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From France to Scotland to Spain

Hi guys. I decided to start a website so that you can all log on anytime you want to find out where I am and what Im doing and look at my photos. It's much better than sending emails all the time! The map on the main page will display my current location each time you log on! You can also leave me a message when you visit using the message box under the map !

Salut a tous,
voici mon nouveau site web pour vous tenir au courant de mes voyages. chaque fois que vous arriverez sur le site web le plan vous montrera ou je serai. n'hesitez pas de me laissser un message sur la page en partant !

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 07 December 2005

Location: san sebastian, Spain

hi guys!!

oh god im so bad at keeping this website up to date. i had good intentions to write it every day or at least once a week but there is always something else goin on !! thanks for all your messages - i just put them up on the site just now!!

arndt was here from wed until monday, we had a great weekend. on thur we went to "La Perla" the luxury health spa which overlooks playa de la concha coz i get discount tickets from uni. it was so great. they have all these relaxation pools which massage you with water jets and a huge saltwater jacuzzi and steam rooms and sauna and infra red beds and loads of cool stuff.

now im so stressed. i have 5 exams and 2 papers to write before xmas and it takes ages to study coz its in spanish. iv done no work up til now so its all piled up. aaaghh. i just want it to be finished.

cant wait to see ya all at xmas time !!!

luv mel xxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 29 October 2005

Location: san sebastian, Spain

hi everyone !!

thanks to everyone who sent me an email/text/card/message for my birthday...i didnt have enough time/credit to reply to everyone but i really appreciated it !!

i have been having so much fun this last week...arndt got here last saturday and is still here until tue. im off uni til wed. on the sunday after he arrived he got one of his birthday presents from me...i organised a bungee jump off a 186foot bridge for me arndt and 13 other firends from here. we set off in 3 cars on sunday afternoon into the countryside until we found the bridge. it was huge was terrible because the bungee people were 2 hours late and so we had 2 hours to look at th view before we jumped. but finally they arrived and everyone got their turn. i jumped 2nd. was so scary but i loved it!! i didnt tell my mum before now coz she woodnt have slept the week before it ..sorry mummy. ill get the photos up asap.

then on the tue night i celebrated my birthday with arndt and all the erasmus students in a bar in the old town. it was such a great night and my friends here bought me surf lessons for my birthday. i cant wait to do them ..its a weekend course. i was sooooooooooooooooo drunk at my party and was a little bit sick ...arndt had to carry my shoes, my bag and me home, help me to bed and hold the plastic bag. ooops. sorry arndt. so much for 21st birthday s**

another present for arndt was that we went away for a night to stay in this cool house in the country. it was an old stone building in the middle of the mountains, inside all decorated in wood and stone, with big fireplace and old fashioned bathtubs, gorgeous garden etc. in the evening we went to the "relaxation zone"... another stone building with jacuzzi, steam room and sauna. we got to hire it out just for the two of us !!! was so nice. the next day we wanted to visit the caves but it was raining so headed back to san sebastian for some tapas and beer.

2nite me and arndt r going for paella with julia and her boyfriend then im sure we'l meet the others to party!

speak to u all soon. love mel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 05 October 2005

Location: san sebastian, Spain

hi everyone!!

i just arrived back in san sebastian on monday night after a fantastic week in Munich. i left last tue and arrived in the centre of munich around 830pm. arndt cooked a nice meal - not as good as the nights i cook but still, not bad ;-) then on wed, arndt went to work and i went in search of a dirndl ..the traditional munich clothing that lots of people wear to oktoberfest. the last time i was in munich arndt and i both tried on the traditional clothing n he really liked the dirndl so i really wanted to find one coz they r really sexy push ur boobs up to your chin, hehe. usually they r so expensive but i managed to get one at a great price coz of the size. u have to get a size smaller than usual, im a size 8 just now so i bought a 6. oh my god. getting it on was really a laugh but once it was on it looked good. so i got ready and arndt got home from work to find me in my dirndl. i couldnt breathe all night. hehe. im gonna put the photos online asap. the first night of oktoberfest we went with arndts department from the bank which was fun coz the people were nice and the bank paid everything. but after all the free beer i was so drunk. the thursday was recovery day, thn on friday we had the traditional munich breakfast before going to the zoo. it was great, the monkeys were so funny. our favourite was a baby one called willie. sat i squeezed back into my dirndl and we went back to oktoberfest, this time we went earlier. we met with some of arndts friends and also a friend of ours from paris exchange (was good to see you christophe !! ) we were drinking all day then me and arndt left the tent and went on the ghost train and some of the ther rides. the music and atmosphere at oktoberfest was sooo good!!

on friday im going to th south of france for delphine and stephane´s wedding!! cant wait.

hope everyone is well,
write soon
love mel xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 19 September 2005

Location: san sebastian, Spain


- Quote of the week goes to Florian with “Ass antlers”

- Erasmus students take over nightclub in Amara
- Bike goes missing from Bee Bop Bar
- Absinthe brings out Jason and Florian’s previously undiscovered dancing skills
- Absinthe and the French…a lethal mix
- The effects of a straw hat – does it really make you a sexier dancer??

Hi everyone !

Hope you’re all well!! I’m having such a great time in San Sebastian! Moved into my new flat last week. I’m living with a guy from Germany called Jan and a girl from Santander called Lara. They are both really nice. The flat is cool, it’s just next to the beach and really big. It’s also really old ..We have quite a lot of cleaning to do!! The international film festival started here a few days ago. Last night we went to see a film called “Inside Deep Throat”..a documentary about a porn film. It was really good! Tonight we are going to see a Spanish one. For some of the films the director and main actor come and speak to you. I can’t find any films with George Clooney, i'm so disappointed. Me and all the international students are still doing the intensive Spanish courses just now and have gotten quite easily into the rhythm of 3 hours of class a day and the rest of the time divided amongst the following activities: beach volley, swimming, drinking, cooking, drinking, sleeping, drinking, cinema, drinking. I don’t want proper classes to start! A week tomorrow I go to Munich, ill stay for nearly a week then ill be back here for a few days to sign up for classes then I go to the south of France!! I’m soooo excited. I can’t decide which weekend i'm more excited about (haha only joking Arndt ..of course it is the one when I come to see you ).

Loads of love,

Salut à tous

Jespère que vous allez m’éclate à San Sebastian, c’est vraiment genial. J’ai trouvé mon appartement la semaine dernière. C’est très grand et juste à côté de la plage. Mais c’est super vieux..j’ai beaucoup de nettoyage à faire mais je trouve pas le temps entre les fêtes et la plage. Moi et les autres etudiants d’échange, on fait encore les cours d’espagnol en ce moment..c’est à dire 3h par jour. Le reste du temps on passe à la plage où dans les bars. Ça me convient très bien comme ça. Je préfère que les autres cours ne commencent pas. Ilya aussi le festival du film en ce moment donc on voit plein de films et souvent ilya les acteurs et directeurs qui viennent parler aprés le film. Je trouve pas de film avec George Clooney. Demain dans une semaine je vais à Munich pour une semaine et le weekend aprés je viens sur la côte!!!!

Gros bisous

Monday, 12 September 2005

Location: san sebastian, Spain

Hi everyone!! (check out the new photo page)

After a bit of a disappointing summer in La Manga del Mar im glad to say im seeing a bit of real Spain. San Sebastian in the Basque country is absolutely beautiful. I liked it from the moment I arrived. The old town is really lovely..all cobbled streets and old buildings and it is full of little shops, pubs and tapas bars. It is such a good atmosphere to go out here at night. The city is so beautiful…it is surrounded by hills and mountains and a river runs through the centre down towards the coast where there are some gorgeous beaches..Bahia de La Concha and Playa de la Zurriola. Playa de la Zurriola is the surfer’s beach. It receives all the strong winds and the waves are HUGE. It is so great watching the surfers. I cant wait to take lessons. Since I got here the weather has been really varied …some really stormy, rainy days and some really sunny and hot days. The hot days ive been at the beach with the other students, playing beach volley and body boarding and swimming in the waves. Its so much fun. Especially with the body board…when you catch the wave at the right moment you go so fast ..all the way to the beach. You have to be careful though because the currents are strong. Classes started last Monday with a test to assess everyones spanish. Im in the advanced class. We have classes everyday 10am-1.15pm until 26th september…then the business courses start and the hours will be more. Its brilliant just now because we have lots of free time to enjoy the city and get to know all the students. On the first day I met some really lovely friends. There is a really huge group of international students..we have had some great nights out already!! Ive had no time to sleep. All the spanish students have still to arrive as obviously they don’t come to intensive spanish courses so im really looking forward to meeting them. Im cant wait until Arndt comes so I can show him the city. But first im going back to munich for octoberfest ..the first weekend in october ..cant wait!! Keep in touch everyone,
Love mel xxxxxxxxxx

Salut à tous (finalement jai mis des photos, voir san seb 1st week!!)

Je suis arrivée à San Sebastian dans le pays Basque samedi dernier et déja je suis amoureuse de la ville (je prefère toujours la côte mais bon, San Sebastian c’est vraiment pas mal et je suis contente d’être ici jusqu’à juin). La veille ville est super jolie..plein de petites rues avec des magasins, des pubs et des bars de tapas. La ville est entourée par des montagnes et des collines. Il y une fleuve qui coupe la ville en deux et qui arrive à deux plages magnifiques.. Bahia de La Concha and Playa de la Zurriola. Playa de la Zurriola c’est la plage où se trouvent tous les surfers..donc mois je suis toujours ici. J’adore les regarder. Les vagues des fois sont enormes! Jai trop hate d’apprendre comment faire du surf. Cette semaine jai fait beaucoup de body board ..ça aussi c’est genial. Je me suis beaucoup amusé tu attrappes la vague juste au bon moment tu vas super vite jusqu’à la plage. Le temps depuis mon arrivé a beaucoup changé. Il y avait quelques jours où il a fait tres beau et quelques jours où il a plu comme vache qui pisse! Les jours qu’il a fait beau j’étais à la plage avec des autres étudiants pour nager et jouer au volley. Jai rencontré beaucoup d’amis super sympas de partout et je suis beaucoup sortie avec eux cette semaine. Beaucoup de fete. Jusqu’à 26 septembre jai seulement des cours d’espagnol, de 10h à 13h15 tous les jours. Puis le 27 septembre les cours de commerce commencent. Tous les etudiants espagnols arrivent le 27 (ils ne sont pas ici pour les cours intensifs d’espagnol evidamment) donc j’ai hate de les rencontrer aussi. Jai vraiment hate que mon copain vienne pour lui montrer la ville. Mais avant je vais le voir encore à Munich pour le fesival de la bière.

Friday, 05 August 2005

Location: la manga, murcia, Spain

hi everyone

sorry its been so long since i put news on the site. loads has happened here since the last entry. im no longer working in the french restaurant. had some serious arguments with the boss who is a complete nutcase and doesnt run her business very legally and trys to exploit people who dont stick up for themselves. luckily i do. neway its a long story but i got fired and flung out of her flat.(5th person out in 3 weeks)think she knew i was lookin for anothr i was homeless and unemployed. and then i slept on a boat for four days with an english couple who i met. then i found a new job in an ice cream cafe. and rented a cool villa for one week.then my family got here so been staying with them. they still are here, they leave on sat. been havin some very drunk nights with my sister who is a bad influence on me. and arndt was here from friday til tue. we rented another flat for the 5 days he was here. was the best five days of the summer. we had such a brilliant time. so everythings goin good. the ice cream place is cool and im always chatting with all the spanish locals. hav one day off a week. and always go for a few swalls after work at the busiest bar here in the port with the other spanish people.the other week had one to many and was walkin home on my own and i didnt notice that a water sprinkler had soaked the ground. landed on my ass and coodnt get up. this couple came over and lifted me off the ground. how embarrisin.from sat onwards im gonna live with this argentinan guy and his four other flatmates who r letting me crash with them. in three weeks time i get on the plane to munich to see arndt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait. few days there ,then quick stop in scotland then off to san sebastian.loads more to tell but internet so expensive.

love m xx

salut a tous...

desolee, ca fait un petit moment que jai pas donne de mes nouvelles. beaucoup s'est passe ici depuis la derniere fois. je ne travaille plus avec les francais. ma patron etait une folle qui gerait son resto dans un facon pas tres legal et qui essayait d'exploiter les gens. jai eu quelques disputes graves avec elle et elle m'a viree et m'a jetee de son appart. (5eme personne de partir dans 3 semaines!) je pense qu'elle savait que je cherchais autre boulot. donc jetais un SDF. et puis jai dormi 4 jours sur un bateau avec un couple anglais. et puis jai trouve du travail dans une glacerie et jai loue un super appart pour une semaine. puis ma famille est arrivee et jai demenage chez eux. ils sont encore ici, jusqu'a samedi.jai passe pas mal de soirees bourree avec ma soeur qui est une mauvaise element pour moi. mon copain est venu de vendredi a mardi. on a pris un autre appart quand il etait ici. les meillures 5 jour de l'ete. le travail dans la glacerie est bien. je parle qu'espagnol au travail. et apres je vais toujours au bar pour boire un coup avec les autres espagnols qui travaillent dans le port. a partir de samedi je vais vivre avec un mec de argentine et ses 4 amis.5eme logement depuis mon arrive. dans 3 semaines je vais en allemage pour quelques jours..a munich.. pour voir arndt. et puis san sebastian. beaucoup plus de nouvelles mais internet super cher. jespere que tout le monde va bien. jai hate de revenir sur la cote.

la ivrogne

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From Beats
hey mel! soz not bn in touch for a while, bn so so busy! did u have a gd time in ayr? soz i never made it down :( finally making it down this wkend, can't wait to c steph n ellie! have u started ur new job yet? hows living with arndt going? hope to hear from u sn, u really must update this website!!!

love beats xxxxx
From lauren
get this updateeed :P


love x x x x x x
From linds
alright you spanish bieatcho! sorry i keep forgetting that ur mobile works over there! im in ayr at the mo, its ever so exciting! stephs due soon and i wanna see a baby!! what u bin up to?! uni ook?
From sib
Hey mel, glad to hear you celebrated your 21st with style! I'm working on the 23rd but if I'm back down in ayr I'll pop in and say hi. Went back to Belmont last Monday for my project and it hasn't changed at all - except the vending machine is Mars now! I've been so busy lately with uni, bdays and interviews and I just want to hide until Christmas! I was over in Washington for a weekend too to visit my new nephew. Good luck with your exams and hopefully see you when you're home.
s xxx
From stephanie
hey man! i sent ur text to ur british mobile on your birthday and to ur spanish one, got a delivery report...did you get that one at least? uni is so stressful at the moment and i am mega mega tired and done in! c u at xmas!xxx
From linds
bonojurno lampy
hows tricks? its snowing here today! how excting! not. about as exciting as getting a hippo stuck in your eye. wud rather be in the heat. god darn it. onyhoo, sounds like you've been having fun. aberdeens been pretty good to me, got a new job and been going out lots. mucho funio. take care u dafty x
From lauren
hola! howsit goin?? am still waitin 2 c these pics of ur bday get em up! nt long till ur home cant wait..partaaay!
call u soon
x x x x
From Beats
hey mel! just got ur email, hows things? unfortunately i'm not going to make the 23rd, i'm going to be at mikes for xmas day this year :( i'll be home on the 15th then going to mikes on the 23rd, me n mike r both coming down for bout a week over new year, so i'm sure we'll be able to catch up at some point over the hols!! soz not been in touch lately, been so busy with uni, delivered my first 2 babies the other night, 1 boy n 1 girl, n also been assisting with caesareans! its been amazing! not had a baby named after me yet! only 3wks til my exams now, starting to feel the stress, trying not to worry too much tho cos they're only mocks, but still wanna pass them! well i have to dash, got a tutorial, speak soon

love beats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- xxxxxxxxx
Response: hey beats!!!

that is so exiting that u wer deliverin babies i cant believe it..must have been amazing!! m only home for a week at xmas..21st-29th, then im goin to germany for new year. so maby we can have a coffee on the 22nd or sumthin! good luck with ur exams! im sure u'll do great! im studyin too at the 5 exams before xmas and not done ANY work up til now! love ya loads, m
From Emily
Hi Mel! That's fantastic, we definately need to meet up. I live in Kirchdorf (Germany) which is about 1,5 hours from Munich. My boyfriend studies there so I go to Munich every now and again.
Emily xxx
Response: Hi emily,
im so glad to hear from you! i will be in munich for new year and i will stay for a couple of weeks in january so give me your german phone number and ill call you when im there!! love mel xxx
From steph
alrighty! hows life in san seb? hope its all good! uni is so boring and stressing but hey soon its xmas! aint been up to much, havin a party on fri in the new house - should be good...for every1 else who can drink anyway! Did you get my text? take care xxx
Response: hey steph!
no i didnt get ur text..which phone did you send it to? thats strange! how is your new house? have you settled in? looking forward to catching up at xmas. love mel x
From beats
hey mel! not heard from u in a while, u working away hard? i'm just in the lib 2day studying, reading up on how to deliver a baby cos i'm on labour ward on mon!! so excited! someone better push one out on mon or i'll not be a happy chappy! not been up to much, was at a wedding last wkend, one of mikes mates, n heading out 2nite. 2 of my mates from uni are having a joint b'day bash in town, so in a matter of a few hours i'll be hammered! can't wait! well ain't really got my else to say, hope to hear from u soon!
beats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: hey beats!!

uve not heard frm me in a while coz we'v been busy partyin as usual! i promise i gona get some of my news online soon! i cant wait to hear ur stories frm labour ward!! arndt is comin back to san sebastian on the 30t nov! cant wait to see him! ru home at xmas time? i am frm wed 21st-29th, hope to see ya! coz i need sum medical advice, haha. luv m xx
From Callancow
Hi Smell, Glad u had a good bday sure arndt liked seein ur dinner again! Got a job in Cambridge start on the 21st Nov so movin into nurses accomodation to start with till i get settled. Graduation was good didnt fall!!!! Not much goss just the usual drink, work but a serious lack of men! Soon sort that out thouwhen i have fresh meat in Cambridge.hehe! Take care-xx
Response: hey callan!

great news about the job, cambridge is a nice city, im sure you'll have fun there..will u be home for xmas? im home dec21-28th thn goin to germany. hope 2 cu, luv mel xx
From Gill
Hellooo Chica!
Sounds like you're having a fabby dabby time. I'm sooo jealous of your bungee jump! i'm sitting in cold rainy Scotland doind dissertation and job applications - would love another ERASMUS year!
Gros bisous Gill xxxxxxxxx
Response: hey gill!!

whenever you get a break from your dissertation get over to san sebastian for a weekend..u will love it here so much. you might not find any bottles of cheap muscat to drink here tho :)

From Emily
Hi Mel!
I can't believe you spent a week in Munich and didn't call me!!!! My boyfriend stays in Munich and I could have come to see you. So next time you're in Munich CALL ME!

Hope you are well, lots of love Emi
Response: hey emily !!!

im in munich often because my boyfriend lives there..ill be there again for new year...we shood definately meet up !! where do u live just now??? mel xx
From Beats
happy birthday to u! happy birthday to u! happy birthday dear mel, happy birthday to u!
hope u have a great b'day, its a shame we can't all be together to celebrate! :( we can make up for it next time i c u!
lots of love
beats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From k-dawg
Hey man, im such a mong, deleted ur address from mob. cud u send it again please so i can send card. Ur gona have 2 come back for ur pressie, it wud b 2 dodgy 2 send. xx sk
From sib
Hi Mel, I know i'm a bit early but hope you have a great birthday. Can you believe how old everyone is getting?! I'm going for a trip down memory lane soon for my 5th year project - going back to Belmont to do a workshop with the kids. It'll be weird. Take care and happy 21st.xx
From beats
hey mel! loved all ur photos, looking as gorgeous as ever! only u could pull off wearing that dirndl! u certainly do get about! ha! are u ever actually in spain? sounds like ur having a brill time as always! i'm just working away at the hosp, got 2 weeks of surgery then i start delivering babies! just practice for when steph lets me deliver hers! ha! then its exam time, got no time to study, only have 2 days from finishing wards n starting exams! least i have them before xmas which means i can relax n party like mad for 3 weeks without having to even think about uni! can't wait! well i best be off, my patients need me! (as if, they would prob be glad if i didn't show up!)

love beats xxxx
Response: hey beats !!!

its great to get msgs frm u so often !!
im not planning on goin newhere until xmas now..just making the most of san sebastian which is brilliant ! arndt is here just now n we hav been havin a great time..huge party for my bday..i was so drunk ! ill be home for xmas then im going to munich for new year !! hope 2 cu
lv m xx
From linds
by ra way, yosexuaaaaaaaaaalu look hawt in your photos! the wedding looks amazin, and yu went for the broon top!
From linds
alright ya smelly lampshade licker.
so......not got alot to say but im dissapointed you're no gonna be baqck for ur bday! was looking forward to seein ya! will u back for chrimbo? unis fine, a bit of a drag alreasdy bin getting craappy briefs(not the underwear type) and its cold and im eating crap all the time. its not good!
have a wicked birthday mate, hope you have a lovely time. hi to arnt! xxxxxxx
Response: hey linz...great to get message !!! glad to see ur settlin in 2 uni ;) try n get on an exchange..thats the BEST part of uni n thats why am doing 2 !! hehe. get over n c me for sum surfin mel xxxxxxxx
From stephanie
Hey Mel
Nice photos, didnt know you had moved to munich zoo, i thot u were livin in spain...:o) anyway hope ur well! i move into my new place in one week, can u believe it! totally stressing out but hey! supposed to be doing some uni work, a research project on school meals. Brilliant eh?!!
Take care man Speak Soon!! xxxx
Response: hey steph,
thanks for msg, good luck with the moving, email me and let me know how it goes! n ur jokes dont get ne better! ;-) lv mx
From Mummy
hay mel web fab pictures of wedding really lovely your outfit looked great so did stef and delf will pass web address to karen and elaine they will luv it miss u and look foward to seeing u at exmas and will get pland sorted to come over with anita land lee next year. Will pop a tenner in a card 4 your 21st thought i'd be generous this year since its a special bday!!!! luv u loads take care, think you need to detox! dont know who you take your drinking habits off must be dad! speak soon mumxxxxxxxxx
Response: hey mum, thanks for the message, glad u finally got on my website! look forward to see u at xmas!!! that wil b gr8 if u come with anita n lee n carley n marcus! spk soon, lv mel xx
From lauren
hola amigo!
the pics are fantastic! looks like u had a great time...god my life seems so boring in comparison lol. finish up 4 october hols 2mro thank gawd, goin 2 glagow wit mum on monday. really wish i could b there for ur bday, im missin u loads. will phne u b4 then neway.
luv u lots xxxxxxx
Response: hey hun,
thnks for msg, u need to get over to san seb soon !! giv me a fon soon wi the goss!! hav good hols, m xx
From sib
Hi there senorita
My God, how you are living the life! Finally in my last year of uni but only have 3 classes this sem plus a project so I'm hardly in. My sis-in-law had a baby boy on Monday so I'm going out to visit them in Washington in a few weeks. Don't know if you'll remember her but I'm living with Vicky Lemon this year, the flat is really nice, by the river. Anyway, got to go to class, take care

Response: hey sib!! nice to get a msg from you..congrats on becoming antie sib again. ru back up in glasgow then? good luck for the final year n keep in touch!! m x
From beats
hey mel! hows u? munich zoo is ace isn't it?!!! i loved it so much!! our camp site wasn't too far away from the zoo. sounds like u had a great time at octoberfest! looking forward to seeing the photos! haven't got a clue waht a dirndl is!!!! i've been having a week on urology, which is basically looking at folks bits and bobs! nice! seen some tiny todgers n some bloody massive ones!! well just away to study, will be in touch soon!
love beats xxxxx
Response: oh beats i love hearing ur medical news! talking of tiny todgers check out the pink monkey one in my munich gonna put them on now!! haha. love mx