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McSisters sing & dance around Europe!

“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.”

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 06 June 2012

Location: Salzburg, Austria

Hello to you all we are in the land of Mozart or if you are speaking to Jean the land of 'Sound of Music'. Today we took a trip to Hitler's Eagle Nest somewhere in the nearby Alps. Opulence is one word that comes to mind. What a location. That was all built for his 50th birthday..What a gift (for a pig of a man). Any way on the way there and on the way back we walked through and viewed many of the real VonTrapps places as well as the movie scenes. It was good. We also had a walking tour which was just mezmerizing; so many alleys, etc but here I am back at the hotel. We survived, we have tonight to do our own thing so jean and I will once again lose our selves in the alleys and try some more Bavarian specialities. Love to you all x

Monday, 04 June 2012

Location: Munich, Germany

Hello to you all! (i am still unable to find a computer to upload some (of the many) photos that i have taken in recent days.
We are in Munchen - Munich, Germany; which is an eclectic mix of French, Italian & Tuscan possibly swiss people, Food & architecture.
We went to King Ludwigs castle and some other incestous dude whom married his 13 year old cousin........can't remeber much past the paintings of him in a long wigs marrying some gorgeous young child - so sorry but that was so so wrong even then!!
Tomorrow we are on the way To Austria Jeans life long dream!!!!
The group that we are travelliung with is a group of 36 = 2 Aussies; 2 Canadians; 3 New Dehli Indians and the rest are loud sniffing and talkng AMERICANS, HEAR ME ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apart from that all is well. Hopefully we will find an Internet lounge that will let us up load photos. Can't wait for normal people who generally do not pick at body bits or sniff in public places. LOL

Sunday, 03 June 2012

Location: Munich, Germany

Hello to you all. today we spent at the Munich zoo! I have seen many of Gods creatures that I did not know existed! The weather is warm but overcast. Shortly we will meet the rest of our tour group to commence the final leg of our trip. Munich to Vienna.
Love to you all XX

Saturday, 02 June 2012

Location: Munich, Germany

Hello we have just arrived in Munich. It is beautiful! but as this is the beginning of the Sound of Music leg i will just play second fiddle and look for good local wines. We have travelled so far and have suffered under so many dodgy showers... the food well what can we say............. English speaking country people are lower class here. All of you young ones learn at least 2 languages!!!!!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Location: Glasgow, UK

Hello to you all.
We have travelled on so many forms of transport to get here that I feel its a privilge. Glasgow is lovely, the weather has just been stunning - so hot. Just like home in the Summer.
We will do some family stuff and then the touristy thing. We plan to do a day trip to visit nessy and a few other places on Thursday.
Also the Glaswegians can't understand my accent LOL!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Location: France

Hello to you all!
We have been through Venice, Switzerland & now Paris......
The weather is almost perfect (about 30) each day. The hotel rooms are becoming smaller but they are also newer & cleaner.
My suit case is threatening to errupt!
as we travel along I am finding that I like each place more. I honestly did not like Rome, but Tuscany, I could live there. Siena & Florence I could livethere too. Switzerland for some reason felt like home. Now Paris needs more of my time.................. I wonder what impact Scotland will have?
Take care & stay warm Ciao xxx

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Hello From Venezia!
Well what do I say. It truly is a dream come true. What keeps this place from complete & permanent water damage?
I have enjoyed the trip so far but Venice is just an awesome, breath taking experience - something that you couldn't dream up that's for sure.
Love to all Y & J

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Location: Florence, Italy

Hello Family we are in Florence enjoying every possible moment.
we are about to hop on the bus to go for a cooking demonstration of typical Tuscan food. Then we will share the meal. Wine is included (shame LOL). The food and Coffee here is great! The history well i am in awe. Tomorrow we are off to Venice. Well i am nearly needing a paper bag at the thought.. VENICE! Love to you all Ciao!!!!! XXXXXXX

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Location: Florence, Italy

hello Family
Finally we are in Florence Ciao!!!!!!!!
the weather is great and beautifully warm.
some descriptive words - surreal - Giddy Giddy Giddy greacian nanna neena! english any one!! Please!
have had a few moments of extreme laughter with tears flowing and snorts galore LOL! Jean has had 3 potential pick ups - the last one offering far more that a bunch of scarves - look up riggalo riggalo! Ha ha.
as for me well i'm just a happy accessory :)
we are taking up every minute and oppurtunity that we can find the energy for. Pig trotters are holding us up well!
Ciao !! hope to up load some shots now! if not i am sorry!
much love to you allllllllll XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Location: Singapore

Hello Toyou all!
we have had a fantastic start to the journey...ecletic, cosmopolitan, ching ching bing!
we send our love to you all XXXXX

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Hello to you all!.
Commencing the journey in Melbourne... Then we are spending the day in Singapore to rest and to have a good look around.

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Recent Messages

From mum mwa
well u globe trotters
hope u enjoyed all thee wineing and dining rubbing shoulders
with thee nobilty
hope u had fun
back 2 thee rat race
and u 2 will enjoy
your own little but and ben
and family
lots o luv from mum andme
p,s its frozen heer
Response: Hello Mum & Dad
Yes we will be packing our cases tomorrow morning...That will be fun!Am actually looking forward to being at home once again. There is no place like home, surrounded by my family & Loved ones XXXXX We do not want to put the warm woollies again. The weather here has just been beautiful. XXXX
From mum me
hi yvonne hop in 2 them thar
mulled wines &strudels luv
jean hope u find mr von trapp
but joinyvonne and have astrudel and ahot drink luv
love 2 u both
it is frozenout hereand storms on the main land
all ok here lOl**********
Response: Hello Mum & Dad so far we have tried varying strudels ( Please send the caftans & pay the excess baggage) and i have tried some fine wines. So far we have had days as cold as 8 but many days over 25. Will be on our way home soon xxx
From Donna
....I can here Jean singing from hear LOL xo
Response: Yes today Was Jeans Day. we have been to most of the places now and taken many happy shots of Jeans reliving the dream. Tomorrow we are on the way to Vienna via Mondesee (that's where the church that they were married in is) then i will be free of the Sound of music. (Actually i enjoyed it, it was not as cheesy as i expected) XX
From Donna
Its extremely cold here,
and what else is going on....ummm did I tell you it's cold here LOL...nearing the end of your journey now ladies....HAVE FUN!! :)xoxo
Response: Well its been cold (well up at the Eagles Nest , checking out Hitlers love nest. Somewhere in Bavaria) It was about 8 degrees. but apart from that the weather has been lovely. Yes we start the return journey home June 11 from Vienna. Take care XXX Stay warm :)
From hi mum me
hi yvonne from mum &me tell
jean that lots o people
know the hills r alive
so dont smack people
out on your hill
so have lots o fun jean
find mrt von trapp?
yvonne find a good strudel
and a hot wine
so have funlol***************
Response: Hello Mum & Dad we have just arrived from Munich into Salzburg and our hotel is opposite the mirabelle gardens.. the place that Maria (Sound of Music) taught the children to sing Do rei I guess i will know where Jean will be right now. This Place (salzburg) is awsome i am unable to decribe my thoughts. HA HA that's something new - me speechless LOL! Love to you allXXXX
From Leanne Courto
Hi to you from cold old Tassie. Michelle sent me the link as I wanted to follow your progress, I hope that is okay. I delight in reading your wonderful updates and have taken some time reading through and looking at your photo’s. They make me jealous but I am so glad you have the opportunity. You deserve every moment of enjoyment.
Love you lots
Response: Hello Leanne! thank you for keeping up with me! There should be many photos but not all Internet lounges have the capability or permissions to uploads any data. But yes i am having a wonderful time. i have spent the day on the road going Munich into Salzburg! The scenery & history of this part of the world is just astounding. I am trying to just 'be' and to absorb each moment
(with a few fine local wines included): my love to you XXXXXX
From mum -me
great 2 hear from u2 the castle would be quiet a thing for u both
its only been there for 1500
years or so give or take a week or 2?
rhi phoned 2night gone out 2
a hens nightshe wasasking 4 u
alls well herelol2uboth******
Response: Hello My Sweets. We are now in Munich. Just had a lovely meal with great wine somewhere nearby. WE did see Mons Meg but now yuo are not allowed to sit on her so we did our best ... The castle was just something else we spent several hours in awe of the history & beauty. Our night in Edinburgh was way tooooo short. but it was good. Munich is something else! Yes i spoke to the family today. I hop That Ri#s night goes well. XXXX
From mum7me
hi our lovely girlies
great 2 hear from ewesin glasgow
mum &eye luved it
if u go 2 the castle in edinburgh
ask if the cannon MONS MEG
is theremum sat on it when she was14on a school trip?
thanks for my b/day song lol******
Response: Will do the castle is on todays adgenda! Our hotel window looks at the castle. XXXX
I hope that your day is lovely today dad ! XXX
From Donna
Hello ladies,
They couldnt understand my accent either, im not the one with the accent they are lol.... Your time is flying by over there...its just extremely cold here...your pictures are lovely.....enjoy enjoy ya's ;-) xo
Response: Hey that's funny we thinkthey have the accent but that's no right! Edingburgh is a very special place. I love it ! Take care xxx
From mumandme
hi great 2 hear from u
in clydebank
346 dumbarton road dalmuir
clydebank is the postal address
any way main thing is for u 2 enjoy ur tripjust explore every thing u canwe luv u lots allswell
out here **********
Response: Well we came sought & located as much as we could. we even snuck into Aunty betty's tower and knocked on her door directly. Ha what a laugh! We have walked many miles here. Our day trip to Inverary, Luss, Oban was stunninly beautiful? I could visit again. Happy Birthday Dad xxxxx
From Roycie

Hey ma! Just read your new post and sounds like your having a ball. Can't wait to see some photos of the old motherland haha. Your making me want to go travel ling even more :) say hi to the loch ness monster for me xx love you
Response: Hello Love well even though me & my suitcase are not friends the travel bug still prevails. I do love Scotland. nessy did not make a show for me. I did try XXXX
From Shona
Hey guys!!
sitting in my office .... freezing here ........ reading about your lovely summer weather
:-/ I so want to be happy for you both ........ but jealousy is eating me up ........ love you both heaps ... stay safe xxxx
Response: Hello love am sitting in the Point Hotel, Edingburgh with a view of the Caslte. I am only wearing a TshIrt & jeans. xxxx Hey enjoy your Holiday
From mum&me
great 2 hear from u2 from glasgow when u get 2 clydebank just think mum &me walked most of them thar streets
so have fun exploring your history DICKENS AVE ETC
if u find nessy she is worth a fortune
alls well herelol*********
Response: hello Mum & Dad i am sitting in the Clydebank Library; I became a member i just couldn't help myself. So we are lost this place is much much bigger than jean remembers, which i guess is to be expected. so armed with maps and instructions from the locals we will starrt our search of our old home place.
much love J & Y
From mum&me
so now u r in the big smoke
getting busy their with the queens 60th and the olympics
going on like fies round a hot one
alls well here everything is ticketyboo lol mum &mee+++++
Response: Hello Mum & Dad
well London was off the show, but as we are now in Glasgow the hype here is building too. It may be fun trying to get to the airport on Saturday in Edinburgh so we willl need to leave much earlier than we want too.
Glasgow is quite beautiful and very big. Today we will journey around some of the planned sites. I will fill you in on what we found hopefully tomorrow. Stay warm & take care Y & J
From mum und mwa
hi does jean want mum and me 2 put her house on the
for sale market
now that she wants2 move2
dont panicjean its mum andmeonly if the zoom zoom is in lol*********
Response: Im not tooo sure about that! i think we both are missing the comforts of home! maybe we can talk a deal later XXX London is fine. i cant wait for Glasgow
From Marjan
Hi Yvonne,
looks like you are having a wonderful time, the weather here is pretty ordinary.
Enjoy all the beautiful sights in europe (how was paris by the way??)
Enjoy the rest of your trip!!
Response: Well my dear life is just fantastic. the weather has been great - usually aroung 30 and sunny. it rained while we were in Venice. Paris was ooooh la la! i liked it. what a history that it has.
Thanks Y
From mum me
hi ewe globe trotters
alls well here
how was paree
lol from the old timers
ciao from us scots wogs*******
Response: OUI oui ooooh lalla la gay paree is just lovely. I have too many stories and photos as evidence; we are now on the way to a French cabret show and the wine is included !! i love you both dearly. we are on the way to the Hameland tomorrow xxxx
From maw &paw
great2 cu r having a trip on a
horse and bugg y
in toberlon country
did u just have 1 schnapps
yvonne?just asking?
is jean behaving herself?
ifso why ?
floods and frozen here
we r all well lol*******
Response: Hello Mum & Dad
Wr are truly having a marvellous time. Jean wants to move to Switzerland today! Yes it was only half a scHnapps. Jean is behaving really well _ i think shes leaving all possible naughties til Austria! we are having hot hot weather here XX
From mum&me
we r enjoying your trip with
u both didu go on a gondola
trip ?
alls well here
so from the nocturnal world
lol 2 u both*********
Response: Hello Mum & Dad Yes we were serenaded on A Gondola ride through some canals of Venice.
Switzeerland is beautifukl. we rosde in a horse cart through the country siode and had a light lunch with a local family. i tried some localö schnapps- well that burnt going down. there will cretianly be no bad braeth for some time. i think the flesh inside my throat has been sterilised. Tomorrow we head to <france. XXXX i will try to upü load shot then xxxx
From Donna
Hey lovely ladies,
Pictures are wonderful....thankyou, your bringing back great memories and creating so many of your enjoying your journey.....enjoy every minute....the whether is wet here lol :) xo
Response: Hello Love our time in Venezia was wet but having said that the rain reduced the stench ha ha ha xxx Switzerland is just breath takingly beautiful xxx
From Ri & Ben
Hello! Lovin the photos so far, ben wants to know what day youve got booked in to see some bike racing haha. Have fun in switzerland :)
Love xx
Response: Hello my sweets, hmmmm bike riding over here means that you may be considering suicide. There are no road rules here, just survival of the fittest! each country that i have visited has a different key board- no touch typing, soooo verrrry frustrating. <love to you both xx Also this PC does not have any where for me top up load photos. But none the less i love switzerland XX
From mum und me
hi u2 early birds
u bedroom shakers
alls well here
weather is crook here brrr
so as u globe trotters wood say CIAO
Response: Hello again Mum & dad. Yes we are sorry about the 3am start but I went backwards instead of forwards when thinking about the time difference - good thing you two are sometimes nocturnal!!!! The weather here is about 18 or so, but it has rained for the last 2 days..Which apparently has softened the stench of Venezia (Venice). will chat again from Switzerland. Love to you both xxxxxxxxxx
From mum and me
hi girls looks like u r having fun
nice photos
windy and cold here
mum says im a baldy chook?
have fun in venice
Response: Oh Dad you will always be gorgeous to us! we certainly have had fun in Venezia. Tomorrow we will will drive (bus) toiSwitzerland. I will try to upload more shots soon XXXX
From Shona
Hey lovely girls ... by the time you read this you will be in Venezia .......... breath, it is fantastically wonderful .... Enjoy Burano.... watch out for the midgeys though ... aerogard needed :-) .. LU xxx
Response: Hey gorgeous! we certainly are in Venezia. What a beautiful place - apart from the odour it is truly breath taking!xxx Love to you all xxx
From Annie
Hi Ma and aunty Jean! looks like your having the best time. Cant wait to hear all about it. I love the Bike! (seat doesnt look to bad) Photos are awesome! LOve you xxx
Response: Hello my love. Am pleased that you like it! I tried to do your thing! We are now in Venizia - which believe it or not is even more beautiful than I could ever possibly imagine. I love you & Ri XXXX