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Welcome to Matt's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my adventures in Colorado for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

If you would like to write more to me then please feel free to E mail me at:

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Diary Entries

Saturday, 19 August 2006

Location: Avon, Colorado, USA

We'll who can believe its August 19th, It really is coming towards the end of my stay. I can't believe i have lived in the U.S.A for 16 months it has gone so quick!!!

We'll August has so far been one hell of a month, if i thought it couldn't get any better it has!!!! I have been doing so much. A few of us went to Denver at the beginning of the month to see David Gray in concert at Red Rocks, it was amazing! David Gray played for 2 and ahalf hours and was awesome he would play a few songson the guitar, and a few on the piano, he did all his classics it was ace and for his oncore he came back on stage on his own with an acoustic guitar and did an accoustic set which was ace. The concert was in Red Rocks which is this awesome outside venue which is all natural rocks, its incredible as you can see the whole of denver aswell, check out the pics. We stayed the night by Red Rocks in these little cottages which were ace,they all had ahot tub on the deck which wasa perfect spot for the after hours drinks!!!.

Then the week after, we went overnight camping on a place outside Aspen, it was amazing Myself,Sean and Kate went on a 9 mile hike up a mountain started at 8,000 ft and finished at 11,800 ft which was one serious hike up, i saw a couple of snakes but that was bout it, we did hike through a 2 hour storm where the thunder and lightening got really bad and it poured with rain, but when we finally got to the top it was ace, there was anatural hotspring, the highest in north america, so we pitched up the tents and chilled in the hot spring where we met a cool guy that was probably the most spacedout person i have ever seen, he'd been eaten mushrooms all the way up and was waiting for god!!!!Then after a few bottles of wine and packet food late and some sleep, we hiked back down the next morning and went into Aspen. We stayed in the center of Aspen for the night and went to watch a band, it was awesome. Aspen is beautiful and we had areally nice meal at a restaurant which was a nice change from the packet food while camping!!!!!!

As for work, i still do some!!!haha nah it has been busy, in work and i have been working hard and playing hard!!! We had a bar b q and went bowling with my soccer team the night before last, we had a great time, and yesterday i needed a rest so my day was full of rest ready for my last two weeks!!!!

We'll i hope all is well back home, I fly out of denver on 1st september and i'm going traveling and then I fly home on Friday 14th September, and we are having a big bar b q on the sunday 16th september soi expect you all to be there to have a welcome back drink!!!!!!!

So hope all is well and i'll speak to you all soon and see you in a month!!!

Monday, 17 July 2006

Location: Avon, USA

Hey Guys.

Well What can i say it has been months since my las entry so i apologise!! I have been really busy with work training new staff and also i have had a few crazy nights to say the least!!!

Well so much has happened, the main event since i last wrote was the visit of Jo, Darren and Dafydd, they came to visit for 2 weeks and we had ana amazing time, i met them in denver and then the next day we caught the CME upto the rocky nountains. They stayed in an awesome condo by the lake by my house which was really nice, we had some really nice evenings out eating, we went to Vail one dayand had a look around, we went to Beaver Creek and rode the chair lift to the top of the mountain which was great, jo and darren loved it!!!!!!They stayed at the hotel for 3 nights which was good, they used the spa and saw mein action (working)!! and they had treatments in the spa and i looked after the little legend, we went into town and i never knew how many flags there were in town!!!!! The coolest thing was they were here for my birthday which was ace and another preatty big event, we chilled by the pool in the day, went for food in the evening and then went out and met up with some of my friends from work it wasone crazy night, i was steaming!!!! So all in all we had an amazing 2 weeks and i'd like to thank them for that and for looking after me, cooking me food doing my washing!!!!!LEGENDS!!!It was an awesome time.

Well im playing for a soccer team, we have lost every game so we are preatty crap but we do have fun with the after match beers!! I went on an awesome hike to hanging lake which was beautiful,i wentto denver to watch a band and got drunk so that was ace,o and ive even been to a wedding which was an awesome night it was free beer allnight and i felt like a wedding crasher asi only new a few people but it was great fun as after a few beers i felt like i knew everyone, i was dancing all nite requesting tom jones, and just generally having an awesome night, the actual wedding took placeon top of vail mountain which was ace.

Well i supposeid better go i apologise for taking so long to write this message, i have had an amazing time and it won't be long till im home ive actually booked my flight so i'll be back 14th September and Theres a Bar B Q in Blackwood on the 15th so i expect you all to be there!!!!!!!!!!!

well take care love to everyone and i'll see you all soon, hope all is well in wales!!!
Matt xxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 02 May 2006

Location: Avon, Colorado, USA

Well I'm back safe and sound in Avon Colorado after the most amazing Road Trip, We drove 2049 miles, through 5 states, saw some of the most amazing landscapes, one of he 7 natural wonders of the world, partyed like rock stars in vegas and then cruised up the west coast and fell in love with California , trip of a life time!!!!

it all started in denver where i met my mum and dad in the airport, we droveup to my hotel had some food and then headed west. We went to the grand canyon which is the most breathtaking thing i have ever seen, it is amazing, we went rafting down the glenn canyon which was ace, we then drove to las vegas along none other than Route 66, listening to Born to Be wild and Meat Loaf!! In Vegas we gambled a bit,drunk a drop and watched an amazing show where we were in the front row, and one of the female acrobats came to the side and stroked my face during the show, (i still haven't washed it!!). We then left vegas and headed to the ocean, we saw the hoover dam on the way!! We arrived in San Diego and stayed right by the sea, dad and myself surfed USA, we all went to the World Famous San Diego Zoo where we saw pandas, monkeys and all sorts of animals it is the most amazing zoo i have seen, we had a few drinks, met a few locals and really enjoyed san diego its a great friendly place.

We left there and headed up Route 1 the Coast Highway, which is an awesome drive with some amazing views, we went through Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, around L.A, then through Malibu, Santa Barbara and towards half moon bay, this drive took us nearly 3 days as we stopped at a few nice motels an just enjoyed the scenary and drive it was truely unreal, we even got slightly lost and ended up on a ferry which is a long but highly amusing story!!!!!I loved these places santa barabara was ace, newport is slightly different to newport wales!!!i really fell in love with it and really think i may live in california in a few years!!!

We stayed in The Ritz in Half Moon Bay, which was really nice and we used the spa and relaxed before driving onto San Fransisco. In San Fran, we had a ride on a Tram, which i think was the highlight of mums trip, it was ace though, we went to Alcatraz and met an ex in mate and had the tour, we went over the golden gate bridge and had a few pictures, and also went out for a few drinks in the evenings, then we had to leave the car in san fran 2049 miles later and fly back to denver, then i got the cme back to avon and mum and dad flew back to heathrow.

As you can see we had the most amazing time, and saw a hell of a lot and ive just given you all a slight summary!!!!I'd like to say a great big thanks to Mum and Dad for the most amazing road trip, i couldn't have dreamt up a more enjoyable time, it truly was awesome!!!

well i hope all is well in the UK and i'll hopefully speak to you guys soon,

Take Care Keep In Touch
Matt x

Tuesday, 11 April 2006

Location: Avon, USA

Hey Guy's

How is life back home?

Well i have a bit more good news, I've got the Spa Concierge Trainer position, which is awesome, i'm really chuffed, as theres more responsibility, i get to train all the new staff, which will be great, and of course the pay rise wil be helpful too!!!!!!

wellthe weather has been really nice the last few days, its been really warm it even was 72 degrees one day so the snow is melting extremely fast! although i have enjoyed the winter and it has been an amazing season i'm ready for the summer, and to feel the heat and wear shorts and t - shirt!!!

well work is starting to get really quiet, he ski lifts close next sunday and the hotel is starting to go into the quiet season for a few weeks, so that time of year has come aound again.

I'm going on vaction tomorrow, which is really really exciting, well i finish work tomorrow for 3 weeks and then mum and dad are flying out tomorrow and coming up here on thursday and then we head off to the grand canyon, las vegas and san diego, i can't wait its going to be a great road trip and its going to be nice just to get away after such a busy season in work.

well i'm off so i hope everything is cool back home and i'll speak toyou all when i get back at the beginning of may!!

take care

Monday, 03 April 2006

Location: Avon Co, USA

Hey Guys, Well i hope all is well back home!!!

everything out here is great, i actually went to the opening day (first game of the season!) of the Colorado Rockies Baseball team, I went with Lorn and Lalo it was an awesome day and to top it off the Rockies won which ive been told is a rareity!!!it was an awesome day and we went for a few beers after the game in denver before we drove back that night!!!

hope all is well back home

Take Care and speak soon

Sunday, 26 March 2006

Location: Avon Co, USA

Hey Guys!!

Well i have some awesome news!!!! I Won 5 Star Employee of the Quater!!!!!! Which means i was voted employee of the last 3 months and out of the whole hotel!!! I was really really chuffed to say the least as its out of about 500 employees, and it made me feel all the hard work over the busy winter season was well worth it even all those 6 day weeks! so it was an excellent night at the presentation!!

We had a really good night the other night as Tom turned 21 so a lot of people went out from work and we had a few drinks to celebrate it was an awesome night.

Well apart from that not much else has happened, I can't believe i go away with mam and dad in under 3 weeks im so excited, its going to be a great time!!!

Well i hope all is well back home, lots of love to you all, and i'll speak to you soon

Keep in touch
Take Care

Sunday, 12 March 2006

Location: Avon, Colorado, USA

Hey Guys, Well where is the time ging i can't believe we are already in March!!!I hope all is well back in Wales. Life out here is still going really well, there is till a lot of snow on the ground but the weather has got warmer we even had a small heat wave for a few days the temperature went up to 65 degrees F. which was really strange for the time of year the snow even started to melt preatty quickly, but it only lasted a few days and then its snowed for the last few days so we have more powder!!

well work is still crazily busy, i'm still working 6 days a week, but it has been extremely exciting this week as there have been a few celebs staying. VH1 had an event and stayed at the hotel for the weekend which was really exciting, they were filming celebs skiing and had a few concerts, but they all stayed at the hotel. VH1 also gave us some VIP tickets for the Train concert we were in the front row it was a really good concert, especially when they sang drops of jupiter. So its been a good weekend.
Well and more good news from work is i have been nominated for 5 Star employee of the quater which i was really chuffed about as its out of the whole hotel and during the busiest few months, i find out on march 24th who won there are 10 people nominated. Well i didn't get the spa trainer position as they didn't feel it was good business as i have to leave in 6 months so it would be a temporary positon, never mind.

well i suppose thats all the news thats happened in my life, i hope you are all well back home,
Keep in touch guys and take care
Matt x

Thursday, 16 February 2006

Location: Avon,Colordo, USA

Hey Guys, Well i'm sorry for the delay in adding another entry but i have been extremely busy in work. I'm now working 6 days a week and have been for the last four weeks and will be for the rest of the season, I'm working 5 days a week as Spa Concierge and 1 day a week as Ski Concierge, ski concierge is a good laugh as your outside most of the day, and you get some good tips!!! As for the Spa its still going really well although extremely busy!!I've applied for the Spa Concierge Trainer position which means if i get it i'll be training all the new staff that we have in the spa which will be ace, so i really hope i get the job, although i know a few people have applied but fingers crossed.

Well the weather has been preatty good a lot more snow, (anothe 6 inches or so last night!!) but the sun is shinning as well and its starting to warm up so thats really really cool. Snowboardings going well, im getting better, i've even brought myself a new board which is ace. I went skiing for the first time last week which was really good, me and tom had free ski rental so we rented some and he taught me how to ski which was a great laugh.

I've been out partying a few times but not as much as im working so much and im saving for mhy vaction in april when my parents and i go on a road trip which willbe amazing. I have had a few crazy nights though ust not as many!!!!!!

well to be honest thats all thats happened to me lately, i hope you are all well back home.

I can't believe Mike Ruddock has quit, what a shock!!i was pretty gutted when i ound out, i us hope scott johnson stays but that doesn't look likely!!!well its been a different 6 nations to last year, god knows whats going to happen next!!

well take care and i'llspeak to you all soon, Miss Ya


Wednesday, 18 January 2006

Location: Avon, Colorado, USA

Well i hope 2006 has started as a great year for you all, i haven't got any complaints about it yet!!!! Works going really well, busy but good, snowboarding is going well, im getting a lot better!!

last week i went to denver for the day to watch the Denver Nuggets play basketball in a NBA game against the Phoniex Suns, it was an awesome day and experience, we had dinner in the Hard Rock cafe first and then went to watch the game, we had a few beers and were sitting 10 rows from the front which were amazing seats the game was awesome it was really close, the denver nuggets won 139 - 137 the game went to 3 periods of over time which meant we got our moneys worth. After the game we went to Hooters for dinner which as always was awesome and finished off the day nicely. So i really enjoyed my first NBA Experience!!!!!!

Well apart from that not much else has happened, well ihope allis well back home and i'll speak to you all soon

Miss you all

Sunday, 01 January 2006

Location: Avon, Colorado, USA

I'd like to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR, i hope you all had a great time in celebrating in the New Year. i went to a house party and then to Agaveas as that was the only place without a huge entrance fee!!It was a good night and a few too many beverages were sank, as ive been quite rough today!!!good job i had the day off to nurse my hangover. Work is going well although this week the guests have been exceptionaly demanding, and have obseen amounts of money as our hotel had the most expensiv room rate out of all the ritz carltonsin the worl for the week between xmas and new year, there were only a few famous people staying, i met the indian girl from bend it like beckham, shes know in E.R andi met two Major League baseball players which i didn't know who they were but a lot ofpeople were excited as they are supposidly really good and also the producer of friends so no one really famous!!!! Well i'd better go, happy new year too you all again and i'll see you later this year!!!!!lots of love matt xx

Monday, 19 December 2005

Location: Avon, Colorado, USA

Hey guy's well christmas is almost upon us, i hope you have all got your shopping done and got your lists off to santa!! Well life in colorado is awesome, but slightly cold!!I've been out snowboarding a few times now, it was my 8th day and im getting better, tom, holly and myself went to vail. It was great in vail as it snowed loads last night so it was a good powder day!then after a good few hours on the mountain we had an apres ski which was awesome so i think i could handle afew more days like that during the next few months. Holly has been here for a week which has been a laugh we all have had a few days on the mountains, and a few drunken nights, especially on saturday as it was christians (spa manager) last night as he flys back to wales tomorrow, one crazy night, lets just say the day after i didn't make it on the mountain!!! Work has been good lately, its starting to get extremely busy with christmas wek approaching. Well i hope you all have a wonderful christmas, and i'll be thinking of you all, and having a drink for you ot here (or maybe 2!!) Speak to you soon,

Matt xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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From holly
awww awesome pics matt! am soo jealous u lucky duck!
Response: hey holz, thanks it was an unbelieveable trip!!hope uni is going well, good luck in your exams!! xxx
From jonesy
wots up me old badger!!!!! hows it hang'in. trip looked brill buddy spoke to your dad bout it he said it was incredible. good to see your getting on well in work. soon you'll be named matthew ''the ritz'' walklin!!!!!!! give us a bell when u can my old badger take care speak soon the woodfield side badger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Response: hey me old mucker, hows life in wales treating you?? thanks mate, yep everything is going really well so thats cool, i just can't believe i'll be back in 16 weeks!!!its gone so quick, i'll give you a call soon so we can chat bout new york maybe!!?? take care mate and keep it real!!!!!! Chief Badger
From Mum and Dad
Hi Matt,
We'd like to say a great big thank you to you for making our road trip such fun. We had an amazing time, one we'll never forget. It was great being with you and making so many fantastic memories together. We've not laughed so much or had such a brilliant time for a long time!
Legend Jnr. continues!!!
Love you Mum and Dadxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hey Mam & Dad

Yeah it was one awesome vacation which i really really enjoyed, Thank You once again. I hope all is well back home and you are both recovering from your jet lag OK!!!! Speak Soon
Lots of Love. Matt xxxx
From Auntie Tracy
Congratulations Matthew - There's no stopping you!!!!!
Well its Wednesday morning here and Mum and Dad should be on their way soon. Spoke to your Mum on Sunday and she was on the "calms" tablets and alcohol getting reading for the flight!!!!!!!!! They are both looking forward to seeing you - have a great holiday. Lots of love from us all here in Thurlby and we'll speak to you soon. Luv A. Tracy.
Response: Thanks Auntie Tracy, I was really pleased, i hope you are all well, take care and speak to you all soon, lots of love matt xx
From Emma **
Hey Matt,

Just wanted to congratulate you on your fab news!!! 5* employee!! Well done, i knew you would do it!
Well deserved!!
Love Emma
Response: Hey Emma,

Thank you very much, its really kind of you.
Hope all is well in swansea! Spak to you soon
Love Matt
From Auntie Tracy
Hi there!!!Well what can I say, didn't you do well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've just heard the news from your mum and dad and I'm really proud of you. Congratulations from all of us in Thurlby. Take care of yourself and hopefully see you soon on Sophie's webcam. Love from A. Tracy.
Response: hey Auntie Tracy, Thank You, yeah i was really, really chuffrd to win the award to say the least!!! Glad to hear you are all ok and we'll definately have to spk on sophies web cam, lots of love to you all, Matt xxxxx
From Holly
Matthew! those are my clothes you have on!!! haha! awesome! they look really good on u! haha so funny! im crying!

also is that you log sliding on ur snowboard? im soooo jealous! thats amazing!

hope alls well out there say hi to everyone!
take care holly xxx
Response: Holly, Holly Holly!!! you have caught me!!yes i'm afraid your clothes never made it to the second hand shop, but at least we are making good use of them!!!!!
The photos weren't of me log sliding im afraid as i was taking the pics although i did manage half a log slide which i was really chuffrd with and an awesome day in the trees!!!!!!
well all the best for uni and say hi to everyone for me, take care, matt xxxx
From Mum and Dad
Been looking at your last three lots of photos. As we've spoke to you a lot lately have not checked your planetranger page for a while. Photos are brill, especially like your hat on St. Pats day! So good to see you're having such a good time Matt as well as working hard. Speak again soon and see you soon too, cant wait! Love mum and dadxxxxx p.s. Love the dress, have you got something to tell us?
Response: Hey Mum & Dad, well i'm glad all is going well, yeah we did have a few cool nights especially St. Pads day, it was awesome and the nite in the dresses well that was a night to remember!!!!yeah i cant wait to see you 2, only 3 weeks and we'll be relaxing on the beach!!well its great to hear from you, and will definately speak soon, all my love Matt xxxx
From MikeeJ
whats up Skippy? looks awesome out there mate, def make the most of your placement, because youll miss it when you get back, give us a shout when you come back and we will have to meet up. Moving down to Southampton after graduation hopefully there will be work down there! take care of yourself mate, MikeeJ ps. walking past Hanover Street is weird!!
Response: hey mate, hows your last year going?Its ood to hear from you, yeah life out hereis amazing!!!i love it, i bet it was a bit strange walking past hanover street, i think i'll find it a bit different when i get back, well good tohear from you, take care mate, and all the best for southampton, we'llhave to catch up wheni get back!!!!!!
From Emma
Hey Mattie!
Hope everything is going well!
Havent heard anything from u in a while but i expect that uve been very busy.
Give me an email sometime,
Take care
lots of love
Response: hey ems,
how r u, long time since we spoke hows 2006 treating u? work here is really good but mega mega busy!!!hows uni going??any goss well i'll drop you an email soon
lots and lots of love
matt xxxxxx
From Gregg
Hey Skippy my boy!

The pics of the nuggets game looks awesome, bet its a bit quiet in denver now the broncos lost the conference championship, i thought they'd go to the superbowl. Never mind, glad to hear you're enjoying the boarding sounds wicked. look after yourself mate! Speak soon

The Laguna Lizard
Response: hey wats up laggie lizzard

yeah the nuggets was ace we are going again next month!i was gutted the broncos didnt make the superbowlas it would have been crazy here and the boarding is amazing hows life in wales, the big game is on saturday, comeon WALES take care mate and enjoy the game, speak soon
From sue
nice to see you can still fall over in the snow, do they have wheel chairs out there with matching bins? Could do with one myself. Mind you I fell over with out any snow! Real deep frost though! Take care of yourself Matt. Love ya Suexxxxxxxxxxx
Response: hey sue nice to her from you, howis the ankle?i hope its better soon, yepi can still fall over in the snow but im keeping well away from wheel chairs, and especially bins!!! hope all is well for you back home, and be caerful on that frost!!!take care, good to hear from yo, love matt xxxxx
From dafydd
Love the photos uncle matt matt! I like the one of you falling over best, i said oh dear matt matt!!!! I saw some snow last week and walked in it with my wellies on we didn't have as much as you though mind you i would disappear in it if I was with you!!!! speak to you soon love you lots dafyddxxxxx
Response: hey dafydd, im glad you liked the photos, even of me falling over!!!!wow you seen some snow, its great, im glad you enjoyed it in your wellies!! well have a wonderful birthday and i'll speak to you soon, miss and love you lots, uncle matt xxxxxxxxxxxx
From Mum and Dad
Hiya Son
Just looked at your last entry and latest photos. Happy New Year to you too. It was great to speak to you after our new year celebrations down the rugby club. Glad you had a good time. Dad and I thought the photos were great. You look very handsome in the one with Lalo, very smart too! You've had a lot more snow since we were there. You certainly look the part now when you snowboard. I think dad was probably envious that he cant have a go anymore. We've had very little snow and definately not enough to snowboard, not even enough to make a proper snowball! I filmed Dafydd in the little bit of snow we had so you can see it when come over again. He was really excited and was going no no. It turned to rain over night so it had gone when he woke up, he must have wondered where it had gone to. It was great speaking to you on the webcam Christmas Day, hope your afternoon went ok and your dinner!? It was very quiet here without you, we missed you but are so glad you are having a good time, as I said in your card its good to do something different too. Thanks again for the flowers, they were lovely. I've taken a photo of them so you can see it sometime. Will try and send some of our photos on line, when we can work out how to do it! Will get Jo and Darren over to see your latest photos. Anyway bye for now speak to you soon love. Take care of yourself, especially when you're snowboarding! Love and stuff Mumxxxxxxxxxx and dadxxxxxxxx
Response: Hey Mam and dad, Happy New Year to you too. yeah i had a great time, im glad you liked the photos i scrub upwell nowand again!!!Yeah im getting better at snowboarding i had a good day with lalo yesterday. Im glad everyones ok back home and had a nice christmas and new year, i'll speak to you all soon, take care, love and miss you Matt xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From hollie
hey matt.
Happy New Year! just been looking on your website, looks like your having a fab time, can't believe your stil out there! times flown by ova here.
Anyways, hope everythings well your end., say hi to tom.
Spk 2u sn
Hollie xxx
Response: hey hollie,good to her from you!!HAPPY NEW YEAR! yeah it is amazing out here, the winter is ace, i went snowboarding this morning and then working this afternoon!!I know i can't believe how fast its going out here too, ive been here for over 6 months now, its crazy, well i hope unis going well, and i hope you had a great christmas and new year, say hi to everyone for me and spk to you soon, take care, love matt xx
From jonesy
happy new year mate, avon sounds good , mega jealous. hope u had a good festive period. i sank a few wothys for u over xmas. any luck with lizards. anyway back 2 work 2morrow thinking of u in the snow buddy speak 2 u soon me old badger. chow for now
Response: Happy New Year, chief!! avon is great with all the snow, you should definately tryand come over in March!!!!!!!i'm glad you had a good xmas and sank a few worthy's for me, i sank a few shandy's aswell!!!!!well hope work goes well for you mateand i'll speak to you soon me old ladger!!Take care mate
From Crunchie
Checked out girls in photographs, American Honeys!! You lucky boy won't tell Lorraine I say "They all look like good catholic girls!"
Response: Hey Le Crunch, good to hear from you!!Hows life treating you? well lets say compared to Swansea Girls, they are like good catholics!!! Happy New Year toyou mate and speak to you soon!!!
From Auntie Tracy
Hi Matthew. Well its 10.05pm on Christmas Eve. Girls in bed and I'm going to sit down and have a drink of wine, but I just wanted to wish you a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!! We'll all be thinking of you tomorrow. Take care of yourself and enjoy life to the full. Speak to you soon. Luv A. Tracy
Response: Hi Auntie Tracy, Merry Christmas, I hope you all had a wonderful christmas,and you enjoyed your glass of wine. Have a Happy New Year and we'll have to speak soon on sophies web cam. Take Care and give my love to the girls and Tony, Lots Of Love Matt xxxx
From Anne & Graham
Hi Matt, Just a quick note to say Happy Xmas to you from Auntie Anne, Uncle Graham, Niki, Rachel and Paul. Hope you are having great time - looks like it from the photos and your diary! Your Mum and Dad popped into to see us a couple of weeks ago when they were over to see grandma. Saw the video of you and your dad snowboarding. Anyway have a great Xmas and we will be thinking of you. Take care, Love Anne & Graham
Response: Hi Auntie Anne, Uncle Graham, Niki, Rachel and Paul, Merry Christmas to you all and i hope you all have a wonderful day. Thanks for the message, i'm glad you liked the video, im going snowboarding on xmas day so that will be cool!!I'm having an amazing time!have a great xmas and i'll be thinking of you, take care, Love Matt xxxxx
From jonesy

hows it going butty, nice to you haven't held back on putting thre photos up. looks like your hav'in a good time in the snow. we've had a Little bit snow this week not as much as u tho.hows doug these days and have u used the rusty knife yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway time to go, hope u have a nice time with ur mam & dad. all the best speak 2 u soon mate
Response: hey jonesy boy!!!i'm afraid i wimpedout and left the rusty knife in the drawer foe now!!well i did hold back on a few pictures!!!We have had loadsof snow this week, its been amazing, ive been snowboarding twice!!i had a great time with my parents, thanks, well take care mate and i'll speak to you soon!!!
From Auntie Tracy
Hi Matt! Just a quickie to say hello to everyone out there. I hope you are having a nice time with your mum and dad. How are they coping with the cold weather. We are having a cold spell here at the moment and it has been snowing in Wales. Has your Mum tried skiing yet??? Jo and Darren came up with Dafydd on Thursday and I didn't tell the girls, so they went bananas when they saw them. We had a lovely evening a saw the wedding photos they are lovely. I couldn't decide which ones to buy so I ordered loads.
Speak to you soon. Take care of yourself. Luv A, Tracy
Response: hey aunty tracy, thanks for the message, i had an amazing time with mum and dad it was so good to see them again. It was quite cold while they were here and we had a lot of snow!!me and dad went snowboarding, and i managed to get mum snow shoeing, and she had a ride in the sleigh, we had a great time!! i'm glad you had a good time with jo darren and dafydd,i bet the girls went crazy,what a lovely surprise for them!!well give my love to the family and ill speak to you soon, lots of love matt xx
From Unc Derek
Hi Matt, how you coping with your Mum being there washing your smalls. Jo, Darren & Dafydd have arrived for a couple of days Yesterday and today. Poor old Dafydd has a stinker of a cold, it must be all this polluted air in England!!. We last Sat was our first opening day for the pub, it's a little slow as of yet but it was shut for a couple of months so it will take time to get it moving. Gareth's living in, he is in his element. Julie moves in with all the furniture on Monday, they have rented out their own house. Started a new job last Tuesday in Leeds working for the Environment Agency, back on the trains again. I manage about 20 technicians all arounf England Wales, I even have 2 guys in Cardiff. Speak to you again soon, keep well.
Response: hey Uncle Derek, its good to hear from you again!well its been awesome to see mum and dad again and we have had a great time dad and myself went snowboarding,and i manage to get mum snow shoeing!! yep jo did say bout dafydd being ill, its got to be the england air!!well allthe best for the new pub, and your new job, i hope it all works well for you. give my love to the family and i'll speak to you soon. Take Care Matt
From Auntie Tracy
Hi Matthew its good to see you online again. I love the snowy pictures - it looks lovely out there!!! Well its thursday night now and I bet your mum and dad are starting to get excited about coming out to see you. Have a lovely time with them - its a shame I can't fit into their suitcase. Everyone here sends their love and we look forward to looking at your website and looking at the new photos. I'll close for now as its past my bedtime. Take care of yourself. Love Auntie Tracy.xxxxxx
Response: Hey Auntie Tracy, Its good to hear from you! Yep this place looks really amazing in the snow,I can't wait to see Mum and Dad on Monday, its going to be so cool. Well i'm glad all is well at home and i'll take plenty of pictures of when mumand dad are here for you all to see, well give my love to the family and i'll speak to you all again soon, lots of love to you all Matt xxxxxxxxxxx
From ems (pgl)
Hey Matty boy,
Wow some amazing photos wish i was in america it looks fab. I am now at uni in brighton studying to be a primary teacher which is fun but i miss the traavelling life so much its horrid, i'll be off again soon enough. Take care. when r u home? Keep havin a wicked time love emsxxx
Response: hey Emily! How r u?? its great to hear from u! i bet it is a bit strange after all the traveling you did!! i love it out here we had a great rod trip aswell!! I'm not home untill middle of september, plus the winter season has jus began!!im soo excited, well good luck in uni, and we'll have to catch up when i get back for a drink!!!!Keep in touch love matt xxxx
From Uncle Derek
Hi Matt, just thought I would send you a quick note, its ages since we talked. As always I have read your diary with interest!!!! When you get back to Wales they will have to put you in quarantine for 3 months!! Well I am now looking hard for a new job after my 2 months of dossing. Also me & Sharon are looking at possibly buying a pub with Gareth & Julie, talking to the pub company tomorrow (1st Nov). All is well in the Bell clan in South Lincs, Becca is getting a lump now (baby is due in March), Gavin is (s)mothering her as she keeps pucking every day. A. Sharon is now knitting baby clothes, lots of baby talk around. I need to get a job quick!! Victoria is now working 2 days a week at a school in Birmingham. It is one of the worst primary schools in the UK, I think the teaching college has thrown her in at the deep end. Somebody was stabbed outside the school recently, nice! This is the first of 3 schools she has to work in, hopefully the next two will be better. She is talking to Jo and they are passing loads of school information and stories between them. Good to see you are still having a great time dont forget to clean your room before your Mum and Dad arrive, especially all the used condom packets and baco foil!!!
Look after yourself love from us all xxxx
Response: Hey Uncle Derek, Thanks for the message,it's great to hear from you, Good luck with buying a pub, sounds great. I'm glad becca is doing OK, and gavin is doing a good job of looking after her!!Wish Victoria all the best in her school, at least if she can work at that schoolthen she'll be able to work any where!!! It will be great when mum and dad come out, and i will have to have a good clean!!Well all the best and I'll speak to you soon, give my love to everyone, love Matt xxxxxx