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Diary Entries

Monday, 01 January 2007

Location: Hopfgarten, Austria

Hello All

One word to describe our last two weeks in Hopfgarten - BRILLIANT!!!!!

Minus the 30 hours in total from Edinburgh to Austria to get there, the trip has certainly ranked in at No:1.

Two weeks of snowboarding (no major injuries), lunching at Austrian Gastoffs (resturants) on mountain peaks, snowing Christmas night and New Year Day - how better could it get.

Luckily enough, some of the couples (including us) were upgraded to Hotel accomodation which meant a 3 course meal at the local Gastof most of the nights we were there. We could not of been more lucky.

Contiki did an amazing job making Christmas the best it could be when away from family. Certainly something we will remember forever. We were fortunate enough to have a baked meal etc for dinner and all the other traditional foods around that time of year. All whilst being in a room/hall with everyone else, decorated to the max and being waited on by the Contiki staff. Even Santa was even able to find us in the middle of know where!To top if off, when leaving that night it was snowing - (pics on website) - awersome end to a special night.

New Year was spent in the main street (1 of 6 streets in the village of Hofgarten) at a street party. A DJ was there and bars set up outside serving copious amounts of schnapps and gluwein (hot red wine topped with cinamon and sugar) - YUMMM!!! - Fireworks bought in the New Year and the locals walking down one of the mountains in the formation of 2007 holding candles (pics on website). Brilliant night all round.

Myself and a few other girls did a day trip into Innsbruck - the capital of the Austrian Tyrol. (pics on website) - it too was a lovely city set in the middle of the Austrian tyrol mountain ranges - some great scenary.

There are a fair few pics on the website, but we just couldnt choose which ones NOT to put on there. As you can see the scenary is breathaking - hope you enjoy.

We hope your all well and had a lovely Christmas and New Year - (we certainly did). All the best for 2007.

Would you beleive we have been away now for 5 months - time flys when your having fun!!!!!!!!!

Much love
Jamelie and Mark

Friday, 01 December 2006

Location: Scottish Highlands, UK

Hi All

The weekend passed - our friend Cam, Mark and I and our flatemate Karliegh hired a car for the weekend and took to the Highlands in search of Nessie, courage to try some haggis and some of the best scenery we have ever seen.

We started off with a quick stopover at St Andrews - the home of golf. Whilst, it will cost you about $300 to play a round, thankfully we were allowed to walk the 18th hole for free and snap a few pics.

We headed North into the heart of the highlands where some of our best pics were taken (check out the website). We stayed at Port Augustus (the home of the Loch Ness Monster) and also in which the Loch Ness runs through. Bid some time (bit too much time) at the local pub with our pints and even had the courage to try some haggis - spicy mince is all i have to say!!!

Our road trip ended with a visit to the home of William Wallace (Braveheart).

Hope you enjoy the pics.

Much love
Mark & Jamelie

Friday, 27 October 2006

Location: Ediburgh, UK

Hello everyone

Sorry for not updating the page as often as we would like - but thankfully we both have settled into jobs and days seem to fly by now. To update everyone, Mark is working at the good ol 'local' - Terlford Arms Pub. His full time there, and enjoys the fact that he can literally walk to and from work. Its only about 300m down the road from us - so convenient plus! At the moment its only to get him by until his glazing comes about - but lucky its more of a family sort of pub. The owners and locals have already claimed him - even though they cant believe he is Aussie and not Kiwi (must be the fro I say)!!!

I am working with Dundas and Wilson - one of Edinburgh's top legal firms - earning an awersome £9.50 p/h - equivalent to about $24.00 - LOVING IT!!! - the work is great and people are friendly. To the girls at webb and boland, audio dictation is a nightmare now - the Scott's accent is trebled when they dictate making it so darn hard to type - anyways, I will get by!! I am working for about 5 Solicitors and 1 Partner - so you can imagine the workload. I am in Construction and Engineering and really enjoying it.

The weekend before last we hired a car and went across to Ayr - literally one side of Scotland to the other - and only took 1.5hrs.. crazy!!! For those who know Ben Colley and Jane Hamilton - this is who we went and stayed with - (pics will be on the website soon). Ayr is small in relation to things, its very green and cold and windy. But it was nice. Thankfully Ayr had a ten pin bowling alley - so time spent there. Whilst here we were able to catch up with 'Recko' Kelly - Damien (another Moree lad) who has been over here for about 5yrs. Talk about a Moree reunion in Ayr!!

All in all we are still having a blast - we are loving Edinburgh and there is always something new to do on the weekend. Oh, which reminds me, we (yes Mark - i dragged him along) went and saw Chicago on stage - so good!

I think its only about 7 weeks now to our Austria tour and can not wait. So solid work and saving until then!

Hope your all well back home. Certainly missing the friendships, but we are having fun.

Take care and much love

Jamelie and Mark

Tuesday, 03 October 2006

Location: Edinburgh, UK

Hello from Scotland....

Home of kilts and hagis...great!!!

Well by the looks of things we have made Edinburgh our home for a while. We took the 6 hour journey from London on Sunday and arrived in cold drizzling Edinburgh. Its a great city though. A lot less busy, chaotic and intimidating then London. The people are so friendly (on the off chance that you can understand them)!!!

Hopefully by the end of the week we both will be employed and have a home - which we both are looking forward too.

We will be sure to keep you all up to date. We only have 8 weeks until our Christmas tour - Hopfgarten. So there is money to be made!!!

Hope you are all doing well. We certainly are.

Much love
Jamelie & Mark....

Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Location: Mykonos, Greece

Hello from Mykonos

The holiday after a holiday was certainly the best thing we have done. Our "contiki cough" has disappeared and the tiredness subsided.

Our days are spent either on the beach watching the waves roll in whilst sipping Caronas or hiring cars/scooters and cruising the island and beach hopping.

The contiki resort is only a 15minute drive from the main town of Mykonos, which is such a cute little fortress. Streets and alleys lead off each other, all cobblestone and out the front of each shop is their owner with their "nonna" (grandmother) and dog - its hilarious. Its all very casual here in Mykonos, nothing ever runs on schedule or by time.

We only have two nights left here and then we head back to London and then on to Edinburgh, back to reality. Funny enough we are looking forward to a bit of reality for a while.

Today we have hired a scooter for the day and are planning to head to Paradise Beach - self explanitory really. Its the most popular beach in all of Mykonos and often a bit of a celebrity attraction.

Happy days....

Saturday, 16 September 2006

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands


We last left you jumping off mountains in Hopfgarten, Austria and white water rafting the Austrian Tyrol. From here we headed to St Goar, cute little wine making region in Germany and then on to the Netherlands, Amsterdam.

Our first impression of Amsterdam was a 'surprise' stop in the Red Light District of Amsterdam and a ticket to one of the most popular 'LIVE' sex shows in town. No comment... use your imaginations...As I am sure most of you know, marijuana is 'tolerated' in Amsterdam so the pubs in town have a special level for all the joint and bong smokers (your not allowed to have alcohol on this level), another level for just drinking and then another level for whatever goes.... interesting!!! Most people are sitting back having their drinks whilst scouffing down a space cake or two.....

The next day was spent in town, cruising the streets walking by Anne Franks House etc... That night was our last night on tour. As you can imagine it was a huge night had by all. We started off with dinner at one of the little fishing villages outside of Amsterdam and then on to a cruise of the canals through Amsterdam. Free grog for about 2 hours, music, dancing all whilst cruising around Amsterdam. We left here, back to our hotel where we parited to about 3 in the morning - not too concerned about the 7.00am departure time!!

All in all - we both have had the time our of lives. Its too hard to sit and say what was our favourite place or thing because we had 28 days of jam packed, fun filled stuff. Places and things we will most likely not see again.

From this, we thought what better way to finish a holiday with another holiday. On Friday we fly out to Mykanos, Greek Islands for another week of sun, sun, sun and more sun - and a much needed rest. Maybe a detox for that week as well!!! From here we will most likely be heading to Edingburgh and start getting back to reality - working. We will only have over 8 weeks until our winter/christmas tour so we best be depositing funds, rather then withdrawing!!

We will be sure to update you again in Mykanos with some more relaxed style photos.

Hope you are all doing well.

Much love
Mark and Jamelie

Wednesday, 13 September 2006

Location: Lucerne, Switzerland

Hello Everyone

We last left you in Corfu and since then we have been to Italy, Austria, Germany and now are in Switzerland.

We arrived in Venice and spent two days here cruising the canals and walking the streets. Venice is our favourite alongwith with Florence so far. The days were deadly hot but the view and the lifestyle is amazing. We spent our days in St Mark's Square (Bascillica) feeding the pigeons, Gondola rides and sitting in sidestreets cafes eating our gelati or sipping cafe lattes - absoloute bliss. Photos will be on the website from our Gondola rides and the rest.

On to Munich - Germany - the beer halls are crazy. Spent a night at one of Hitler's previous speaking halls sculling back some steins (3 for both of us - and yes Mark pretty much had to carry me home)!!. Worthwhile though. Sadly we were only able to spend one night in Munich but in saying that we did the touristy thing and saw the Glockeinspiel and a few other bits and pieces (photos on website).

Next day we headed to the Austrian Tyrol - simply breaktaking. Both Mark and I have fallen in love with this part of our trip. The scenary is crazy. You are forever surrounded by snow top mountains and huge rolling hills. (Photos will be on the website too). Our first day was spent white water rafting the rapids of the Austrian Tyrol (photos on wesbsite) and jumping of a mountain in Hopfgarten - nothing like having a 6ft blonde Austrian strapped to you and jumping off a mountain - both Mark and i did this and was the best thing so far. We were only 'flying' for about 6 minutes in the air but it was definately worth it.

On to Switzerland - we are staying at Mount Pilatus. It is the highest hotel in Europe and the views are nothing like we have ever seen before (photos on website). It is about 30minutes in a cable car to get to our hotel right at the top.

Tomorrow we head to St Goar and then on to Amsterdam. Sadly enough our tour ends on Sunday. The month has flown for us.
We have made some really great friends and the best fun ever.

Will be sure to do another diary entry when we arrive in Amsterdam.

Hope you are all well and happy.
Much love
Mark and Jamelie

Monday, 04 September 2006

Location: Corfu, Greece

Well well well...
Corfu - amazing!! It is exactly like the pictures that you see. Crystal blue waters and hot temperatures. Funny enough though, they dont allow toilet paper to be flushed down the toiled - a small basket is provided near the toilet (yet to come to terms with this). The streets are all cobble stone, little greek nonnas dressed in black are everywhere and the sun is always out - just glorious.... loving it.

Yesterday was spent on Georges Boat - George and his yacht cruised our group around the island of Corfu stopping at different spots to take a swim in sea. All you can eat and drink surely made the day worthwhile (photos will be on the website too).

From here we are on a cruise ship for two days heading to Venice.
Will be sure to post more pictures in the future.

Love all round.

Mark and Jamelie

Saturday, 02 September 2006

Location: Corfu, Greece

Hello Everyone

Sorry for the lack in diary entries but Contiki is no holiday - therefore no spare time. It has been on the go since day one. Early mornings, late nights and up to 12 or 13 hours on a bus daily. But in saying that we are having the time of our lives.

To bring you up to speed (as you can gather from our photos) - we have so far covered, France, Spain and Italy. Paris was amazing and exceeded any expectation we had. Definately will be going back some day. Barcelona was the opposite - as amazing the shopping was, the poverty was unbelievable. Every corner was a home and begging ground for the young and old. Night life rocks as well..

Italy... have fallen in love with. In particular Florence. Both Mark and I were amazed with this city. Shopping was fantastic (new purchase of a leather jacket for me and a nomination bracelet for mark - will explain later). Every corner in this city exposed something new and exciting. The architecture was similar to Paris but the life in general was no where near the hussle and bussle of Paris.

Nice/Monaco was amazing - definately a lifestyle for the rich and famous. Our day in Nice was spent on the pebble beach sipping cocktails which was great. That night we headed into Monaco Casino rubbing shoulders with the filthy rich - countless Ferraris, BMW, Mercs, Mazaratis and Bentlys. The views overlooking Monaco were priceless as well...

Roma.. Rome... was beautiful and what we expected. The Collessum and Vatican were breathtaking and gave you shivers at the same time. Unfortunately, we both caught the Contiki Cough here (as well as about 30 people on our tour) but are still having the time of our lives. Onwards and upwards....

At the moment we are sitting in a little internet cafe in Corfu - it is a sunny 30oc and is awesome. We only arrived at 4.30am this morning by overnight ferry (an experience itself) and are about to do some serious touring... By what we have seen it is beautiful. White buildings, blue sea and an overall casual atmosphere... bring it on....

Signing off for now. Hope you are all well and happy.

Hope you enjoy the pics...
Mark and Jamelie

Saturday, 19 August 2006

Location: London, UK

Hello Everyone

Well we made to big ol' London Town - and it is FANTASTIC. We have only been here for three days and already have mastered the 'Tube' which is this huge underground network of trains, experienced our first broadway production - Stomp and drank a Pint - (and yes Jamelie finished all of hers!) - they are HUGE glasses.

We went on the big red bus tour yesterday and did and saw all the 'Touristy' things - Big Ben, London Bridge, Tower of London, Westminister Abbey, Trafalgar Square, the Thames, St Pauls Cathedral and the list goes on....

We had our first 'domestic' experience at the local Laundrymat - i can honestly say now that whites, blacks, swimmers, towels and all coloured clothes wash safely together on a cold rinse - our parents would be so proud.....

Sadly, our time is running up in London town but only to get better - on Monday 21 August we start our Contiki Tour - 28 days around Europe and the Greek Islands - can not wait.

Take care
Mark & Jem

Monday, 14 August 2006

Location: Sentosa Island, Singapore

Hello Everyone

Sorry for the delay in the diary entry - but as you can tell from the photos - we had an absoloute amazing time. We didnt want to leave and definately recomend it for everyone.

Happy hour by the pool bar sipping a 'Singapore Sling' or 'Sentosa Sunset' was probably the best bit - but then again, being able to go to dinner at a restuarant with sand between your toes and the beach in front of you was pretty amazing as well.

We spent a day at the zoo which was great (photos should be on the site soon) and so glad we went. Now we dont have to go to Africa!!! White Tiger, Lion, Elephants, Rhinos, Zebra, Chimpanzee, Orangutan, White Polar bear, monkeys monkeys and more monkeys.... so awersome. We were able to have breakfast with the Orang Utan (a big mumma and her baby) that was great too.

Was sad to leave and hopefully (if the finances allow) may stop there again on the way home.

Take care everyone
Mark & Jem

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From gump
hey guys long time no talk to, looks like your having a blast youll never want to leave, great photos just been having a look. look forward to seeing more of them. Have fun talk later.
Response: Hey Gump
Talk about long time no talk. Nice to hear from you. Yes! You guessed - we are having an absoloute blast. Time of our lives. Mark got a job as a glazier and is loving it and im a legal secretary - both really great jobs. Hope all is well with you and the big M (moree) - take care. Jamelie
From Lindsay
Hey Guys, just dropping a line to say Hi, hope you both well.... Great pics!! x Lindsay
Response: Hi Linds
Great to hear from you.. glad you liked the pics.. heading to Ireland in March (my brother is coming over) - cant wait!! Hope you are all well..
From Kristy
hey guys. great pics!:) good times!!!:) hope you both well!!
luv Kristy
Response: Hello there
Glad you found the site okay - we wont have much more on it - until we go to ireland. Hope your well - keep in touch.
jamelie - am already having snow boarding withdrawels.. TAKE ME TO AUSTRIA
From grete
hi guys have just seen your pics of austria they are so great you looked like you were having the best time it is amazing luv ya both
Response: Hey grete,
the pics are amazing arent they. The best time ever.. talk soon.
From Janie
Hi Guys,

Hope you had a great chrissy & new year. Wishing you all the very best in 2007, hope it's filled with love, good health, happiness and heaps more great memories.

Take care
Response: Hey Janie
Xmas and New Year was amazinig. The best we could wish for when away from family. Hope 2007 brings good times for you too. Talk soon.
From Peta
Hey there, hope you are well, have a lovely Christmas! See you soon
Response: Hi Peta

Wishing you a merry christmas as well. Great to hear from you.

Jamelie & Mark
From from tayla
sounds like your having fun working in your new jobs. I love the rome photos on hear because we are learning about ancient rome now in history and about the coloseum. Luv from simon kylie tayla and jake
Response: hey tay

glad to hear you like the photos - i can tell you that Rome is amazing - the collesum is huge. Tell me if you want some photos - and i can send them to you.
love you all
From Moylo
G'day Jim and Mark,
Glad to hear that you're both enjoying yourselves. Im doing a bit of travel at the moment as well. I went to Boggabilla last week! - Kebin sends his lub!
Response: Glad to see that nothing has changed. Working for Dundas and Wilson BAM - property litigation. Loving it.. getting paid $23.75 per hour... hope all is well.. tell cath i said hi
From Janie
Hey you 2 wee ones,

Oh my god it was so great to finally catch up. Had so much fun with you both. Edinburgh seems like an amazing place (well the Walkabout pub anyway, that's about all we saw of it hee hee) Just kidding, the city seems great and so does your home. good luck with your jobs and the rest of your stay there.
Can't wait till next time we catch up.
Love ya's
Response: Thanks janie..see ya
From Amber Pereira
Hey guys, this site is awesome. Only wish we could continue traveling with you! Big Hugs - Amber & Stacy
Response: Hey love
I would give anything for you guys to travel with us... missing you both. The site is pretty cool - lets everyone know what we are up too. Keep in touch.. cant wait to go to Melbourne one day!! I wont forget it...
From grete
hello my two special people how is the new home going settled in ok and how is the job hunting going everything is fine here all is well been really busy missing wally the worker keeping them occupied missing you both love ya heaps
Response: Hey Grete
All is good - having a home is unreal! We are sure the jobs will come along.. Jamelie has another interview soon.. cross fingers. Glad to hear that you are all still busy. take care
From tayla and the family
luv the photos. it really looks like your having a ball. we miss u heaps and cant wait to c u again. HAVE FUN!!! and keep it up. C ya'll !!!!!!!!
Response: Hello everyone
We are having a ball. We are in Edinburgh Scotland at the moment and move into our first home tonight. We are both waiting to hear back from job companies, so cross fingers we should be employed by the end of the week. Take care.. love you all.
From Suzie B
Hi Jimmy,
Did you manage to meet up with Lenice & Craig? They will be back soon. I am going to ring you soon because I can't help myself. I am so happy you are having such a great time. Good luck with the job hunting. Are you coming home for Smithy's party at Mungindi? Bet you are!
Love Suzie Rae. xx
Response: Hi Suzie Ray
Unfortunately I didnt get to catch up with Mr & Mrs Muggleton. I sent them an email and never got a reply. We are having a blast. We move into our home tonight and am waiting to hear back from a job prospect - cross fingers. Would give anything to come home for smitthy's party - does anyone have a spare $2500.00 - ask Mr Burey....
From Suzie B
Hey ewes,
Obviously you didn't get my first message. Probably stuffed up. Hope you are having a great time still. Miss you heaps Jimmy, lunch/shopping on my own some days. Love yas xx
Response: Hey suzie ray burey / poxy mum. We are both missing you too - we are having heaps of fun though. Today is our last day of our tour - will be able to email you soon. Love ya heaps too
From grete
hi marko jem the photos are fantastic looks so different over there the country side must be so amazing you look like you are having the best times of your lives everybody keeps asking how you to are doing well your tour is nearlly over on to a new adventure working in london miss you both heaps love you take care love mum
Response: hey grete
thanks for your message. we are both having the best time ever - we miss you all too - kissess and cuddles all round. talk soon
From Angela & Bernard
Hey Jimmy and Mark you guys look like you are having so much fun. Bern and I are having a ball also although I am not quite as organised as you guys with the whole web page idea. Very good thinking i must say. Hope you keep having a ball. Keep safe. Talk soon.

Love ya
Response: Hey Ange
Have just read your email and it sounds like you are having an amazing time too...
Take care and we will be sure to keep in contact.
Much love
mark and jamelie
From from tayla and jake
hi again, sounds like your having fun. can you believe crikey (steve irwan) died. Peter brock also died. Missin you. Lots of love simon kylie tayla and jake. xoxoxoxoxo
luv yas
Response: Hey guys
Yeah we are having an absoloute ball - so much to see and do. Couldnt believe the news about Peter Brock and Steve - crazy. Take care.. much love
From Janie Addy
Photo's are great. You guys have sure seen some amazing things on your travels. Stay in touch and we'll catch up for sure, somewhere...
Talk soon
Love ya's
Response: Hi Janie
Thanks for the message. Will be sure to catch up soon. We are half way through our tour - only 2 weeks to go.. talk soon. love ya
From from simon,kylie,tay
hi guys, sounds like your having a ball. nearly all of us have looked at the photos and we love em. marcia saw them and thought they were sensational. miss u both. luv from all of us
Response: hey guys
Thanks for your message. We are having a blast.. so much to see and do.. love you all
From Becc & Gundy
Hey there you crazy kids! You two look like you are having the time of your life! Jimmy you are the most fashionable backpacker around (sorry mark you look good too!) Hope you are enjoying the summer, chat to you later! Becc & Gundy!
Response: hey guys..
having an absoloute blast - the best times of our lives. People on our contiki are more fashionable then us.... hehehe
take care and talk soon
From jamie,jaime,harry
hey friggers
hope the big red bus was fun did you see any royal friggers?
harry is going great he is going to a party today he's got the life jamo say's hi we will call you guy's over the weekend. stay safe
love us
Response: hey guys
thanks for the message - so great to hear from you all. Hugs and kisses to Harry - tell him his Uncle Mark misses him alot (and so does Jem) - we are having so much fun - we are getting ready for our contiki on Monday - so excited. Didnt see any Royal Friggas - but that was good as well.
Love ya all...
From Mum,Dad & Jordo
Looks as though you are having
a ball - Miss you both - looking
forward to more photos
Response: Thanks Mum and Dad - missing you alot as well - we are having so much fun though. Did our washing today - you would have been proud...
talk soon - love ya all
From gloria
they are just great will show mum to night will let her write to you love you nannie pop
Response: Thanks Nannie and Pop - we sent you a quick email.
Love you both
From Barmat
Shit, it doesn't look like you're having much fun (LOL)!!!!! Wouldn't you two much prefer to be back here at work like me!!! Nah - Great pic's fishies - keep having fun and I'll catch up with you soon. Cheers - Mat
Response: Thanks Fish - having a ball - will update soon - keep looking at the site more pics to come
From Nanajay
Hi guys

Thanks for the pictures! You guys are looking pretty relaxed already.

NICE COCKTAILS by the way, but do they compare to our homemade SOUP????

Love Jx
Response: Cocktails were awesome - but the soup is great!!!! Kisses and cuddles to Emily Jane - tell her Uncle Mark and Aunty Jem miss her - and a cuddle to you too Jay - miss the friendship and emails daily... love ya all