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Recent Messages

From sally
what the hell is that face your pulling? lol steph looks cute.. cant wait to meet her. although she will be quite a bit bigger when i do.. your hair has gotten heaps long!!! i want my long hair back!!!
miss you heaps. love sally xoxoxo
lol wat is wrong wit my sexy face lol...nah teresa got her new camera so we went a bit crazy :)
i luv my hair long want it to get longer tho
miss u
luv amanda xoxox
From Chooka
Nice Pics :)
Response: thanks u...i think i did a pretty good job too :-P
From Claire
Hey Amanda very nice photo's you've inspired me to want to go to Europe even more!! Don't like the looks of how cold it is though but would love 2 see snow :) ....
See u friday night at Kate and Sals..can't wait should be a good night :)
Love Always
Claire xx
Response: glad to hear i have inspired is great over there- maybe i'll cya there one day! warmer weather would've been nice..but the snow makes up for that! lol.
From Alana
Wow - I'm so jealous! It looks like you had a fantastic time! The pictures make me want to travel - I think that Paris looks fantastic, and Scotland and Italy and England too!
Response: u should get over there at some really is great. maybe i'll c u over there some day :)
From james
very nice, still massively jealous that you got to go tho. u will hav to tell me all about ur trip sometime. cya xx
Response: sure thing...u will hav to get over there urself someday aswell tho...its awesome. :)
From sally
3 cheers for tesco.. wowoo wowoo wowooo !! hehe
Response: go tesco, go tesco
From Lauren
Greetings Mandina, lovely photos. I'll see you back over there one day I hope!
Response: hello there laurendina...i know my photos are awesome :) definetely see u over there sometime soon :)