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Our United States Journey

Yes folk we are travelling again.
We will be flying to Las vegas through San Francisco,then on to Michiga,Chicago and Billings Montana an almost 4 week jaunt to attend a wedding and visit friends

Diary Entries

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Location: Tokoroa, New Zealand

Well we are getting there,picked up the tickets last Friday,purchased a new suitcase as one of old ones had lost the handle three years ago somewhere between Budapast and Bangkok.
Today did an online application to allow us to travel to the USA,fairly straight forward as the site is very user friendly even have the day,month,year in the right order.
Happy to go to somewhere warmer as the last few days have been cold,frosty and rainy,even had snow in parts of town last week.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Location: Tokoroa, New Zealand

Not so long ago we received a wedding from a distant cousin of Gerry who lives in the Chicago area.Her daughter is getting married in las Vegas.
It did not take us long to make the decision.Airline flights are cheap so is hotel accommodation so on June 14th the day after we attend our nephew Rob's wedding to his American love we will get on an Air NZ flight to Vegas through San Francisco.
We plan to stay four nights in Vegas enabling us to visit the Grand Canyon and other places as well as the delights of Las Vegas.
Being Dutch we have short hands and deep pockets so the casinos will not do well out of us,but still you never know.

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