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Welcome to my travel Page, Marlon,,,AkA-- Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!,,,Have a good one guys,,Marlon, Is Lekker man, Baie lekker

Diary Entries

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Location: Naples, USA

This is one of my days off. One of those lazy days, I have not been up to much lately but work work work.
But i have been enjoying myself with all the cars i always dreamed of driving, Corvette Z6 2008, GT 500 Fort Mustang AKA Elenor, GOne in 60 seconds, Wow that ford Shelby is fast. But hey let me tell you the Corvette, F@#k i have no words, Its like you in the pilot seat of a plain, So lucky for me i dont have a heavy foot,,,,lol..just joking . Are you kidding me i drove it like its was stolen.

I have added the pictures and a video so you all can see it.

Hope you all are still well.


Sunday, 16 December 2007

Location: Miami, USA

Hey there, me again, Back in the states, Its been a week but it seems like three. Its not the being here alone, Missing home and everybody, Robs, and family miss ya lots. i should be back in S.A on the 10 jan for a week or so, I've added some pics of my Apartment on this page and on facebook as well............


Wednesday, 05 September 2007

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

HI guys, we back in South Africa for a while npw, Started working at my old company Comztek, Thisngs are pretty much back to nornmal. But not for long though as we will be jetting off to the states again in Decemeber.

To everybody we saw you look good, to those of you who i did not see you can always keep in touch viva this webpage.

Well be safe

Peace out

Monday, 04 June 2007

Location: Naples, USA


Its almost time you go back home, Wow 7 months has come and gone, I dont know what to say i just wanna go back home.

Monday, 28 May 2007

Location: Miami, USA

Hi guys

Wow Its been a while since i should you what Robs and i been up too, Well endless partying of cause but that gets so tired after a while.

Well lets just say its been fun, One day we snorkel in the Pacific ocean, Miami.... and the next we swim in the bath like waters of the gulf of mexico, South florida.
Just got back from a cruise to Bahamas, stopped at two islands.
We cruised on the Royal Carribean Cruise liners. guys you have to do this, i cant explain. We stopped in the Capital of the Bahamas, the island is call Nassau. I know what i'm about to say will confuse you, it cincused the hell out of me,

Now i'm sure all of us watched Pirates of the carribean, Why did you call it pirates of the carribean if it was filmed in the bahamas.
All those Islands on the movie, i snorkled there, ok i've been there. To see how it was done and how the people live is just amazing. And by the way the taxi drivers in the bahamas its just like back home, they all made and drive like mainiacs.

There is a hotel , the biggest hotel in the world, by the way and its owned buy a South African. The hotels name is Atlantis, its huge. Makes you feel good to be from Afrika de Suit.

The second island was called Coco Cay, Its so cool,its a small island only for tour rests, we went jetskying around the island, went snorkeling and the water is as clear as bath water. i have posted photos as well so i can share with you what i exprienced,

Have a look at my photo's and check it out. Hope all is still well.

See you soon, I will be landing on the 9 July,

Peace out,


Saturday, 17 February 2007

Location: Naples, USA

Hi Guys

You know were i am, i know were i am, Florida, Naples , Miami, its surposed to be hotttttttttttttttttt, well we have a record low of 30 degrees F, I'm not even going to asked how much in degrees celcius.
Well i will stop complaining now, my flu is gone, a bit.

Nothing much happened today just frezzed my but of.

Well i'm of to slep now,

Peace be with you!


Friday, 16 February 2007

Location: Naples, USA

Hey to the naples crew
Clauds just send us the pics from pinchers fish and chips, its awesome, i will post them on tis site in the morning,

Pease out


Thursday, 15 February 2007

Location: Miami, USA

That means hello
Como vose'' esta

How are you

Learning a bit of spanish,

Today was not a good day for me,Came dwn with the flu, the temperature is 81 degrees F. thats about 36 degrees celcius, its hot, and this flu is not helping.

Not much happened today just a normal working day, and yes its Valentines Day, These people go over over with all this, and i mean over, its costume parties all over, Kinda nice but i cant enjoy with this flu.

Hope everyone has (US) and had (RSA) a lekker Valentines day.

Peace out


Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Location: Miami, USA

Well thanks to all who have left messages for me on this site.
Well last night be said bye to Tim, He left for South Africa.
It was kinda sad. I just got back from work and so tired.
I miss everybody back home, I'm going to sleep now, bye bye ....


Monday, 12 February 2007

Location: Naples, USA


Well were do i start, I have been here for about two months now, I woke up with uge hangover, we had a fairwell part for Tim & Leighton last night. They going back home to South Africa, Port Elizabeth. We will miss them much.

Today is my day of so i will be sleeping most of the day, its so rainy so the beach is not an option.

Well got to go


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You get kicked out for being too healthy, go collect your pension,
and then when you start work, you get a gold watch and a party on your first day.

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hey marls.
seems like you working hard my man. enjoy
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uncle T
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Hi Marlon,
Glad to hear that you landed safe , look after yourself and make the best of it , Laters
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ja bra pics look good shup
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Hey hey hey!!!!
I got it from Dice...

please hurry the hell home..i'm not gona nag bout how much i miss yous ... just cum flippin home!!!!!

Robyn... girl.. wooooooo..
i must tell you>>>>>


Marly.. hope you looking after her....

love ya both stukkend>>>
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From Marlene
Hey hey hey!!!
Long time no nothing you two!!!
Hope you guys enjoy the rest of it..
Roby - my skat. what the hell did you cut your hair for huh huh?
Miss you both a hell of alot..
all my love..
Marlene - (,")
Response: hey babe, How you, We miss you tooo, Cant wait to see you , Love you lots, marlon & Robs, where did you get this webpage address from???
From Lorraine
Hi Marlon and Rob
I have seen the beautiful photo's and envy yours this will be memories you will keep forever enjoy your stay looking forward to seeing you on the 9th of July.
love Aunty Lorraine
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When you coming back my bra, looks like never because i'll never come back if i was having so much fun. Send my regards to Robyn as well.
Response: Sweet man i will. Find me a nice ring so long. Say hi to everybody bsch home
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hey Marlon.... looks like you enjoying yourself a hell of a lot!!! hope to c u soon!! Mwwha!
Response: I will my luv, be good
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Howsit Dude
Hope all is well.Just dropping you a line to say big ups.Keep in touch.
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have a great.......dont miss home S.A is still same old
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Hey BRU!! Keep partying in style and I'm looking forward to seeing the pics of your destruction!!! Love to Robs, later . PeaCe oUt
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Hey Marlon !!!

Website is best champ, hope you doing allright, well from the pics ...i say you having a good time !!!
Send my regards to the medie and medies ... he he he ... speak to you later ...Des
Response: Hehehehe, i will dawg. I will put the past few weeks pics on there as well. Speak soon again
From Lee
Hey Marlon.Whats happening dude.The pics are nice.I can see that you are having a ball of a time.Anyway just saying hallo hope you are well.Enjoy your day just got a few things going on.Holla at a playa.Later Lee
Response: Thansk man, Hope all it good with you.
From C & R
Cool Pics!!
Hope you feeling better
Catch ya soon!
Response: Thanks clauds,
From Azaad Wade
please call Azaad or Mellissa
Response: Whats up dawge
Hi M, you seem to be doing very well there, laughter & happiness is always the best medicine. Be safe & be good, All the best
Response: Halo ha