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margpoz adventures!!

G'day everybody!! A big trip awaits me and y;ou can see a bit of the fun too.

Diary Entries

Monday, 28 August 2006

Location: USA

G'day! Nice but hazy day here. Had nice visit with my cousin who lost his Mum few months ago--my Aunt, of course. I just phoned Air Canada and confirmed my return flight which arrives in Sydney Sept 1, Friday at 6.30. Then I get Rex ZL1745 to Dubbo, arriving in Dubbo st 2:30 in the afternoon. If no one there, I will get taxi home. Hopefully, you will have a nice day waiting for my return!!!... See you all soon, Margaret

Sunday, 20 August 2006

Location: Canada

G'day! Probaly the last message as I return to Dubbo Sept 1. Will be along flight back, but have lots of CD photos to show everyone.--well, bore you all. Been so much fun with one I have known over the years, esp the Sister who origingally met my Mum and started a study with her--Sis Kay nearly 90, and still going strong. Nice to see relatives, even tho not in the Truth--just sitting around and talking about nothing---but that's all they know. How boring! We have so much to talk about, that is up-building. I have tried so often but never have worked out how to send photos and no one here has any ideas. Hope you are well and sill see you next month. Lotsaluv Margaret

Wednesday, 02 August 2006

Location: Black Diamond, Canada

G'day!! Been out witnessing all da;y, but hard to get to the computer. We had a lovely wedding in the park, quiet and small. Relaxed and weather so good--lite hight clouds, so good for photos. If I could work out how to send photos, I would. They have changed the format of the Kodak setup, so thats a challanage for Granny in itself!! Last week, phone rang, a Sister sick so couldn't do her Talk from the Reasoning book that nite, so guess who got thrown into a on-the-spot preparation!! Phoned the householder Sister, Ok. Went over it, and about 4.30 phone rings agaon, her little boy sick. So, another householder!! She turned up, and we did it. And we survived. This next week my br-in-law off work, so plan to go to a rodeo and visit our Aunt who lives 6 - 8hours drive north. MAYBE we will spend day at the world's largest Mall, the West Edmonton Mall, as we have to go past Edmonton to get to Aunts place. Dont know , we'll see what happens. You folks will all be busy going to DC, so I know you will enjoy it. We had our DC review last night, and we needed lots more time to do it justice. Haave a safe trip there and back, won't you. Christian love, Margaret

Thursday, 27 July 2006

Location: Black DiamondWe, Canada

Hello everybody!! I guess you're all OK because I haven't had any messages waiting for me. Was 32 here yesterday--very hot for here. 24 today, normal summer temp. Busy out witnissing and enjoying being with different ones and trying to learn how to talk to folks over here, all challanging. Soo we will drive 6 - 7 hours north to see our aunt and then soon will be time to pack my bags to get back to Dubbo!!! It's time to enjoy the fresh garden veg and strawberries, plus the stone fruits coming in from British Colombia....yum!! hope you are all well, Margaret

Friday, 21 July 2006

Location: Black Diamond, Canada

G'day everyone!! It's 1.45pm here, sunny and 30 deg--hot for here. Having good weather, and farmers need more rain. Many farmers busy cutting and baling hay, the bales are all over the paddocks, a good heavy crop. Tomorrows weather to be hot again with poss showers in afternoon. Heather's wedding brought forward to tomorrow, at a park in Calgary, so hope the afternoon is nice--wedding at 5.30pm. Last week we--my sister & husb and 15 yr Lindsay, 21 yr Jared and Andrea & her Husb Jeremy and I all went (in 2 vehicles) over to the next province of British Colombia camping. Cliff, Wendy and I slept in the will-be-finished-one-day caravan and the others slept in tents. Again, weather mild and so verey pleasant. This is school holiday time here, so camp grounds full, so quite a challange to get spot. But we did, so had some time swiming--welll they did--too cold for me! but they have inflatable raft, so I got a nice little raft trip one day. While others in the raft, Wendy showed me a tree just full of ripe saskatoon berries--samll blueberry like berries, and I love them!! Suddenly I didn't care how long they were in the water!! I had a good feed, yum. Another day they went go-cart driving, and I took photos. We hired a boat and took turns driving--and took turns taking photos of the wild hair-doos!! The rev-heads had a great time roaring around the lake. So nice in the evenings to sit beside the campfire, roasting wieners and marshmellows. Very good for the waistline. Not to mention the cans of root beer and Mr. P.--didn't try that one. Such a nice treat for Cliff not to have to be up at 6am to get off to work. And suddenly, we had to get back. There was an art exhibition and Andrea had some paintings to display and hopefully sell. She's gOOD!! Cliff had helped her set up her paintings on a peg-board setup. Good disply. She sold one painting of pair of lions and a pelican--we were surprised her magnificent bald eagle on a dead branch didn't go. of course, been out witnessing, lots not home or busy with vivitors, and also regular 2 times week to the Indian reservation. Talked to a young mand Ryan--just on his way to Calgary court. In 2003 a woman pulled a gun on him and his mum, gun didn't go off and they were able to overpower her!!!! Pretty scary stuff, but case still dragging on. Sounds like Dubbo!! Left phone messaages with couple of relatives, so maybe will hear back from them. We hope to go north of Edmonton to visit my Aunt Ella who is in her eighties by now. Where does all the time go!! Hope you are all well, and not too many flu bugs, Will try again-again- to send photos. Catch you maybe next week. Love Margaret

Monday, 03 July 2006

Location: Black Diamond, Canada

G'day! Had such a good DC program--you will sure enjoy yours when its time. Worth all the effort. We had 4 Brs from NY, one Br mullholand been in NY Bethel 54 years, and was he a good speaker! We also had Br Kenneth Little from Canada Bethel. Met many dear Friends, including Br Abdullah. Couldn't find him first day--he is paralyzed and in wheelchair, so in the infirm section. I thought, if he's not here, he must be sidk, as he wouldn't miss DC. Found him second day--he had been in hosp with pneumonia and the ambulance instructions were to take him to another hosp instead of Saddledome!! When he was whelled in, he realized the mistake, and was so upset, but could do nothing, but plead to Jehovah for help to get to DC for the second day, when I saw him. He's still battling on. We had 8,000 and peak of 9,075 with 70 bap. Last Sunday we had Talk by a BR from Jamaca I have know for years. That was nice, and so was his Talk. Then BR Ken got up and told us we were having shortened WT because visiting BR from Congo and a Saskatchewan Br who is going there on Construction!! The Br William from Congo Bethel told us of the severe conditions there--close family, cultural ties, corruptions everywhere and poverty. Yet the increase is fantastic. He even knows my niece on Construction over there!! Isn't it a small world in the Truth! We were just a abit overtime, and only the hungry children stopped us!! I haven't received any replies except from Tasmania, are ;you receiving my notes? Oh yes, found out that the model of my mob phone doesn't work over here!!! gr-r-r-r but what can you do. Hope you are all well, as we are. Lots of love, Margaretp.

Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Location: Black Diamond, Canada

G'day! Well it's morning here, June 28. Another hot day they say. Got to 30 deg and bit more in some places, which is hot for here. When I arrived, it had been raining, and local flooding, everything just water-logged. Had sweeping winds last couple days, typical prairied winds. So lush and green, drool!! The DC was just beautiful, 8,000 and peak of 9,075. 70 Bap. One Sis from the Mennonite community in Brazil that was in w 05.Sept 1 experience. Some came from their comunity all the way from Brazil to see her get bap! The Br who started to study with them has died, but his widow came all the way for the occasion. Some fab. experiences, as usual. We also had 3 Speakers from NY--Br Carson, Br Beveridge (25 years there) Br Mullholland (54 years there) and Br Kenneth Little from Canada Bethel. I recognized some of the local Brs names, but not very many! I found Br Abdullah, the Br paralysed. Couldn't find him first day, "He must be sick to not be here" I thought. Found him next day--He had been in hosp with pneumonia, nearly died. Dr released him but the ambulance people took him to another hosp instead of assembly site. He was so upset but trying to keep calm and lots of prayers to Jehovah. They got the instructions right, and there he was second day!! and so grateful to be there. You will so enjoy the program. My niece's mother and sister were here for the DC and we went out for a relaxing wiener roast (bbq to you fellas) into the hills, alongside the Highwood River. The wind had dropped, sunny and so pleasant to hear the birds, see different spring flowers and chat. My niece has a sister-in-law Sabrina, in nursing home with serious problems, so Mum working and trying to keep close eye on Sabrina-- they have the Meetings thru the telephone hook-up for her, so she can listen in. So many Brs have distressing situations. Another local Sis. has health probs....hip pains, o yes, then got really severe--finally did x-ray to find hip broken!! She is very heavy, (fills the hosp bed!) so is flat on her back for at least 6 wks and more tests yeaterday---. Her husb is elder and teaches wellding at Tech. Had nice visit with her last week. Several older Sisters that I know are asking whcn I am coming to visit them and looks like family trip away for a week mid July over to British Colombia, taking the family van. So lots of things on the go. Plus going witnessing--got in on the tail end of the Invitaion work--different, but very enjoyable. Be nice if we knew how many folks actually came. We were at the local Indian Reservation, bit like the west Dubbo situation. So sad. It's now school holidays until Sept so many go away. Do hope you are all well, as we are here--except for a stuffy nose that is doing the rounds. My poor br-in-law has asthma, so he's pretty croaky, but still cheeky. Will try to send photos but never done it before, so we will see if it works!! Lots of love, Margaret

Sunday, 18 June 2006

Location: Black Daimond, Alberta, Canada

G'day! Had great few days in Sydney with Edna and safe flight over. I seem to be coping with getting over jetlag OK thankfully. Arrived after some incredible hours in transit and came home and was Bookstudy night, so off to the Bookstudy!!! Went out in Service and enjoyed distributing the DC invitations. First time to homes here in town and today went out to the Indian Reserve called Eden Valley and did the invitations to folks I Know, which was nice Been raining here, even causing some of the creeks and rivers to flood. The hills are so green--just beautiful!! New bird sounds and spring flowers to try to remember! The cong has been expanded by nearby cong coming here--now about 100 pub's so having massive problems remembering names!! And will have all the time I'm here I think. So nice, we are all Brs. The cong has a section to clean in the Saddledome stadium, so lots to do. My br-in-law on sound, so he had Meeting for that. I haven't sent SMS because my phone wont work--I asked for international roaming, but has'nt happened. gr-r-r-. Will email them about it. Hope your are all well, Love Margaret

Friday, 09 June 2006

Hi folks, Zipped up the suitcase and now wondering what I put in it--now what was I going to take...? I leave Dubbo 10th on the XPT and Troy Watson and his mate Cameron are meeting me and taking me to my girlfriend Edna's for few days. Have to be ready for morning Meeting on Sunday. Will see lots of friends in her cong of Harbord. My weather icon for my sister's place (Black Diamond) said 11 deg and light rain--so much for getting away from our winter!! June23-5 is DC and they are busy in the Invitaion distribution work. Just quick message and on to next door. They were doing Reservation homes, and first door was where recent murder took place, next door, relative of murderer, next door victims mother and last house relatives of victim and murderer. What a day!! Poor things--they know everyone on the Reservation. That was their entire morning, not the start they were planning. Critical times to be sure. My packing dramas not really important. Hope you are well, Margaret

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Recent Messages

From Jan Wilson
Dear Margaret
Looked at the calander and realised you will soon be home, how time has flow.
Return visits and calls are ok. MT story published in august women weekly, have copy for you.Looking forward to your return.
Response: Hi!! Yes home soon, so much still todo! Can you order Index 2000-2005 from Lindsay for me please? Have R & R gone to India yet? Got lots of photos on CD to show you all. Thanks, see you soon!! Luv Margaret
From Bev and Kaylene
Hello Sis Margaret
I have been in Sydney for a few weeks and been to Geelong. My bro Barry is doing well after surgery for his brain tumour. I am going home next week. Will write soon, Love to you Bev and Kaylene
Response: WHAT?? I didn't know he was even sick!! so glad he is recovering OK. I return to D. Sept 1, so will catch up with you then. Big hugs, Margaret
From Rebekah Wilson
Hey Margaret

I hope I am not to late but please say hello to Cliff, Wendy, Jared and Lindsay for me. I still think back fondly of the time we spent with them at the end of one of our many adventures.

Hope to see you when I come back to Dubbo after our next expedition!!
From mr troy
hey- glad to see your travel site- look forward to reading and looking at pictures!!!!!

have lots an lots of fun!!!!

hope to see you soon....
Response: We had family trip thru the beautiful Rockies--weather just fine too. Just sitting around the campfire at nite--very relaxing. Tried to send photos but I didn't do something rite--again!! Hope you are well, and you will sure enjoy your DC when it comes. Keep checking my diary. Margaret
From Nicole and Bev
Hi Margaret Nice to hear that you are having a fun time. Having a lovely time with Aunty Bev. Just came back from my parents place in Finland they are happy and well. Lots of love from Bev and I. xXx
Response: Hi! What a nice ssurprise!!Would have been so nice to see your folks and see Finland! wow. Do hope Bev had nice boat cruise. Will try to send photos of our trip thru the Rockies.. Look after our dear Bev for me!! Luv Margaret

From Tony Newton
Good to hear that you are having a nice time. It sounds like there is quite bit of interest coming from the capaign for the DC. I have sent you an experience from Sue Hoak's DC in Utah. All is well here - cold nights but lovely sunny days. We have been doing a lot of burning of flood debris while we're allowed to burn. Ellie is on holidays at the moment - she has had the chest bug for the last week, but is looking forward to our DC in Canberra next week.
Love to all, Tony.
Response: Hi! We had a lovely trip thru the Rockies last week--spectacular scenery! Will try to send photos. So green here due to recent rains, but need more now. Farmers reaping heavy crops before it rains again. Fabulous DC program, as ;you will know by now. Hope Ellie better now, and you are all well. Thanks for Utah email too. Hugs Margaret
From Michelle Morrison
Glad to see you made it safe and sound...enjoy every minute!!
Love Nathan and Michelle
Response: Hi! DC fabulous! Peak 9,o75 & 70 bap. Hot here after minor flooding. Wiener roast on river-oh so relaxing! Love, Margaret
From Phill Nutley
Hey Sis Margaret,
Look forward to reading all about your adventures! Have a great trip!!
Response: Great start--can't get photos off camera to put on a CD!! gr-r-r Troy Watson will meet XPT--am so grateful. Thanks
From The Newtons
Hi Margaret
Good to hear from you - looking forward to knowing how your trip is going. TRY to get the photos to work. Look forward to your news. Bye for now. Tony
Response: Thanks, will be a big challange, but my nephews pretty good at computers. If they have time, of course!!!