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The Journey

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" - (Lao Tzu, Chinese Philosopher)
Here is a basic outline of the journey:-
March - Hong Kong
April - China (tour)
May - Transmongolian (China/Mongolia/Russia)
June - Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland)
July/August - Europe (London, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Greece)
New Zealand (unfortunately cancelled due to a lack of funds!)

Diary Entries

Sunday, 30 October 2005

Location: New Orleans (& road trip), USA

I flew into Houston approximately 1 week after Hurricane Katrina had hit the gulf coast (including New Orleans where my flight was supposed to arrive). Myron met me and we went to Jon's house to stay (half of Houston is full of displaced people from Louisiana at this time). Texas definitely is BIG!!!! The people are definitely unique! SO FRIENDLY!!!! I have not written much about the US as it was a personal time, but I will give you the run down of 'touristy things' we did. We went to a baseball game Houston Astros -v- Florida Marlins, excellent game, really good fun! We also visited the Museum of Fine Arts. We drove down to Galveston to check out the "beach", nothing like in Australia, but they did warn me of this, lovely place though and we had a great time ....(one week later, Galveston was unfortunately hit by hurricane Rita!) Myron and I went to New Orleans to clean up at his house. It was very sad to see so much devastation in New Orleans and it has a very sombre feeling and an unusual smell. After cleaning and scrubbing....we headed off on a roadtrip...up to Memphis, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico (broken windscreen repaired in Albuquerque)(could see into Mexico from El Paso)(road runner is the state bird) New Mexico is also the home of Roswell!! (UFO's), Arizona (Grand Canyon State)Flagstaff (fantastic Thai meal)(also visited the wonderful Lowell Observatory) onto the glorious red rocked, New Aged.. Sedona which was another highlight, very nice scenery, lovely people....We camped under the stars at the Grand Canyon, which was fantastic! Checked out the Grand Canyon IMAX movie. Came very close with a coyote and a deer, lots of dead/smelly skunks on the road, an armidillo.... The Hoover Dam is very impressive and Lake Mead is beautiful. Las Vegas is so much fun! I fell in love with the Bellagio (think "Oceans 11"). We also visited Ceasar's Palace, Excalibur, Harrah's, Luxor (the black pyramid), Mirage (visited Roy and Sigried's tigers and dolphins), Paris-Las Vegas and the Italian designed Venetian, Harley Davidson Restaurant and bar (one of the best shot recipes ever!! involving black sambucca)....then the long drive back through Nevada and Houston then to New Orleans.

Wednesday, 07 September 2005

Location: London, England

Caught up with Lalena and her family during the week in south London which was fantastic....thanks for everything, I really enjoyed meeting your family Lalena, they are lovely and it was so good to be able to catch up with you again!
Spending time with Louise, Peter, Declan and Niall at the markets, farm, play centre for kids, shops etc.. and Declan had his first day back at school, very exciting! Louise & Peter thanks for everything...apologies for eating you out of house and home!!! Great to be spending time with all of you again after all of these years! Looking forward to your trip to OZ!!!!
Louise and I have spent most evenings watching the news updates on the hurricane disaster in the US. It is very frustrating and extremely upsetting to see how much the people are suffering! I am still going to the US, not to New Orleans though...

Wednesday, 31 August 2005

Location: London, England

Arrived at Louise and Peter's (I'm house-sitting for a couple of days)...Washed all of my stinking clothes and washed my daypack and bags and shoes also...everything stinks!!! had a craving for Indian, so went around the corner for some and the guy there offered to put my memory card photos on to cd for me....I am a bit scared though of losing all of my photos as he works in an Indian shop and not Kodak or fuji shop etc....I think it is probably just my technology illiterate brain freaking out though! Watching tv and New Orleans and the gulfport region devastated by hurricane Katrina! Myron and his family are all safe in Houston which is a great relief!

Tuesday, 30 August 2005

Location: Santorini, Athens & London, Greece

Spent the next couple of days on the beach relaxing and swimming...caught up with Jerry and Kathryn again....went for a run....slept....ate...relaxed...m- et lovely people from around the world...fixed a toilet....watched "Napoleon" a beautiful kids movie which was filmed in Australia with beautiful scenery and animals....Had a fantastic traditional Greek meal (by myself), but the waiters spoilt me which was very nice! Chatting with Maria, my friend at the tourist info office. I had a very entertaining experience early one morning as I walked to the beach for a swim....a gorgeous dog which was white with a black patch on one eye started to follow me...I swear this dog was smiling! he wanted to I ran....he wanted to swim....he had a unique personality! I can honestly say that the dog was smiling at me! (a bit like the skipping dog!!!)...met some more Aussies, Santorini is full of them!!! but it appears that only the nice ones are allowed in!!! Met a lovely guy from Ireland and spoke for a couple of hours then went for my last swim in gorgeous Santorini, it was very difficult to drag myself away from the beach that day! Showered and dried off then caught the bus to Athinios port with some nice guys from Brazil (who do not look at all like your typical looked English and the other kind of Japanese, one of his parents is from Japan and one from Brazil, nice result though)! We hung out together on the ferry (for 10 hours) and managed to get some sleep even though in the wee small hours of the morning it started to blow a gale! the sunrise over Athens was beautiful, so was the sunset in Santorini last night.....flight to London....hanging out at the airport for a couple of hours and met a lady from Australia and a guy from Florida who is married to a Greek lady...very interesting conversation...discussed the expected hurricane in New Orleans...where I will be flying to on 9th September....farewells and boarded the plane...sitting next to 2 lovely Australian guys....(I tell you Aussies everywhere over here, but only the best of the best allowed!) 1 of the guys had a sore throat and was eating throat lozenges like they were going out of fashion and the other had a suspected fractured heel...they had been partying hard! Arrived in London and met a lovely conductor on the train and he updated me on all the happenings since the bombings in London.

Saturday, 27 August 2005

Location: Santorini, Greece

So I discovered that I will be "stuck" on Santorini for another night due to the fact that all of the ferries are fully booked! Well if you have to be stuck anywhere, here is one of the best! Another day exploring the beauty of Santorini! I met a lovely couple from France and a really wonderful couple from England, Kathryn and Jerry. We sailed on a beautiful sailing boat out to the volcano (caldera) and had a fantastic tour guide. It felt so unusual walking on the surface of the volcano, the dark rocks are really light and kind of "crunchy" under your shoes...there were great views and a breeze at the top. The weather has been fantastic and sailing around in such clear waters on a clear, sunny day is absolute bliss! Especially with such lovely company! We continued on to the "hot springs", which we decided not to swim in as it is kind of rusty colour and apparently can mark your clothing and it was quite a hot day already, so simply jumped in off the side of the boat into the gorgeous clear waters for a swim! fantastic! Everyday just continues to get better and better...whoever tried to tell that it is all down hill from 30.....Sailing around the magestic Santorini waters in the sunshine, with great company, sunshine and the cool classics of bob marley playing in the background....I would have to disagree with them! We sailed on to Thirassia which is a gorgeous little port with restaurants right on the water and more beautiful water for swimming in. Kathyrn felt sorry for the poor donkeys carrying people and belongings up and down the steep hills in the heat of the day! Thanks to Jerry for a lovely lunch, much appreciated! Thanks to Kathryn also for the many wonderful swims! We caught the glassbottom boat back to Athinios port and the bus to Perissa and I felt like I was walking on air, it was such a fantastic day! Now sharing the room with 2 Portugese ladies....not so uncomfortable as the Argentinian couple.

Friday, 26 August 2005

Location: Santorini, Greece

So finally managed to get a lift to the hotel with a lovely local guy in his 4wd in the wee small hours of the am! Only to discover that I had to share a room with a COUPLE from Argentina! Ok sharing with others in a dorm is one thing, but this was sharing a bedroom with a COUPLE....they were very nice about the whole thing...but as the saying goes two's company, three's a crowd! I felt extremely awkward and rude arriving at such an unexpected hour! I apologised profusely, showered, apologised again and slept. Later that same day....dropped off my completely rank clothing to the laundry...where I was hoping to be able to wash it myself (using washing machine) so as to avoid subjecting anyone else to the festy odours of several days of ground in filth! When I arrive there is an older man and a young girl, the girl speaks English and tells me that I can leave my clothes and she will wash them for me....I seriously consider NOT leaving them as I do not wish to scar the poor girl for life!
I found an awesome bakery next door, it has EVERYTHING! It is all fresh and DELICIOUS!
To make the most of my time on Santorini, I booked into a tour Maria at the tourist office, a lovely Greek lady, with a wicked sense of humour! On the tour I met some Finnish women and some Aussies ladies. First stop Panagia episkopi (aka old church) fascinating, tiny little church with many relics, beautiful frescoes, ancient columns, baptism vessel, "body jewellery" for prayers and "I have a sore leg"...make some jewellery in the shape of your leg and say a prayer for it....great view and peaceful garden. On to Messa gonia village (aka ghost town) this place was hit by an earthquake which registered 8 on the reichter scale. Only 5 families live here now. It was a fascinating place, it looked like a warzone...everything was just left and the buildings in a total state of disrepair. Most of the people moved closer to the sea or over to Athens. The families that still live here grow grapes and we saw, and smelt, masses drying in the sun. Moving right along to Pyrgos village (castle) this is the "commercial centre of Santorini"...and some interesting commentary mentioned that the eucalyptus trees that we could see everywhere were a gift from Australia. They paint the tree trunks white to prevent insects getting in and to make them more visible to cars at night. Santorini itself is very interesting, it used to be a volcano, it blew up and now consists of small islands. We saw cave houses, castle ruins and lots of donkeys. It is glaringly white with lots of low lying grapes and very few trees (except the eucalypts donated by OZ). On to Imerovigli (Skaros) there is the most beautiful restaurant with magnificent views and an astonishing price to match! There is a house here which is really just a run down "shack" and has a price for its sale of approximately 1 million euros! There is also an island for sale for 14 million euros...interested? As the sun is beginning to set we arrive (along with numerous other bus loads of tourists) to Oia for the famous sunset! I wander through the narrow alleyways and check out the local artistic goods, some very nice, original, expensive pieces....eventually tire of the crowds and head for the peace and familiarity of a gum tree to relax, contemplate and watch the glorious sunset! Bus back to Perissa where I pick up my laundry....whoo hoo, very exciting! Drop into the bakery...again very they say, "It is often the simple things in life which are often the best!"

A quote that I read once....

"Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather a skid in sideways, champagne in one hand, strawberries in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out, hair in a mess, and screaming "Woo hoo - what a ride!"
Amen to that!

Thursday, 25 August 2005

Location: Athens and Santorini, Greece

.....10 hours on a bus without any real sleep to speak of, gorgeous sunrise though....arrived in Athens...Bianca and I ditched out baggage in the hostel associated with the bus/hotel we had come from in Corfu and went to attempt to book some ferry tickets....very friendly tourist information lady, very helpful! I then had a big breakfast and we jumped on a bus which is hop on and off all day...I have sea lice bites all over me and they are very itchy and irritating, Bianca gave me her antihistimine tablets which are helping (thank you). We went to see Athens...I didn't take my camera as I was expecting to return to Athens for 2 days after Santorini! we went to the temple of Zeus which is amazing! and walked through the National Gardens to the Roman stadium which was where the first modern olympic games were held....(if any of this information is incorrect, I apologise now, and please feel free to correct me, as I said I expected to return and spend more time in Athens in more detail). Saw some traditionally dressed guards...very "different" and very hot in stockings and hats and coats is a stinking hot day! Onto the Acropolis, temple of Athena Nike and the of Dionysos...wishing I had paid alot more attention in those ancient history lessons at high school!! farewelled Bianca who continued exploring and bolted back to the hostel, grabbed my bag and dashed to the ferry, just in time for the "fast ferry" to Santorini (6+ hours!!!), extremely hot, sweaty and stinky!!! Poor passengers who had to sit next to me, I did actually apologise to them 2 days in the same clothes and in Athens' heat! not a very attractive look! (or smell!) I met 2 lovely Greek ladies on the ferry, one I got on very well with Mary, very kind and interesting lady....and very well travelled! Mary gave me the best tips for views, food, airport, Athens, santorini, beaches, museums, explained about the architectural designs of local buildings and pirates etc etc etc...Mary is from Athens and is going to Santorini for a 4 day holiday with her husband...not a bad break for a long weekend!
Finally arrived in Santorini (10.40pm), met Mary's hubby and said our farewells...there is no direct bus to where I need to go, so I have to go to Thira and transfer, no problem, until I arrive in Thira and the bus does not leave until 12pm! (bearing in mind that I am supposed to be checking in at a reasonable hour! besides which I am in desperate need of a shower!!!)

Wednesday, 24 August 2005

Location: Corfu, Greece

Ah another gorgeous day in Greece! after breakfast with Bianca and Stefanie we went for a swim...Stefanie and I enquired about SCUBA diving, unfortunately it was too rough today with poor visibility so we went for a cocktail and icecream instead! I also went for a massage (remedial purposes!) I had a little bit of back discomfort....I fell asleep during the massage and I may have been drooling into the hole where your face goes...mmm very attractive! but I feel fantastic! We met up with Bianca again and also met Stef's new room mate Chris from America. Chris kind of amazed us all as she is an athlete and a very interesting and inspirational person. Bianca and I farewelled Chris and Stefanie which was sad, they are so nice, I am hoping that we can catch up again in the US. It was time for Bianca and I to catch the overnight bus to Athens...yay, 10+ hours on a bus!!!

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From EP
Hello Mang.... Well I could say something interesting, but really I was hoping to be the last to leave a message here, well not the last last, but you know!! I am about to check out all the new pics you've put up.... see you soon chickie!! Love Em
From Kim P
Hi Miss Amanda,
Well, well Miss Mouse. Your updates have been a little lacking lately. But, I'm sure it's just that you've been too busy thinking about us and buyng presents for us etc to be writing diary entries.
Sounds as though you are still having a wonderful time. Are you well and truly infected by the travel bug or are you looking forward to not living out of your backpack for a while?
Life much the same here. The weather is warming up - Summer is definitely on its way. mmmm...regretting lack of exercise and chocolate biscuits during Winter.
Take care chica and see you soon.
Response: Hola amiga! Sorry I missed you when I dropped into work the other day...will catch up soon! Thanks for the emails throughout my travels, it is always great to hear from you. America was a bit of a private not too sure exactly what to include and exclude in the journal entries...Most definitely bitten badly by the travel bug, I have more travel plans already decided upon, now I just need the finances before I head off again! It is fantastic to be home again for a while..Australia is such a beautiful country, we truly are very fortunate here! Yes, good timing, back just in time for the Aussie summer! Take care, see you soon! with love amanda x
From Brooke
hey there! are you coming home soon to reality? will you be staying with deb and brad or your mum? hope you are enjoying last days of luxury. missing you cant wait to hear from you when you recover from jetlag etc. love brookexxx
Response: Hi Brooke, great talking with you...saving to come for a visit soon! USAwas an eye-opener! Now back to reality and work!! Take care, speak with you soon love Amanda x
From Jen
Still undecided on when we are going, but its going to be close. I've nearly finished packing. Still nothing on what you have been doing. You living under a rock or something? Hope you are well and still having fun. Missing you xx
From jen
G'day mouse, how's it going? We're packing and getting ready for our holiday. Hope you get home in time before we leave, he he. At the library checking out liz and damon's wedding photo's. Please update us on your journeys because that 5 minute phone call the other day, while appreciated didn't cut it. Hope to hear/ read from you soon. Stay safe x
Response: Hey sis, I would love to see you before you head off....but I guess you have got to do what you want to do! So enjoy! I will be back home soon xx
From Mel Akkos
Hey my little country hopper how are you? You sound like you are having such a great time!! Sometimes I think you just might not come home (who would blame you). Well I have been very busy lately, nothing as exciting as you but nevertheless busy. The muffin man says howdy! We definately have to catch up when you get back, even if it is just for one day! Keep travellin dont forget the little people and will speak soon. Luv Mel xx
Response: Hey Mel, great to hear from you! America is interesting. the updates have been slim to none, sorry....been busy enjoying life. I will be home soon though.....looking forward to catching up with you..I will drop into S&C....tell Matt I am heading home soon, so he should crank up the oven and prepare the muffins! Lots of love to everyone at work, ciao for now with love amanda x
From EP
Mango..... There is so much we've missed out on! Love to know what you've been getting up to recently, what adventures have you been having, and places have you been in the US? Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks... Love Em
Response: Hey Emma, the internet has been problematic....currently in New Orleans where things are just getting back on track, somewhat....and are NJ's travel plans going? how is your mum doing? looking forward to seeing you again when I get back home..I will be in contact soon, with love amanda
From brooke
hey there gorgeous! am back on line again. so a road trip hey? how very american cliche! imagining you in a chevy cruisin' along route 66. just dont go too thelma and louise on us ok? have a great new job at very posh restaurant, so much happier. hope you are well. would love to see some updates xxxx
Response: brooke, so good to hear from you, sorry for the lack of updates and contact. The road trip was awesome, very good fun. came across route 66 several times. (I was Thelma and Myron took the role of Louise!) Congratulations on the new job, sounds fantastic, I will have to come down for a meal soon! how are the renovations going? Speak with you soon. Lots of love to the family xxx
From Jen
The wedding was unreal, great weather, beautiful location wonderful people. Everyone had a great time. Got the campervan yesterday. VERY excited, can't wait.
hi auntie mouse hope you're have fun. missing you love kaleb and luke (school hoildays) Kaleb typed that himself. Have fun!
Response: Hey sis, congratulations to Liz and Damon...sounds great. Lots of love to Kaleb and Lukey. Hope to see you before you head off!!
From Annette
Hey treasure hows it going over in the States. Markie just spent 10 days in the states for work (or should I say networking). Brad would love that job I bet. Steve Lynch just came back to work after his world trip... looking very tanned and healthy. I expect no less from you either. Hope you are enjoying the states and replenishing some of those well-worn clothes that should have fallen off you by now. By the way I know a great lingerie lady if you need one. Hear from you soon. Keep safe
Response: Hi Annette, great to hear from you! Currently in Albuquerque on a road trip heading towards California. Having a fabulous time here with Myron. America is a massive country and an fascinating study in sociology! Hope all is well with you....looking forward to catching up again with you soon xxx
From Michelle
Hi Mouse, well it has been such a long time since we last spoke. Even though I have not written, I always look up your site and check to see what you are up to. I hope you are keeping safe and well. Your travels sound truly amazing. Peter and are I great as well as everyone back at home. On the work front though, Fiona will be leaving us again in January, she will be expecting her second little bundle of joy in February. Very exciting for her, but sad for me. Anyway, how are you and when are you coming home?
Take care
love Michelle
Response: Hi Mrs T! Pleased to hear that everything is going well for you. Congratulations to Fiona, very exciting news! I have thoroughly enjoyed my travels and I feel extremely fortunate to have had such a fantastic opportunity to travel so extensively....there is still so much more to see, do and experience though! I will be heading back to Australia at the end of October and look forward to seeing you then! Take care, keep smiling, with love Amanda xx
hey there! hows it all going miss mousie?? can we get an update soon please!!! we are hanging to touch base with you as it has been a while and with current situations that im hearing about it would be great to hear from you !
stay safe and enjoying your travels
lots of love brad .deb.hannah .joshua and tobias
Response: hi there dear family, apologies for the lack of updates. Everything is going well, been busy and communications via email and phone restricted...How are things back at base? Take care, lots of love to everyone, Amanda x
From Mum and Dad
How are you going? about time to up date again The news is reporting more cyclones Ring us reverse charges anytime love Mum and Dad XXXXXXXX
Take care
Response: hi ma and da, great talking with you the other evening. We managed to avoid the hurricanes and are currently travelling around the country. Will try to keep in contact more often...everything is going very well though. Lots of love Amanda x
hey there, hope you are well and safe! we are do'n the same ol'same ol', the kids (and parents) are getting niggly with each other, we are blameing the ends of term and everyone is ready for there holidays and some rnr!
Hannah sang at town hall on monday , an apsoult star if i do say so!!! expensive but very good night. Josh has just finished his assignment making amodel of our house and a poster with family photos and written notes to go with it. they have multicultural day on friday. we made josh cardboard hat and clogs and we are thinking of dressing hannah as an egyptian princess! so not long now and you will be heading home.....hmmmmmmm!!!!!
c u , stay safe
God bless
love the family
Response: What are you up to for the holidays? I heard about Hannah's singing, apparently she did very well, congratulations. Would love to see Josh's model of the house, sounds interesting. Great to hear from you again. Tried calling you last night, but you were all out and about....take care with lots of love amanda x
From jen
Great to hear from you the other day. You sounded like you are having fun and still not missing us enough to race back home. Still to busy to update us on your adventures hey? Luke asks about you and Kaleb wanted to know what would happen if Grannie and Pa lived in America, "would we visit them there all the time?" I reckon he is missing you like the rest of us. Well glad to hear from you and that you are well. Hope you aren't grossing everyone out with your smells, that's why they invented "the shower in a can" deoderant. Heard of it stinky? Enjoy your travels and hope to read some of your new adventures soon.
Response: Make sure you wait until after I get back to head off around OZ! Can't wait to see the kids again, and you and J-son too I guess...Happy Birthday sis! Hope you had a great was the wedding, send my congratulations and best wishes! Showering regularly (and using soap) washing my clothes occaisionally also xxx
From jan (brooke)
Hi Amanda,
Brooke asked me to send this to tell you that because of the move she will be without a computer for a couple of weeks. Hope everything is going well in the U. S. of A. Mark moved out last Friday to his new abode in Melbourne.
Love from Jan
Response: Hi Jan, i hope that everything is going well for Brooke and Andrew. Hope everything is going well for Mark also. I will email you soon. Take care with love Amanda x
From Louise, Peter, Decla
Hi Amanda

Did you get to America ok?


Response: yes, thank you for everything...much was great spending time with all of you again...Louise, I just sent you an email. Thanks again for everything,...all is going well in America. Myron is fine. Houston is huge! The people are really really really friendly! and the food is fantastic! thanks again, ciao for now with love Amanda x
Helloooooo, hows things, Houston must be a bit crazy I guess - many internally displaced persons needing support!! Just delete this message, I was just wondering if you are OK and all that. Have fun!!!!!! KG
Response: Hey KG, good to hear from you. Where I am staying in Houston is nowhere near the Astrodome, so I am not seeing too many displaced people (Myron and his family being the exception) His father's house is completely destroyed unfortunately (the sentimental things being completely irreplaceable of course which is extremely sad, but family members are all doing well).
Three is certainly a crowd but i'm sure they survived you, and your smells. I can't believe you subjected some poor person to cleaning your smelly clothes. Hope you paid at least double and a good tip. YUCK! I love the quote, one i think i can live by. Hope you got some photos of all these wonderful people and fantastic places? Very sad to see the destruction in New Orleans. Hope you didn't stink your friends house out toooo much, and eat them out of house and home, i bet. Hope your travels continue to be safe and fun.
Response: cheers for your email, classic! Great to hear from you.
From Brooke
hello! will you have a fixed address whilst in the u.s? my gps not working too well! have something silly to send to you but it can wait til you get home. obviously people of santorini have their quota this year of sweet innocent beauties to sacrifice to the volcano??? flash very jealous you are meeting other dogs and having romantic walks on the beach. lots of lovexx
Response: no real fixed address in the US sorry. Probably best to send it to OZ, either address should be ok. hope all is well with you guys, great to hear from you as always. Missing the flasher! (and of course my new found "friend") with lots of love Amanda. ps any work on NZ dates yet?
From jen
just a quick g'day,
glad to hear you are still having fun even though some of the people were not so nice. Irish people are always nice. I went white water rafting on the weekend. Fantastic, then into town for a great night out with the girls. I'll have to catch up with what you've been upto later, gotta go now. Stay safe, have fun, missin ya
Response: Hey sis, pleased to hear you have been enjoying yourself! Sounds like great fun! Will call soon to catch up....ciao for now love amanda x
hey there stinky!!!!( i thought it was brad!!!!)did you try to order a coffe in greek???? quickly....quickly of course!!!!te he!!! America seems to be coping a hiding, weather wise, from what ive seen on the news flashes!so take care of yourself...keep scatching!!!and mimeing in between...and if you could take a SHOWER!!! because NO swimming in sea lice infested water doesnt count as a method of maintaining hygine!!tehe
lots of love brad,deb,hannah,josh,and tobs
Response: hey sis, it probably is Brad, knowing him!...ha ha! I did order a coffee in English, (most Greeks, fortunately for me, speak excellent English!) itchy bites are going down...the US has definitely taken a beating! It is very devastating and extremely sad. I am still going over, change of plans slightly though...I will give you a call soon Lots of love Amanda x PS Greece is awesome....hope Joshua is on the road to recovery! xxxxx
From Brooke
hello international woman of intrigue and er, smelly clothes! quit my job yesterday. am a free woman (with no forseeable paycheck, but free nevertheless!) Are you still going to new orleans or has it been blown away? maybe all that fresh air whooshing around will be good til you get back into bathing regularly? be good xxxx
Response: Hey Brooke, great speaking with you! Finally! As I said, you may be "unemployed", but I suspect that you will be busier than ever now! Take care not to over do it young grasshopper! Andrew will be devastated about New Orleans! It is tragic...I am still going, change of location, but still very much looking forward to spending time with Myron! ciao bella xxx
From Kristina
Hey Amanda, Good to hear your still enjoying life as a traveller. This is a quick email - so what's the plan now? Are you still planning to come back to London. If you are let me know and we should catch up again if you have time? Will send you a proper email soon. Kristina xx
Response: Hey Kristina, I arrived in London this morning, will definitely give you a call to catch up! Thanks for your email. See you soon Love Amanda x
From EP
We went to Corfu! That's where we did our 5 day Greek Island sailing from on our tour. There were 7 yachts. They're moored off the beach there, you might even see them. An aussie guy runs the sailing trips. It's beautiful there, bit touristy but nice for a break and as a base to the other islands! Enjoy the pebbly beach and crystal clear water!! Luv Em
Response: Sorry EP, I am in Santorini and from here to London then the US....I will be sailing later today around Santorini, Perfect weather, very nice! I have been enjoying the pebbly beaches and the magnificent water...although I am covered in sea lice bites...and I am looking a little bit rough as a result...but sunglasses should do the trick! Say hi to Craig and the crew x bye for now xxx