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Mel's off to the States!!!

Here's some photos and stuff for all to view!

Diary Entries

Friday, 23 June 2006

Location: HOME!!, UK

Hey all!

Well, I've finally gotten around to doing something with all my photos! Here's a very minute selection of them, we took over 800 between us!!

If you can't be bothered reading through my e-mail (I know, sorry, its a bit long, but it doubles as my diary too so I don't have to keep one!!) here's a quick overview......

Had a fabulous trip, ate fantastic food in rather large quantities, saw some awesome sights and fell in love with the Amalfi Coast. Germany was not really my cup of tea, but I enjoyed the Mercedes Benz museum, Spain was great, although the food was pretty crap. Italy was fabulous, highlights were Verona, Florence and the Amalfi Coast and of course, the pizza, pasta and gelato!!

Back in London now, trying to sort out my stuff and get a job, there's a few things coming up, so as soon as I get something, I'll let everyone know. I'll be moving out of Haycroft Gardens as soon as possible (our lease runs out in 2 weeks) and hopefully into hospital accomodation because its easier and cheaper and by the looks of things the jobs are all out of London anyway.

Hope everyone's going well at home - I hear its getting a bit chilly! Well, its finally hit summer here (she says as she sits on the computer in jeans and a hoodie at 5pm in the arvo) the sun is out and it has reached a whopping 25 deg! Mike, Mum and Dad all had a good laugh when they arrived, it was very hot (27/28 deg- hey hot for London) and there were warning signs everywhere about over-heating on the tube and how to avoid dehydration. I had to laugh at them when they finally got on a tube and realised that underground, in tunnels with trains and no air flow, its always about 15deg warmer than above ground. Great for winter, but not so in summer.

Anyway, I'm in the midst of replying to everyone's e-mails individually, but that could take some time, so please be patient (I'm trying to do them in chronological order to be fair!!).

Lots and love and wishes, enjoy the cooler weather!



Monday, 08 May 2006

Location: UK

Hello everyone,

I'm now in the middle of all my travelling - well sort-of. I've done Belgium and Turkey - see photos, and am now waiting (not very patiently) for Mike to arrive so we can go travelling to Europe. But he gets here tomorrow!! Yay!!!

Anyway, I've finally finished my washing (so over the idea of ironing!) Although, its been ok, coz I've seen what is dying so will take all my ruined clothes to Europe and replace them on the way round. Hehehe, and Mike thought he was coming to see the sights!!! I though I best get some more photos up on my website, because before I know it, I'll be WAY too far behind and will never actually catch up and all you lucky people in sunny Oz will miss out.

So, browse photos, leave messages and keep smiling,

Love and wishes,

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox- oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Wednesday, 19 April 2006

Location: UK

Hey people,

I'm not sure if everyone has my e-mail address so you can send me lots of messages and photos!!!

So send me lots of things!!!!!!

Lots of love,


xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox- oxoxoxoxoxo

Friday, 31 March 2006

Location: UK

Hey nice friendly people who check my website regularly!!

Sorry I've been keeping everyone in the dark a bit lately, but I've actually been quite boring of late! As you most probably know, I've only got 8 days left of work (yay! not that I'm at all counting!!) and then about 2 months off, so I'm trying (TRYING!!!) to be very good and spend very little! Also, living between two cities gets very messy and my life has often been spread all over the UK (feels like it!!) and I have to spend time sorting it all out again.

As such, my weekends have been consisting of sorting my stuff out and working out what has to be done (thank god for saturday morning business hours!!) and lots of free walking around London and free museums. The museums are awesome, but don't really make exciting e-mail material, and as such, I don't really have much to say!!

But I figure this is just the calm before the storm, until I begin to spend all my hard earned pounds (I still don't have much feeling in my left index finger and permanently have it stuck up in the air coz I can't use it due to lack of feeling!!) and constantly bore you all with tales of my exploits (or half my exploits considering this is a family website!!)

Anyway, hope all are having fun and being good and gathering stories for me so I don't end up too out of the loop!!

Love ya's all,


xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox- oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Wednesday, 01 March 2006

Location: Brighton, UK

Hey guys,

Once again, if you're reading this its probably because you been reading my e-mails, so there isn't much I can say coz you've already read it!!!

Hope everyone is doing well, thanks for the messages, I love getting them!!

Lots of love

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox- oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Wednesday, 08 February 2006

Hey all,

As you have most probably read my e-mail, there isn't really a whole lot I can put here that I haven't already said! Then again, me being me, I'm sure I could always find something to say!! Just ask Mum, whenever I ring home for a "quick call" it turns into an hour and a half before we've even realised!!!!

Anyway, please keep sending me e-mails or messages through this site, I love hearing from home, anything is exciting, its so good to hear from home!!!

Hope everyone is happy and well,

hugs and kisses,

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox- oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo- xoxoxoxoxoxox

Tuesday, 24 January 2006

Location: London, UK

Hey all,

I've finally put up some more photos!! These ones are from some more sightseeing in London and from my day trip to the Isle of Wight.

Hope its still sunny and happy for everyone in Oz!!

Love and wishes,
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox- oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Sunday, 01 January 2006

We spent New Years Eve on Westminster Bridge over the Thames. The fireworks were quite good.

Looking forward to finding a place we can actually move into, but its proving difficult and expensive, so we're probably going to stick it out here as long as we can and then get something cheap and save money so we can go travel more.

I've found lots of little trips, there's heaps of things here called "City Breaks", with transport (bus/train/plane) and 2 or 3 nights accomodation, so I'm going to try and do as many of them as possible.

I hope everyone had a great xmas with lots of good company and food, and that there were lots of presents for all! I hope everyone's New Years Eves were also good, and wish everyone a happy 2006.

Love Mel.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox- oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo- xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Saturday, 17 December 2005


All booked, leave on Christmas Eve, Train to Paris, 3 nights bed and breakfast, sight seeing tour when we first get there, Big Christmas meal!!!

YAY!! We're both excited, although it feels a little surreal, like, yeah, we're just going to Paris for 3 days! We're planning to stay in London for New Years, walk around in town and watch the count down on Big Ben and see the fireworks and stuff.

I can't believe I'm actually going to be in Paris for xmas and London for New Years!!

I hope you all have fantastic christmases as well!!

Love Mel.

Wednesday, 07 December 2005

Location: London, UK

Heya everyone!!

This is really just a way for me to show you my photos so I don't have to e-mail them all to everyone!

If you want to leave a message, I suppose I'll read it!!

If you want some actuall information, read my e-mails, I can't be bothered typing it out all the time!!!

Love, wishes and hugs,

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Recent Messages

From Greg K
Hey Mel!
Just thought I'd say hi, and comment on your tan!! You're a bronzed Aussie again haha!
Response: Thanx Greg - I'm working on it!!
From Laura
Hey babe, it's been awhile since we last heard from you!! I guess that must mean you are busy having fun with mike and your mum and dad! I can't remember exactly how long they were all over there for but I guess we will get an update once all the fun dies down. Well it is exams for me at the moment, lots of stress and miserable Winter days :( while you are enjoying the European sun, how the tides have turned! Only two more to go though so I will send u another essay after they are over, and updates on the dreaded court case which is this Thursday. Oh man I wish I was there !!!!!!!! Talk soon xxx
Response: Sorry its been so long, I've been away and haven't had much of a chance to reply to things. You should see my inbox of e-mails!! So many un-read, its kinda scary!!
Anyway, today is my sort-out day so hopefully everyone will get a reply soon!!
Love ya, Mel
From carla
hello melissa!
finally finished exams and have time to check on what people are doing back in the real world - your trip sounds amazing, i am chained to my oil heater freezing to death in sydney so live it up in the sun ok! (and hope you have at least doubled your luggage by now ;-)...)
Cheerio! from Carla
Response: Real world? Where is this elusive real world? Definately not over here with me! Spending up all my pounds in those lovely high st shops coz I'm sending a crate home and figure I better fill it!!! Hehehe!
Hope your exams went well, just think - nearly all done!!!
Lots of love,
From Alex
Hi Mel, it seams some what surreal that you are off doing the Europeam thing that I did when I was younger while I'm sat here in my dinning room looking at snow caped mountains and about to enjoy.....(I think thats the word I'm looking for) my second winter this year. At least back in the UK it wasn't a bad one this year. Form what I have picked up I guess you are a proper histologist now.... Looking foward to seeing you if you make it home via NZ otherwise we will have to hook up again once you are are down south again.
I'll send you an email with some photos. Enjoy Europe and please, drink too much for me.... Hope to see you soon, Alex
Response: Yup, definately a proper histologist with the scar to prove it!! Winter in the UK may not have been too bad but its definately been long!! In Italy now, Spain last week, been living up the sunshine, 30deg!!!!! Give me about a year of mum's home-cooked food and I'll be over to NZ for a visit!!
Keep warm (hehe)
From Renee and Richard
Well I have just read everyone's messages to you so now feel quite lazy. It sounds as if you are having the most awesome time and living out many of your dreams. I have been telling Richard about all of your adventures after I get one of your emails. I am so glad that Mike will finally be able to see you - we have been getting a little sick of him counting down the days!! Richard and I wish you both an absolutely fantastic time together.

Love and Best wishes,
Renee and Richard
Response: Thanks guys. I'm definately having a great time (Mike is too!!) The weather's been awesome, finally getting some sun!
Take care, I'm sure Mike'll tell you all about it soon.
Love Mel
From Adam Taunton
Hey how are you. Great to see what you are up to. Looks like you are really getting the most out of your trip. Some amazing pics in there. Very jealous. Anyways have fun and keep takin the pics
Response: Takin to many at the moment!!! Havin a ball in Italy, might get some stuff up on the web when I get home.
From Donna
Hi Mel


We have loved keeping up with you and your adventures. Even Brian has learned how to use the computer and internet to check you progress, you know how he hates anything knew.
Keep up the good work. Hope you have started to thaw out you poor baby, you must have been frozen.
We are due to have the new arrival in the family within the next few weeks - will send you pics (they won't tell us what it is as they realised I won't be able to keep it a secret, Dave & Christy only want a few people to know what sex bubs is and now it is a couple of people less.
Mum told me you were going to Gallipoli for the service on ANZAC day - I am soooo jealous take lots of pic and post here.
Have a wonderful holiday with mum and dad , and of course enjoy Michaels visit to.
See ya soon
Donna & Brian
Response: Heya Miss Donna and the ever-growing Wyatt Clan!!

It is finally warming up here, thank god, its made it to a whopping 15 deg the last few days, its amazing how warm that actually feels now!!
I'm glad Christy's doing well - I promise to keep you posted on my travels if you promise to keep me posted on all new arrivals!!
I'm really looking forward to Turkey - it'll be good to compare it to Egypt, and of course all my visitors will be SOO welcomed!! (and all the vegemite and minties that they'll be bringing!!!)

Thanks for the message,

From Jodie
Hi Mel,
Love the site!
Your mum was telling me (at Jordans Birthday party of course) you are really cold and I remembered how cold I was when it was -8 in Tokyo. I started to think about how I dealt with it and remembered my flanolette (sp?) lined jeans (oh - they are so warm). I still have them - what size are you? These would be a 10. I am happy to post them to you.

Enjoy it all - real life has a nasty habit of creaping back in.

Response: Thanks heaps for the offer, but its actually starting to warm up!!! Reached a whopping 10deg on the weekend!!!!! So hopefully I won't be needing them!

I am enjoying myself heaps and not thinking about real life too much - just how to keep the out money equal or less to the in money! Its all still a bit confusing having to worry about rent and food!!!! Where's mum when you need her hey!?!?!?!?!
From carla
gotta be quick sorry cause i am due at the beach for lifesaving (trying to be as aussie as possible for you) but i am SO excited to have tracked down your email and web address at last thanks to michelle, better late than never hehe) and have been making myself later and later by looking at all the mad photos. I am currently wales-sick cause i had a brilliant time there too and it looks so pretty where you went (just don't go to cardiff, swansea or bangor...) - how awesome is snowdonia! so glad you are settling in (even if your room looks like one of my old college ones - at least i know for sure you can survive 3 years at least in a space like that if it makes you feel better...). hope this gets me whacked onto the emails list cause i would love to know what you are up to (though i will no doubt turn green with envy after every one!) cheers for now - luv carla :-)
Response: OMIGOD!!!!!!!!

How are you!!! Do you have any idea how many time I have thought of you and said to myself - must get Carla's details!!!! yeah, wales was really pretty, and I'm surviving in the room, and think that considering how little I pay and how little I have to do in terms of cleaning and providing toilet paper, I'll be sticking to hospital accommodation from now on!!

I will most definately add you to my e-mail list RIGHT NOW!!!

Hope all's still well with you!!

Love ya - Mel

From Wendy
Hey sweetheart! I was thrilled when i went to the post office and found out the parcel waiting for me was jordy's pressie.Thank you soooooooooooooooo much!! I looked at the parcel and saw "Royal Mail UK" and just went "oh my god.Its Mel" woo hoo! Well she is that excited bout her b'day party comin its not funny.She asks every mornin "is it today?"he he. She is going fabulous at ballet.Loves it.Has a go at all the steps.Its so amusing to watch.I get sore cheeks from smiling while watchin her. Pre-school also is going really well.just goes "bye mum". I was devastated coz she didnt care that i was leaving! I'm over that now and enjoy wednesdays to myself.he he. The doc got all over the cancer out of my ear.What a bloody shocking experience that was!! me being the woos i am.They gave me a valium to start with.pathetic i know but hey then again you can relate to this... repeated local needles in your ear and around your ear!!! Not nice.Bloody needles!! Had to take all the skin from inside my ear.It was back to i had a skin graft.Great!really painful things they are.But i'm recovering well now.Have to go sweety. wanted to let u know that we got the parcel.Thank you so much.wil send u some pictures from her b'day party.miss u,luv u wen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hey Wen,

I'm glad you got the parcel, I sent it early to make sure it would be there for the party. I can't beleive how grown up Jordy sounds - I wish I wasn't missing it, but I'm sure there'll be plenty later on.

Also glad all the cancer's gone out of your ear - its a shame you had to get a skin graft, but at least its all fixed now.

I'd love to see some pictures of the party, I'm sending Mum with her camera as well!!!

Have a ball, Lots of love, Mel
From Jess
Hi Mel!
Looks like you are still having an awesome time in London and i really feel for you with the cold! I was sick of it after 8 months of winter (Aussie winter, Canadian winter, European winter...all the fun varieties) and was stoked to even have one month of summer (its autumn now. Sigh). But just think, it should start getting warmer soon right?
Love Jess
Oh and great pics:)
Response: Hey Jess!!

Just had a quick look on your website - looks like you had a great time after you left London!Lots more snow than me!!! Must admit - snow doesnt impress me, just a little bit too cold!!
Hope its not too boring for you at home - have fun back at Newie Uni!!

Love Mel
From Shazzy
Hey babe,
sounds like you're still having fun and getting to enjoy the country with all the weekend-ish trips (which I would soo love to join you on). Just wondering how the dvd went (and if it worked) and hoping that you're still ehaving fun and not missing us soo much.
Love you lots, continue to enjoy yourself and it may be a while until the next dvd (I am at uni and whilst psycho shaz not out to play yet, she will be soon).
Response: Hello Shazmeister Dearest!
I am still having a really good time over here! Especially now I'm working down at Brighton (we would have SO much fun there - awesome shopping and lots of fun little bars and pubs!!) The dvd worked perfectly if your aim was to make me homesick and to spend a day or so moping coz I missed my girls, but other than that yes it was great. Once again, thanks so much!!
I hope uni isn't too stressful for you (is that a bit of an oxymoron - uni and not stress in the same sentence!?!?!?!?!) as long as you keep the e-mails coming!!!!
Lots of love, miss you all HEAPS!!!
Hugs and kisses, Mel xoxox
From Ange
Hey Cuz!
Howz it goin? Miss ya heaps. Love this website so much! How convenient!! The photos look great. Tho i'm not jealous of the weather! Could be the first time ever that my tan is better than yours! Am at work, it's friday arvo and i'm soooooooooo bored. Can't wait to get outta here! Got some sad news, Mums Dad (father gibbs) passed away on Thurs morning. He has been in a nursing home for about 2 weeks and he hasn't been well so it wasn't totally unexpected. He's better off in peace now. The funeral will be on Tues.
Other than that, everything else is fine. James and i are great. Got heaps of Belly Dancing Gigs! Which is great, i'll be able to put that money towards paying for my trip to Egypt! The tour itinerary is on Will be in Sept or Oct sometime. Oh! And i've just finished my Advanced open water dive course too! Woo! So me dad, andrew and James are going diving as often as we can!
Well, better not fill the page up too much! I'll write again the next time i have nothing to do at work ;-)
Lots of Love Ange. xxx
Response: Hey hey hey!!!!

I'm glad you got hold of the website, I wasn't sure of your e-mail but really wanted to get thru to you so I'm glad you found me!!! Thta's sad about Father, but as you said, he's better off in peace now. I'm glad all your belly dancing is going so well, you will LOVE egypt, as far as I am concernec, everybody should go there, for so many reasons, the culture, the history, the overall experience, its just amazing!! I will have a look at the itinerary when I get some time ( a very precious commodity over here!!)

You have to tell me all about the diving, where and what you see and you MOST DEFINATELY have to tell me all about egypt (and don't mention the tan ever again, it is here, somewhere, I'm sure.................)

Try to get some actual work done (hehehe)
Love and wishes, Mel
From wendy
hey sweety.
Well it sounds like u r havin a fab time seeing everything over there.Good for u.The photo's r so interesting.Keep em comin.he he.
Well jordy is starting up at ballet this arvo! God knows how she'll go.Can only try and see ay.Her little friend Becky is starting today too so hopefully that will help.Also she starts pre-school wednesday.One day a week.She has some little friends she knows there too so hopefully it will go smoothly.
We have just come back from the cottage.Had 2 weeks up there.It was great.Jordy had a ball with her cousins.First day back at ballet for me tonight.Oh i'm gonna be sore tomorrow!!!!!Can't remember if i told u that she is fully toilet trained.YAY. And we got rid of the dummy!!! I cut the teet off and told her it was broken (i know,sly) but hell it worked! She accepted it no probs.YAY. Going to Sydney on the 27th Feb to get another skin cancer cut out of my ear.Ouch.Not lookin forward to it but its got to be done.Dad has been back in hosp for another op.They made the hole/drain in his back bigger to get rid of the infection that is still in there.
Home now.No probs.Going well.
Everyone here says hi and miss you.Better go.
Miss you,luv you Wen xxxxxxx
Response: Hi Wen!!!
Sounds like Jordy's keeping you quite busy!I'm glad she's doing so well with the toilet training and the dummy, she's gonna be so grown up by the time I get back!! You'll have to send me some update pictures along the way. I hope your skin cancer removal goes well, I asked the people at work about the procedure and its quite common and works well so I'll be thinking of you and hoping it all goes well. Just keep lots of panadol handy for the trip home!! Tell H to stop getting sick, and I hope everyone at home is happy and healthy,
Love and Wishes, Mel
From Michelle
Hiya Mel! How are you! It's Australia Day, so I hope you are being all partiotic! Have to go to work soon but will be going up to Kriddle's place after to see the girls... we're all missing you! You've got me all excited now - I can't wait to go to the Globe and heckle and be all shakespearean! Happy Australia Day!
Response: Hope you guys all have a great Australia day, we've taken the day off work and are going to one of the walkabout pubs in town. Looking forward to taking you to the Globe, I'll have to find out which plays they're doing!
From Kristal
Heya Babe!
I was just reading sista's travel page and was reminded about yours! All i have to do is read the headings of your photo pages and I'm jealous: xmas in paris, NYE in london! I'm so glad that you're living it up and having a fab time even tho we are missing you here back home!
Sista had a nice time the other night, I'm really glad you guys could catch up.
Take care mel xoxox
Response: It was great to catch up with Jess, thanks heaps for passing on her number so it could all be possible. I'm looking forward to hearing what she has to say about Austria and her trip home coz I'm trying to sort out what I want to do over the next year!!

Hope your still having lots of fun and that it hasn't been too hard going between Syd and Newie all the time.

Keep happy - luv and wishes Mel xoxoxoxox
From Kane, Karen & Girls
Hi Melissa
We had your email forwarded on by Jean, and loved reading about your adventures so far. Karen's brother is also living in London, so with his regular updates plus yours, it feels as though we know the country inside out! Sounds as though you're truly enjoying yourself - even though it's bitterly cold! Keep us posted, it's nice to read!
Love Kane, Karen, Chloe & Sophie.
Response: Hey guys!
Thanks for the message, its quite daunting how far this web[age seems to be travelling, but that's why I set it up so I'm glad people are looking at it! I'll add your email to my list and then you can read my essays as well as see the stuff on this site!
Love Melissa
From Cousin Jenny
It sounds like you are having a wonderful time.We all had a wonderful Christmas & a quiet New Year at Wendy & Tim's.I hope your Mum sent you the photo's of us on Christmas Day at my Mum & Dad's & Jordy with her new car.She had an absolute ball.I handed her presents to give to the relevant people & every time she came back to me she said "mine".I don't know wether or not you know but Steve is down this year so we have been spending alot of time at Mum & Dad's because I haven't seen them for quite a while.Robert is going alright,no major breakthroughs or anything, I think for the moment he is at a plateau.Well I suppose I had better get back to work,keep enjoying yourself,take care of yourself & I love being able to see what your up to it's fascinating.Oh & yes,it has been VERY HOT here,better than that damn snow.

All my love,kisses & hugs
Response: Hey Cous Jenny!!!!
Thanks for your message. Yeah, Mum sent me those photos, apparantly it was quite a mission for her and Dad to get it worked out, but I was very proud of them! Jordy's xmas would have been awesome this year coz she's reaching that age when she understands it all better! I'm glad everyone's ok, if a little hot.

Love, kisses and wishes,
Cous Mel
From margaret peel
loved your photos and green with envy because we couldn't find the cafe from Amelie when we went looking in monmartre. Keep enjoying yourself. Haemo is still having
fun and the baby fish are getting bigger by the day.
From Shazzy
Hey babe, your xmas sounded awesome, soo jealous. I've been reading about lots of these places in "The Da Vinci Code" such a great book and so surreal that you're visiting these places and artwork!!!
hope you both keep having fun over there. It's still like 38 degrees here (in Penrith) on NYE. As its 7pm, time to crack open the champas...I'll drink one for you too.
Lots of love
Response: Yeah, it was really surreal, we all laughed about actually being at the Eiffel Tower and the other things. It was like, oh, ok, next!! It wasn't until after that I was like, oohh, THAT'S where I was!!! Haven't read the Da Vinci Code yet, will get around to it one day.

Hope your NYE's was good, if you've got any photos from Boxing Day I'd love to see them....... (hint hint)

Love n wishes, Mel xoxox
From laura
hey lid,
your xmas sounds awesome! paris ... im so jealous. Hope you have a fab one despite the cold, and we will be missing u here in the sun on boxing day.... will take some pics at the races for you though
luv laura xoxoxox
From Maureen
Hi Melissa, Great to see your London pics.And read about your new adventures. British museum I love , keep looking.
A wonderful time for you , enjoy!
Have a wonderful Christmas.
Maybe a WHITE one?? M
From sol
Mel the web site is great. I am really enjoying your e-mails. Looks like you're having a great time. love sol
From Nycole
a late congrats on your results. all the victorian results triggered the memory that you were still doing something important. first class is wonderful. mum has filled in the gaps for me. everyone is well. yes it is lovely and mild here in mildura. this web site idea is fantastic you will have to let me know how it works when you get the chance. great. we hope you and hayley have a great time in london and where ever else it is that you will be going. i am envious. merry christmas mel. xo.
From sharon
Hey babe,
glad to hear/read you're having fun and shopping and doing occasional touristy things!!! Just a quick question about how long things actually take to reach you (at your 'home' address) from here???
Anyway, keep enjoying yourself, shop the bargains if noone else is prepared to (we're seasons behind them Aus).
Love you heaps and miss you plenty.
Response: I'm not sure how long mail will take. I'm giving stuff about 10 days to get home, so I assume it would be similar in the other direction? Hayley got something in 5 days, so maybe its quicker.