up to and leave us a message! We will try and reply although we expect we will be overloaded with them!

Diary Entries

Friday, 06 October 2006

Location: Gold Coast, Australia

It is 3.48pm on Friday 5/10/06 and I can happily report that we are home safe and well on the Gold Coast. We had a good trip, delayed an hour at the airport waiting for people from a connecting flight from New York. Carmel, Anne and Kathryn were there to meet us as were Tony and Wayne so it was a nice homecoming. We have had a sleep but I am about to go back to bed as it wasn't enough and I conly got bits and pieces of sleep on the flight. Russell has gone out to buy some lamb chops and veggies for tea and have a coffee at Gloria Jeans so that should make him happy. The house was nice and clean and the plants have been well looked after. Rouge and Skittles seemed happy enough to see us. Thanks Gahan and Rachel for housesitting for us. Thanks to everyone for all your messages and emails. It made you all seem not so far away. My blog has had 1182 hits which is a lot so I hope you all enjoyed the ride. Looking forward to catching up with our family tomorrow at Mum's 80th and friends and other family in the near future. If you come back and check I may be able to upload some more photos now that we are home adn everything won't be so rushed. So it's hoo roo from me. Yvonne

Wednesday, 04 October 2006

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Well here we are in the lounge at LA International airport and I have just had a great chat on the webcam to Jayne in Darwin and saw Lucy crawling and then we saw Mum and Dad and Carmel and Anne in Brisbane. Isn't technology great! We have about 1.5 hours until we board. We ar eall lpretty tired but fortunately we all got in here so we are indulging in the freebies. Talk about good timing. Next week there will be no Qantas club lounge here for 12 months as they are rebuilding it. This one is pretty ordinary compared to the one in Brisbane. In fact the whole airport looks a bit tired. But this is only one terminal. There are no showers in the building or any luxuries like that. Russell tried to get us good seats when we checked in and was promptly told that the flight is overbooked and the guy didn't even bother. ?He jsut checked with thelady here on the desk and she reckons we have really good seats -perhaps with no-one next to us in 2 rows so let's hope so. We are all pretty exhausted and can't wait to get home now. Our day basically comprised of driving from Las Vegas. Russell did well with his driving once again and drove through LA, down Sunset Boulevard past the Beverley Hills Hotel and down Rodeo Drive. We saw the Hollywood sign and then we went to the airport. We've been here since about 5.00 pm and it is now 9.50 pm so we are over it. Check-in all went smoothly althoguh they were very thorough in checking our bags and Russell had sunscreen confiscated form his bag. We had to go back out to find something to eat as the Qantas Club didn't open until 6.30 pm. We found a restaurant and had dinner whilst Lauren had some Chinese food. What we had was actaully like Australian food - Dot ahd chicken and I had fish with mashed potato and vegies - which consisted of brocolli only but it was nice. The girls are going for a walk to spend their last US dollars before we board. They will have to get their bags checked again. When we came back in the second time after dinner the girls had their bagsd thoroughly searched and they took a pen they didn't take the first time that the xray machine picked up. Makes you wonder. I am going to try and upload some Vegas photos now. Over and out for me. I will do one more update when we get home.
Yvonne 2.53pm Queensland time 5/10/06 9.53 pm California time

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Recent Messages

From Shirley Strano
Hello Yvonne

Remember Hong Kong? I did enjoy goinging up to the Peak.
I think this site may not be in operation now as I tried to send you a message and it is not here. But with my limited computer skills who knows!

Shirley Strano
From Shirley Strano
HelloYvonne & Family
Remember Hong Kong? I did enjoy the ride to the Peak. Scotland was even better than I expected and I accidently learnt about my Grandfather`s clan. I was so tired, well exhausted, when I arrived home - started with a 12 mile walk in forest and mountains in Braemar and so it went. The Highland Games in Braemar, the Islands of Mull, Ioina and Skye and Edinburgh. Then catching up with all at home including another group art exhibition.

Today is a bit free as the house is clean ! and we are doing more Christmas cooking tomorrow and family arriving on Christmas Day and boxing Day.
We hope you are able to visit us when you are up this way to see Dot.

Happy Christmas and a beaut New Year. Shirley Strano
Response: Hi Shirley It is now February 2007 and I only just decided to go and check my messages and what a lovely surprise it was to hear from you. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We will definitely have to organise a get together and hear all about your adventures to Scotland. Regards Yvonne
From maureen
Good Morning! time to rise and shine. ha ha.
Great day was had by all, I'd say. Haven't seen the kids yet.
Russ, now I get it. You were saying you were grumpy!
Love Maureen./xx
Response: Hi Maureen
It sure was a great day and so nice to catch up with all my family. Mum looks great doesn't she? Love Yvonne
From Narelle
Congratulations on a wonderful you will have to pass the baton to the next person!
Look forward to catching up with you all on the Gold Coast July/Aug 07. Enjoy your mums 80th and I will talk to you on the email.
Love me and the Inspector! xoxo
Response: Hi Narelle and your lovely man. I have already been on the internet searching the job vacancies in Paris! HA HA. I just put on my CD of Parisian music. Thanks for everything. Will catch up with your family soon and of course can't wait to show you a good time on the Gold Coast when you get here. Don't know how I'm we're going to cope beign back at work and school tomorrow. Love Yvonne, Russell, Lauren and Georgia and Dot
From Danny
Great talking to you last night Lauren(my time) - Sorry that I missed talking to the rest of you. Lauren that phone call didnt cost too much because I used a go talk international phone card. I was so lucky to be able to talk to you and I hope I didnt wake you up. I have tried to ring a lot of times but usually cant get through. I left a message with Sandy on her answering machine - but I dont think you got it. Anyway - have a great flight home and I am looking forward to seeing you - although i will be flat out on Friday - all day and will be really busy on Sunday morning and Sunday night. Anyway have a great flight home. Thanks for your message on the blog Yvonne. And Jayne thanks for taking all the phone calls and ringing me back and telling me all the news about Lucy saying Dad, Dad and crawling. Mum sure enjoying seeing her on the computer. I am at the Surf club and hope to go for my walk along the beach very soon. All for now, Your loving relative, Danny
Response: Hi Danny'
Lauren enjoyed the chat. The few times I have thought I would ring you we always seem to have a hassle with the phone card. So thanks for thinking of us. See you on Saturday. Love Yvonne
From Anne
Hello all
Have just returned home after a couple of days break at our beach house at Zilzie. Just doing a quick catchup on all your doings which sound wonderful. Really looking forward to seeing you all again very soon. Am flying to Brisbane tomorrow for Mum's birthday and will be staying with Carmel and Rod. Have to fly back 8.30 Sunday morning as there were no cheap flights available. Must be the last weekend of school holidays. Take care and have a safe flight home. You'lll all be exhausted. Much love,
Response: Hi Anne
Yes we will be tired I know. It will be nice to catch up for Mum's birthday. CU soon. Love Yvonne
From Carmel
Hi Mahers, now that you are in wind down mode and will soon be thinking about home, we have your car at St Lucia. Anne and I can meet your flight at 6.15am on Friday 6 October, take two cars and bring your car to the airport so you can drive home to the Coast. Do you want us to do this? Can't wait to see you. Love Carmel
Response: Hi Carmel,
I tried to reply to his earlier but it didn't go through. We will stick to our original plan and get the car on Saturday as we are kicking back inthe Qantas Club at LAX and wil possibly be too tired/drunk to drive home. Love Yvonne
From Cathy & Ralph
Yeh the Bronco's won.
Thought Russell would wanna know. Go check out Del Coranado hotel while your there. Cathy
Response: Hi Cathy and Ralph
Yes Russell had already checked on the internet for the result so he was happy. I didn't get a chance to call your friends sorry. Problems with the phone card again. So can you please pass on my apologies. Yvonne
From Danny
Hi Yvonne and Russell and all, Mum and Dad should be at St. lucia now - Hopefully you will be able to chat with them on the webcam. I spoke to jayne today and anne. This is going to be a busy week. David and Courtney rang last night. Did you see the football on the internet? I thought of you Yvonne when they did a special on you tube and maybe google video on tv about a week ago. Some people are becoming big stars on the internet. i think it would be good to begin with just putting videos of scenery on you tube or the the sunset. Hope there are no delays as you are due to return on Friday at 6.00am. I got a phone call today - I have been asked to help some-one on Friday - so i will hopefully see you at the party on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing you all . Your loving relative, Danny
Response: Hi Danny, Thanks for your messages. I think we will be sleeping on Friday when we get home so Saturday sounds good. 2 more sleeps before we fly home. Off to Vegas today and have booked a flight over the Grand Canyon and a helicoptre flight over Vegas so that should be good. Love Yvonne
From Jayne
Hi Guys, So glad to hear that you are having a great time. We are missing you and are looking forward to chatting on the webcam again soon. Lucy is nearly crawling now. I have hit your site a few more times so hopefully you will be back in the top 5 soon. We are really enjoying your blog. Take care and safe travelling. xxx
Response: Hi Jayne Wes and Lucy
Glad you're stil following us. I bet Lucy is gorgeous. Can't wait to catch up again soon. I am on line now but you are away (12.15 pm Brisbane time). what a bummer. We are about to go out to dinner for fish and chips. I'll check again when we get home in a couple of hours. Love Yvonne
From Cathy & Ralph
glad to see you made it to Disneyland, Ralph's favourite place on earth. Let me know if you contact our friends in San Diego, Vanessa & Darrin
PH 858 587 1068
Can't wait to see you when you get back home.
Love Cathy
Response: Hi Cathy and Ralph
Haven't had a minute to call your frineds yet. It's just go go go and last night when we got home I just had to go straight to bed. I will try though. Yvonne
From Michelle et al
wish we were there....seriously next time you go we're coming with you, although America does not really appeal to me~ I wouldn't mind having a look though...I reckon you're having the time of your life but you'll be knackered when you get back to the slow pace of the beaut GC...and you gotta have a night of photo showing when you get home as I feel I know all your blog friends.... so arrrange a get together when you return so we can all meet up. Colm and I are talking about selling the boat and doing the tour... I just want to get to Rome and Assisi..can't believe that I never did when lived in that hemisphere , just took it for granted since it was so close. What's that saying? 'you don't see the wood for the trees' or is it that we just get complacent ...luckily we did Paris, Venice and London and lots of Spain since that's what's the English do every summer.......but would love to do it all again.....
Our recent travels have taken us girls to the National Comp for Cheerleading In Sydney where the girls' team won 2 third placements and then back home to the GC for a comp last night where we got 2 firsts and a 2nd. The girls seem to have been so busy that next week we just plan to take it easy.And the weather is coming just fine... It's Spring but feels like Summer although we have had some good doses of rain.
God bless and take care
Michelle et al.
Response: Russell is pleased to hear about the rain. His garden will be looking great when we get back, won't it Gahan and Rachel? Yes my advice is do it when you can - you never know what is around the corner (and do it before the old man gets too old and grumpy). CU soon. Love Yvonne
From paul and donna
Hey Russie, as they say "if the cap fits....". But hey travelling with four women! Who wouldn't feel a bit Dopey, oops, sorry Grumpy.
Still loving the blog and photos, looking forward to seeing you all soon. Love to you all, continue to have a safe, adventurous and memorable holiday.
Response: Grumpy has no comment. Grumpy wants to be on the road to the Old Town San Diego forn a Mexican lunch. Giving Mexico a miss. Sounds all too hard - 3 hour wait to get back into USA. Yvonne
From Maureen
hey there all of yous, ha ha.
Such an incredible journey you're on. Great blogging, Yvonneee. XX Russ, give us a few words will ya? Come on!
We're 'avin' a goodweegend! Go the Bronkos! Lov yas, Maureen.xx
Response: Hope the Broncos win. We had a big day at Disneyland yesterday but it was great. Russell bought himself a hat - see the picture. It pretty well sums him up. Love Yvonne
From Narelle
Oh New York! As Frank know its UP TO YOU! nEW YORK NEW have a good time that is...
It sounds very different to Paris...
Can't wait for the next update...
Response: New York was crazy. Not enough time to do much as we seemed to spend lots of time in the traffic. But it was fun. Yvonne
From danny
Hi yvonne there has been a show on tv warning about people buying cheap perfume overseas. Just thought I would let you know. You dont know what is in it and where the proceeds will be going to . I am enjoying your blog. Your loving relative, Danny
Response: Hi Danny
We only buy it at he expensive stores as we have money to burn. Love Yvonne
From danny
hi yvonne and everyone just saying hello. I am at the palm beach coffee shop. I am reading and printing part of your blog. Did you know that you are really famous now. I typed in some address on the internet and out came your blog. I think I typed in planet ranger - blog and this is what came up in google. Wow, this must be our first Planet Ranger friendship. Congratulations. Nice blog too Dave Planet Ranger. Response. Thanks Dave. This is such a great site. Have a great time in California. Remember the latest trend in LA is 00000 clothes you cant buy them in Austalia and really strong health food drinks. They just showed New York and La on Sbs and the temperatures. All for now. Your loving relative, Danny
Response: The weather is being very kind to us again here in Oceanside. Lauren and I just spent the day getting a haircut by a hairdresser who nhas worked at all the best salons in Hollywood. He was very gay but a good hairdresser. Yvonne
Hi everyone,
It is good to see you all made it accross the Atlantic OK.We are all looking forward to seeing you all when you get back.
Wayne,John,Patricia,and Jack.
PS Jack is leaving for a 10 day holiday in Hong Kong tomorrow-you will be able to compare notes.
Response: Hi Wayne and family, Nice to hear from you. Hope Jack has as much fun in Hong Kong as we did.
Yvonne and co.
From Vickie - the travel
Hi Gang ...
Sorry to hear Georgia's bag was delayed. Keep all your receipts if you have to buy anything extra and claim it on travel insurance!! Ever the travel agent! Hope you are having a great time in NY.. and continue to enjoy the rest of your magical tour ... Stay safe
Response: Hi Vickie,
Nice to hear from you. We are having a ball. Off to see the sites of New York. Yvonne
From Cathy & Ralph
Hi Again.
I emailed Vanessa & Darin in San Diego and they said
"Definitely have your friends e-mail us or call us! Our phone number is 858-587-1068. We would be happy to even meet them for a lunch or dinner if they'd like. If they are good friends of yours, I know we will like them! "
So Can't wait to hear from you and read your next blog,
take care
Response: Hi Cathy and Ralph
Thanks very much. I will call them when I get there. Now what is your connection with them again? Yvonne
From Narelle
Loving the stories Yvonne...but you now know how tough it is to keep a blog! Imagine...I did it for a year! I loved the washing up rack also...I showed the Inspector...he agrees it is a bon idea for our kitchen reno's. Enjoy your us in Paris XX
Response: Hi Narelle and Jean-Luc, Yes you deserve a medal Narelle (or is that a Mickey Mouse badge) for your blog. Yes it is hqrd to keep up but I am glqd I have. Love the Mahers
From Liam & Anne
Have a great holiday and will see you when you get back
Response: Thanks Liam and Anne
We saw a Memorial to Princess Grace yesterday and I thought of your little Princess Grace. See you soon. Yvonne
From Graham & Kay
We are having a ball enjoying your holiday with you all. Give our love to Josie and Tony and tell Tony, NO JOKES!!
Keep well, happy and safe.
Love Graham and Kay
Response: Hi Graham and Kay
We had a lovely time catching up with Josie and Tony and we missed your company. Glad you are keeping up with us. New York tomorrow. Love Yvonne
From Cathy & Ralph
Hi Yvonne and Co.

Ralph & I just enjoyed 4days in Fiji for our 3rd honeymoon.
We met a fabulous couple on their 1st honeymoon from San Diego. Darin & Vanessa. We are keeping in contact via email and I told them you are going to San Diego soon.
Here is their email if you want to meet them, they are a lovely couple with two boys aged 13 and 14 from Vanessa's first marriage. I know you would get on really well and they might have some good tips on where to go while you're there. Lovely to read your blog (Having trouble keeping up with it all)> I don't know how you do it so late at nite. Take care and look forward to hearing from you, let me know the outcome with Vanessa and Darin.
Love Cathy
Response: Wow Ralph has done well organising such a great 20th wedding anniversary. First the wedding ceremony (renewal of your vows); then Fiji. Read your second message first so now it all makes sense. I will keep you posted. Love Yvonne
From Paul Keim
Hi, Yvonne and all, We are really enjoying the photos and videos. Looks like you are having a great time. Have a safe trip, until the next lot of photos. Love Paul & Jeanette, Tony and Scott.
Response: Nice to hear form you all. Yeah, we are having a ball. Don't know how we will cope when we get home. Hope all is well with you. Love Yvonne and family