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Welcome to Michaela's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Friday, 24 August 2007

Location: UK

oh my god london is so busy everyone is rush rush rush i got really sick of people pushin me while i was trying to figure out the tube map lol went on the lodon eye and to big ben that was so cool my favourite bit of london also went to converncy garden not sure if im spelli it right but its this massive street with loads of shops and went to leister square like on monolopy hahah was a nice place to see but i couldnt ever live in london i dont think it was to busy saw lauren which was fun she loves it there was really nice to have a face from home had a few drinks with her and my mate andy then we headed home as we were off to parin early tuesday morning.

paris oh my god has to be one of the most amazing places in the world it was so different nothing like what i expected every single building was so old and pretty saw loads of sight we walked around paris for about 5 hours when we first arrived its all just so pretty had nice meals there most places u sit outside and just watch people going past u could do it all day the language thing made it a bit harder but i managed to get most things across and everyone who has ever heard that french people are rude is so wrong there all so nice never met or heard any rude people. the eiffiel tower was the highlight of my trip was so amazing to be so high once we got right to the top it was so cold and high up the rain was snow it was so weird ill never ever forget how beautiful it was it makes me sad thinkin how many other beautiful places i have missed so paris is somewhere i would go again for sure.

friday spent most of the day with hayley did a bit of last minute shopping and it brings me to now its nearly 8pm just getting ready to go out and i leave here tmorrow but dont arrive home till monday morning so sad to say this is my last entry glad to say ill be able to hug everyone when i see ya and tell u my stories rather than typin them to ya.
i have had the best 3 weeks i couldnt have asked for anything more i have met people who ill stay friends for life and im so glad i have met everyone of them. i will miss them all so much. but in sayin that i have missed everyone from home lots and i cant wait to see ya all.
lots of love and ill see ya soon xoxoxox

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Location: UK

Thursday i had a sleep in till lunch time oops but i think i needed it then went shopping around gosport i got pele a to and chris a jumper and a few bits for the girls. thursday night was time for me to have a girls night out i was in need to girl company so hayley and vicky and 2 of her friends went out to a few pubs one in gosport then no the ferry over to portsmouth and went to the walkabout they had cheap drinks which was good got very drunk but had the best night hayley and i danced up a storm the boys turned up there later on which was good fun too but hayley and me were busting out the moves like we were dancin machines very funny night lisa u would of loved it.. the music over here is unreal so many great bands im going to try and get some cds to bring home.
friday i slept in again well i woke up and my head was spinning i was still very drunk so i decided a few more hours sleep was needed friday night was a quite one with a few drinks at james place and some movies as saturday we had another wedding.
saturday the wedding was at old historic place in the middle of the water it was kinda like a dungon style think they used to have the army on there to protect the water from enemys but it was really a cool place for a wedding very nice inside and nothing like we have at home so it was fun but the weather was horrible and i nearly threw up just waiting on the pontoon to get on the boat i felt my face gro green and i ran off to find a toilet but i managed to hold it down and even on the boat it was rough as shit but i didnt spew it was so rough they could hardy get the boat close enought to get on to the place but we eventually did once on i felt so much beta but i didnt drink to much as i knew i had the boat trip back in to deal with, james on the other hand was wasted very funny tho.
sunday dave cooked us a great roast for lunch which was so yum and tonight im going to meet my cousin for dinner which will be nice.

im off to london tomorrow by bus takes about 2.5 hours then off to paris on tuesday so ill try and update ya when im back from paris.

missin ya all

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Location: UK

ok so saturday we had a wedding up in hull which is up north took about 5 hours to ger there but was great weather so crusin with the top down i saw so much pretty counrty side. that night we had the wedding reception which was really fun we all got dressed up and had a few to many drinks but i did very well to keep up with the boys after the reception it was a bit of a nightmare getting a cab so by the time we got back to the hotel we just crashed out.

sunday we left the hotel pretty early and headed to chester which was just amazing it had these roman walls all around the town and the most amazing church there was huge but we didnt get a chance to stop so i couldnt get a picture of it but it was huge never seen anything like it b4. after a quick drive about chester we went to witchurch to meet james parents for lunch at there place it was stunning big house with an amazing view so hard to try and explain it but was so pretty was nice meeting his family there were so lovely made me miss my family being around them but was a really nice afternoon spent with them. After lunch we headed off to wales we stayed in a little town called talybont in these really nice little cottage type houses got to wales on the sunday quite late so we got some dinner then went to bed.
monday in wales we went hikein up this mountain called pen-y-fan its 886meters high was took about 3 hours to get up and back but was well worth it my legs were killing but i had to power on cant have them thinking im soft now can i...? once at the top the it was the most beautiful sight i have ever seen again really hard to explain it but i took loads of photos to show ya when im home it was so unreal we were up so high we were in the clouds. once back down the moutain we went to this cute little pub for dinner and drinks the locals were funny but very hard to understand.
tuesday in wales jamie because he works up there as a personal trainer specialising in rock climbing and absaling ect we went to this indoor center were we absailed which considering i have been skydiving twice the hardest thing i have done so far i got so scared was shaking and sweating and i made james go b4 me coz i could feel my self beginning to panic i cried but jamie was so professional and just talked me though it step by step so i bit the bullet and did it was so glad to get to the ground and james was there to catch me if i fell ahhaha was shaking for ages after tho rockclimbing was much beta least i had a wall to clutch to i made it to the top with not to much trouble but its tough work may get u lot having a go down taren point when im home coz its really a good feeling when u make it to the top and ring the bells.
tuesday evening we had dinner at wales spag bowl b4 we left back for gosport got back in about 2 and a half hours which was pretty good considering it was pissing down the whole way back.

so this brings me to now wednesday went shopping today got a pair of levis jeans for like $60 which is good and got maddie a denim jacket from the GAP its so cute has some lunch at this nice restaurant that overlooked portsmouth harbour was going to go up the spiniker tower but was way to windy so im saving that for another day. ok so ur all upto date now.
hope everyone is ok missing ya all xoxoxoxo

Friday, 10 August 2007

Location: UK

wednesday night james cooked dinner was a bit to spicey and i felt horrible after so i had a early night.

thursday we went to south hampton which was really pretty lots of old castle looking buildings we did some shopping i got a top and a dress but it was all on sale so i didnt spend lots thursday night i went to dinner at a place called frankies and bennys kinda like an american themed place was really nice tho had the best dessert ever there cinnimon waffles with toffee ice cream was very yum after dinner we went bowling and i lost damit lol then played on one of those dance video games im suddenly realised how white i am with my lack of rythem ahhaha then i played air hockey with hayley and kicked butt i had to do good at sumfing didnt i haha.

friday- we organised paris im going on the 20th to london by bus then will be doing the sights of london and then the next day to paris by train which is all booked but it took about 3 hours to do it all and i have a hotel booked nice and close to the mouline rouge showwhich should be good seen as im hopein to get tickets to that too. went out for lunch was really nice at this restaurant in huslam marina think i spelt it right so it was very pretty and then we played crazy golf putt putt i was shit house but on the 13th hole u can have one shot to win a free game and i beleive it or not got it in so the alarm bells went off and the lady that worked there was cheering me ahah was so funny but i didnt my good deed for the day and gave my free game to a man who was out with his 2 little boys then we went to the beach and had ice cream which was soooo bloody yum. now im uptodate again were going out for dinner to a friends place which will be nice hope all is well at home missing ya all.

P.S i have the best dad for helping me get to paris love ya and thanks again oh and can u find out how the girls are going at hockey and let me know. mwa


Wednesday, 08 August 2007

Location: UK

ok so monday morning hot again excellent... had to get the boat fixed so went down to were the boat is kept mind u its in the navy part so i needed to be signed in and the guy laughed at my surname lol and i just pretty much relaxed in the sun while the boys got all manly and greasy fixing the boat went out to dinner nice italian place overlooking porstmouth harbour which was really nice then we went to this lookout and u could see all of porstmouth was so beautiful then came home and got in introduced to this series called the mighty boosh very weird but so funny check it out .

Tuesday sent the day with hayley went shopping got some cute little shoes for maddy who im missing like crazy and some hair clips lol. after a bit of shopping we went to the beach for a few hours no sand just rocks but was still nice to enjoy the sun i got sunburnt a bit and went for a bit of a swim the water was cold but ok once u got in was just hard to stand coz there isnt sand only rocks so it was harsh on ya feet came home and cooked the boys dinner chicken pasta haha then watched some more of the mighty boosh and laughed so hard my face hurt.

wednesday we went down to the boat and over to isle of wright which was ncie bit scary on the boat but was cool coz we anchored the boat in some shallow water and had a swim and there was sand so it was really nice then layed on the boat for a hour of so then headed back.... well thats me up to date not sure wot were doing tonight but ill keep ya posted xoxoxoxo

Monday, 06 August 2007

Location: UK

hi all ok so the flight from sydney to brunei was good had a spare seat next to me and then this really nice girl on the other side of the empty seat so was nice to have a chat to someone who was also traveling alone. was about 7 and a half hours to brunei i watched shreck 3 (was shit) and then beleive in me which was about basketball but a really good movie didnt sleep at all on that flight.

once i made it to brunei we were ther for just over a hour and i needed to wee nealy died when i asked ths lady were the toilets were and she pointed to the whole in the ground arrrrhhh lucky they had one normal toilet but i had to queue for nearly 30mins to use it lol was worth the wait tho!!! brunei also had this really funny smell to it and was stinking hot so was glad to leave.

brunei to dubai was again about 7 and a half hours which i sat next to this girl from sydney she swore like a trooper and told off one of the flight ladys lol which was a bit scary lol. and my tv didnt work on that flight so it was long and hard to handle i slept for maybe like an hour on that flight but its just so hard to get comfy, finally landed in dubai it was 1 am there and 36 degrees and thank god they had normal toilets got felt up by a customs lady she really grabbed my boobies haha was really awkward lol was in dubai for only an hour and then back on the plane.

dubai to london finally lucky for me there wasnt as many people on this flight so i got a window seat with a working tv and a spare seat next to me which was gold i swear i had about 2 hours sleep on this flight which was alot better and i watched fracture really good movie so go see it... and blades of glory but i fell asleep and only saw the last 20mins of it lol ill get it on the way home tho lol.

arrived in london was pretty tired and excited got to customs and didnt have the exact address on me and the lady nearly didnt let me in the country so i nearly had a heart attack but she let me in think she was just being a bitch she was black guess she didnt realise im black too hahhahha, so james picked me up and it was nice to give him a big hug he has a BWM so we put the top down and off we went to portsmouth were he lives was a nice drive from the airport really pretty all the houses look the same here tho and no one has driveways weird ay once arrived at james i went and saw hayley they live 2 houses down was good to see her again too met a few of her house mates which was a bit scary but there all very nice james had his footy grandfinal so i went and had lunch with hayley and met her parents there so lovely like her then we went and watched the boys play footy was so hot but very nice sitting in the sun cheering them on unlucky tho they lost was just like watchin the sharks play hahha had a few drink at footy but coz i was sittin in the sun i felt a bit pissed hahha then hayley and i went home and let the boys do there man thing and drink after footy and we started gettting our selfs pretty for the night out and of course started drinking my vodkas.

boys finally came back bit pissed but not as pissed as me think on minimal sleep and food made me one very cheep drunk we went to this bar for cheep drinks first was mad ay u can get cocktails in a jug for like $12 i didnt have one yet coz i was already pretty drunk we then headed by boat which i stacked it getting off to this plave called the walkabout which guess wot is a AUSSIE bar so i felt right at home ahah well kinda ahah was very druk and trying to dance all sexy when u know it wasnt lol and stacked it again but james kinda caught me lol was very classy hahaha, getting home we got a cab and i said way to much well so they all tell me apparently i told the cab driver(nicey was his name) that i wax fannys lol and then i made him pull over coz i thought i was guna spew again very classy of me the driver made me drink some coke and gave me chewy which take like deep heat eww then sat me in the front and then aparently i was drivin from the passanger seat haha finally made it home dont remember much else but i woke up in bed so night one was great.

woke up the next day and went to lunch at osborne view which over looks the isle of wright which was beautiful and there was this sailing festival so the boats on the water were amazing the weather was again really hot and they dont have sand all like shells and rocks which isnt to good on the feet but so pretty stokes bay was what the beach is called then after lunch we drove around and i just took in how beautiful everything around here is. had a bbq last night how aussie ay lol was yum tho made me feel at home got a bit drunk and so did his neighbour she is lovely tho judy she is older and has cancer so i couldnt not drink with her everytime i spoke she would say G;Day mate and she said mate after everything thing it was very funny, had a pretty early night coz i was still tired from the night b4 oh and it doesnt get dark here till like 10 at night which confuses the shit out of me coz it feels like 3 in the arvo but its like 9 at night will take me a while to get used to that i think. ok so ur all up to date so far love ya all and keep me posted on wots going on at home.


Friday, 03 August 2007

Location: Australia

Hi everyone ok so todays the day i fly out to sunny England very excited now and also very nervous.

Woke up about a million times last night thinking have i packed this have i packed that...still have the feeling i have forgot something but its to bad now.

got up very early to wash my tan off im black by the way and wash the hair and of course straighten it cant be arriving with curly hair now can i?

just about to leave home for the airport hope everyone has a great 3 weeks and ill miss ya all lots

keep me updated on the goss from home lisa ill miss ya calls for (wot ya got for me hahaha)

love ya all lots and lots

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Recent Messages

From Mel
2 days to go - are you lookin forward to comin home? or wishing you had a another week or two?

Looking forward to seeing you!!! missed ya heaps!
Response: missin u too but do wish i had more time here
From Kara
Hey phat head , i cant believe you write so much in emails so not unusual ,sounds like your having a ball although your sleeping in a bit to much
(he he ) hope the shopping is heaps good .
no thanks dont want anything .Im off to fiji soon cant wait .Its raining here & im having our cups of tea like we used to although theres no cake or biscuites or m&m's but i can do without .(for 30min)
Stay safe & talk to ya later
xx x x x
Response: hey my kara pie miss u we need to have a proper catch up when im back ill come out to ur place and see u and craig. gald to hear ur keeping up on ya tea intake xoxox
From l bags
yo hoe
just bustin out some sweet getto hello
keeps it real playa!
Response: miss u playa
From Renee
just a little hint...maybe u should wear those tight stockings around your legs on the flight home...yesterday i found out that i've got a blood clot in my leg from flying to NZ. I am very shocked and now have to have injections and take medication. It totally sucks...i'm only 24! arrgghhh! Keep enjoying yourself miss! See ya when ur back. Renee.
Response: oh no thats horrible hope ur ok xxx
From Lynelle
Hey there Cale, sounds like your havin a ball!! Just got back from NZ, had a great time - snow pretty good, went bungey jumping (lots of fun) and of course plenty of drinking (obviously!!!). Went to hockey training last night (the girls lost :( last 2 games) so we are all fired up to smash 'em this weekend!!! Currently at work reading your goss, keep up the long messages as my coffee mug is big and i need plenty of reading to get thru it(hehehe). Have fun but not too much cos ya have to come home!!
Luv ya, nell
Response: lost the last 2 games how the hell??? so who u playin this week? and wot day and time please..? tell them to bloody harden up and win? can u find out when the final is for me thats if we make it. bungey jumping ur brave good on ya tho it would of been awesome glad to see u didnt hurt yaself at the snow cant wait to see ya photos. miss ya xoxoxo
From Mel
Why didnt my message get posted about the goss on james?

Im upset now haha.
Response: duno love i text u the other day hope u got it but incase u didnt i said im missin ya
From Stace
hey hun,
Your going to PARIS! how exciting for you. Sounds like your having the best time. Hope James is taking care of you over there.
Response: yeah so excited about it ay. hows home? any goss with that guy u were talking to??
From Mel
Kael Kael Kael....what about James??? You havent told us all the juicy goss.

Chris its probably a good idea that you dont read her response!!
Response: hahah u have to wait till im home for that mel
From Renee

oh and i forgot to tell you that my mum is in London at the moment for a month. you might see her too. haha

keep having fun you lucky girl!

From Melinda
Ohh you're making me jealous!! Sounds like you're having a blast.

By the time you come back it will be time for me to leave!!
From mum
michaela less time on the freaking computer, more time seeing the sights of england. say hi to haley and everyone. Tell angela her new nieces are just beautiful, like i said get off the computer and get out. PS you should not be throwing up, you dick. stop getting pissed and we miss you about the place. its very quiet
From Chris
You're so lame how can you have time to write so much on this...go do stuff!! Maddy says Chris is #1...
Response: i have been doing sfutt but im super fast typer
From Stace
Well hanging around the boat and getting suntanned with a bunch of hot guys to stare at (I Hope). Sounds like the life Kales. U deserve this holiday! Keep the updates coming!

Dont have any news just living my life through The O.C. atm which was given to me as a present. I have series 1,2,3,4 and im watching them religiously. haha

Take Care. Keep me updated.
Stace xoxo
From Renee
Hey chick,

Well it sounds like you definately had an awesome first night. You are so lucky...wish I was there! Don't forgot to keep a look out for Laura!! Be good :)

From Mel
Sounds like ya havin a great time...hope its everything you hoped it would be.

Cant wait to hear more. Im going to be checkin in daily so make sure ya keep postin updates...even short ones! hehe

Miss ya and love ya losts!!

From Mel
Hey hun.

Hows are things over there on the other side of the world?

I agree with Emma! You have to come back!! If you fall in love remember, there is one condition, he has to move here!!!

Cant wait to hear about all your adventures!!

Love ya
Response: hey miss mel mis ya lots its been so hot here which is good flight was a nightmare but all good now coz i made it here safe and sound was so good to see james again and give him a hug. dont worry ill be cuming home lol xoxoxo
From Stace
Hey Kales,
u must be in England now! how exciting!! hope everything is going good and u have settled in. Keep me updated.
Dont have mush goss except that i got very drunky on sat night but thats not unusual at all is it.
Response: hey darl good to hear u were drunk lol its been such beautiful weather here so far really hot.
flight over was so long i didnt really enjoy the flight but its all good coz im here now and having such a great time so far missing ya tho xoxoxo
From Loz
Hey Babe

Can't wait to see you soon, oh by the way England not so sunny though this week has been nice, shame i'm stuck in the office. We will party and can't wait
Response: same honey

see ya soon
From Emma
You have to write to me first!!!

And you better come back... don't fall in love and stay over there... He can come live here!
Response: ill bring u back a present

and ill write to u first promise

love ya loads ill be listing to ya and ill call u b4 i go when im at d airport.