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Daniel Maroulis' Quest

Since the beginning of Australian time, a question has yet to be answered. "Do foreign ladies dig Aussie men?". The time has come for two couragous Aussie men to embark in a quest for the interest of mankind. Damian Coffey with his sleek, slim, stealth-like frame, built for the chase and Daniel Maroulis, sharp blue eyes and long golden blond hair flowing from a perfectly moulded scalp is sure to attract the attention of a foreign princess.
Let the quest begin.....

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 10 May 2005

Location: Fethiye, Turkey

We spent a few more days in Istanbul after Gallipoli then jumped on a bus which took us to Cappadocia. The bus trip was about 13 hours and it was an overnighter. Cappadocia is probably the most ineresting place I have ever been. People have been living there in caves for the past 7000 years. We stayed in a hostel called 'The Travellers Cave', it was pretty cool. Our room was a small cave wıth a nıce little pot belly stove in it for heating, as the nights were a bit chilly.
We went on a tour on our first day which was fantastic. The rock formations are due to volcanic activity millions of years ago. We saw caves, churches and underground cities carved into the volcanic rock. The underground city that we visited had the capacity to support 5000 people and was 12 stories deep. The catholics used to hide in these cities for protection when under invasion. The city was only discovered about 40 years ago and its been there for thousands of years, quite amazing.
That night we attended a Turkish night with our two cave hosts, Bekir and Yasheem. We payed about 30 dollars which gave us a 4 course meal and unlimited booze.... The drink in Turkey is Raki. Its like Oyzo and very strong. Anyway, the Turkish night displayed all the traditional Turkish dances including belly dancining. Out of a crowd of about 200 the belly dancer lady picked a few guys to give it a go, and I was fortunate enough to be chosen (I guess she was only human). As you can see in the photo I was damn good! Our hosts then took us out to the local night life. That night I think we returned home at about 5am. Our hosts were the coolest blokes, and we are stıll keepıng in contact with them.
After Cappadocia we jumped on another 13 hour overnight bus which took us to Antalya. From Antalya we caught a connecting mini bus to Olympos. The bus was a 15 seater and the driver packed about 30 people on it as well as a few chooks and a goat, pretty funny. At Olympos we stayed at 'The Turkmen Treehouses', they were pretty cool. We randomly met up with Dorns, Packer and Bıg Joey again. Stayed here for a few days just chilling out on the beach, also had a few big nights with the boys.
We decided to catch a sailing cruise from Olympos to Fethiye where we are now. The cruise lasted 4 days and 3 nights, our captain was Ali and his deck hand was Mushtee. This was quite relaxing as we have been flat out lately... The first night we stopped at a pub alongside a few other cruise boats and proceeded to teach the girls a few dance moves. Cuppa busted out the kangaroo and all the girls thought he looked like a bull frog, then he got a bit cut and searly. We did a bit of water skiing along the way and some fishing. We caught a marlin about 20kg, good eating.
We are now just chilling out again, and thinking about heading to Greece, homeland.

Wednesday, 27 April 2005

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

We aren now ın Istanbul. We have spent the last couple of days at Galıpollı,
ıt was amazıng. Our tour left Istanbul early ın the mornıng of the 24th. We toured the whole ANZAC cove that day and at about 11pm, we set up camp on the beach wıth the other 18 thousand people. The beach we way too crowded so Cupp and I decıded to camp up on the clıff above. The vıew was awesome. The dawn servıce was pretty specıal and a small breeze was blowıng as I thınk we cought a bıt of dust ın our eyes that made them a lıttle watery. After the dawn servıce the crowd walk up to Lone Pıne. For those of you who dont know, Lone Pıne ıs the furtherest posıtıon the ANZAC's reached ın the nıne months they were there. Anyway, we decıded not to take the soft optıon agaın and follow the crowd, so we decıded to storm the hıll. We cut scrub over a couple of rugged rıdges ANZAC style and arrıved to Lone Pıne two hours later. On our expadıtıon
we found some ınterestın
g thıngs ıncludıng a huge chunk of shrapnel. The ANZAC day servıce was held here. On our arrıval we ran ınto Peter Cosgrove, who ımmedıatel
y became our new best frıend, and was very ımpressed wıth our fınd. The ANZAC servıce was also very movıng and we ran ınto Dorns, Packer and Joey Buggner. That nıght we returned to Istanbul and went out on the turps.
We are goıng to travel down the south coast of Turkey over the next week or so then off to Greece.
Istanbul has been the best place so far, ıt ıs quıte unbelıevable. Each mornıng we get woken by the prayıng comıng from the dıfferent Mosque's, you can hear ıt for mıles. We also had a Turkısh bath yesterday, that was an experıence. The bath house we went to was about 500 years old.
Anyway, wıll keep you ın touch probably after I catch up wıth some relo's ın Greece...

Friday, 15 April 2005

Location: New Orleans, USA

Well, we have been in the States now for about a week, and already we have some great stories.
Our first night was spent in LA, we stayed in a motel downtown. Our first few hours were probably the most memerable so far. We asked a mexican security guard for some directions and he sent us down to the getto. This place was the worst and scariest place I have ever been. I still can't believe we made it out alive. We told a few police officers were we had been and they couldn't believe we were still alive either (sorry no photo's of the getto).
We spent the night in Beverly Hills I think, not a great deal happened in LA, rather boring place.
Next stop was Las Vagas. this place is unbelievable. The amount of money in this city is amazing. We have a few good photos of this place. Wally our mascot has probably seen the most amount of action so far, as you can see in the photos. Cuppa picked up some pommy chick that I was spading, thanks Cup.
We flew into New Orleans a few days ago and hired a car. We drove to Baton Rouge and stayed at LSU (Louisianna State University) on campus which was nice an cheap. Had a pretty funny night out on the gas there. We ended up at some frat house with some rather wild characters, then we went streaking though the gymnasium and into the quad... Driving is a bit of an experience, they have 4-way stop intersections over here, where the car that arrived at the intersection first has the right of way, very crazy.
So far it has been pretty fun, the girls over here get very excited to hear our accent, but thats about it.
New Orleans is a crazy town. Bourbon St is unbelievable. We also went and watched an AFL game. This is like a minature version of NFL. The New Orleans team is called The Voodoo. Just arrived in Orlando. I had to drive the rental car the whole way as the other guys were to scared, it was 650 miles. We had 4 hours sleep last night... Will keep in touch.

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From Jacquie
Hey have you fallen off the planet?? I arrive in London on Thursday morning hope to catch up.
Response: Hows it going? My email address is
Number 7 is only on loan..
From Wardy
come on mate more journal entries and photos
From Gundy
Cut the crap Danny - I want to hear about all the juicy stuff, or has the drought followed you over there
Response: We are doing Australia proud by taking the drought with us
From Gundy
Cut the crap Danny - I want to hear about all the juicy stuff, or has the drought followed you over there
From Damo Manley
Hi Scrapbowl,

It's Damo Manley here. I am currently over in Ohio picking potatoes and was wondering if you wanted to catch up?

I have been eating for Australia and have seen the size of your belly and would like you to join my team for the franfurt eating championships in NY in October this year???

Let me know if you want to catch up and chow down.


Oh yeah.
From Brad Lidster
Hi Danny boy,

How are you petal?

Great to see you on the website looking like a blossoming sunflower!

Miss you and take care flaming hotpants..

Love Brad
From Minards
Dan I've been meaning to tell you...Ive come out. Al is no longer available, I'll wait for you!!!
From Ted

Good to see that you have not lost your way with the women, no matter where you go. After seeing you kicking back on the boat i bet that you are missing the drought out at Bourke.... love hearing your updates.
From Amy
Hey boys...this is you aussie loving fan you met in greece, Amy. Well I took a peak at some of your pictures and it looks like you two have been up to quite a bit!!! I hope the rest of your trip goes well. I am on my way back to San Diego in the morning but wanted to drop you a quick hello. I hope you will post some of the pictures we took together. Write me when you can, I look forward to hearing about you travels. Take care and be safe. XOXO
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G'day mate, just wanted to say a quick hello. last time i saw you was on a random day in the round bar at the steyne in Manly. England is going well..same old rugby crap! The moose is planning a big bucks night this sat for Chris malone..should be massive. take care travels. M lippo.
Response: Gday mate. When are you back in London? We should be there in June sometime. Cheers
From Sally Hatch
Hey Danny Boy,
Pulling any chicks or what?
Great site! Very interesting read. Creighto said hello and he'll write you an email (when he learns how to use a computer... i.e turning the thing on!) Not much happening down under. Good luck with the chick quest.
Response: Thanks mate, say hello to all the guys back home.
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All time best evers you scrapbowl. Good luck son
p.s go the bunnies
pps what about ward and flick getting engaged! All time
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Hows it going!!!
Got a few big days in Bunda town soon. Chooky's wedding sholud be a good night.
Righto beta get back to work.

Just wondering hows this quest going.
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Hey there Guys just giving you two a big hey Y'all from all the inhabitants of Bundatown..... The trip seems to be going well... I think the Rev has been having withdrawls for you Danny... Fair dinkum..... Anyhow peace be da Journey..... Fowl Beast
Response: Thanks fowl. Give rock a big kiss for me... What about Scotts new housemate!!
From Mayor of Bunda
Whats he doing!!!
Mate im still kicking them out over the levee nothing has changed still the town of Bunda.
The rams have been going alright havnt lost yet.
Other then that not much been happening will talk to you later.
Signing out!!
Former Big Brother Monestry House Mate.
From The Guv
You have dead set lost it scrap bowl!
Response: Yes brother, well and truely.
From Jacquie
Hey was wondering what you are doing about accom for the beer festival? Are you going to stay at the big camping ground or a motel. Hope you are still having fun
Love Jack
Response: We are staying at the big camping ground.
From The King
Scrapbowl you are a disgrace!

The quicker you get your wrong mug off this web site the better!

Stop picking up blokes and get hard!
Response: Turn it up.
From sam ward
Bud, looks as if the food is ok eating over there, you don't seem to be starving!!!
Response: No, in the fine pastures bro.
From Daniel
Hey, good to hear from you. Thank for the link; awesome site. Hope you guys are having a good time in your travels. Be safe and have lots of sex!

Keeping an eye on Baton Rouge for ya,
Response: Thanks mate. Look after all my girls there for me.
From Mick Rees
g'day fellas love the web site let me know when you get to england, my address is 1 Hopwas house farm cottages
plantation lane
hopwas staffs
b79 3au
my mobile is
07765382588 will be here till september 20. keep up the good work all the best
Response: Should be there in June sometime mate.
From Kel
Lettuce & Cuppa,
Very impressive website. I'm most impressed with your IT skills and your travel journal. Have arrived back safely in London town and have got a bad case of Monday blues on a Thursday. Enjoy the rest of Turkey and lap up those Greek Isles, I'm sure you guys will love them. Safe travels and hopefully we can catch up if you make it back to London.
Take care.
Response: Thanks, sure will.
From Carly Boy
what up.
did you guy's catch up with dave, Dorn and DeDassel for ANZAC day? Looks like your enjoying the hunt for foreign princesses. keep up the good work
Response: Yeah we did. Wish we hadn`t though...