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Wednesday, 15 March 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

Well folks,
It's been a while......................but I'm back.
Got in this morning 8am.

Wasn't as emotional as i thought.
Thought i was gonna bawl like a baby.

Well I'll see all you folks in Dubbo soon.


Tuesday, 07 March 2006

Location: Birmingham, UK

Hello folks.




Monday, 27 February 2006

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Well funky people.
Looks like I'm comin home on the 15-16th March. Wed-Thu.
It's looking almost certain. It should be booked by tomorrow.

Starting to get very anxious to get home. Even planning what furniture i need to be for my next room.

I can taste the schooner of V.B already.

See you all soon.


Monday, 20 February 2006

Location: UK

Well folks, it's getting near that time.

Yes this is the news you've all been waiting anxiously for.


In about four weeks i should have my feet on Australian soil.
I've aborted the WORLD CUP/Rolling Stones venture and i am gonna bail home early. Lots of pros and cons have had to be weighed up and i have come to the long and ardous decision to get back with 2 months of my visa left valid.

The World cup is too loong away. And I'd have to get another job, maybe move somewhere else and i just could not be arsed(bothered). So I'm homewood bound.

I had a long and monumental mental list of all the things i wanted to do. And i'd like to say that there's only one box left to be ticked. Which was a Scottish Football match (soccer).
And it has just been announced that there's a friendly here in Glasgow against Switzerland 1st, MArch. Not a bad B'day present.
And 3 days later i go to a local club match. Glasgow Celtic V Aberdeen. Ina 60 000 seater stadium.

Then down to Birmingham for a few days
Then London for a few days. I've already lined up somewhere to stay. All I wanna do in Scumdon is go to one of the Aussie bars there that is huge. And go to a Sunday event called THE CHURCH.
Which is an Aussie/Kiwi piss-up.

Then flying home.
Gonna be low on cash, but hopefully I'll have enough for 1 schooner of V.B when i hit Sydney.

It's been great. Alot of good times and some bad.
Great laugh.

See you all soon.

Marcus-on tour.

Don't tell any of the ladies, they'll be queing up like fans screaming for the Beatles on their 1964 World Tour.

Thursday, 19 January 2006

Location: Glasgow, UK

There's a 2 week folk festival on here in Glasgow at the moment called CELTIC CONNECTIONS.
Which has got some really big names in the folk scene playing.
I'm going to see a band called THE RAMBLING BOYS which has got Eric Bogle in it (And the band played Waltzing Matilda, No mans land). Who is one of the greatest folk songwriters on the planet.
I'm still living week to week here at the moment.
Don't know where I'm going next.

Stay groovy.


Thursday, 12 January 2006

Location: Glasgow, UK

Heloo groovers.
I'm still in Glasgow.
In the flat and workin at the old job.
Been having a shit time since xmas.
Unbelievably broke. Working, sitting in my freezing cold flat. With 5 shit t.v channels.
The poms reckon Aussie television is crap.
My ship has just came in, for the meanwhile.
Long story, but i was waiting for a pay cheque to clear. And a weeks wages to go in my bank, so all i had was £10 cash. So i had to buy groceries from the supermarket on my credit card. Make sandwhiches to tahe to work and walk, 'cause i couldn't afford the bus. Walking home after a 7 hour shift in -5C for hakf an hour then getting in to a freezing flat wasn't a whole lotta fun.

The joys of travelling.

I'm in the process of lining up a job at the local Aussie bar.
I could stay at THE GOOSE but one of the managers is being a bitch. If i get another job it would only be for 4-5 weeks. a bit of a pain in the arse but that's what u gotta do in these positions.

If anyone wants to ring me get your hands on an overseas phone card. Mobiles are a bit dearer to ring. But that all depends on how much you folks really want to talk to me.
Haven't had 1 phone call in 20 months, but don't let that stop you.

And all you people at home were bitching to me to send you all postcard.

Remember you are 11 hours ahead.
0044 7787901185

3-1, 23 Albert Rd
Glasgow, G42 8DL.


MArcus.................coming home soon.
Don't tell all the ladies, they'll be qeuing up at the airport.


Friday, 06 January 2006

Location: Glasgow, UK

Hello folks.

I am in Glasgow.
Had a quiet xmas.
Few drinks at a friends parents place.
Moved into a flat owned by my last landlords.
Had a fairly ordinary time.
Freezing flat no heating.
No radio.
No cd player.
No TV.
Reading my book and freezing my arse off.

Just working, picking up glasses at my old pub.
Chick i met in Birmingham came up for a few days over New years.
At least i came home to a warm flat and the tv she brought with her.
Then she went back
No radio.
No cd player.
No TV.
Reading my book and freezing my arse off.
Then i borrowed mates tv 3 shitty channels.

Moving on soon anyway.
Might go to London for a couple of weeks.
Could stay here.
Could go to Birmingham.
Could get a live in bar job somewhere in Scotland.
Who knows.

Australia are kicking arse again in the cricket.

Who cares if I'm broke cold and bored.
2-0 against S. Africa.


Wanna come home sick of moving around and being broke.

Talk soon groovers.

Wednesday, 28 December 2005

Location: Glasgow, UK

In gLasgow at the moment.
Moving on in a couple of weeks.
Gonna try and find a live in bar job.

Getting sick of moving around, could quite easily move back to OZ.

Talk soon gotta go

Sunday, 18 December 2005

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Well folks.
I'm back in Glasgow for a while.
Got the sack from my last job.
Boss said it was because he wanted someone more longterm.
It was either that or the fact that I'm just a crap chef.
So i scooted back down here to Glasgow for 2 nights.
And ran around a few places i know looking for work.
Then headed down to Birmingham to shack up with the bird i met when i was down there for the cricket.
Stayed down there for 5 nights. Then back to Glasgow.
Got my old job back in the bar ( the one i had 1st before i was cooking).
Sleeping on my mates longe. Need to get out soon before they get sick of me.
Lined up a flat, can move in Thursday ( today Sun).
Off the same blokes i rented off last year.
Gonna stay here until i can line up a live in bar job for next year.
Gotta raise some funds for the STONES and the WORLD CUP,.
cAN not save money here, pay is shit, money to easy to spend.
Was getting paid well in the last job. Was going to quit in January anyway 'cause i hat cooking, the boss got in 1st though.
Gotta go folks.
See ya.

Marcus on tour.

Monday, 21 November 2005

Location: Cullen (Morayshire), Scotland

Hello folks.
How's tings?

Well for all you folk back in OZ that are lloking forward to Marcus coming back in MAy next year when his Visas run out.
You're4 all gonna have to wait another month or two 'cause


Which means Marcus will be going.
It starts about a month after my U.K Visa epires, so I'll have to have some savings tucked away.
Last time we were there was 32 years ago, so I thought I'm already over here I may as well make an appearance and support the green & gold.
I know some of the ladies at home must be distraught at this news that they're gonna have to wait another 2 months for a crack at the ( McLennan Action), but they're just gonna have to wait.

A Rolling |Stones tour , then the World Cup, not a bad note to end on.
I don't really care too much about Australian Soccer, but I'm just going for the Craic.
If we don't win a game and get knocked out of the 1st round so be it.

Anyway, things here are O.K
Saving a bit of cash, keeping very quiet in a sleepy little seeside town. Going to Inverness tomorrow with the Head Chef.
Then back there next week to visit Culloden Battlefield.

Stay cool groovers and remember if you contact me on this site don't be a lazy bastard and put your email address on, so I can get back to you in private.

Have fun


Sunday, 06 November 2005

Location: UK

Still in Cullen.
Everything is going well.
Not much to report.
Have been to Aberdeen and \Inverness on my days of in the last two weeks. Other than that not much.
Will keep you updated .

Friday, 28 October 2005

Location: Cullen, UK

Hello folks.
On the move again.
I'm at a small seaside town called Cullen. On the East coast between Inverness and Aberdeen. On a two week trial. Things are going well. Will keep you updated later.
Have fun groovers.

poms suck and they smell

Wednesday, 19 October 2005

Location: Inverness, UK

Hello funky people.

I'm on the move again.
I left Skye, got a job at Fort Augustus, foot of Loch Ness.
It lasted a week ( fancy al a carte shit).
Immediately got another jtrial (through this great agency) at a small place called Cullen, Near Elgin, near Inverness.
Trial lasts for two weeks, I'll see how it goes.

Have fun.


Sunday, 09 October 2005

Location: Fort Augustus, UK

Everone, there are some new photos.

Check out the new link.

I have moved to Fort Augustus at the southern tip of Loch Ness.
My job at Portree went pear shaped. I couldn't stand the dickhead boss any more. Got a better job through a chef agency.
Better pay , better job. Get to see a new area in Scotland. All good.
I will keep you updated.


Friday, 07 October 2005

Location: Fort Augustus, Scotland

Hello everyone.
I have just moved towns to a new job.
2Nd chef in a Hotel in Fort Augustus, at the southern tip of Loch Ness.
My last job had gone to shit and i found a Chefs Agency in Portree that can get Chefs work allover Scotland. And this job was better paying.
Will keep you all updated.

Marcus in Scotland

Wednesday, 28 September 2005

Went for a day trip over to the mainland yesterday. To Lochcarron. A town on the loch-Lochcarron. On a mission to get fitted for my MacLennan tartan kilt, at a weavers by the loch.
I caught a bus from Portree to Kyle of Lochalsh on the mainland. Then caught a bus to the end of the loch at a place called Strathcarron (only a station and a pub). I was told I could catch a shuttle bus from the station to the town of Lochcarron then I'd have to walk about 2 miles to the shop. I got off the train and found a grey shuttle bus with the sliding door open and two people inside. The bus had D. MacLennan written on the side.
'Can i catch this bus to Lochcarron' I asked.
'Yes' was the reply
'Who is D. MacLennan' was my next question.
'That's me' said the driver.
So i got a lift to town off a MacLennan on my way to get measured for my MacLennan kilt. I got a photo of Duncan (the driver) and myself at the back of his bus with the D. MacLennan sign. Classic photo. Will load it on the site later. Last time i put pics on I had to di it in Inverness, there are no facilities here in this one horse town.
There was a butchers in Lochcarron called MacLennan but i was getting a lift off an old local fulla at the time and missed the photo opportunity.
There are weird goings on here at the Portree |HOtel. The boss is a stingy asshole and i wass going to quit. Probably still am.
Might head for the snow. Or see if i can stay local as long as get live in accommodation.
Gotta go

Stay safe.

Wednesday, 28 September 2005

Location: Portree, Scotland




Wednesday, 31 August 2005

Location: Isle of Skye, Scotland

Hello everyone.
Just a quick word to say that things are o.k.
Got me a job and a room.
In a great spot.
Can't talk long.
Got some great photos to put on this site. Will soon.


F**k the poms.

Come on the Aussies.

Saturday, 13 August 2005

Location: Isle of Skye, Scotland

Well groovy people.
It's all happening. I just got to the Isle of Sky yesterday. This place is F**CKING BEAUTIFUL.
I left Dublin, was in
Belfast for a night (met up with old friend Rosie)
Glasgow for a night
Birmingham for 3 nights ( great game of cricket unfortunately lost)
Glasgow for 4 nights
Then left yesterday by bus. The bus ride was fantastic. Highland scenery for the first time was moving, emotional, mind blowing.
Got to see where Clan MacLennan originally comes from. From the window of a bus. That's Kintail Dad not Inverness as you fefuse to believe. Went passed Eileen Donan Castle. And over the bridge to Skye. Firts thind i saw in Skye was a tradesmans van with MacLennan on the side (good to see there's still a few of us still here. Got to the town I'm staying in.
Portree. It was 10pm by this time. Checked into the Hostel.
And wetn to check out the pubs. The 1st one I walk into i order a pint, take a sip then see a sign 'Bar staff wanted'. So i give them my details. Could be a good start.
Wake up this morning. You should see the view from the Hostel window. Unbelievable. A Bay with mountain at your doorstep.
This could be the place for me if i can get myself enough work.
Nice and quaint, Portree pop. 2000. But a tourist trade, which is good for work.
I spent 15 months all up between Glasgow and Dublin and it's time for me to see something a bit more intimate.
We'll see how the work goes.

Cricket was great.

Will put photos on soon.

Have fun


Wednesday, 20 July 2005

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Was over in Scotland for my mates wedding on the weekend (Ross who i knew from when i lived in Manly). Had an absolute fantastic time, about 30 men in kilts and myself wearing one.
Got to see all my friends in Glasgow, which was great.

I hope everything is well for you at home.

Gotta go.


Tuesday, 05 July 2005

Location: Ireland

Going to a mates wedding in Scotland next weekend. Just outside of Glasgow were i used to live. So will have a few nites out there, away for four nights, then back to work on Monday. Two more weeks at work then over to pomland for the cricket.
Work is going well, but long days (up at 6, home at 7).
Maybe here for another 2 months then maybe back to Scotland to live, move up north to the real country.

Have fun


Saturday, 11 June 2005

Location: Baile Ath Cliath, Ireland

It was a long weekend here last weekend. So i tried to make the most of it and I took a Scottish mate of mine to a mates place up to Derry in Northern Irekand. Got there Sat nite and left Mon arvo. Was a good weekend, great city. It's more of a Catholic place than Prod, so there was no union jacks to be seen.
Liked it so much i would like to go back.
It is right next to Donegal, which is a big destination on my wanna go list, but we could nae get across. But will do soon. Thinking about going to Cork this weekend.
How's everything at home?

Stay cool


Tuesday, 24 May 2005

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Well people,
I've been very busy the last 2 weeks in my new job. Up for work at 6am and home at 7pm. Long days and don't get time to myself. Been playing catch up with my funds, cause i didn't get a pay packet for a month. It's been an effort to get down to the city to check my email ( I could have done it on the weekend but i forgot), that's why i havn't responded to anyone for a while.
My new job is some hard work and some cruisy stuff. Still gotta book my tour to the Ashes, if there's any left.

Went to see Kasey Chambers a couple of weeks ago, a bloody great gig. Anzac day was very good.

Go the All Blacks against the Lions.!!!!!!!!!!

My new house is good, abit noisy though, old house wooden floorboards you can hear everything. People are cool, unfortunately they are all oving out soon.

Gotta go.

Hav fun


Tuesday, 26 April 2005

Location: Ireland

Well folks,
I actually have some decent news for once.
I had finnished the construction job i was working on. And had a bit of time until the agency had got me on a new site. Plus a bit of cash. So I decided to see a bit of Ireland. I first did an overnite trip to Co Down to see a friend that used to live in Dubbo. Her friend was having a 21st. So that was all good.
Then a few days later i did a 3 day bus tour of southern Ireland.
Passing through Tipperary ( and a few other counties).
Going down to Cork then across to stay for the night in Killarney Co. Kerry. Then up the west coast of Clare catching a ferry over to Galway and staying the night in Galway town. The next day crossing through the centre of the country, visiting the 6th centry monastry of Clonmacnoise.
Then back to Dublin city.
And the other day I did an overnighter to Belfast.
I will try to put the photos on soon.
Some decent news for a change.
Gotta go see you later (much later).
Oh and I'm moving into a house next week (about time).

Marcus on-tour.

Sunday, 17 April 2005

Location: Ireland

I am at the moment at the end of a 3 day tour of southern Ireland.
Had agreat time.
Will put photos on this site in about a week.

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From David & Keiko
Happy Birthday Marcus!

See you in OZ soon.


David & Keiko
Response: Thanx folks 4 the B'day wishes.

See you all soon.
From Margie

I can still remember when I got home from OS I wanted to kiss the ground when I got off the plane! We live in the lucky country without a doubt.

Love Margie and James XXX
Response: Thanx c u soon
From campbells
Hi Marcus, just the Campbells saying hello. It was good to hear from you when you rang the last time. Glad that you were in one piece. Hope you find your feet soon and get some more work to see you through the next few months. Your journey has certainly been an interesting one and a great experience that you will have your whole life, how lucky you are. The girls start school soon and they are growing so much. Darryl is still in alot of pain with his back and we hope to see some improvements with extensive visits to physio and water exercises, plus pain killers and the doctor said steriod injections may be an option to get some relief. Its been very hard on us all and especially Darryl as pain makes you very short tempered. Hope he gets some answers soon.It is very dry again and things are tough. Our business is going so well we cannot complain. We have some great ideas for the near future.Its all about fun and working on your business all the time. So far so good. I will close now as I am expecting some calls from staff about job interviews. Stay cool and stay safe, love and thoughts Darryl, Me,Aimee and Zoexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx0000000000000x- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx00000000
From DAD
Tried to ring you on the phone around 8 p.m. our time but only got recorded message.What is the best Auzzie Time to ring U ? Sounds as if U R having a tough time in cold bonny Scotland.Weather here at sunny Forster has been very cool and wet.Not good beach weather! Have done my back in again so am lying quite low,no golf etc.Some news from dowtown Dubbo - The McGregors have moved to Surfers this week as Michael has returned to his old job with Toyota.Older Brother Danny died suddenly last week from introscemia in Malaysia,a very heavy smoker,had memorial services in Dubbo and Manly last week. Kate Richardson(Smidth)also passed away last on 9 th January after having a bad heart attach.Some good news is that Emily finished her Higher School Cert. and gained entry into La Trobe Uni to do Hosp. Management ,not sure if she will take up the offer,may deffer!!Margy and James have sold their house inWongarbon and purchased a new house in Nana Glen,just 25 km out of Coffs Harbour as Marg has a new job in Coffs.Ritma is now feeling a bit lonely now most of her drinkin mates are gone and family have scattered?Expecting Lorraine's son and family here this weekend for few days.Have been playing some competetion golf with Doug Birks as he is keen to lower his handicap!They send their regards.Cheers for now.
Response: Not good news from the home front.
Rite's gonna get real lonely.
Gonna have to get drinking buddys younger than her.
Shame about Danny, this email had some pretty heavy news.
Send my regards to the McGregors and the Watters/ Richardsons/Smiths.
Except Janet. She's a bitch.
From campbells
Hi Marcus, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year....... We were going to send you a christmas card but we thought you might have moved on from your place of employment. Looks as though we were right not to post you anything. We were thinking of you on the day and gave you a merry christmas wish at the table. How did you spend your christmas? We had a really good climate for a change on the day. We had a temperature of around 35. Not bad for December. February can be an absolute heat wave, I am never ready for that. We have a new little dog in the family now, his name is Gidget but we call him Gidge for short. He has had a rough time since the day I got him. He had a grass seed in his ear the day he was to be picked up and the fellow said ,"you might not want him" when I walked over to look at him. Well of cause that isn't what I thought, it was the complete opposite. Poor little dog, what ashame he got a grass seed. It's fixed now but since then he has got a type of mange on him which he got from his mother at birth. So, I have been giving him medication every day and bathing him in a special fungus shampoo every second day till it dissapears. Apparently when they are young they recover from this but if they are middle aged or old dogs they never recover from it. I still love him as he has a great personality.What did surprise me was Darryl acctually picked him up one day and said a sooky voice to him, I thought, gee,the anty sooky man and he has finally broke. I think he likes him. Quartze is fine with the new dog but we have made sure, he hasn't been neglected. Gidge is a mini Fox Terrier. The horses have been sick and needed some TLC lately. It's all or nothing. Touch wood we all stay well. Business has been busy which we are happy about. Girls are growing every day and going through alot of social changes. I was warned of the teenage years. Darryl might come visit you soon, just to get away from the girly attitude. Anyway, will close here and write again soon, Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All our love Darryl, Me, Aimee, Zoexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx000000000- 0000000000000000000000000000xxxxx- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Thanx alot for your letter.
My xmas was fine. Ispent the evening with the familt of the people I've been staying with.
Great meal, a few drinks.
It's getting bloody freezing here now.
It's about -1'C here now.
Read my page. For more info.
Merry xmas, happy new year.
Great to hear that U are near Loch Ness & the Monster??Hope U have a beaut Xmas and the New Year brings U everything that U desire with heaps of interesting places to see and different things to do.We are spending Xmas home here at sunny Forster with Lorraine's relations.Had a few games of golf with Doug Birkes and he sends his best wishes.Is now renting a unit at Forster Caravan Park so is a lot handier to all the action!Have a GOOD ONE! Lots of love XXX. Dad
Response: Forster Caravan PARK?????
Dougie sure likes moving around.
Hope yopu had a great xmas. Check out my page.
From Dicky
Pardon my bad englend LMFAO Laughing My Fu----g Ass Off ,Well things didnt work out so now im movin back to Dubbo , just me & the mistress , the trusty old XR650R ,should be a good ride iv mapped it out so ill be commin home the long way should take about 2 or 3 weeks so ill have a good look around so when you get back the beer is on me , take care mate & have fun at the cup.
Response: Well coming to say hello is gonna be a whole lot f***ing easier than driving to Townesville.
When you get back Pop around to my Grandfathers place
15 GArnet ST.
And ask my mum. I've got a blue viking shirt waiting for you.
I will tell her you are on your way (in about a month).
See ya
From Graham & Pam
Great Pics
ANZAC service would have been very moving.
Have you any pics of Culloden?
Response: Got a few pics of Culloden. Still in my camera though will send later.
From Hally
Good to hear your travels go well. Michele said she spoke to you when you rang Garth. You cast some highland spell or something Eddie (wallabys) got the sack so did Mr Bennet (Kangaroos) just goes to show the Aussies dont like losers, made Ricky Ponting pull his socks up and finger out. Have an Uncle John Jameson for me.
Response: The Wallabies are shit.
Watching the 1st test againast South Africa at the moment. Australia are doing well in the 2nd innings alot better than the 1st. We should win.
See how we go.
From Hally
V.B how they hangin' stupid game go watch the Roo's beat they Kiwi's.
Response: 'bout time i heard from you.
How's things?
Spoke to your wife the other day. Finding that Walter Garth fulla.
From Hally 'ace of bass'
V.B Marcus how they hangin' the way that reminds me bypass Singapore on your way home... soccer world cup who cares, stupid game...what about the 'roo's v kiwi's or wallaby v frog's or that Irish mob. Don't hurry home cricket is lousy, W.I can't bat can't bowl only thing exciting on tele is the nightly news from schoolies week. Uni finish for the year, one to go and I start to save the world from death and disease anyway it's 1.30a.m here got to get to bed. Yaktooyalater Hally.
Response: The Wallabies are shit.
About time the sacked that useless coach.
From cro-magnon man
Appears you are on a groovy adventure, When you coming back to oz old son?
Response: I'm well.
How's things in Dubbo.
I'm well. Will be back in May. IN Dubbo for a couple of weeks, then off to Sydney.
What's everyone up to in the old place?
Keep cool.
From Margie
Thanks for the Postcards they are great!
Response: No worries.
Just found out that's where Stewpas father was born.
Loch Maree.
Which is about an hour north of me.
From Dicky
Hay Hay my friend how r u going its been awhile i just finished rebuilding the pc again its taken me 3 months & a few headachs but its done & now sports 2 yes thats 2 gigs of RAM & 2 P4 CHIPS it rips & burns like never before LMFAO it rocks take it easy mate & the beer is in the fridge
Response: What the bloody hell is LMFAO.
Hope everything is going well for you up there.
It may take me a while to come and see you.
When i get another band together, we'll do a tour up the coast one day.
Take it easy.
From DAD
Hi,Lorraine and myself are on our trip up north to Cairns and we are staying at my cousins place in Gold Coast,Priscilla and Charles and she is a Mclennan descendant.Priscilla has given me an update of where our ancestors originated from.Great Grandfather Angus,Fraser McLENNAN born 1843 at Loch Moree,Parish of Pollewe,Ross - Shire,Loch Moree is just south of Aultbea,north west coast of Scotland,died 7/5/1901.He married Mary McInnes born 1848 in Boreraig,Parish of Strath,Inverness Shire,Isle of Skye,Scotland who died 5/1/1921.They were married on 17/4/1868 in Spring Hill,Victoria and Stewpa,s father was born 17/12/1868 at Creswck,Victoria and died at Eumungerie 26/11/1933.So maybe U will come across them in your travels?If U need any more info let me know and I will contact Priscilla.Chow for now. XXX
Response: Very good info there.
Was about to send some questions home.
Can you find out about Stewpas mother. She was a MacNaughton. Can you find out D.O.B, death and her parents details. While I am here i would like to find out what clan she came from, there are 2 MacNaughton clans.
Any further info you could dig up on Mary MacInnes would be a hepl as well.
Just got my new Clan MacLennan tartan kilt last week. About time we got a MacLennan kilt in the family.
Have fun on your trip.
From Margie
Postal Address is
PO Box 1882
Dubbo 2830

Home Address
9 Tenandra Street
Wongarbon 2831

I await my postcard!
Response: I sent the cards to Rite.
U probably got 'em by now.
From Margie
Just received the 30th birthday photo's of glamorous Justine. Hollywood here she comes! Rite had a lovely time - 2 birthday parties - Emily turned 18 as well! Pleased to hear you are in McLennan Country! I still have the Postcard Trude sent from the Isle of Sky up on the pinboard in the kitchen. Please send me a postcard from the land of my heritage. Cheers Margie XX
Response: No worries will do.
Then you can have 2 Isle of Skye postcards on the Fridge. What's your address?
This place is beautiful.
MacKenzies, MacLennans everywhere.
Take care.
From Dad
Good thing U were not in London on Thursday when those bombs went off - a terrible thing to happen for all those innocent people. Take care and watch out for yourself!!We are heading to Victoria on Sunday for several weeks ending up in Dubbo on 10 th August for the Annual Jazz Festival and then to Sydney for Justine's 30 th birthday on 20 th August.Have been asked to baby sit the Penthouse after the birthday for about a week and then return to Forster on about the 26 th August. Will be taking the P.C. with us to keep in touch otherwise ring home number if needed!! Take care XXX
Response: Yes London bombs, bad thing.
I wished they'd cancelled the cricket we got stomped by the poms by 9 wickets.
From campbells
just a quik message to say hello ,sounds like everything is ok .lee & i have been busy shop is going well. good news is we put a deposit on another one in mudgee
that was about 4 weeks ago,bad news is myself and the girls are waiting at the railway crossing in sherton road for a train to go past as you do when the big red lights are flashing ,well the lady who ran fear up the back side of us doing 80klms pissed as a fart must have thought it was a xmas tree because she didnt stop she nearly pushed us into the bloody train ,everyone is ok but i have dameged my nerves in my lower back and have to go and get repaired ,in doing so we had to withdraw our deposit from mudgee store its a bit much to ask of lee because i will be out of action for a while anyway thats life .oh yeah GO THE ALL BLACKS talk to ya soon .jimi lee aimee zoe
Response: That is bloody shit.
I hope that woman was very well insured. Are you going to throw thw book at her? Loss of income and all that?
Go the All Blacks.
I don't support the LIONS , they got english on them there team.
Me very busy. Working about 50-55 h/w.
I went down to Kilkenny the weekend b4 last. Great couple of days. Went down with an Irish girl I've been seeing from here. Not gonna see her no more tho, complains more than an Australian female.
Going to a mates wedding in Scotland next weekend. Just outside of Glasgow were i used to live. So will have a few nites out there, away for four nights, then back to work on Monday. Two more weeks at work then over to pomland for the cricket.
From Dad
Can't say hello to the Birk's as they have been away up north to Darwin for the winter and will not be back until mid September!Hope U get a chance to see the Auzzie cricketers and they get their finger out soon??Regards XXX
Response: Have booked a cricket tour but something went wrong with the booking, will nsort it out soon.
happy late birthday you bastard ,are ya sure ya not jewish ? i surpose ya wont shelt me a brew for ya birthday ha ha. sounds like all is well hope ya havin a great time p.s ask arround how the campbells are going
Response: That is a bit late for my b'day. I hope everything is ok in Dubbo, see you in a year.
From DAD
Will be completing the extensions next week on the ' SPACEHAVEN RESORT ROOM' which will give us a lot more space to move around in all year round!Have been enjoying my golf lately as have won a few events and lost 3 shots on my handicap.Barb and Margy are flying up to Cairnes for a week this Wednesday to see David and Keiko.Joel has just had his tonsils out and I am having a Colonoscopy on Thursday,ie an inspection up the Kyba Pass?? Just a precautionary check!Had a little rain here this week but out west could do with a lot more? Cheers xxx
Response: I hope you enjoy your Kyba Pass inspection.
I bet the new room is gonna look good. Say hell to the Birks for me.
From Margie
Rite was excited to hear your voice the other day. Thankyou for ringing! I always let her know your latest and she had a few of your pictures I printed out to talk about. All well here. Off to Cairns next week with Barb to see David! 14 to 25 degrees water temp 25 dgrees. Can't wait.
Response: It's getting warm here. Summer weather now.
Say hello to David for me.
How's he going?
Thanx for passing on my updates to Rite for me.
From josh
hi marcus its josh how are u hope everything is good is there a contact number at all or could u contact us heres our new adress and number
17 bonney st sans souci 2219
02 9529 7184
Response: Got your details, will ring soon.
From Dad
When U go to the cricket keep your eyes out for Tony Kelly and Bob Walsh as they will be there!Ran into Bob at Narromine when we were in Dubbo for Ritma birthday.They are travelling over to England for a couple of months.Been watching T.V. on the To - day show and seen a little bit of Ireland.Looks fabulous!! Enjoy
Response: Will do.
Do you know what match they are going to ?