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A Cockroach and a Cane Toad!!!

G'Day All,

Apples and I have taken a leaf out of Rob and Kell's book and created a page on this site for you guys to look at while your bored at work or home. The page will contain bits and bobs of our travels through, Spain, France, Portugal, USA and Canada as we make our way home to God's Country. It could also feature some snippits of Apples trip to Iceland and our London leaving party, so bang it in your favourites and stay tuned!!!

Diary Entries

Thursday, 03 May 2007

Location: Maroochydore, Australia

G'day All,

Not a great deal to report of late except the hectic pace is starting to slow up and a sensible routine has been added to our lives. We have both joined the gym and are getting down there a few times a week, nothing extravagant at the moment just easing our way back in.

Apples had some mixed fortune with her job, she lost the contract at Bli Bli with two days before the end of term. Another teacher came in from another Sunshine coast school to take the permanent role, but then Linda was given that teachers job at another school called Burnside. Sounds confusing? well it is so you may have to discuss that with Linda, but she is working every day so she is happy.

Lindas mate Stacy made her way back to the UK after a few weeks down under and we all had a great time while crazy Stacy was here.

Last week Linda turned 27 and she got some super presents off her super boyfriend and a family BBQ at our place was good fun.

For me not much is doing other than work, although i have had a few things to tell you. I climbed Mount Beerwah a few weeks back which was good fun and also finally got the 4WD in the sand at Double Island on Anzac day for a few waves.

This long weekend we are heading to North Stradbroke Island camping which should be great fun. Going with Rob, Kell, PStar and Jo.

Take care everyone till next time

MC and Apples

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Location: Maroochydore, Australia

G'Day All,

Well we got the photos of the house up finally, hope you enjoyed. Settlement happened the week just gone so we are now part of the mortgage paying fraternity for the next 30 years......

We have had my folks up for the weekend which was nice, then the following weekend my sister and boyfriend came up. I took them to Eumundi markets and Noosa and a good time had by all. Dad and i also got waves at Nationals, Noosa which wasn't as hard as getting a park!!!

I have also passed my 3 month probation at work so am now set at work which is good with the mortgage factor now a reality.

Linda has been given a full terms work after easter which is great news although she has already been working at least 4 days a week over the last month anyway so tis a reward for her hardwork.

We thought leaving hectic London things would slow down but they are still moving at break neck speed, but to be honest i think we both like being on the go.

Over easter Linda's buddy Stacey is visiting from the UK so Linda is very excited and looking forward to shopping with her teaching buddy!!!

Over easter I will be in Newcastle to visit the family and also for a few sneeky brews to celebrate my sister's engagement to Neil the pom. Very happy for the both of them and looking forward to having the whole Callender family in the Callender ranch for the first time in a few years.....Break out the expensive red Phil!!!

Big respect to the faithful still reading our poorly updated site...

Is 5 o'clock somewhere so i am having a brew!


MC and Apples.

Saturday, 17 February 2007

Location: Maroochydore, Australia

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to let everyone know so that you can send on your regards to Matt who has officially become a Queenslander. His 4WD now has maroon and white number plates and he even has a Queensland licence. He is very proud of his achievement so I think he would really like to hear all your emails of congrats.

As for me I am still working as a supply teacher and kmart on the weekends. Our house has come along nicely and we are very sorry about the lack of photos but we will do that very soon.

Well that is about it. Take care and speak to you all soon!

Love Linda

Friday, 09 February 2007

Location: Maroochydore, Australia

G'Day All.

Just a quick update on the house. We moved in a couple of weeks ago which was great. It's taken a while to set things up and we are almost there. The camera is playing funny buggers at the moment but i promise some pictures in due course.

But for now the landline has been connected so for those in oz the number is 07 5443 7022

and for da poms or those abroad +61 7 5443 7022.

Take it easy

MC and Apples.

Monday, 08 January 2007

Location: Maroochydore, Australia

Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year to you all.

The new year is off and racing and we couldn't have asked for a better start. The completion of a 5-0 ashes whitewash was a perfect way to start the new year and well overdue revenge for last years hiccup in England.

Now that order has been resumed we move on to the One dayers and of corse the Australian Open to continue the fantastic Ozzie sporting summer.

On the home front no real news to report on except we may be in in a few weeks and we have started buying household necessities, fridges etc.

I spent the Xmas period in Newcastle and also had a trip down to Melbourne for the boxing day test and was fortunate enough to see Warney bag his 700th.

Apples stayed on the sunny coast for Xmas, her first one back home in a few years.

Thanks to the faithful for still reading our updates so keep checking as I have added an extra 6 months to our subscription. Hopefully the next entry may have good news about out little townhouse!! fingers crossed.

Hope 2007 is good to you all.

Matt and Apples.

Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Location: Maroochydore, Australia

The return of the Urn.

Well it was nice of the poms to look after our ashes for 15 months but, as of 2 days ago they were returned to their rightful owners and as McGrath said "order has been restored"

Was a super finish to another great test match and whilst some strange folk are saying the next 2 tests will be boring i beg to differ. The opportunity to send the poms home with a 5-0 flogging only to be savaged again by the blood thirsty English press sounds very exciting to me!!!

So we wait until the MCG and the possibility of seeing 700 wickets from Warney the King of spin!!! I am lucky enough to be there for the first day of the boxing day test, so if you can see me on the TV in the crowd of 100,000 you've done well.

No news on the house front, hopefully some news in the new year.

Matt and Apples.

Wednesday, 06 December 2006

Location: Maroochydore, Australia

Well, Well Well,

What a great day it was to be an Australian in Australia!! A phenomenal 5th days play saw the ozzies go 2-0 up in the Ashes with 3 to play. There is nothing like a run chase at the end of the test match and yesterday was as good as test cricket gets!!!

So now the circus moves onto Perth for the third test and with the Ozzies keen to wrap up the series.

Not sure if people are still checking the site but we will continue to update throughout Xmas and the new year with photos of festive behaviour and hopefully our house when we move in.

Hope your all well.

Matt and Apples.

Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Location: Maroochydore, Australia

Good Morning All,

Well we have just witnessed the poms being well beaten in the Gabba test but i feel it too early to make bold predictions about the series and also to avoid removing egg from my face like last year!!!

There was quite a contingent of us who attended the first day at the gabba and only 4 of us who had tickets for every day of the test. The first day was fantastic as we saw Ponting get a super ton.

The second day was a mixed result as one of my mates was removed from the ground for smuggling in bundy rum and slapped with a $375 fine. Not only that but he missed Glen McGrath clean up the top order in the afternoon and almost completing a hat trick.

Day 3 was a little more subdued as the riot police kept a very close eye on us and a few others in front of us. BUt again a great day as McGrath picked up his 5 for.

Day 4 we didn't bother going as our livers and wallets had taken a pounding and we figured a day on the lounge was a better idea. It turned out to be a god send as the poms finally started having a go and we were all in the safety of our lounge rooms and didn't have to listen to the poms carry on!!

Day 5 back to work and the ozzies cleaned up the tail pretty quickly for a well deserved victory.

Roll on the Adelaide test on Friday but for now :(


Friday, 10 November 2006

Location: Sunshine Coast, Australia


Well I thought that I should write a message seen as Matt has written the last few.

Things are great and we both feel like we have been back for a lot longer than a month and a bit (in a good way though). I have been really busy since we touched back down putting out my CV to anyone who wants it. I'm doing a few days supply teaching a week and I am back working at Kmart on the weekends. I have a few interviews with private schools coming up to do supply work there so hopefully something comes of that.

We officially grew up today, we signed our first contract on our new townhouse so if all goes to plan we will be in before Christmas. It is all very exciting and we just can't believe how quickly we have bought a place but we both really love it.

Our boxes from the UK finally arrived so it is like Christmas here. I read all my goodbye cards again from London and it made me miss you guys even more. I really do miss having a full time job and my own class but I guess that will happen one day. I also counted all the shoes I have..........mmmm let's just say that I really do have a serious problem there and the number of belts I have isn't too far behind the shoe number.

Matt starts work on Monday and all I can say is about time!!! Although he claims to have worked really hard over the past few weeks running around chasing up all the home loan business etc there is always a surfing story for every home loan/house one.

Well that is about it, I hope everyone is well and speak to you all later
luv Linda and Matt

Wednesday, 01 November 2006

Location: Newcastle, Australia

G'Day All,

It seems there's still a group of faithful internet folk who are still checking our site so here's a little update for ya's!!

The last couple of weeks has seen a trip up to QLD for MG and Nicky's wedding a couple of job interviews for me and then back to Newcastle for 2 more weddings. Just yesterday i was offered a full time job with Cardno consulting at their Maroochydore office. Great location for a lot of reasons i will get into later.

So i start work on the 13th November so i have a few days to drive up the coast surfing along the way before i get back to Nambour for a week of R & R before i'm back to work.

As i spoke about earlier my new office is a great location as we have put down a holding deposit on a brand new townhouse around the corner from work so pending finance and all the rest of those little technicalities we may be able to move in before Xmas and i will fulfill my life long dream of being able to ride my skateboard to work, not only that but you are able to wear shorts to work!!!! brilliant!!!

As for Linda she's been a little champion pestering all the schools on the sunny coast picking up a few days here and there and i'm sure all her hard work will pay off with a contract of some sort in the not to distant future.

But right now it's that tough or golf?????

MC and Apples.

P.S Some more pics of recent weddings if you wish to have a gander.

Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Location: Newcastle, Australia

G'Day All,

Hopefully you all are still checking in on the website as we aim to share updates of new cars, job prospects as we roll towards the new year.

Took a couple of pics of my new car so have a gander at that. On the work front I am off to QLD on friday for MG's wedding which should be a cracker if reports of his bucks are anything to go by then i have a few interviews lined up so hopefully something comes of that.

Apples has had 3 days work in various schools last week and has 3 days again this week which is a super effort. Apples has also bought a car but can't upload photos but believe me she has it and is driving laps around the sunny coast!!!!

Oh well maybe time for a few schooies......

MC and Apples.

Friday, 06 October 2006

Location: Nambour/Newcastle, Australia

Well I thought that I better write our last diary entry. We are now safely back home, Matt is in Newcastle and I am up on the Sunshine Coast.

We are both loving being at home and are spending our days seeing everyone and buying new toys. I bought a new car and Matt has got himself a skateboard and a surfboard so you can clearly see who is the grown up out of the two of us!

Matt has added some photos to our site that we weren't able to upload while we were away. I am sure that he will put on his photo with Sunny Garcia very soon.

We are both still jobless at the moment but Matt already has a few interviews up my way at the end of the month. I will be visiting schools next week to see about getting any relief work, so hoepfully something comes of that.

Thanks to everyone for letting us share our travels with you, we had a great time!!!

Take care

Luv Linda (Apples) and Matt

Friday, 29 September 2006

Location: Waikiki, USA

Aloha Folks!

Well our 3 days in Hawaii have just about to come to an end as we board the flying kangaroo back to Oz tomorrow.It also marks the end of about 10 weeks of travelling but don't despair we will add a final chapter when we get back to Oz and as promised i will finally get the photos sorted for you all as there are quite a few missing.

The 3 days on the island have been spent shopping, driving around the North shore and visiting Pearl Harbour.

Yesterday was by far the best (for me anyway) as we drove to the North Shore to catch the first real swell of the season as it is usually flat through the summer months. We saw good waves at Sunset but it was flat at Waimea but then we arrived at Pipe to find a solid 6-8ft swell with loads of people out. After seeing the place i watched endlessly on video as a kid was great to finally be here. The day got even better when none other that Hawaiin legend Sunny Garcia sat down next to us to watch pipe. I was like a little school girl and scurried over and got my photo with Sunny with pipe breaking in the background...wicked.

Today we got the bus over to Pearl Harbour to check the USS Arizona memorial, it was good to fill a few blanks in my mind about what happened there and why.

And this afternoon we hired longboards and went surfing at Waikiki at the place Duke started surfing all those years ago. Apples got to her feet and agreed it's not that scary after all. I also bumped into Mark Reeves for those people from Newy out in the surf and apparently Lisa Curry Kenny was also having a paddle.

So now i am enjoying my last happy hour pints and Linda is taking a little snooze after her fantastic surfing effort this afternoon.

As of Monday i will be back in Newcastle for 3 weeks and Linda will be on the sunny coast. So those wanting to have a few frosty ones drop by the Callender ranch.

Till then......Aloha

Matt and Surfer Girl Apples!!!

Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Location: Las Vegas & Honolulu, USA


We are now in Hawaii our last stop of our trip home! After getting on the earlier flight out of LA we arrived last night and got very excited about our hotel which has free internet!! Although at the moment Matt is having trouble putting photos on the site so sorry about that but we really thought that travelling through America using the internet would be easy!

We spent two nights in Las Vegas which was what we expected, full of people and bright lights! The first night we walked up and down the main strip checking out all the cool hotels and watching a few of the hotels free shows. We were staying at Treasure Island which has a cool pirate type show. We put a few dollars on the through the slot machines and then we played the roulette table (which is my favourite!), I came away the big winner with a total winnings of $10, which I spend on one drink at a bar! Anyway we had a early night (for vegas standards) as we had booked a 14 hour tour starting at 6.30am to the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon.

The Hoover Dam was amazing and we both really wished that we could have stopped and had a good look around. We travelled on route 66 for a bit on the way. We decided to opt for a bus trip rather than the helicopter option but it was worth it because we got some cool pictures and were able to walk alongside the canyon.

As I said we are now in Honolulu, Matt had no luck with the photo uploading so he had a little tantrum and we will probably put photos on when we get back to Oz. We will spend today doing Matt's favourite pastime (shopping.....hahha). We will probably hire a car at some stage to go and check out Pearl Harbour and all the surfing beaches, Matt wants to do this on Friday I think because the surf is supposed to be bigger.

Well I hope that everyone is well, we miss the people in London lots and think about you guys all the time. As for the people in Oz we will see you very soon!! I will take this opportunity now for a very important message............GO THE BRONCOS!!!!

Later love Linda and Matt

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Recent Messages

From Mel
The pics of you and Stacy look great! So much sunshine! I got a massive wave of homesicknesses when i saw the photos taken inside the surf club. Hope all is going well! My new job has been pretty crazy - no time to scratch myself, but hopefully things will start to settle down soon. Off to Glastonbury soon - i wonder if it will flood this year! You may see me drowning on the news yet! x
Response: Keep up the travels Mel. My holidays will be spent at Kmart.....yippee! Have fun at Glastonbury.......I just hope you will get to have a shower of some sort! Speak to you soon!
From Mikahla
House is looking great, almost anally (not surprising given the two of you) clean and clutter free (where has linda hidden all her stuff). Can't wait to come for a sleepover, be there in april. Was wondering since Matt's been smart enough to move to the sunshine state, get our number plates and a real drivers licence, if he will finally give up backing the blues (it was always going to end in tears) and just go for the mighty maroons come origin. Make it a good year and back a winner.
Response: If I had taken a picture of my walk in robe all your questions would have been answered! Matt still swears black and blue that he is still a new south welshman. See you in April!
From LindyLlew
Hi guys,

Have been meaning to email for ages but life has been full of dramas recently, what with Bones moving to Oz, things going on at work, and to top it all Cliff and I had a crash a couple of weeks ago that wrote off the car and left me with broken ribs and the worst bruises you have ever seen! Both he and the other driver had teeny tiny little bumps. But hey ho thank the lord for seat belts or I wouldn't have a face!

Glad you guys are in you house, let me have the address for sending cards etc and a picture would be nice - how can you not have a camera working between you? You both take so many photos it must be driving you crazy.

Love and hugs

Lindy Llew

ps Thanks for giving Straya my email - I am going to email him back today or tomorrow - I am just catching up with belated responses to everyone.
Response: No worries lindee, good to hear your alright. Hopefully Wales might finish the 6 nations with a bang. The year of the irish me thinks. Our Address is Unit 5/12 Ridge Road Maroochydore QLD 4558. Australia. Don't worry about cards just large presents will be fine!!! Sorting pictures of house this week i promise. Broadband connected this week so i have no excuses for not uploading pics. Take care mate and day gidday to Cliff.
From Jaks
You've been a bit quiet on the cricket of late ... If Haydos keeps going maybe you'll be back onto it by this evening?!!
Response: Cricket?? It's rugby league season mate, come on keep up!!
From Mel
Hey there Queenslanders! Glad to see that Matt has finally seen the light by becoming a fully fledged QLDer! Lets go Broncos! Up the mighty maroons!!! You were right Tuts, didnt take you long to convert him :) xx
Response: No conversion to speak of Mel, living here everyday makes me rejoice the fact i am a New South Welshman. See when you live away from your homeland you become patriotic and proud, just like living in London a theory i'm sure your familiar with.(a little touchy i think: Linda) Tell Trent that Alex finally broke the other day, first time i've seen it 4 months!!!
From G-Unit
Buck up little camper i'll be in your backyard soon!
Response: Nice one champion let us know when and where your gonna be...... email is
From LindyLlew
Just wanted to wish you both a wonderfull 2007. Hope all goes swiftly and successfully with the house and respective jobs.

Cliff and I are in the depths of Devon in front of a huge fire, three dogs and two cats at our feet, glasses of champagne in our hands and one ready in the chiller! What more could we want but to be there with you guys.

Loads of love and hugs

Linda and Cliff xxxx
Response: Cheers Guys wishing you guys all the best for the New Year and the Welsh 6 nations campaign. No news with house yet hopefiully in by next Xmas!!!. Take Care luv Matt and Apples.
From courtney titus
Well done for getting your urn back. But more important things spurs vs geordies so find a telly by the beach and watch the big game on saturday.
Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year
Response: Cheers big fella avagoody!! Carn the toon!!!
From Mel
I'm still checking it! Yes, was very happy with the aussies, i've been givin the poms at work hell. Bring on Perth! Mel xx
Response: Give them lots more today Mel now that we have won the ashes back!
From Melly
Well done on the townhouse purchase guys! That is fantastic! So, what will be bought first, the couch or the bbq??? :)
Response: bbq silly question!
From LindyLlew
Hi you two

So you're home at last! It seems like only a short while ago we were saying goodbye. I have been meaning to email for a while but I have been pretty crook, missed Bretts 30th and spent 8 days flat out in a hospital bed! I've been off work for nearly four weeks and not able to do much except look feeble. It turned out that I had mumps (on one side only) that had swelled inside rather than out and squished all my nerves and was putting pressure on my spinal fluid thing - eeeeyyyyyuuuu. All is well know and I am back at work. Matt what a show off car you have - I hope its not a gas guzzler - the environment you know. Great news about the job and house and everything. When did you grow up? I must have missed that. Ian Guilfoyle is heading out to Sydney to stay with Rick and maybe work so its just me and the Tappster holding the fort.

Love and hugs to you both

Response: Hope your feeling better Lindee Lou, i once had the mumps and had 2 weeks off school! mum let me have the TV in my room so it wasn't that bad. Apologies for poor emailing been pretty busy soritng out things as we are possibly buying a little love nest...oh and i start my new job next week!!!! more to come in email!! Hope you and the cliffster are well
From MR T
Response: Cheers mate yes well aware of the piss poor form of the maggies! maybe someone should smash roeder in the brain and put him out of a job!! Email to the world coming!!
From Mel
Well done on the new job, that is fantastic! And i'm sure Tuts will get a more permanent position soon. i'm so jealous of you standing there in yr tshirt and shorts! Today london is freezing! Keep the updates coming.
Response: Thanks Mel, i think you should get a little prize for the best message leaver and faithful reader of our travel page. Miss ya!
From Markus
Matt - heard you baught yourself a skateboard. U'r sure it'll carry your weight??
Salü from Switzerland where the mountains are high and the cows are happy.
Markus aka Fatboy 2
Response: Ah thr Kaiser Chief!!

Yes skateboard and new surfboard have passed all load bearing tests, not sure about your weight though big fella hahaha!!
Waiting to hear on job interviews today so fingers crossed. Is that your new work email?
From Matt C
Nice car mate, no job yet then, good luck with the interviews. I see the face hair growth got quite impressive.
Response: Cheers mate, yeah not a bad car, better that southern trains i spose!. Hopefully will have work lined up soon so watch this space. Will put more pics of surboard and skateboard onn for ya's!!
From Mel
Nice car Matt! Hopefully you will be putting that to good use on the beach up at double island point! Trent says that there is an awesome point break up that way.

London is yucko at the moment - its been drizzly, and quite smoggy, but not too cold which i guess is a good thing!

Hope the teachings still going well Tuts! Have you brought out the scary pommy yelling yet ;-)

Love mel
Response: Im sure you can see me driving Matts car! That is crap about the weather i cant say the same for here. The scary pommy yelling works best of annoying neighbours, but I might just bring it out once or twice. Hurry up and come home!
From Skello
Great trip Matt & Apples. Matty, get a job you bum. Stop giving the Beaches such a good business!
Take care.
Response: Yeah was a great trip skello and it is time to look for a job as i have been dividing my time equally between surfing and drinking schooners!!
From bretto
Ah good work guys looks as though ya did it up proper like. I'm guessing its great to be home aye.

You two look after yourselves and I will see ya soon in Oz. You beauty.

BTW nice growth you got going on there werzel gumich.

Response: Great to be home mate thanks for the message. Will catch ya down under soon.
From Vanessa Perry
Hey guys
your trip sounds awesome. glad you made it back to oz safe. you have your priorities right with getting the car ASAP! :) cruising is the best, enjoy catching up with everyone
Vanessa xx
Response: Hey Vanessa, thanks for your message. I am back to work tomorrow which should be fun! I will email you soon!
From Kathryn
Can't wait to see you again Linda and meet Matt properly. Will give you time for the full family catch up then you are mine and we will sort out a BBQ night (cooked by the chef of course - steak and seafood)!! I have hols during the week of Melbourne theres an idea too.........Caloundra or Brissy Races. Will talk and sip a few soon........Kath and Chow
Response: BBQ sounds great so do the races although I may well be working. Let me know what days you have off next week so I can pop in and see you.
From rob
What do you mean no email in hotmail - you replied using the email I sent, but said that there was no email. MG's wedding is on the weekend you proposed.
Have ya been to pipe yet?

Response: Something doing with mine or your hotmail but i have sent you 3 emails now saying i got the dates wrong. I am definately going to MG's wedding so you should come to Newcastle on 14/15th OCt weekend (but get fri night flight 13th oct), sort a flight and let me know if you coming down!! Go storm. And yes just got back from pipe it was about 8 foot and i also met and got a photo with Sunny Garcia on the beach at pipe wicked!!!
From Mel and Trent
Hey guys
I love reading about yr travels, i really want to go to America now! Hope your getting excited about the upcoming Broncos triumph! I shall be cheering wildly from the other side of the world when we win :)

Enjoy, and talk to you soon x
Response: Thanks Mel, I recommend putting America on your list of places to see! I will ring you when I am home and have my aussie accent back!
From Wolski

Wow i can't beleive you guys will be back in oz soon. While in Oahu head straight for the Cam highway and grab a surfboard, oh yeah stop into the foodland at waimea bay and order a turkey sandwich, it rivals anything served up in NYC. take it easy guys and we'll drink up soon.
Response: Picking up a car in a couple of hours to drive around the North shore so will stop in for a turkey sandwich!! Hopefully there's some swell about. Already have 2 interviews on the sunny coast with Covey associates and Cardno's. You know what these guys are like??
From Rob
MC, check ya hotmail account out - RE: Newcastle trip.
Go the Bronc's
Response: Nothing in hotmail mate try again.
From phil
Your diary notes have been great..almost feel that we are there with you. The time has gone so quick and and few days time you will be back in OZ. Just for you Linda I will go for the STORM and Matt i'm taking next tuesday off so i will take you for a surf & a beer or two.
Response: Beer and surf sound good. Actually just been for a surf at Waikiki, small surf and i was riding a 9' 6 and could barely turn it!!!