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Saturday, 21 July 2007

Location: Canada

hey yall,
just a quick update after a very long absence though i have been in semi regular contact with many o you via phone. finally got my laptop so will be putting up a heap of new photos here. also have skype for those pf you with a webcam and mic, would be great to speak to you face to face!!
stay tuned, luv yas

Friday, 27 April 2007

Location: revelstoke, Canada

hey yall,
sorry for being so slack but hey, thats what travelling does with no access to the net. saving for laptop!!!
whistler was great, lots of good riding, some fresh spring powder and some very crowded park riding. on a down note, two of my friends were run down by a drunk driver in a hit and run. they'll be ok in the long run, one is home in oz already, the other had to be trucked to vancouver in the meat wagon to get a badly broken leg operated on. have visited will a few times and he is on a steady improve, particularly since when i first got to the e r the only part of him i could touch to comfort him that wasn't covered in blood was his left forearm. not a pretty sight.
on the drive out of whistler to see will in van and helz in victoria, jade and i photographed a baby black bear only 40 feet from my truck!!
it has been great being back with helz, she left her job and we were still able to use her pay cheque to get us both free whale watching hehe!! we saw a seal from a distance, but the real thrill was getting shots and footage of a large male killer whale (orca) approaching the boat twice, once coming up only 20 feet from the boat before swimming under!! we also witnessed the pod of orcas chasing salmon near the boat, raising half their bodies out of the water at a frightening pace, moving as part of a large wave at a top speed of 30 knots!!
we are now back in revelstoke, having spent a very uncomfortable night in my truck ;last night in kamloops. the house here is fantastic, 3 stories with tons of room, hard wood floors and really nice carpet (dad would approve).
dave and nicole are great, dave helped me organise my pre approval for residency tonight. mya the dog is also slowly warming to us, she spent an hour tonight licking helz's leg as we watched the hockey playoffs, all the rage at the moment cos vancouver canucks are the last canadian team left in run for nhl stanley cup. good game.
any how, love you all must dash,
mj xoxo

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Location: Canada

hmmm what have i been up to?
well, helz is on vancouver island and i miss he heaps, we've been texting a ton thanks to free texting which we have for unknown reasons. gary and i have been sitting around drinking whisky and ridiculing the shows on canadian tv, in particular an infomercial called booty boat where a bunch of skanky looking women lounge around on a yacht to which we inevitably end up yelling ""are you making your mother proud?" at the tv. there is a red head that we both hate on it. she is a dirty skank.
last saturday was retro one piece day so nads got me a retro one piece. it was a womens one piece. bad. it was a womens one piece swimsuit. worse. but i wore it anyways, got a tan and even pulled 5 ski passes on patrol sweep whilst wearing this social attrocity.
have been riding a bit of park, still need lots of practice but feeling comfortable. saturday is slush cup day where there is a big jump into a pool of water. can't wait.
thank you so much to my mum and dad for sending me my tools and a butt load of sweets that would get a diabetic's foot amputated. have applied for another visa as more were released and have been put aside for pano employees, including me. yay!! waiting to hear back from rmr revelstoke mountain resort, will put in more calls this week but will ultimately be easier when i have moved there. have also decided that whilst on the coast, after whistler, i'm gonna visit my girl on the island and hopefullt sit on the beach with her for a day. helz has a housekeeping job lined up, she starts tomoz. apparently its quite pretty there and really green like new zealand so i cant wait.
miss you all,
mj xoxo

Sunday, 01 April 2007

Location: Canada

hey yall,
well as some of you know the internet in our lodge is up the shit again, so photos and the like will have to wait a bit.
on wednesday helz and i drove out to the fairmont chateau lake louise to have a look around, which was gorgeous. such a fancy place we almost felt bad using the bathrooms but i must say we feel a bit classier now. the lake was frozen over but the victoria glacier is quite a sight.
then we cruised over to banff to take in the sights and shopping, which is a hard thing to do when you have no money and we both found one piece riding outfits we loved, mine a lime green fur hooded number by oakley (700 down to 450 with tax!) and helz's a burton one-sie in a tan denim fashion with cool belt (a steal at 500). but all reality aside we are broke so came home empty handed shopping wise.
we were a little late for the sulphur mountain gondola but got some great views form the fairmont banff springs before a nice pub meal in banff and the 3 hour drive home.
helz is off tomorrow for vancouver, gonna miss her around here, rather looking forward to getting out of pano and making some money.
speaking of which, not sure if i told you, 200 grand was stolen from the cash office here earlier in the season. our flatmate ian has had to undergo all sorts of questioning cos he worked on that department. so this morning, before 12, april 1st, we played a little joke and texted around that the royal canadian mounted police had come in and arrested ian and confiscated gary's laptop.
god we're mean.
i have a canadian cell now too (free texts for a month within canada, yay!!) to make the job sorting a little smoother.
gotta run to work,
miss you all luv you all,
marc xoxo
ps. benno if you still check this site do you have a new cell number i haven't got any texts back from you in a bit.

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Location: Canada

what up
a very random few days last few. forgot to mention that at lake louise we ran into a girl i used to live next door t in ohakune loading our skis onto the gondola. the next random occurrence happened on thursday when, due to a minor misjudgement of location and relocation of some snow and myself into an unadmirable predicament i was forced to leave my skis in a precarious position to be retreived henceforth on friday by myself and two ski patrollers via abseilling down a cliff face. luck played a card, skis and i are both alright (though not in that order) and that is absolutely all i am going to say about that so don't ask.
the weirdness continued on friday when, as i was skiing down taynton trail on sweep, i turned my gaze from the avalanches above me to a freakin moose that was galloping down the trail in front of me!! the radio call went something like this:
-mj to dispatch, i have a straggler on taynton trail, it is running down the trail. it is a friggin moose!!
-mj, keeep your distance.
-no problem this thing is huge!!
-mj be careful, its mating season and they like aussies.
-that's not gonna happen cos i don't wanna hurt it.
-i can't it's too high for me to do that!!
at this stage the moose, which was about my head height at the shoulder, running 40 feet in front of me at about 40-50 km/hr ran into the trees above me. now to make matters even weirder, i responded to an injury in the small terrain park as i was closest, to find a girl from mt ruapehu with a dislocated knee that had just popped back into place, and the guy standing next to her was someone i was mates with in year 8!!!! friggin creepy.
anyways, my randomness is surely at a close and so is this message cos i am shagged.
take care,

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Location: Canada

gday gday
well i finally got in touch with the powers that be in revelstoke and the news is certainly in my favour though not yet an absolute certainty.
the mountain operations manager at powder springs has my resume and is passing it along to poma, the company who designs and installs lifts, for me to work with them during installation, may through november/december, with a view to staying on full time as electrician when revelstoke mountain resort is opened. they have no electrician at all currently and are about to be the largest resort in north america and within the top five or six in the world!!!!
i am so ecstatic right now!!!
may be left for a week or two twiddling my thumbs if this goes through, though the finances available once in production should well and truly cover a few credit card debts.
now about to call real estate agent in revelstoke about room to rent in his house and then go ski some powder in taynton bowl.
but first, let me tell you about yesterday. all of the paradise loft crew except for ian headed off on the staff trip to lake louise. i took along both pairs of skis so that i could ski the park as well as ski any powder they got in the storm cycle that also hit panorama. did i say any powder? i spent most of the day on my fat skis doing laps with a big group of us tearing up and down both sides of the mountain. surprisingly, that same avy closure from last time was agian open and it was fantastic, so much fun to rip some turns in alpine (no tree) conditions in powder with hoots and hollers from all around, and when we ducked into the trees it was just as fun.
when the light went bad at the end of the day we hit the park, changing my skis so i could hit some fun rails as well as the jumps and some great little spine features. the spines were like a skate park, basically four quarter pipes pushed back to back up to one another with plastic piping along the tops to stall on. so much fun!! anyways gotta go, got powder to ride.
its a hard life but someone has to do it.
luv ya

Monday, 19 March 2007

Location: Canada

just a brief clarification on the previous entry. we were not driving on a glacier, the glacier is unreachable except by helicopter. secondly, i said that my flat mate was drunk, not me!!!
currently still in process of getting a job for summer and beyond. mum and dad, will email you re- tools.
today was a fun day of park riding, nice and soft and not (too) painful to fall in. also organising a budget trip to whistler at end of season. helz is leaving here in two weeks to do a little solo travelling and we'll be meeting up in revelstoke later on.
see ya,

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Location: Canada

gee day
well its been a busy week for me. last friday night ian and i decided to try and drive up to jumbo glacier, a proposed ski resort past panorama. at 1 o clock in the morning. all was going well until we got stuck in a snow bank and had to dig ourselves out for 3 hrs, 45 min drive from civilisation, using an ice scraper and a sprite bottle. we thought all the shit scary noises we could hear were bears, but ian found out the next day that we had actually ventured into a territory reserved as a breeding ground for cougars. we got home at 6am.
the last couple of days helz and i spent up in revelstoke, where this summer they are starting a ten year, $1 billion project to expand the powder springs ski area into 6000ft, 15000 acre and 60ft of snow a year revelstoke mountain resort. i was able to meke a few good contacts and it was unbelievably helpful to be able to talk to people face to face. within 20 mins of arriving i was being given phone numbers to call, paperwork for immigrating and becoming licensed to do electrical work (with just 1 exam) as well as realty information. there are a few places to rent but i'm rather keen on 1 in particular, the real estate agent and his girlfriend are leasing a room in their 3 storey house 5 mins from the lifts for $500 a month. awaiting response from developers re my resume at the mo ( i just emailed it).
anyways, gotta run it's after 12 and i might turn into a pumpkin.
love ya, mj xoxo
oh we're also looking at getting a laptop so we won't be reliant on friggin internet cafes and other people!! yay!! give me suggestions!!

Thursday, 08 March 2007

Location: Canada

hey yall,
went to kicking horse yeasterday it was a f--kin shitty day, couldn't ski and rode like a retard. then had fun skiing in rain with helz.
currently looking for work, which is a bitch cos the net is down in our building and my resume is on that computer.
sussing employment in a large development bout 3 hrs north of here, check the messages sidebar for details.
helz made me a couple of headbands, one has "mjizz" crocheted into the side and is blue and pink, luv it.
anyways, back to the job hunt,

Sunday, 04 March 2007

Location: Canada

hey there,
on thursday helz, jess and simon and i took a trip to fernie whre we rode boot to thigh deep powder all day and basically had a blast. helz is doing great with her skiing, so jealous, i wish i could have picked up skiing in deep powder that easily!! it was definitely one of the most fun days of the season, basically just pointing ourselves in the powder and chasing the fresh all day.
we stuck around in fernie for a bit to remind ourselves what civilisation feels like and to do a lil light shopping. i got a nice new pair of shoes for a bargain and we got some locally made chocolate.
not sure what i thought when trying chilli infused chocolate but it was nice, even if a little warm...
when we got back to paradise lodge there was a sign up on the front door that sweatshop union, a hip hop group from vancouver that i really like, was playing at rk heli ski here in the village on sat night and tickets were $15!!
well the show was last night and it was great, only 100 tickets were available but there would have been less than 40 people on the dance floor and the energy was great, helz and i shook our butts for an hour or so as they sang some of my fave songs and a few that helz likes too.
\gotta run cos i gotta work, am in the process of applying for a lift maintenance position at whistler blackcomb at the moment, there are tons of electrician positions going in vancouver at the moment too.
some more photos on the way,
miss ya luv ya,
marc xoxo

Monday, 26 February 2007

Location: Canada

i chucked on a few more photos. no new messages. a boo hoo, a boo hoo hoo.
back to work,

Friday, 23 February 2007

Location: Canada

just a quick update, my boss matt has asked me to design a lift ops hoodie to be part of our uniform, i've been doing a ton of drawing on the quieter nights on the gondola, generally doodling ridiculous cartoons and what not.
once i've got a final design made up i'll take a pic and post it here. took a couple of photos today to post soon, good one of helz and i to show mum i am healthy and that my hair looks good.
hehe few people here were looking at my site and said "oh my god who sent you that? holy shit your mum said that!" they thought it was hilarious.
anyway off to bed i'll catch ya laters
mj xoxo

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Location: Canada

gday gday
just a short one cos its snowin again and i gotta head out. mum, tried to eat alot of bad food and it ended, BADLY. do not ask again.
have started a new photo page, please be patient it can take up to half an hour to upload one photo and i can't leave the computer when i do it.
gotta run,

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From Rachael & Paul & Jos
Hi Marc,

How are things?? Hope all is well with both you and Helen. Family life is treating me and Rache pretty good..I manage to sleep through when Joshua wakes up at night..he loves the boobie..must take after his old man!!! haha Want to send a few pic's to you but not sure how to do it!!! The little man is now 2 weeks old and settling in nicely. Hope to hear back from you soon.
Response: hi! great to hear from you three! things are great here, job prospects are good and its nice here, sunny hot and still heaps of snow!! will try to call you again during the week. my aussie phone is still working but my canadian cell no is 12502000378. all the best, mj
From helz
Booo how come you havent updated i am bored and need something to read even tho i no what yourv done. *to my fams if theyre reading this, Hay all im still jobless and getting broke in Vancouver island but after the weekend should be getting down to business, as it is easter holidays most things are closed urm quite warm here on the islands *haha* kinda feels like im in auckland city with more bums and older buildings would much rather be in the wilderness of snowy mountains, will keep you posted on job its quite expensive living here so mite have to save to leave , luf you all . to MJunk mwah mwah mwah xo
Response: mwah princess its cos i've been a slack bugger hehe xoxo
From Kelli
They're called MOBILE PHONES, YOU MORON!! Sorry... you've been there too long, we all know that, but really... CELL???? (I know i'm snappy, but it's Monday morning, what can i say???)
Everything here is going ok. It's school holidays so i'm enjoying some peace and quiet at work for a change! Steve has been busy looking for a new job (one might be coming up soon), but I'll keep you posted. We also have a Japanese Exchange Student moving in with us in 2 weeks time, and no, you can't send her ping pong balls as a house warming present.
Any-hoo, only just got to work, so I suppose I should probably just do some work, rather than emailing my darling brother who doesn't want to come home and see his loving family... :(
Speak to you soon.
Love ya and miss ya heaps!
Love, Kelz.
Response: a harro!! sorry i'm a slacker and cant return a text or update my site. miss ya heaps, bit of a worry that mum and dad are goin to thailand during terror threats but hey theres always threats there. nearly got bombed when i was there hehe yes i am invincible!!
i'll come home one day i promise miss ya luv ya xoxo
From Emmy-Lou May!
Hey there,

Its about time I said hello! Have been keeping up to date with all your adventures from here in sunny London - who'd have thought we'd both end up so far from home....?

Not much to report from this side of the world, wedding plans are going well and we have booked the date - February 29th 2008 (back home in Melbourne)- and NO, this does not mean that Mick only has to celebrate our anniversary once every 4 years!! So, if you are planning a trip back to Oz anytime in the future, try keeping that date in mind - would love to see you there.

Anyway, keep on having an awesome time over there...and don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Response: hello sunshine, great to here from you. i'll do my best to promise i'll be somewhere on the planet that day and if that somewhere is anywhere near your glorious tying of the knot then i shall def be there!! take care of yourself and send my best on to mick, big hugs, mj xoxo
Hi Marco,
Howyadoin? Clearly sounds like ya havin a ball over there in BC. Can't understand that at all, it's such a bloody awful part of the world.
We hope you guys are looking after yourselves and one another.
It's great to hear you are looking for sparky work particularly as the carrots are so goddam appealing. How good would that be to land an earner in your chosen field in God's own country, in a craft you can do with your thumb up your bum and your brain in neutral!!
How is your SUV behaving and how are you enjoying driving an auto (still can't believe you're driving a sludge box!!)
Nearly got run over by one of those big mothers today whilst driving!!
Nothing much else to report here except we are embarking into telemarketing to generate some new work opportunities as business has been real shitty. Other than that SSDD (same stuff different day)
TTFN Luv Dad
Response: its going great, much appreciating the ease of no gear shifting and lots of grunt. still on hunt for work, will let ya know. luv ya mate.
HI Marc
Sounds like you had fun in Fernie. Funny, I recognised the photo of that hut you had your photo taken in front of years ago. Not much news at home, Brandy is still okay, vet said her kidneys aren't good, we are supposed to take them a urine sample, but decided that would be just TOO HARD to get, she seems okay so that is good.
Had a BBQ here yesterday with the Primmies, Proberts and Gaz. & Rhonda. Had a nice day, not too hot around 23 degrees, and apart from a couple of wasps it was a great day. Kel, Steve and Renee walking up the 1,000 steps last Saturday, it is near the base of the road up to the Dandenongs. They plan to do again next Saturday, that will keep them fit. I don't think I could make the walk to the base of the steps, that alone takes about 25 minutes.
I have a really sore leg at the moment. Had a really bad cramp during the night last Friday and it still hasn't righted itself. Must be old age, I'm falling apart. Can't believe I'll be 60 next year....oh shit!!!!
Have you applied for many jobs? You only have about another 6 weeks there I think, so you don't need to be out of work for any length of time, as you will have to start paying for accom. from then as well.
Anyway, hope you both are well and taking care of yourselves, will talk soon.
Mum xoxoxoxo
Response: have not actually been able to ap[ply for any due to net being down in our building!! am sussing work up in revelstoke as over summer there is an expansion to an existing resort making it the largest in nth america with 6000 feet of vertical and 500,000 acres of skiing. helz is doing the same. currently discussing heading up there next week to look about and check out any work. luv ya, mj xoxo
From Kelli
Hey dude,
Was your last entry in ENGLISH??? Sometimes all of your litlle 'words' sound like such gobbledy--bleep-! Just like QUIJIBO!! :)
Glad to hear you're still loving it there. DON"T STAY IN CANADA TOO LONG THOUGH!! We would like to see you some time in the next DECADE!!!
Donna, Gary, Julie, Breeana, Mum, Dad, Steve and I all went out for lunch yesterday up to the Bistro/Restaurant at SkyHigh at Mount Dandenong. It is sooooo gorgeous up there now! No more bogans or hippies smokin' joints singing Kumbaya, that's for sure! You have to go when you finally decide to come back!
Besides all of that, there's not much news on the home front! Steve started his Sales Course last Wednesday night and he's really enjoying it! Fingers crossed that something will come up soon!
My work here is sh!itting me up the wall, but what's new these days!?!? It's amazing how one witch can make life at work soooo miserable!
Anyhoo, hope to hear from you again soon!
Miss ya and love ya heaps!
Response: hi, hope you like the message from mum below hehe. will prob call you sometime today, it's puking again. am applying for residency here (just a work permit that doesn't run out in november) but i promise i'll come home sometime in the next year, even if only for a while. don't let work stress you. i ski all day at mine so that's maybe an ambitious statement. send me some photos it'd be great to see fresh ones of you all!!
Hi Marc,
Just had a look at your photos, only 12 of them, I was expecting more. I am guessing the photo of you in PJ's is in your unit/room? Looks really nice and modern.
You, on the other hand, are looking a bit scrawny, need a good feed and some fattening food I think. Hair also looks like it needs a cut, you look like yahoo serious, seriously.
How's the truck is going, where do you two plan to visit next weekend? Could check out Banff and stay in a back packers overnight and check out the area? View from Sulphur mountain Gondala is really nice.
Spoke with Gary this morning, looks like Sam and Luke have bought a 1bedroom flat in Elwood,about 400 metres from the beach. Depending on finance, but I don't see they would have too much of a problem with that, they paid around $225k for it.
You haven't answered my previous msg as yet, getting slack eh! How often do you check this site for msgs? Daily??
Does the internet/computer in your lodge have SKYPE or something similar to talk to people on the other side of the world? With a camera, so we can see ya? Went to Rosie's & Cols for BBQ last night and they have downloaded it (it's free) and bought a camera with a speaker approx. $60 and they can now see and talk to Brendan in New York for nothing. Technology pretty advanced these days. eh!!
Where are you at with extending your Visa and looking for some work.
Talk soon, love to you both,
Response: yes thats our kitchen where i cook and eat shit loads of food and my hair gets in none of it. (hey donna word her up, eh? hehe) we're planning on heading to banff soon, blackout dates at mo so can't ski free for next ten days except at pano, helz skis should just about be paid off by then too. truck is great, rapt i got a 4wd when a foot of snow falls in a few hours!! i check this site when i can, a few times a week. if you suss skype i have access for another month and am hunting for electrical work to save for laptop. could you please email me my resume and cover letter? all visas have sold out until jan 08, they will email me if more are released. i am eligible for residency under the skilled workers act here and there are tons of jobs for industrial electricians, ranging from 30 an hour to upwards of 20,000 a month if i wanna head to alberta. beauty being that i could afford to "holiday" in australia. am currently trying to find info on electrical licensing, it'll be shit schooling and exam again but believe it'll be well worth the 6 - 10 weeks. love ya, mj xoxo
From Kelli
Hello my dearest Big Brother!
I have a feeling you're going to have to start taking note of your speech and keeping it in storage, because I think by the time it comes around you would have forgotten what you wanted to say... you'll be waiting quite a while buddy!
Your truck looks good - typical of you to get a big arse car!!!! Well you've got to have something with lots of HORSEpower - maybe if you put rapid gel on your car it will help it more!?!?!?!
Sorry about all the quiz messages - my movie trivia hasn't been the greatest lately - where are you when i need you??? Oh, that's right - a friggen million miles away frozen in an ice block with a moose!!! (I miss Northern Exposure!!)
I've been meaning to ask you - do you guys get 'Kenny vs Spenny" over there? Steve and I have become addicted to it (it's on the Comedy Channel) and we're trying to get our hands on the Series 1 & 2 box sets! It's the funniest! Kenny is such a friggen cheater though!
Anyhoo, better head off.. I probably should be doing some work!
Tell Helz I said hi too!
Miss ya & Luv ya heaps!
Kel / Kaygee / Lil Sis
Response: yup gotta luv big muthertruckin trucks. i don't mind the triv it keeps my brain goin, my body's goin bloody crazy in the cold and all the ridin i've never eaten so much and keep havin to drill holes in my belt to keep my f--kin pants up!!! never heard of kenny vs spenny but we are addicted to dog the bounty hunter and miami ink, just makes everybody want tattoos!! hehe. miss ya heaps luv ya lil sis, ya big bro, mj xoxo
From Sarah Schreuder
Hey MJ,

Sounds like you are well settled over there! The snow sounds brilliant, my poor parents are desperate to come over and visit (or just to board..). Hope you are looking after captain well! I miss her!! (and you ..of course!)
Only 3 days till I go to the Wellington Seven's!! So excited...I can't think of other news as I am too excited about that!

Say hi to baby S for me!

Luv ya both,
Response: hey mate, hope ya have a ball bein a naughty nurse, we're off to lake louise tomoz it should be a ball, takin good care of ya lil sis, helping her with her skiing and she's doing really well. next week it's supposed to snow all week!! would be great if they did come over, always fun to go riding with. take care have fun, mj and the captain xoxo
haro my red white and blue frrreind
Response: harro heren
From sarah

how you going? i thought that i would get in on the action too!! haha sorry missed your call yesterday, was down the beach enjoying the rain! yes it finally rained, and had to do it for the whole weekend that i was in sorrento!
dont have much to tell at the moment. i leave here on the 10th of may so trying to save money and learning to like staying at home! i have to say im finding it really hard! sounds like you are having a good time over there! do you have any plans to come home or are you happy over there??
bella is still over there with beccy and the poor thing has been sick for the like entire trip!! not been much fun for her!!
anyway im at work and there is nothing to do but the boss is back so i have to try and find something!!!
hope to talk to you soon!
Response: hello!! frank walker national tiles... not sure, i'm enquiring about second visas at da mo. do you know where abouts bell n bec are? or how to get in contact with them? that sucks about bell bein sick. so are ya excited yet? guess itys still a lil ways off. will try to ring ya again soon, catcha xo
Hi Marc,
Good to talk to you tonight. Pleased to hear your voice is a bit better and your over your cold. You know how Ash has a few pics on his site, any idea how you can put any on, would love to see a few of where you are living and the surrounding areas. Check with him, he may be able to show you how it can be done.
I spoke with Kel tonight, so she was pleased that you may give her a quick call during the week, her hours are 9-3:30ish this week, as the kids aren't due back until the following week.
Take care, and we'll talk soon,
Response: i stuck one on so far. not sure if you'll like it tho, tee hee. luv ya, xoxo
Hi Marc,
Glad to hear that you loved Kicking Horse, I know you've been longing to get there. You said it was a staff trip, I am guessing it was free?? Isn't Wednesday a day that you usually work, I thought you only had Monday and Tuesdays off, or does it vary?
It's a pity it was dark part of the way, I would love you to see the Banff and Lake Louise area's especially need to visit the Fairmont Hotels of both those places, the views around there are spectacular and I would imagine would look 10 times better than when we were there as there wasn't a lot of snow when we were there.
Glad to hear your cold is getting better, pity you passed it onto Helz. Can you pls. make sure you buy a phone card and pass it onto her as it would be good for her to give her folks and friends a quick call and they are so cheap. Put one on your Visa and I will pick up the bill. How is Helz managing with her ski's? Does she plan to hang onto her snowboard or sell?
Steve and Kel have been very happy with the news that Steve's work are going to pay him out as he gets a sizeable amount. They are shifting to SA early June and if he stays until then he gets sort of a bonus. They are sending all the staff to do an assessment and paying for it, so that will be great for him and may lead him in another direction. No more cheap wine - what a shit. I believe there is another sale on so if you mention it to Ben, he and his dad may be interested. I received your xmas cards earlier this week, so Ben's, Paul's etc are at our place.
Renee still hasn't heard about the job in HongKong, altho Kel is convinced she is going to get the job and Kel's stars said a friend of hers was shifting overseas next month, so she has resigned herself to the fact that it must be Renee altho she 'ain't happy Jan', she will really miss her.
Steve had a car accident on the way to work this morn. run up someones bum. The roads were wet for the first time in god knows how long, as it has been so dry.
We have James our tour guide from Canada arriving next Tuesday and staying with us for about a week. We hope to drive down the great ocean road next Friday as it is public hol. for Aust. Day and stay overnight down that way and the go to queenscliffe and go over on the Ferry to Sorrento and stay at Jeanettes at Blair Gowrie on Sat. Night, that was he will get to see a bit of Victoria.
Send me a msg. and let me know when it suits you to call, haven't spoken for awhile.
Take care and behave, and we'll talk soon.
Mum xoxoxoxo
Response: hello!
the trip cost us $15 each deducted from our pay. pretty sweet. our days offf are now wednesday thursday. am just about due for another card am sure helz will use it soon enough. will try to ring you again later but you're always out or the phone's engAged!! miss ya luv ya both, mj xoxoxoxoxo
From Kelli
Hey bro - just read your latest update! Glad to hear that both you and Helz love it there!... Just thought i'd leave you another quick message before i 'Sign Off' for Xmas holidays. 4 weeks off - woohoo!
We all miss you here - will be HEAPS quieter on Xmas day, that's for sure! ... and we'll have heaps of left over seafood! Steve and I are hosting Xmas lunch this year, as you know, and we've got 12 for lunch, or thereabouts! We're really looking forward to it! We made out FIRST Christmas Cake the other day - don't know what it tastes like, but it looks nice... it's got heaps of Alcohol in it so it can't be too bad! We just hope that it would be nice enough to make Nan proud! We have also had to remind mum to put less grog in the Brandy Cream cause you're the only one whose liver can stand it!!! ... Speaking of livers... I've been detoxing for 4 weeks... I NEED A DRINK!!! Hope to speak to you VERY soon - Xmas day I hope! If not, I hope that both you and Helen have a wonderful WHITE Christmas and an even better New Year!
Lots of love & kisses
Kelz :)
Response: hey there lil sis. nice to hear your keepin me proud and puttin heaps of piss in the food. chur. my xmas night was very interesting, more in the update about that. what are your plans for new years? i'm workin tonight thern there's a party at our lodge. scary...
miss you heaps, luv ya, mj xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Hi Marc,
Not sure if you are getting these messages or how this works. For memory Ash's you could see what others wrote to him. I sent msg. this morn. those earphones I bought for Luke to give dad for xmas. We had Breeana's christening yesterday, very very warm day - reached 42 degrees. Fires are really bad in Victoria at the moment, they have over 4000 fire fighters working on them, even brought some in from N.Z to help.
How is work going? How are you going with the afternoon shift - I'm concerned you will skip meals or not eat properly and then lose more weight, which you can't afford to.
How is Helen, and is she enjoying it over there - is she coping with the cold?
When do you shift into your accommodation?
I am guessing you don't do any overtime or additional hours, just an 8 hr day, have you had your 1st pay as yet??
Let me know if you are getting these and how often you check.
What do you guys do on Christmas Day, do you have to work? Are you going to cook a turkey or something or does the resort do something for employees.
Have you bought a phone card yet, I notice there isn't one on your credit card, so if you buy one and put it on Visa, I will pay for it.
What do you want me to do with the money we are giving you for Christmas. Do you want me to put into your Westpac account, or leave somewhere getting a bit of interest until you really need it???
Must go and do some work, miss ya and love ya.
Lots of love and hugs,

Response: wow that's shit about he fires. eating lots, pasta in particular as it is cheap and high in energy, something thats essential when its this cold!! would love if you could put it in my westpac account!! will fill u in on rest in diary entry! ph card i am still trying to source!! miss ya luv ya, mj xoxo
From Kelli
Hey MJ!!
Are you freezing your butt off??? Perhaps I should visit... I could do with less butt!!!
Mum & Dad told me about the Shuttle bus - that's crap luck! Things here are pretty hectic - work is flat out, Xmas parties galore and preparing for Xmas day at our house! I'm on holidays as of Wednesday 20th - 4 weeks off - can't wait to relax!!! You'd be so proud of our Xmas tree - it's massive - and just the type Dad would hate to have to get out from under the house!!! Tee-hee!
It's Breeana's Christening this Sunday - i'll be sure to take plenty of photos to send to you - she's such a cute little munchkin!
Hope to hear from you soon!
Take care & tell Helz hi from Steve and I!
Luv Kelz :)
Response: good work on the tree, send photos!! breeanas too! soz its been so long but have had sweet f a access to the net til now!! yes come over here you'd love it!! love your big bro, mj xoxoxoxo
From Benno
wassup Bro!! its all happening in your world man! i didnt realise you were knocking over so much stuff before you got to panorama! f--kin wish i was there dude!!!!take care of yourself man (that means no injuries) say G'Day to helen too!!! catch ya on the FLIP side man!!! heheehehe
Response: hey bro, yeah tell me about it! so sick here man you'd love it, its nearly twice the height of turoas vertical and the snow is so good and no down days, wind or fog!! how's lilac? how is your neice? miss you guys heaps too, feels so weird not havin my friends and family around at xmas. catcha brother