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Hello everyone,

I know a lot of you haven't heard from me in a while, and others have heard from me too often. My brother got hitched in June, and that left the door open for me to travel the world. I hope to have better stories for you all a little later.


Diary Entries

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Location: Miami, USA


It's been a while since I sent an update. Since leaving my last ship, I spent the holidays back home and spent 3 weeks in Montreal at my sister's place. It was nice to spend the beginning of winter back in Canada. I especially enjoyed playing outdoor hockey until my jaw got numb and going snowboarding. It was nice not having to spend the entire winter back home and get back into the heat.

I joined my new ship, Celebrity Century, on Jan 31st in Miami. This ship has 3 different itineraries right now. Miami to Key to Cozumel, Mexico, Miami to Key West to Grand Cayman, and Miami to Ocho Rios, Jamaica to Grand Cayman. I'll be doing these runs for one more month then I cross the Atlantic and sail in the Baltic Sea. My new job as Shore Excursions rocks!! I'm left with enough time off at the different ports to go exploring. As part of my job, I get to go on the excursions to know what they're all about, so that I give my recommendations to those indecisive guests. The most memorable things I've done so far is : swam with stingrays in Grand Cayman and Cozumel, swam with Dolphins in Cozumel, Zip lining in Ocho Rios, snorkeling in Grand Cayman and Ocho Rios, went on the Atlantis submarine in Grand Cayman.

I'm told that the European itineraries will be a lot busier than the Caribbean. In the Caribbean, peolple just want to go to the beach and relax. Europe has more history and culture and most of the 2000 guests on board book an excursion. Plus right now we have quick 4-5 day cruises, in Europe we have 12-14 day cruises. I'm taking advantage of the time I have off now, because I won't have much free time later on in my contract.

That's all for now, enjoy the pics.


Wednesday, 05 December 2007

Location: Brazil

Down to my final few days before I fly back to Canada on the 11th. Brazil has been amazing! Especially with having Kelen around to communicate, it has been a good experience. I've been out seeing the sights as much as possible. I ended up going hang gliding in Rio last week. That was awesome, to say least. I was in Buenos Aires a few days ago. The prices in the shops are pretty cheap considering that the exchange rate is 3 to 1. If only I had more space in my luggage, I could have bought a lot of stuff. After Argentina, I was in Montevideo, Uruguay. I had a good lunch at an authentic restaurant that grills meat on an open wood firepit. The nice thing about these places is that the taxis are super cheap. They compete with the public transportation. The day a group of us went hang gliding in Rio, we hired a driver who drove us around for 7 hours that day, charged us $25 each. I am now on my way to Itajai, Brazil. I am doing the transition from nights back to days for my final 5 days. I look forward to being back home soon!

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Location: Ilheus, Brazil

Since the last message, I received word that I do have a replacement. My last day will December 11th. Get the welcoming party organized! The last few days have been awesome. We arrived late to Recife, so the ship organized to have some entertainers come onboard and perform. It was a fun night, the dancers were amazing. Salvador De Bahia was pretty dirty, vendoos pushing things on you like crazy. Good thing Kelen speaks Portugese, so they left us alone for the most part. I spent the afternoon on the beach in Ilheus today. Very nice place! I'm back on night shift now until the end of my contract, so I'll be taking every opportunity to go see the sights. I'll be sacrificing a lot of sleep, but I'll rest when I get home.

I'lll keep you updated on my return.


Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Location: Recife, Brazil

So here I am officially in the Southern Hemisphere. I crossed the equator last night at precisely 23:04:45. I am scheduled to be in Brazil tomorrow afternoon. We had an entertaining crossing the border ceremony today, where we got to throw the Captain in the pool. The ship life is still going by fast. Down to my final month onboard. I was actually told in a polite way that I may not be back home for the holidays, as the arrangements for my replacement need to be secured and "not too many people start that close to christmas" were the exact words used. I guess I'll have to wait and see on when my return to Canada will be. I'm going back to the night shift again soon, so I hope to maximize my time on land. A few of us are planning on going hang gliding in Rio De Janeiro on the 26th. Now that I have a brazilian girlfriend, she can actually communicate with the locals and show me around her native country.

We had our Halloween party on the 4th, and I had an absolute riot. I'll post up some pics soon along with many others from my past ports of call. So far these are the places I've been to in the past few weeks. Labadee, Haiti - Santa Marta, Colombia - Cartagena, Colombia - Cristobal, Panama - San Andres, Colombia - Miami, FL - Grand Turk, Turcs & Caicos - Cabrits, Dominica - Bridgetown, Barbados. Starting tomorrow, I'll have Brazil on the list.

Talk to you again soon,


Tuesday, 02 October 2007

Location: Bermuda


I know it's been a while, but what are you going to do?? Now I'm trying to think back to what I've been up to. Other than the usual work stuff, I've been trying to relax at the beach as much as possible, but sometimes sleep is top priority. Damn crew bar and your $1 beers!!!! I'm sorry, I love you crew bar, don't be mad. Is it bad that my bar bill every 2 weeks is normally around $100?? They sell more than just beer you know!! Jack and coke is a good alternative. As it is now October, I have 3 weeks left of Bermuda until I get a well deserved change of scenery. There's a new ship in the Azamara fleet that sets sail this month, and I get a feeling that I'm going to transfer to that ship. I expressed that feeling to my Manager, but she assured me that she's not letting me leave. I guess she needs me here for comic relief. That's reassuring, as I don't want to leave this ship, especially with only a little over 2 months to go in my contract. I'm finally back on nights, so that will leave me lots of time to load some pics (I'll get to that soon enough), and detox myself from the crew bar.
I hope everyone is doing well, and not missing me too much. Give me any updates you think I should know about before I return to civilisation.

Miss you all,

Thursday, 09 August 2007

Location: Bermuda

Hello again,

Here I am, still working nights in Bermuda. I go back to days next week. I guess I'm so good at what I do, my Manager wants me to work during the day. I went to the beach on Monday the 6th. Michelle (Youth Staff Worker) came up with the great idea of using tanning oil rather than sunblock to get some colour. 4 hours later I'm burnt to a crisp. My shoulders are still hurting. It'll be worth it after a couple more days under the sun. Then I'll be a bronze God! I'm down to 4 months left in my contract. Everyone can start organizing my return party. I hope everyone is doing well.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Location: Hamilton, Bermuda


I know it's been a while since my last entry. I was just waiting for enough to happen to make it worth while. So I am now working aboard the Azamara Journey, which is a sister company to Celebrity Cruises. It's a smaller ship which enables more personal contact with the guest (hooray!!). The itinerary is from Cape Liberty, NJ to Bermuda. It's a shame that we'll be doing this same cruise for 3 more months. The repetition is enough to drive you crazy. The hardest thing to deal with are the Italian Americans. They show up in groups of 30, expect everybody to be next to each other, but those accents just cut through me. I work everyday, the closest thing I have to a day off is 24 hours between shifts. I am now working nights, I will be doing so until the end of next weeks cruise. I really don't mind this shift. I literally have nothing to do. I just sit here, answer the few phone calls I get and read. As you can tell, I am updating my diary as I work. Bermuda is a gorgeous place! The beaches are amazing. Hope you enjoy the pics. I'll try not to wait so long until my next update.


Friday, 22 June 2007

Location: Newark, USA


My travels in northern Europe didn't last too long. Apparently Head Office thought I would be a better fit on the ship called "The Journey" which is in New Jersey at the moment. The week has been insane to say the least. The ship life is something let me tell you. To start off from my last entry, I boarded my ship, signed papers, was given my uniform, changed and started training. The first port we hit was Oslo, Norway. Gorgeous place! I had the opportunity to walk around for an hour, took some photos, and that was about all the time I had. The next port was Stockholm, Sweden. Since I had to work for the most part, I only had the chance to walk on the pier. On the way to our next destination at Helsinki, Finland on Wednesday the 20th, I was pulled aside and told that I will be transfering to the Journey, and that I was going to be dropped off in Helsinki. To me it seemed like a waste of money to fly me to London to only have to fly me back to the states a few days later, but whatever, i wanted to travel, so here I am. I hope that will be the worst travel experience i ever have to endure. I started my day in Helsinki on Thursday the 21st with a four hour delay because of bad weather in Frankfurt, Germany. I finally made it to Frankfurt to have missed my transfer. After waiting in line for 3 more hours, i was made arrangements to stay at a hotel in Frankfurt. The hotel was nice, they even had a rubber duckey in the bathroom. On the morning of the 22nd, I took my flight from Frankfurt to Hamburg, Germany, then had to wait another 3 hours due to weather delays before boarding my flight across the Atlantic. Luckily I'm an easy going guy, so I didn't get stressed, I decided to get drunk on the plane instead. All in all, I made it to New Jersey ( a day later than expected) I'm very jet lagged, all I know is to sleep when i feel tired enough to.

My itinerary for my new ship is as follows: Until Oct 20th I will be leaving from Cape Liberty, NJ, one day at sea to St. George Island, Bermuda, stay for one night on port, then to Hamilton, Bermuda where we stay for 3 nights, followed by one more day at sea and end at Cape Liberty, NJ. This is a one week cruise that we will be doing until Oct 20th.

On October 27th, we have a 14 night Bermuda and Caribbean cruise, and on November 11th, we start a South America Cruise. By the time my contract ends on December 7th, I should be disembarking the ship in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. It should be fun!!

I'll keep you all posted,


I hope to have some photos up soon

Friday, 15 June 2007

Location: UK

Hello everyone,

So i made it to London with no problems. I board my ship in the morning. I will be sailing northern europe for the next little while. I'm not too sure what to expect, I guess it's better to go in there with no expectations, that way I'm not disappointed.

Talk to you all soon,


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Happy Birthday little law???? Anyways, Happy Birthday, I know it's late, but it's still applies. Probably couldn't of picked a better spot to spend it in!
Response: Definitely a birthday to remember. The quarter century spent at the beach in Brazil with good friends from Scotland, UK, South Africa, and my Brazilian girlfriend. What a mix!!!
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dude, your pics are soo funny. Seeing them reminds me of the night when we drank mezcal and i was lying on the ground screaming while you were stomping crackers into my carpet. when you come to berlin i promise similar resluts!! :)
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how are you Marc?
Oh, you look funny!!
I like these pics!!
Take care and don't forget me!!

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Hey, good to see that you are doing well and enjoying your time!!
Miss you way up here in Northern Ontario!!
Take care and hope to see you soon!!
Response: I hope to get the chance to do some ice drinking up there. Catching fish is third on my list.
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hey nice pics man. how are you liking life on the cruise ships? "u fart out".ahhahahaha .......priceless
Response: That photo is one of my all time favorites, next to the one with the fish.
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You certainly have changed the ensemble from the Rocky Mountain attire.
Looks like you are having fun.

Response: It sure beats the Tartan vest doesn't it? I secretly miss that uniform.
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Hi Marc.....
You should call "Howard" for advice on being a bronze
Response: From what I hear, Howard is the true God!! I'm a fake.
wow look at you,nice!!!
4months isn't long to go it will fly i'v been back for 6 already.
leaving Kelowna in a month to travel across to the east coast,driving can't wait!!
may head to Halifax for a while and get some work,Hairdressing now full time and loving it,trying to save lots.
well take care and keep up the tanning,it looks like fun on the ship enjoy going back to days.
Response: 4 months is nothing. Have fun on the drive. Make sure to go across the prairies at night, you're not missing anything, trust me. When you go through Sudbury say hi for me!!
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So......will your boss then get to see you doing nothing all day then??
We miss ya. Katie is in Austria now and we're leaving for Sudbury from Winnipeg this aft.
OOh to be young again and able to travel!
Response: I warned my boss already that it will be too fast of an adjustment to go from doing nothing to jumping into th day shift. So I plan on wandering around the ship aimlessly for at least half my shift for at least the first week. She didn't seem too impressed with that.
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Hey! We miss you, saturday night drinking just isn't the same. Nobody's been barbecuing vegetables and we havn't done any yagerbombs since you left! We'll have to get extra drunk when you get home!!! Can't wait!
Response: I didn't think anyone would be able to fill the void I left behind. At least I know I'm missed. Make sure to start practicing for my return.
From Cathy
Well Marvelous Marc - Sounds like you are handling the shipboard life. Keep the pictures and emails coming!
Enjoy and be safe.
Response: For you Cathy, anything
From Al
Dude! May not be the most exciting all the time, but you're seeing and doing shit most of us will never get to do. As for the italamericans, tell them the world doesn't revolve around their fat asses and to be more understanding. Forward all complaints about this to me...i'll take care of it.
Response: Can do. Would you like Credit Card info as well??
From Kerri
Hey Marc,
Good to hear from you. WOW, talk about a crazy journey getting back to North America.
It's too bad you are no longer doing the Europe cruise. However, I am sure you will have lots of fun doing this cruise. Have you met alot of interesting people yet?

Well I am happy your doing good. Take care and I hope to hear more stories and see more pictures soon!!!
Response: I've met quite a few people. Being a weirdo myslef, i tend to attract the weird ones. It makes things a little more interesting
From werner
hey bro. now you can feel the full impact of crazy travelling. i am very happy for you. especially with all those nights in the port you won´t be working that terribly much. the bad days are the days when you are to Sea. then every passenger thinks that they have something important to share with you. enjoy yourself my friend. i am looking forward to the day when we travel together again.

best wishes from spain

Response: Dealing with the Italian Americans, I always think about the Soprano's.