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Off on our exploration of this MASSIVE country come April.. Wish us luck.....

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Location: Hobart, Tas, Australia

Hola, from the home of Taz himself!! Look at us travelling... Never thought I'd see the day!! :D Spent a very expensive Paddy's weekend in Sydney, old Monty wasn't being very nice to us at all!! Made our way from there to the lovely Melbourne for a night and then off on the Spirit of Tasmania on Thursday morning.. Tassie is lovely.. Its been likened to Scotland on occasion, although I cant comment on that one, Scotland is still on my to do list... Twas my first time on a ferry, so needless to say I was terribly excited by the whole thing... Excitement was soon abandoned for the feeling of iminent vomiting, although thankfully vomiting was narrowly avoided! Landed into Devonport and spent a night there, Launceston the following day for 2 nights, and we are currently in Hobart... Few more nights here and then up to Cradle Mountain..
Oooh, I almost forgot the good news... Second Year Visa's have officially been granted!!! WoHoo!! Another whole year! Cant believe the first one went so fast!! Today is the first day of our second year in Australia..

Friday, 14 March 2008

Location: 'Boco', Nimmitabel, NSW, Australia

Farm work all done!! WoHoo!! We sent in all our papers and forms today so, fingers crossed! Cant believe it went so fast! It really dosnt seem that long ago that we were dreading the thought of 3 months on a smelly farm, and now it's all over!! It was smelly, and dirty, and really depressing at times, but it was totally worth it in the end!! The next year is going to be better than the first, if I have anything to do with it!! :D Making the trek to Sydney tomorrow morning for the wild Paddy's Weekend celebrations and then, hungover as we might be, it's destination Melbourne!! The travels are finally starting!!
Went on a tour of the Snowy Mountains last weekend, had to give old Monty a stretch of the legs to make sure he was fit enough for the Oz touring... He did good! Except the rear view mirror fell off, and the car wasn't even moving!! All patched up again though!! Had a great time, spent WAY too much money though!! Oops! More soon. xxx

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Location: 'Boco', Nimmitabel, NSW, Australia

So, we're off to this great nation's capital tomorrow, Canberra! We have to go up to get our medicals and X-rays done for our second visa application.. Just another way to squeeze more money out of us I suppose... >:( Other than that though, we have an extremely full and exciting weekend planned in Canberra! Thursday, medicals mid morning and checking into our beautiful hotel afterwards, maybe a bit of a boozy night...
Friday, we have an amazing tour booked in the 'zooquarium'.. Its called the 'zooventure tour'.. We get to have a 110kg Sumatran Tiger leap up onto the fence and take a piece of meat from our hands, touch a Tigon (cross between a Lion and a Tiger), watch otters in a feeding frenzy, have a Lion roar inches from our faces, have brown bears lick honey off our hands and have a python wrapped around us, among other things.... There's also Cougars, Giraffes, Elands, Dingoes and Monkeys involved in the tour.. It sounds amazing, we're really looking forward to it!!
Well, our 3 months farm work are coming to a close, its been great so far, such an amazing experience!! We'll be glad to get back to civilisation though!! :) Cant wait to start our tours!!
Off to the leaba now, we need to be nice and fresh for our trip in the morning....
TaTa for now.......... x

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Location: "Boco", Nimmitabel, NSW, Australia

Still toiling away here on the farm.. Been doing a lot of sheep work the last few weeks, shearing and vaccinating.. My GOD they are disgusting creatures!
Anyhoo, looks like travel plans have finally been cemented (I hope!).. Had to change a few things around, got into a little bit of trouble with the law in Cooma, and on Australia Day no less!! Speeding!
So now we're going from here to Melbourne the flying from Melbourne to Tasmania and travelling there for a week.. Then back to Melbourne for a tour to Adelaide.. Then from Adelaide to Kangaroo Island and Coober Pedy, and then off to Perth... Staying there for a few months to build up the mons again and then flying to Alice Springs.. Alice Springs to Darwin tour then Darwin to Cairns and then a Cairns to Sydney tour.. Once back in Sydney we'll sort out jobs and then do a 24 day New Zealand and Fiji tour.. After that its back to Sydney for another few months work and by then our second year will be up so it will be off to Asia... We have a month long tour picked out for Asia and then, ABHAILE!! All that should get us up to the start of May 2009!! So hopefully nothing will change in the mean time!!! ;)

Tuesday, 08 January 2008

Location: "Boco", Nimmitabel, NSW, Australia

Hey All,
On the farm at the moment, going really well so far..
All the travel plans nearly sorted at this stage.. Doing a tour of Oz first, then back to Sydney for a couple of months, and then NZ and Tazzy.. Then doing Asia on the way home..
Bill is great.. He paid for abseiling off Mt. Kosciuszko (the highest point in Oz) for us as a Christmas pressie.. Had planned on doing it Sunday gone - 6th - but poor Mary tore a muscle, and made it worse by changing a tyre on a truck! So, instead of abseiling on Sunday, we spent it in Cooma casualty! Poor baby! Abseiling postponed until Saturday the 19th - Mary's 25th birthday.. We thought it would be a nice way to spend the day..
We're an hour from the Snowy Mountains and 1 1/2 hours from the coast so plenty to see and do here on our days off!
More soon,
Sandra and Mary xxx

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