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Sunday, 04 March 2007

Location: Thailand

Ok......... We have been a bit slack with writing diaries etc of our travels so I (matt) have decided to keep a brief log of palces we have visited for my own records and memories and also if any of you guys are that bored at work you can track our progress!! cant really give dates but heres the journey so far:

Oh yeh just before that if anyone is computerally challenged there are photos of our journey half way down the screen on the left hand side just click on th link!!

Bangkok- 1st night 5star JW Marriott Hotel- amazing what a way to start our travels. watched ladies do the banana show and write a message on a piece of paper without using their hands!!! Checked out some shopping centers- MBK and Siam which are huge and started to climatise and find our way around the big smoke

Ko Chang (chang means elephant in thai (just incase you were interested!!)- White sands beach - resort with old people and families- not so great but then the rest of the week on Lonely Beach which is a travellers haven very friendly people from all over the world. For any peeps thinking of visiting the nature huts are the way forward.

Back to Bangkok (to meet weaselina goujon gloagen)

Chaing Mai- Thai lands 2nd city- lots of temples and of course the rooftop bar which is very cool stayed at the Chaing Mai Inn which is where we also booked our trekking would defo recommend.

Doi Inthaon- National park where we did trekking inc elephant riding (see pics of me on its head!! walking, swimming in waterfalls and bamboo rafting (no pics as didnt want to get the camera wet!) with Chaing Mais very own answers to Jackie Chan and David Copperfield!! Word of advice- dont do the 3 day trek stick to 2 days

Pai- Travellers town very chilled, would defo recommend anyone travelling this side of the world to have a visit. Defo would recommend the family huts over the river- for great food you must go to the curry house- best thai curry ever and soooooo cheap!!

Chaing Mai- to organise route to Loas.

Chiang Kong- Thai-Loas border town, never stay there longer than you have to, nothing to see and nothing to do painfully boring place althought nice view of the river!!

Huang Xai - Pronounced hong sai is the first town across the border from Chinag Kong (literally 5 mins over the river in a canoe with an engine on the back!!) just when you thought you couldnt go anywhere as dull and boring as Chiang Kong it comes and slaps you right in the face!!! would have waited to go on the gibbon experience had it not been so bad, all the trips from there looked crap and the food was defo not so hot as well!!.

Mekong River- Am mentioning this as we spent pretty much two days on this beast- background info the Mekong river is 4350km long and in some parts 14km wide (in rainy season) flows from tibet to cambodia which is quite a fair way.

Pak Bang- but anyway stopped here on the way to luang probang- its a 2 day slow boat, again alright for one evening do not spend anymore time there than necessary

Luang Prabang (not the corrct spelling but thats how is sounds)- Quite a cool place strangely quite french and a couple of good temples, wouldnt bother checkingout the museum as boring and costs too much. good night market where not everything is so same same (you will understand this if you've been or are going to visit thailand and surrounding areas). Oh Yeh, word of advice anyone who ever goes tyo Loas will notice that there is a 12 o clock curfew for the whole country, the way to avoid this is to go to the main bowling alley- open to 3am and serves beer!!

Vientiane- Possibly the most chilled you will ever go to, do not stay here for longer than 1 night no a lot to do apart from dine in the fine french restaurant le cave d'chateau by the fountain in the center of the main square. if your bored you can visit the outdoor swimming pool (there really isnt that much to do!)

Don Dhet (4000 islands)- such a beautiful place and so much different from the sea islands (obviously cause your on a river!! (Mekong)) really good place to chill for a few days, can also go on boat ride to see rare freshwater dolphins again on the mekong.

Pnom Penh- is definatley one of the best places we've been to, all for the people, really genuine happy and friendly people who are nice to you not just because they want your money. so many things to see and do, went to an orphanage which was really cool even though i dont like kids!! they just wanted to play with you from the minute you got there. Would definitely recommend anyone coming here to go to one, these places dont get enough help and visitors. slightly on the more depressing note, went to s21 which is basically a concentration camp for the khmers and the killing fields- where they buried 1000's of khmers after torturing them. absolutely loads of places to go out, check out the highwayman bar for a luagh and a bit of khmer kareoke!!!

Siam Reap (Angkor Wat)- Didnt think too much of Siam Reap but the angkor wat was amazing (although only for 2 days) some of the temples are quite high up and involve a steep climb up what feels like very unsafe steps especially Angkor Wat.

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From louise stones
Hey!! you two look gorgeous as ever!! These photos are sickening..GLAD your both having a great time ha! ha! Spare a thought for the rest of us mere mortals...the closest I get is slapping on St.Tropez and settling in to watch 'The Beach' on tele!! The photos are amazing, I'm so glad you're having the times of your lives!! miss you. love love love you . Safe journey & have lots of fun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From leigh-ann

It looks like the tobrelonies may be shrinking, have you had a Thai style detox along the same lines as the chinaese tea?

Miss you boys so much but it seems like you're having lots of fun and Australia may still in be reach for Xmas as mum has offered to put £500 towards my flight.

I just need to look for a job when I get back to get more holiday and here I come, whoop whoop.

kisses x x
From nina and james
hi guys, cool pics! hope your having a wicked time. you both look well and so tanned.
keep on touch

nina and james
From mélanie (ade's siste
salut à tous

super vos photos. nous voyageons en meme temps que vous grace à elles.

profitez en bien et mettez vous en plein les Yeux et attentio à la conduite des scooters!!!!

gros bisous
From Anna Charles
Hey guys!!
Just a quick message saying that Im missing you loads and im loving the pix of you three having the best time travelling!!! Not much else to say since I had just spoke with u guys yesterday. But any hoo love you lots and put more pics on your page!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Ash Bash
you are both looking amazing and nearly as dark as me baby! xx
From Gary
very nice boys! looks fantastic keep em comming!
From chrissy p
Glad ur already enjoying the buckets. keep having fun... xxx
From sarah
Ah lovin your work boys and missing you heaps x
From Hana Lear
forgot to say... HAPPY BIRTHDAY my love... miss you.
H xxx
From Hana Lear
Hi Matt,
HOW are you... hope you're having an amazing tijme. Totally jealous...
Love Hana x