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Philip and I are off to the Caprivi to work on a safari boat. We are no longer involved at Idwala Lodge or Hitgeheim Country Lodge.
Have a look at the site- there are some photos up of the Wild Coast and soon photos of our new adventure and journey will be available. Enjoy!

Diary Entries

Saturday, 28 April 2007

Location: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Hi guys
We just came back from Victoria Falls

The first thing we did when we got to the accommodation was to go and have a look at the market. This is really a sight we've never seen- so many desperate people in one place.
After about a half an hour we couldn't take it anymore and decided that we didn't need curios that badly.

Sunset cruise.... The sunset cruise was good. The booze was free, the snacks were good but Philips little sunglasses and the sunset cruise curse kicked in. About half way along as the sun was going down I drop my sunglasses into the river and watch them go down into the deep green waters of the Zambezi with crocs and hippos.

After that we went to a Restaurant that served us very bad food! We met up with some other South Africans and went to a local pub with them called Cattleman. We got drunk and had a good time with them!Sadly we were in bad early because we had para sailing at 6-am the next morning.

Day one rating 2/5

Day two started very early with a very large need to have something very cold to drink(non Alcoholic)
We headed off to go para sailing with a hangover. 2 guys went up before we did and it looked great so when it was our turn I decided to go up first and let Martina watch. I got about half way out when the hydraulics failed on the boat and the rope wouldn't move anymore. The boat started smoking and the driver decided to cut the motors and let me go for a swim in the Zambezi River river with all my clothes and my camera. I was not a happy camper after that!!

The good news is though we got refunded and didn't have to pay river usage fee's so we went to see the Falls. That rates are very high as its the most amazing thing I have ever seen!!

Day two rating 2/5

Friday was the adrenaline day!!
Our transfer vehicle came to pick us up at around nine in the morning and what a sight that was. A Nissan truck with seats on the back and no suspension!
But it got us where we wanted to be.
First up on the program was the Flying Fox. Here they strap you into a system that suspends you horizontally to a zip line and you run off a platform and dive into a 120m high gorge. You only go 15-km an hour but its the height that gets you.
Then it was the Zip Line- 400 meters long and a top speed of 110-km/h - LOTS OF FUN!!!!
Then it was the turn to do the Gorge Swing. Here you free fall for 3 sec before the rope catches you and swings you across the Zambezi gorge. I did it backwards but Martina didn't do it - she got a little scared of the height

We then did a helicopter flip over the falls which was absolutely amazing to see!!
From the air you can really see the magnitude of the falls and when you are down at the falls you can see its raw power.

Day 3 rating 5/5

Getting home was a story because we didn't have a transfer but we managed to organise some last minute lifts to the Kanzangula Botswana Border and got a lucky transfer from there to the Kasane Immigration Office Botswana.

So we managed to make it back safe and we are now back at work.
On behalf of myself and Martina we want to thank Archie and Marietjie for the generous gesture. It was an amazing experience and it was worth every cent!!! It is definately something we will remember for the rest of our lives!

Have a look at the beautiful photos we have put up.
We hope you enjoy them!


Philip & Martina

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Location: Namibia

Hey there alll

Today we are going on 4 days leave off and we are on our way to Vic Falls
We' will upload photos when we get back because we are on a tight budget and staying at backpackers and doing it like that.
we are however going to try everything there is to do gorge swinging, parasailing, microlight flips over the falls, etc
We cant wait to sleep late and party late get out the bush for 3 nights


Monday, 02 April 2007

Location: Impalila Island, Caprivi, Namibia

Hi everyone

It has been a while since either of us has had the time to take a seat and try to recall everything that has happened the past couple of days.

On the same note, they have been very interesting as neither of us has been in this area before and there is so much to learn and see.

As some of you are aware, we will be taking over the management of the Ichobezi River Boat soon. For the time being we are hanging around at the lodge and on the botat to learn how things are done here.

The Zambezi/ Chobe rivers are the higest they have been in the past 6 years. The flood plains are all under water and so are some of the villages that were established on island which no longer exists. Theres a lodge just up the river that got flooded and will only be reopening its doors later this year.

So, we got to spend a day and night on the boat. This is what happened: on the way there we saw pukus, imps, crocs and ellies.
It seems no matter what time of the day or what day of the year it is you will see ellies here! There are over 50 000 of them!!
While we were moving the houseboat down the river we noticed a huge group
of ellies playing in the water about a 1km downstream. The guests wanted a closer so look. So off they went in a little tender boat.
30min later while we were struggling to dock the boat we notice the guests
racing back at top speed.
While they were vewing the ellies one of the guests
had his hand on the side of the boat( not even in the water just on the
side) when a croc suddenly came up and bit his hand.
It was only a small croc aout 1.5m long and they managed to get it off his
hand and then raced back to the boat and then to the hospital.

After dinner we were talking to the guest when all of a sudden
a buffalo started to give destress calls and started sounding like it was
being killed. 5 min after the buff noise stopped, 2 lions came down,
drank some water and headed back. The whole night there were hyeana calls
and lion sounds and this morning the vultures were circling the area.

Till next time when something interesting happens,


Martina & Phil

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Hi everyone

Well, its the last day at home and we are very excited.
We leave tomorrow morning the 29th to start off our big journey into Africa. We can not wait!!!!
Haven`t started packing yet but how difficult can that be- it`s only 3 months!!

Hope to hear from you guys soon!

Till then...


Martina & Phil

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Location: Dwesa Nature Reserve,WildCoast, South Africa

Hi there

We have just returned from a wonderful 3 days of camping on the Wild Coast in the Transkei.
It was absolutely amazing!! (have a look at the wonderful photos Phil took while we were there).
The journey there was unforgetable.... 90km of gravel road took us 2 hours to complete.The roads are terrible- definately need a 4x4 to get there. After stopping a few times where the road forks, and asking locals directions, we came to the gates that read DWESA NATURE RESERVE-welcome. We had never been happier!
We waited for 3 hours on the beach.We were told, if you are patient, the Rhinos will come out onto the sand and stroll down the beach. Very true, however, all that we found were the tracks and big rhino dumps.
We did however see a monkey dive in and swim the width of the river and Eland crossing the river right at the mouth heading towards the beach.
The scenery is beautiful and undesturbed.No other footprints on the beach. Just ours and the animal tracks. An absolute must for someone that loves nature and really wants to get away- no cellphone reception, no shops, no electricity or power points and hot water only if your lucky. Watch out for the monkeys- they are VERY curious and loved stealing our food!
Have a look at the photos!
Till later...

Photos - Click Below

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Recent Messages

From Clauds & Richy
Just checking in to see if you guys are still's been a little quiet!

We're back in July, see ya sometime after that.
Response: Still alive! Great to hear from you guys again...
It has just been amazingly bussy this past couple of weeks.
See you in July!
What happened, Why is this site so quite
Response: Sorry, life has been hectic and very bussy up here on the Chobe.
Will try send some emails and photos soon.
From Ernst

Working on the trip, will come once the sharks are back in the ocean.

Response: Hows it looks like the boat is pretty full but contact ralf to find out about availibility
Twee en twee is vier maar hoe het Phil dan sulke mooi fotos geneem nadat hy underwater shots geneem het van die crocks en hippos na die parsailing. Waar is die volgende trip. Ek kan nie meer wag nie
From alida
Wow! I'm so glad you could do this. It is an amazing place. I am still trying to call, but no luck. Missing you tons.

Alida (Astro, Kalant, Maya, Chica and Zeuss too)
Response: Next trip will be the trip back home for a few days looks like we'll get from the 17th to the 25 june off then its your turn to come and visit us
Mooi Man Ek hoop dit is die eerste van die vele mooi plekke in die wereld wat daar is om te sien. Go For it. Mooi Man
Response: Ons hoop ook so!!
From Jéan; Liz and Aussie
Hey guys!!
That's fabulous you are enjoying the Caprivi. Wish we were there. (Will come and visit if you will have us??) What's the accommodation like and will the crowd from down South come up and join us.
Wishful thinking.
Love your stuff
Oliviers from Aussie

Response: Hi guys!!!!
So great to hear from you!
You are always always always welcome to come visit us!
We are having a fabulous time up here. Hope that we will see you here soon.
Mooi man geniet dit, wat was die soecial by die pub, het hulle darem Anstle en goeie Whiskey Archie
Response: Ons het Namibian Coca Cola (Tafel Lager) en Bells
From Clauds & Richy
Yo Phil
It looks so awesome! You guys must be loving it! You gotta check our site for the Bahama photos (soon!)

See ya soon
Gonna see SMILE LIKE YOU MEAN - Live this week
Response: Hi Richy & Clauds
Thanks for dropping in!
Looks like you guys are having a great time- sounds awesome!!
Lets just say life in Africa is not all sunshine and giggles....
Phil & Martina
From Archie
What has happened to this site. Did the croch eat you or what????
Response: not yet
getting close though
From Caspar - Venter Tour
Hi Martina,
Hoop alles gaan goed daar in die Noorde se Noorde. Interesante storie met die crocs, buffel en leeus.
Laat maar weet hoe dinge is en of ek van ons kliente soontoe kan stuur.
Groete uit Duitsland
Response: Hi Caspar

Dankie vir die inloer!! Waardeer dit baie.
Als gaan goed hier. Net baie warm. Ek het jou email so sal vir jou als vertel.

Groete Martina
From alida
Hi, lovely pictures, great to see where you are. missing you stacks, but thank heavens for technology! I will send you a photo of Zeuss and the Little Miss at Hitge's

Luv you both
Response: Hi Alida

Thanks so much for the mesg. Its great to hear from you.
Miss home and everyone A LOT!
Received the photo of the puppy from my mom- very very cute.
Love to everyone
Martina & Phil
From Ernst
Have fun guys en byt vas.
Response: Will try to have fun as soon as we go fishing things will brighten up they have a interesting mcnab here you have to climb the baobab catch a tiger and drink the local witblitz to be able to get the shirt
cant wait to get the chance to go fishing
From Therons
Baie dankie vir die pragtige foto's - verlang met heimweë na die tweeling se Boorland ! Geniet dit - sal weer van ons laat hoor !
Response: Hi daar

Sal kyk of ons meer fotos kan neem en opsit.

Praat weer

Tina & Phil
Mooi man, Ek raak al hoe meer jaloerser. Wat is die special winter rates om in die leinste kamer te slaap en om diesel aan te dra vir kos.
Response: Sal maar moet uitvind. Het geen idee nie. Hoor by Phil- dis maar wat hy om die oomblik doen
From Linda in Melkbos
Hi, sien julle, al die goed wat ek vir julle oor tips gegee het het sommer die eerste dag met julle gebeur. Kophou en
Response: Funny place this
cant drink the water but can talk on a cell phone
cant get fresh fruit and veg but can get wireless internet
cant get to town 5km away but everyone has a boat
and the best of all is we cant understand the native language but everyone speaks english
funny place this
Who will know what is pukus, imps. Ek weet nie verduidelik
Response: HI Archie
If you go look in your mammals book you will see a antelope called a puku it looks like a big impala
the imps are impalas
From Hitgeheim
Hey, ons wag in spanning vir huidige updates!!!!!

Almal hier by Hitgeheim ;-)

Response: We havent had much time to take photos of the area- weather has been bad aswell. Been raining with tunderstorms.
Will put some up tomorrow.