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Pacific Northwest and Southeast Asia

Well well time again for another trip to escape the New England winter. First stop, quick 2 week trip to Washington and road trip down to San Francisco. Meetin up with McFeelings Morton and heading to Bali and traveling Southeast Asia. Meeting up with two of my favorite lady friends for the holidays. To everyone else take care and Ill see you in early April. Give me a shout either email or leave a message on the site. I'll try and keep everyone updated on whats happening.

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia

hi folks,

we're here and safe in cambodia as you can tell by the pics we all put up... we just want you quickly to know that many more pictures from our adventures can be found the girl's website : just because we're all traveling together now and the girls are infinately better at taking pics than us two fools. hope all is still going smimmingly at certainly is here.
love you all,

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Location: Bali, Indonesia

Hello everyone, it's Kyle.
Things are still all well here in Bali. We only have three days left until we fly to Bangkok to meet up with Maggie and Kelly so we've been trying to make the most of our last few days on the island. I took off by myself a couple days ago to a small island off the coast called Nusa Lembagan. The swell around here have been pretty enormous so I couldn't get out there and I lost all my friends to the wave. So, anyways I made it to Lembangan but only after a little engine trouble which was pretty funny, but also somewhat tempered by fear. Our "highspeed" ferry lost one of its engines and the boat was so overloaded that the one engine was just barely pushing us through the water with waves coming over the stern pretty regularly. It turns out it was an issue with the carborator which happens to be the one thing on a boat engine I know anything about, so I went back there and covered the air intake and got her fired up! Yea I saved the day, no big deal.
The island its self was absolutely beautiful. At one point I found myself entirely alone on "Mushroom Beach" which had most clear turquoise water I've ever seen in my life. I went for a snorkel and the fish were fantastic. So abundant, in fact, too abundant - like a million little tasty treats. I decided that at any moment I would see a shark and since I hadn't spotted a single other person in over an hour, I got out of the water. I kind of regret it though, I effectively ran away from the best snorkeling I've ever been to...
I rented a scooter and gave myself a little island tour. Almost everyone on the island lives by farming seaweed, so I stopped and watched how they went about doing that. It was very interesting, and very smelly. But it was really cool to see the entire community involved in the process. From the men out in the shallows collecting the stuff in giant wicker baskets, to the women and children sorting it by color and drying it on the shore.
So I'm back in Bali now and Matt and I are just taking care of a last few things before we hit the road again...
We miss you all back home, or wherever you might be reading this, and we send you our love.
We'll get some new pics up before we leave Wednesday,

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Location: Nusa Dua, Indonesia

Got some new pics up from a recent little excusrion to Nusa Dua. Basically just a luxary resort area on the eastern coast of the peninsula. Nothing to write home about other than tons of Europeans and Japanese enjoying their fancy vacations at club Med and other fine resorts. Kyle is heading on a small tour with our hostel owner Tommy on sunday and looks like we might finally get waves again so Ill be sticking around the beach hoping to get some more time in the water. All is well here in Bali.

Monday, 05 November 2007

Location: Indonesia

Hopefully gettin some new pics up tomorrow. Miss you all back home, but suntanned and lovin life, so cant complain too much.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Location: Bali, Indonesia

Whats up everyone, Kyle here.
We finally got to a place that has a reasonably fast internet connection so we can let you all know whats going on. We made it to Bali about a week ago and we're staying at this place called Tommy Barrel's. Its a long walk down a seaside cliff to this Bungalow type place right on the surf. Our place is in a loft right above Tommy's restaurant with no windows or anything, it's all just open looking right out onto the ocean. The waves here are ridiculous, I've never seen anything like it. At night they sound like cannon fire going off under your bed. Right in front there's a wave called Bingin, to the left is Padang padang and Impossibles and then to the far right is Dreamland. You can see them all from where we're staying. Most days I would get my ass kicked out there so Matty does all the surfing. I have rented a board however and i try and sneak out when no ones really looking...haven't quite caught my first ride yet... but its comin, i can feel it. People here are truly amazing. Genuine compassion all around. We trekked up to the Uluwatu temple which we happened to find by mistake and before we knew it, Hindu priests had tied Sarongs around our waists and off to the temple we went. It was so beautiful, standing about a thousand feet up on a cliff about the ocean. Our visit happened to correspond with a full moon ceremony so we got to watch that - very neat. Nowadays we get around on scooters that we seemed to have rented for as long as we wanted, we're not sure. While Matt was surfing perfect waves this morning I decided to go to my first Cock fight. This local dude Yeomen took me down to the village to watch it and it as you can imagine turned out to be pretty disturbing, but I did end up winning two fights and turned 4 bucks into 40. And we got to keep the cock so there was no wasted bird, I felt good about that. Yeomen kept about half the money but we dont mind, he's cooking chicken soup for us tonight. 20 bucks goes a long way too when we're spending about 5 dollars combined for our cubicle of a room. (dont worry mom and dad, first and last cock fight for me...just had to see it, I love you!)
Well Matt and I both want to wish everybody well back at home, and we are insanely jealous that you all got to watch the Red Sox! Heck Yes! So things must be pretty good over there.
We're putting pics up soon so keep posted.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Location: California, USA

Sweet little road trip to Cali. Made the 15 hour staright drive from Olympia to Santa Cruz. Pulled over into a parking lot about 5 am near Steamer Lane just in time to grab a few hours of sleep. Santa Cruz is an awesome city, One I can definitely see myslef going back too. The town is real artsy, layed back, and has great waves. Spent the day looking for waves up north and throughout the city. Got a couple before deciding to head south to Santa Barbara to meet up with Pease and Whitet. Trip would have been quicker if we hadnt blown the bearings in out tire casuing Bob to perform some quick (3 hours) mechanic work in the Auto Zone parking lot. but whats a road trip without car trouble. Finally make it to J whits apartment about midnight just in time to pass out. Wake up the next morning somewhat early amped to go find waves. Wierd start hearing some noise coming from the other tire. Oh yes we blow the bearings in the opposite rear wheel. Another 2 hour delay leaving us in really no modd to go surf. Drive around up north to Jalama State beach but nothing good. So back to Santa Cruz to meet up with Pease and get going. Have a fun night with Whitet, Even, Kelsey, and Pease just hangin out. Up early the next day to head back to Santa Cruz to fine some waves. Finally, after 100 dollars of auto supplies and three lessons of tire repair we get back in the water. Good session in some seriously gross water. Back in the car Bob decides to tell me he saw a fin swimming around but figured tonot say anything knowing id freak. What a good friend. So grabbed some dinner with his buddy from home who has been living dfown there glassing boards and spend the night at his house in the hills. Pretty solid little place. But up early again tomorrow to get back in the water and head to San Fran. So far all is good.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Location: Olympia & Westport Washington, USA

Flew out to Washington to meet up with Bob and see what the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Olympia is pretty sick, real nice hippy city on the tip of the Puget sound. Been keepin pretty mellow, up everyday super early to head to Westport about an hour away to surf. Heading south to San Francisco and Santa Cruz on tuesday the 16th.

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Recent Messages

matty happy easter love mom and dad from the bahamas xxoo miss the heck out of you
Response: New PIcs comin soon Katiet in the Mentawai and a few new ones from bali
From Shannon
Hey Matt,

How are you bud? Your mom gave me your website! So Cool! Your new baby cousin, Calvin arrived on 1/16/08 weighing in at 8lbs 9oz~ Molly and Greg are great and we are so lucky to now have a little boy! you will have to teach him everything you know about surfing and baseball! Take care and have fun - c you at Rye Beach this summer.

Love, your big cousin Shan
Response: Congrats
always good to add another one to the ever expanding Tole clan. Anyway traveling has been unreal and we will def get Calvin into beach mode as soon as possible. Gotta get some Summer Sessions gear as well. Take care give my love to the rest of the family
From mom K
\kelandmag planetranger site has great pictures you boys are so way behind check out this site to see great photos of all the Kids Matty you ate snake wowwwwwwwwwwww
Response: Yea We have eben slacking pretty badly. Good thing we have the girls or we would be lost
From Tanner Corbett
Hey, Matt. It's Tanner. I was just seeing how things were going. I'm at your house right now for your parents Christmas Party. Hope your having fun down there
Response: Tan Man whats up buddy,
Its been awesome found this secret surf spot yesterday and surfed huge perfect barrels all by myself for a few hours. We have to get you on a board this summer. Get ready to rip it up with your big cousins
From Dad M
Kyle, you and Matt better get some more pics up pretty soon or your going to lose the bet wiuth the ladies.

Dad M
Response: We conceded to the girls, they didnt actually win it was a secret Christmas present from us guys...
From kathy
Hey Guys!!
You have to post some pictures!! Don't let the girls show you up. Sounds like you are having an incredible time.
Stay safe.
Response: Ahh we lost its a sad day when Kelly and Maggie beat me and know I cant stand losing and what hurts even more is how much they rub it in
show me some newbeez pleez
Response: soon enough. Just made it back to civilization..
From Mary Claire
Matt.....Happy 23rd birhtday..I know you will always remember where you were! See you in "08...take you
Response: Thanks Aunt Mary Claire it has been amazing. See you in April
From Matt
your mother gave me your web site. GREAT PHOTOS
Merry Christmas / Happy New Years.
take care
Fran (paula)
Response: Oh thank you so much Fran we will try and get it updated as soon as we can. We have been slacking a little lately. Take Care MERRY CHRISTMAS
Love the pic keep it up love and miss you all
Response: Will do Mom love you too
From your competition
NEW YEARS EVE- i think i'll make it a vodka-redbull? hmm no maybe champagne...

let the games begin...
Response: actually we're sure you'll be buying the champagne, which we will in turn uncork and spray everywhere in a wreckless and wild manner, and we'll leave the other drinks you buy us up to you. thanks for playing!
From Jlaye
Hello Kyle! Did you get Dad's email about mailing your ticket? Try to let us know today how to proceed. Looks like you are having a great time, love all the pics. xoxo
Response: yes i got the message, ill email you today and let you know how to do it. love you, kyle
From kathy
Hey Matty and Kyle
Its great to have 2 websites to check pictures! I'm sure all the parents will be doing just that. Have fun all of you and take care of each other!! I'm glad to know that your Dad is a worrier too!! Its going to snow and sleet on Thursday so soak up some sun for all of us.
Be Safe
Response: Kathy whats up. Yea it seems you and Kenny are in the same boat. But things are going great we are all having a blast And of course we are keeping everyone safe. We will make sure to keep the pictures coming.
From Dad-O
Hellp Sports Fans!,
Mom and I spent a nice 2 days in the Berkshires en route from coming home from Cornell, Steph. Visited the Norman Rockwell Museam which was very cool. Stayed at the Red Lion Inn, Stockbridge, Mass, Established 1773, (Very Cool place, filled with paintings and antigues which I love(That stuff)
Bought a nice print, and 2 original oil paintings in Lennox, Mass, on Saturday, which Mom and and hung in the dining room, Sunday.
Giants got embarassed Sunday, I cannot find anyone to root for.
Also guys and gals, see on the Internet, Indonesia got hit with a earthquake, so please tell me all is OK with the four of you, going forward, as I must admit, I am a worrier. Going to Florida Thursday(29th) for my birthday, staying at Tony and Sarah Clough's. Looking forward to that. can't fit into my speedo to good though, anyway, so what! I am still studly(Kinda)
Till then, Love to all,
Response: Earthquake huh..Just missed that one. SOunds like you and mom had a great little Holiday. We had our own little Thanksgiving dinner back in Bangkok. Other than that we made it to Cambodia and are gonna go check out the temples in the next couple of days. It might just be time to give in and become a Boston sports fan. Anyway we are havin a blast, miss you guys
love you
From Dad,Ken,
Hi Matt, Kyle,
Mom and I are up here in Cornell, for Thanksgiving with Steph.Her house is nice, a few blocks off campus, near the bar's and rest's of College-Town. Matt you should take a ride up here next spring.
Anyway, Matt wish you were here with us, I miss you. have fun, be safe. Happy Thanksgiving. Kyle my best to you as well.Love Dad, Ken
Response: Thanks Dad, have an awesome Thanksgiving I do wish i coiuld be there but we just got Bangkok and it aint half bad. Hope all is well miss you guys tons
From Steph
Hey Matty and Kyle-
Mom and Dad came up to Cornell to do Thanksgiving in Ithaca, just the 3 of us. We miss you tons and hope you guys found some turkey to eat together. Keep in touch and Happy Thanksgiving!

Response: Thai food will have to do. But just got to Bangkok and things are awesome. Happy thanksgiving miss you all
From mitch
whats up bitches man I can't wait to get out of here...snowed today. saw theres a red tide over there must be pretty rank happens every few months. glad to hear you are doing well and headed to BKK. say bye bye to the waves for awhile. kisses to kel and maggie.
Response: yea waves were seeet while they lasted. Been over at Nusa Dua and Searangan for the past week and a half pretty big. Just met up with the girls. Life is good
From Jaye
Hi Kyle! Thinking of you as activity picks up on the homefront, with Thanksgiving approaching. Miss you, glad you'll be with the girls over the holidays. Hugs to all.
Response: Hey mom,

we had an awesome little holiday dinner with the girls - minus the turkey, but great to be with friends. love you all.
From Jaye
What an adventure! The snorkeling sounds great. What is the end use for the seaweed? Food I presume. The Christmas inflatables are being laid out next door, I'm sure they'll be in full bloom on Thanksgiving night. Michelle arrives Mon., Sean got home Fri. night and is in Boston now. Look forward to talking to you soon. Hi to Matt too!
Response: Hi Mom,

You know I'm not really sure what they end up using the seaweed for, but you're probably right, its some sort of food or food additive. I really wish I was there for Phillip's inflatables, especially now that he's cut down all those trees - what a mess. I'll be calling home in the next few days, definately before we leave for Bangkok on Wednesday. I love you and I miss you.
From Tasheeeeeeee
Hey Boys! Looks like you're having a good time.I'm so jealous! The weather is gray here but still pretty mild in temp. Keep living the dream and stay safe xoxo love ya
Response: Thanks Tasheeeeeeee hope all is well with you back home. Give my best to Scott next time you write. Keep in touch
you guys are significantly better at updating than we were. Nice work. keep the pics coming. Matty shred every day, this is my get away. but check the pics ob magic seaweed for longbeach. ny. The ones from sat. 3rd when it was macking.
Response: Just hit up Turtle Island about 45 min from Bingin awesome A frame gonna prob head there all week the wind is better on the east side of the island. Looks like big swell this weekend. See what Indo really has...also yea if you resize the pics first takes about 2 min for 12 pics. Prob should have figured that out the first 6 months we were using this thing
From mags&kel
hey guys! could you please post another picture stroking the elephant? hahahah loooovee you
Response: yea theres plenty, i couldnt get matt to stop stroking it!
From sean mo
so this is what i have to look forward to when i graduate? i hope you're going to be ready to do it again when i'm done with this shit. hit me up when you can bro
Response: you got it bro. i could do this for a while to come. im gonna give you a call tomorrow, saturday, at like around midnight your time so answer any weird ass number that might pop up. i miss you, keep it cool in the Rado.
From Dad-O
Hey Matt, Kyle,
Looks great, wish I was down the street,
Did i tell you I was, and still am, "All-Pro" when it comes to party-time?
Just returned from Chicago, Sales Meeting, went well, am 30% over plan, so lotta love towards me.
Be aware, Have fun.
Response: Thas awesome Dad. Ill put down an extra Bintang for you tonight at dinner. Hopefully she restocked ont he 1 liters those tiny 12 ouncers just don taste the same. MIss you all back home. Lots of love for sure
From steph
you succeeded in making me really really jealous. keep the pictures flowin
Response: Mission accomplished keep ballin at school